Dream chapter 14 – 15

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EPISODE 14πŸ’ž15

Summer Gold R.


Oliver looked away from Xavier and Jocelyn,he took the glass of wine in front of him and gulped down everything at once.

The b*tch beside him cupped his cheeks and tried kissing him,he turned away


“Stop it,leave” He snapped and she gave him a disappointing look before walking away.

Everything suddenly became boring to him as he tried his best not to stare at them but he couldn’t help it,he looked up again and this time Jocelyn was whispering into Xavier’s ear,he let out his usual charming smile before letting go of her waist

Jocelyn joined her friends and Xavier walked over to join him.

“Congratulate me,I just escaped from a crazy slap” Xavier grinned and sat down

Oliver said nothing but he didn’t want any awkward situation so he spoke up

“What happened? I thought she was mad earlier” He muttered

“Seriously? Trust me for having sweet tongue,I was able to win her heart just with my little confession,learn from me bro” Xavier said and Oliver chuckled

Xavier’s eyes moved to Jocelyn again

“F**k,she’s sexy” He muttered

“I don’t think she’s the type who you can get under her p@nt” Oliver said

“I’m not planning that,I wouldn’t wanna die” Xavier chuckled,pouring himself a drink



Tyler entered the store and went in search for some snacks,the house was too boring that he had to just come out.

He was checking out the snacks when a familiar scent hit his nose,it’s the sweet lavender scent and before he could turn,the voice called


He turned and let out a cute smile

“Hey Gianna”

“Wow,it’s really you!!” Gianna said looking excited

Tyler looked down at her hand

“I’m gonna confess,I came here because I was bored and now I can’t seem to find my taste here” She pouted and Tyler chuckled

“We have the same problem” He said

“Really?? Then I have an idea” Gianna whispers and moved closer

“What idea?…”

“Let’s go eat some ice cream!” She said loudly and the people shopping looked at her

“Oh” she immediately pressed her lips together and turned to Tyler again

“What do you think?”

“Great idea,let’s go. But seriously you live around here?” Tyler asked as they walked out of the store together

“Somehow” Gianna said

As soon as they walked out of the store,A body bumped into Gianna

“Ouch!” She yelped and Tyler immediately held her hand

“Are you okay?” He asked

Gianna nodded and looked up to see the hoodie guy whose face was almost covered completely

“Who are you?? Apologize!” She half yelled

“Your voice sounds weak for an angry person” Jaxon teased as he removed the hood from his head

“Jaxon?!” Gianna frowned and hit his chest

“That kinda hurts,I’m sorry” he chuckled and then turned to Tyler,his smile disappeared

“Why are you two together?” He asked

“We met here by chance and we are planning to get ice cream….”

“It’s late” Jaxon cut her off

“Are you her brother or something??” Tyler asked,looking pissed already and Jaxon frowned

“I’m just worried about her hanging out with a stranger” he snapped and Tyler frowned

“He’s not a stranger Jaxon,He’s my friend” Gianna said

“Two days friendship,by the way I’m coming with you so which way?” Jaxon rolled eyes at Tyler before wearing the hood over his head again and then led the way

Gianna faced Tyler

“Who the f**k is he?? Your boyfriend!” Tyler asked

“No!” Gianna’s eyes widened

“Ex boyfriend?” Tyler asked again

“Of course not Tyler….”

“Good” Tyler muttered


“I mean now I get it that he’s just a brat acting like one” Tyler said and Gianna chuckled

“Did you just called me a brat?” Jaxon turned back

“Yes,I did,so what?” Tyler snapped

“Hey New boy,are you trying to mess with me right now?” Jaxon asked, moving closer

“Jaxon stop” Gianna stood in front of Tyler and Tyler scoffed

“I just lost my appetite,goodnight Gian” He said and walked away

“Great,his presence was annoying anyway” Jaxon hissed

“You’re acting so immature right now Jaxon,goodnight! Enjoy your ice cream all by yourself!” Gianna snapped and also left him

Jaxon rough his hair and entered his car,he started driving,he met Gianna on the way

“I will take you home” He said,slowing down

“No” Gianna said without looking at him

“Please!!” Jaxon shouted and Gianna turned to him with a frown

“Are you crazy?” She asked and continue walking

“Let me take you home,I ruined the night anyway,forgive me” Jason said

Gianna groaned,she had no choice than to walk toward the car. He immediately opened for her and she entered


“Don’t talk to me” She snapped and Jaxon kept quiet



Jocelyn let out a yawn as she stretched tiredly,she took her phone on the bedside stool and checked the time. Her eyes widened and she sprang up immediately

“What the f**k?!!!” She screamed,throwing the duvet out of her body as she ran straight into the bathroom. It’s fifteen minutes past eight already which means she’s fifteen minutes late.

Five minutes later,she rushed out of the bathroom and started getting dressed ,she didn’t even bother using any makeup,she brushed her hair with her fingers.

She grabbed her bag and phone and then ran out,she bumped into Nancy also dressed up

“Bestie? You’re still home?” Nancy asked looking surprised

“Woke up late” Jocelyn replied

“Oh,the party I guess” Nancy grinned

“It’s not funny Nancy,I’m in trouble. Anyway,where are you off to?” Jocelyn asked when they finally got to Nancy’s car

“Interview as an intern” Nancy smiled

“The hospital you told me about?” Jocelyn asked

“Yeah,I was called for an interview just this morning,I’m so f**king excited. Get in,I will drop you off” She smiled

“You’re the best Nancy!” Jocelyn shouted and Nancy laughed

They both entered the car and Nancy speed off.

About thirty minutes later,Nancy stopped in front of DREAM and Jocelyn immediately got down

“See you later!” She shouted and ran in without waiting

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Many eyes followed her as she ran,her hair flying behind her,her heels making loud noises after her

“Morning Jocelyn!!”

“Good morning Jose!”

She only waved at the people greeting her without stopping or glancing at them.

She finally entered the elevator and exhaled loudly

“Gosh,I’m so dead” She said and stomp her feet on the floor impatiently.

The elevator suddenly stopped and Jocelyn groaned,the door opened and Wyatt entered.

Jocelyn immediately moved backward,Wyatt pressed the button back and the elevator started moving again.

“Morning” Wyatt muttered and Jocelyn looked up

‘I thought they said he doesn’t talk’ she thought before managing to smile

“Good morning” She said sharply

He glanced at her like he wanted to say something but almost immediately the elevator door opened and Jocelyn ran out again,she was panting heavily by the time she got to the office.

She dropped her bag on her table and entered Oliver’s office.

He was standing,his two hands in his pockets.

“Good morning sir!!” Jocelyn said loudly,bowing countless times and her hair was almost hitting Oliver’s face if he didn’t moved back

He raised his brows

“Morning” Jocelyn said again and raised her head,she tucked her hair behind her two ears,looking into Oliver’s eyes but he had no expression on his face

‘What is he thinking? Is he gonna fire me?’ She thought inwardly.

Oliver continue staring at her and then looked away

“I’m sorry for coming late,I….woke up late” She muttered and took her bottom lip in

“Coffee” Oliver said finally

“Oh,okay” Jocelyn said and immediately removed the hair tie around her wrist,she started tying it up. Oliver stared at her while she did that,even her neck look so attractive.

She packed her hair into a ponytail and then walked into the kitchen,Oliver couldn’t control his eyes as he stared at her @ss.

He immediately looked away and rough his hair

Minutes later,she came out.

“Here sir” She let out a smile and handed the cup to him

“Thanks” Oliver muttered

‘Really? That’s new’ Jocelyn thought

She bowed and almost walk out

“Wait” Oliver called her back and she turned

“Can you meet with Wyatt and give him the write up for the interview??” He asked

“Right now?” Jocelyn asked

“Yeah right now,make up a nice and attractive write up,show me before going to him” Oliver said

“Okay sir” Jocelyn said and left the office.


“Wait a minute” The receptionist said to Nancy as she dialed a number on the line phone

Nancy bite her bottom lip,waiting patiently. The receptionist dropped the call and soon a nurse appeared

“I think she’s the new intern,please direct her to DR Gary” The receptionist said and the nurse smiled at Nancy

“Follow me please” She said

Nancy smiled shortly and followed her immediately

They kept on walking,they used the elevator and finally they got to the office.

“You can go in newbie” The nurse said

“Thank you” Nancy said with a little bow before going in

Gary was sitting down,his eyes focused on whatever he’s doing looking busy

“Good morning Sir” Nancy greeted and he finally looked up

‘He’s one of the S5!!’ Nancy screamed in her head

Gary smiled and removed his glasses

“Hi” He said and his voice came out like music

‘Wow,he’s so handsome’ Nancy said inwardly

“I’m here for the interview,I got a call from…..”

“I know,you can have your seat” Gary cut in

“Thank you” Nancy muttered and immediately sat down


“Nancy David” Nancy replied

“Age and course studied in college plus your degree and when you graduated” Gary rushed the questions and Nancy blinked twice

Gary looked up when she said nothing

“Oh…..I’m twenty two,Studied nursing and graduated with a second class upper degree a year ago” She answered all at a time and Gary smiled

“Impressive,can I see the….”

“Yes of course” Nancy said and immediately dropped her credentials on the desk for him



πŸ—£ Tyler!!!!!!

πŸ—£ He’s so cool!!!

πŸ—£ He look so handsome oh gosh!!!!

πŸ—£ Is there anything he can’t do??!!!

πŸ—£ I don’t think there is!!!

The Senior girls and junior girls kept screaming as Tyler scored another goal. It’s the third time in just thirty minutes.

“At least you can do something else rather than winking” Jaxon said beside Tyler and Tyler glared at him

“So unfortunate to be in the same team with you” He scoffed

“Super mutual here,I swear” Jaxon said

They separated immediately,again Tyler had the ball but the opposite team seems to have surrounded him. He could see Jasper and Braxton almost close to him

“Tyler pass!” Jaxon shouted and Tyler quickly kicked the ball toward Jaxon,but at the same time Jasper kicked his leg,just on his fibular bone

“F**k!!” Tyler groaned and fell on the ground

“Tyler!” The boys in his team immediately rushed to him

πŸ—£ Oh no!!

πŸ—£ Ouch!!!

πŸ—£ That’s not my Tyler right?!!

The coach blew the whistle immediately and also rushed toward the scene,his leg was bleeding

“Hey you idiot!! Are you blind?!!” One of the boys pushed Jasper angrily

“F**k off,that was a mistake!” Jasper snapped

“Mistake? Should I just teach you a lesson?!!”

“Boys that’s enough!” The coach called them back to order

“Take him to the clinic” He added and the boys lifted Tyler up

“Are you okay?”

“No I’m not” Tyler muttered

Shalom,Madeline and Monroe rushed toward them immediately

“Let me help…” Monroe and Madeline said at a time and they exchanged glances

Gianna was also looking worried beside Ariana,when she couldn’t take it anymore,she made to run toward Tyler.

Jaxon grabbed her hand before she could get there and she faced him

“Enough people are with him already,just stay back” Jaxon said

Gianna looked at Tyler again,Shalom and another guy from the team are the ones taking him away.

She sighed worriedly and turned back only to find Ariana walking away.

“Ariana!” She called and immediately ran after her

“Thought you now prefer your new founded crush to me” Ariana rolled her eyes

“I never said he’s my crush,I’m just worried. You saw him bleeding….”

“Who cares” Ariana cut in

“Cone on Ari” Gianna groaned



Gianna was on her way to the school clinic to see Tyler when Jaxon appeared in front of her


“Going to the clinic?” Jaxon asked

“Yes,I’m worried about Tyler,I Just want to see him” Gianna said

“He’s sleeping already,the nurse said he need to rest his leg so don’t worry about him”

Before Gianna could say more,he was already holding her hand,dragging her back to the class.

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The hairdresser was making Selene’s hair while she was on her phone,she suddenly came across the rumors about Shawn and Lucille being the main leads in a college romance.

“College?” She muttered with a surprise look

“I’ve never being given a role as a college girl,it’s my dream. Why would Oliver choose her and not me?” She said jealously

Almost immediately she got up


“That’s enough,my manager will pay you,I need to go” Selene snapped and grabbed her bag before walking out

“Where are you off to?” Her manager asked and got up from the bench in the waiting room

“Dream,pay the bill,my card is with you” She replied and went out



The bodyguards opened the door for Selene and she came down of the car

“Don’t follow me” She said to her guards and made her way into the company.

πŸ—£ Oh mine!!

πŸ—£ It’s Selene!!

πŸ—£ She’s so beautiful gosh!!

She only rolled her eyes arrogantly as she hear those comments,she know her way perfectly to Oliver’s office anyway.

Jocelyn was working when Selene came in and immediately she got up happily

“Oh mine,it’s you…how may I help….”

“Keep it to yourself” Selene cut her off with a glare and entered Oliver’s office

“Wait…..what??” Jocelyn’s eyes followed her as she smiled and hugged Oliver on his seat

‘Is she crazy? Who does she think she is??’ Jocelyn said inwardly,looking at Selene angrily


“Why are you here? There’s no appointment with you” Oliver said and got up,leaning on the desk while crossing his arms

Selene smiled flirtatiously and moved closer to him

“You gave Lucille the new lead role,I’m jealous” She pouted

“You’re still busy with a shoot Selene,you don’t expect the company to wait until you’re done when we have Lucille” Oliver said

“But I want that role badly” She said and wrapped her arms around Oliver’s neck

She stared at his lips and was about leaning closer when the door burst open

“You can’t seduce the boss just because of your greedy interest Miss Selene” Jocelyn said and Selene fowned before moving away from Oliver

“Are you insane?? What do you even know about me you b*tch” Selene said

“I don’t really know anything but today just proves it that you’re nothing but a slut who is overrated because obviously Lucille is ten times better than you who sell her pu$$y out for a mere movie role” Jocelyn said and a slap landed on her face

“Who the h*ll do you think you are!!!!” Selene yelled but it was cut short

Two loud and heavy slaps landed on her cheeks and Selene’s face turned red like a ball of fire,stinging as h*ll.

Oliver’s eyes widened

“My name is Jocelyn Robert,but you can call me Crazy Josie, for short and better recognition” Jocelyn said,glaring at Selene angrily.

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