Dream chapter 16 – 17

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EPISODE 16πŸ’ž17

Summer Gold R.


“My name is Jocelyn Robert,but you can call me Crazy Josie, for short and better recognition” Jocelyn said,glaring at Selene angrily.

“You will regret this,I will make sure of that,b*tch” Selene said and walked out of the office,banging the door loudly behind her

Oliver turned to Jocejyn angrily

“Why would you do that?” He asked

“She slapped me first….”

“That doesn’t give you the f**king gut to slap her back,you even slapped her twice” Oliver snapped

“So it’s right for her to slap me In the first place??” Jocelyn frowned

“You started it Jocelyn,you interrupted us in the first place,what the f**k is wrong with you? You’re just my Secretary and nothing else…”

“And you’re just my boss not anything else,you can’t talk to me anyhow just because I’m your Secretary and you should have tried controlling that b*tch of yours in the first place” Jocelyn snapped


“Are you going to fire me now??” Jocelyn glared at him and Oliver rough his hair

“Why the h*ll are you so hard to deal with? Huh?? I never said I was going to fire you….”

“The fact that you supported her for slapping me says it all Mr James,and it’s f**king annoying…..”

“Jocelyn!!!” Oliver yelled and hit his hand on the desk

Jocelyn rolled her eyes

“Get back to work” Oliver muttered calmly and Jocelyn walked out of the office angrily.

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She was already done with the write up Oliver asked for,she exhaled before sending it to him. He gave her a good report and she scoffed

‘As if I don’t know the write up is the best he will get’ she thought and then got up from her seat. Her eyes moved to the office and Oliver was also looking at her,she really tried so hard not to roll his eyes at him and she left.

She got to Wyatt’s office and opened the door slightly,Wyatt looked up from his seat

“Can I come from?” Jocelyn asked from the door

“Of course” Wyatt replied

Jocelyn closed the door and entered the office.

“The boss want you to use this for the movie roles interview” Jocelyn said and dropped the paper on his desk

“Oh,okay” Wyatt muttered and glanced at her secretly before looking back at what she dropped

“I will come back to check it out” Jocelyn stated and walked out of the office again.



Xavier checked out the mail Leah just sent him,it’s a Novel title and Prologue.

TITLE: JE T’AIME(I Love You In French)

It’s an historical romance novel

He went through the prologue before calling Leah who came in almost immediately.

“You called me sir” She said and Xavier nodded

“I told you we don’t accept historical novels for now Leah” He said

“I know boss,but I found it really interesting,so I sent it to you” Leah replied

“It’s really interesting and I love the prologue…”

“Maybe we can just try it out right?” Leah smiled

“What are the best selling story now?” Xavier asked

“We still have LOVE AND LIES on the top 1 list while JUST FOR YOU moved from top 5 to 2 boss. I don’t know why but the sales suddenly increased out of the blue,I was wondering if it’s recommended somewhere” Leah explained

“Send a mail to the writer of JE T’AIME to come for a meet up tomorrow.” Xavier said

“Okay boss” Leah smiled and walked out of the office.



“How the f**k did TIMELESS LOVE script got to DREAM?!! How!!” Zayne yelled at the two staffs in front of him

“We are sorry boss,but it was you who rejected the script” Avery said

“Shut up!! How could you submit a script when I wasn’t in the mood?!”

“But boss,the writer couldn’t wait anymore. She had to leave and the script was accepted by DREAM” Isla said

“Sh*t” Zayne hit his fist on the table

“We are so sorry boss” Avery muttered

“Get out!!” Zayne yelled

Avery and Isla immediately went out

Zayne fold his fist with an evil glare on his face

“I’m going to destroy you,just wait and see. The both of you” He said



“I think I got this right” Gianna smiled,showing the chemistry equation to Ariana

Ariana looked up and immediately frowned when she saw it

“Seriously? You think you got it right?” She asked and Gianna’s smiled disappeared

“I didn’t?” She pouted and Ariana chuckled

“Of course you did” She said and Gianna smack her head

“Ouch” Ariana laughed,touching her head

“I was sad just now” Gianna said

“I was teasing you and you fell for it,you should believe in yourself” Ariana said,turning back to her book

“Yeah I know,but not everyone is gonna be smart like you” Gianna said

Monroe suddenly came in with her two friends,Ophelia and Madeline

Monroe walked closer to Gianna and pulled her up with her hair

“Ouch!!” Gianna screamed and pushed Monroe off

“What the h*ll do you think you’re doing!” Ariana stood up angrily

“Hey shut up freak” Monroe snapped at Ariana and turned to Gianna again

“I heard you hanged out with Tyler last night slut” Monroe said and Ariana looked at Gianna unbelievably

“So what?! Why does it bother you huh??” Gianna talked back and immediately Monroe raised her hand to slap her but someone held her from the back

Gianna looked up and it’s Jaxon

“Let go of me!” Monroe throw Jaxon’s hand off

“Don’t even think of hurting her or I’m going to do something worse on your face” Jaxon glared at her and grabbed Gianna’s hand,dragging her out of the library.

“You bastard!!” Monroe yelled angrily

Tyler bumped into Jaxon and Gianna as they walked out of the library,Jaxon glared at Tyler but Tyler was lost staring at Gianna wondering what exactly happened.

Jaxon walked away with Gianna and Tyler went into the library too

“Tyler,are you okay now? How’s your leg??” Monroe asked and immediately smiled,moving closer to him. She tried touching him but Tyler moved back

“What happened?” Tyler asked

“What do you mean? Are you talking about Gianna?” Monroe asked


“What exactly do you like about her?!! What!” Monroe shouted and stormed out of the library,Madeline and Ophelia also followed her.

Tyler and Ariana’s eyes met and she crossed her arms

“You must be feeling good right now” she said.

“Why?” Tyler asked

“You have a dumb@ss who fights coz of you and she almost hurt my friend just because of you Tyler James” Ariana said

“And how is that my fault?” Tyler frowned

“I don’t care if it’s your fault or not,focus on your dumb@ss Monroe and stay away from my friend” Ariana snapped and Tyler exhaled calmly

“You look depressed,I might help if you open up” Tyler said and Ariana glared

“What do you mean?” She asked angrily

“Only a depressed person act like you Ariana,trust me. You need help” Tyler rolled his eyes and went to another side of the library

Ariana fold her fists

“I hate you!!” She yelled

“F**king Mutual” Tyler said from afar and Ariana pushed the books on the table away angrily



“Thank you” Henry smiled at the maid who served them

Her cheeks turned red and she immediately walked away

“Can’t believe she’s blushing coz of ordinary that” Gustavo said in a teasing voice and Henry scoffed

“Am I a joke to you?”

“Oh of course not!” Gustavo said loudly and they both laughed

They both began to eat

“Where’s Gary? Not back yet?” Henry asked

“He came back just few minutes ago,He’s upstairs” Gustavo replied and almost instantly,Gary appeared in his PJ

“You look pitiful” Gustavo mocked

“I’m f**king tired” Gary sat down and immediately shifted the plates closer to himself

“And hungry too” Henry completed

“You got me bro” Gary chuckled

“Do you remember Oliver’s Secretary?” Gary suddenly asked after two minutes of silence

“The sexy one with cute @ss,of course I remember her” Gustavo said

“Her friend is my new intern” Gary smirked

“Friend? I could remember her with more than two girls,so which one?” Gustavo asked

“Nancy,I think they are more closer,they are best friends. She’s kind of hot too” Gary said

“Oh wow,don’t tell me you f**ked the poor girl in your office….”

“Hey Gustavo,I’m not as bad as you think. I’m a gentleman,a Doctor!! What do you take me for??” Gary scoffed

“Pu$$y doctor” Henry smacked his head

“They are irresistible” Gary said and they laughed

“Xavier and Oliver won’t be here this night,,they have a family dinner” Gustavo said

“Yeah I know” Gary said



“Ouch!! That hurts!” Tyler screamed as Nancy helped him dress his leg wound

“What type of bastard hit you this hard?! How dare he! I wish I can just see him right now and squeeze his neck!!” Nancy rushed her worlds,looking so angry

Tyler stared at her facial expression quietly

“What!” Nancy yelled at him and he burst into laughter

“What’s funny? You think I’m joking? I hate it when you get hurt” Nancy scoffed

Tyler cupped her cheeks and her heart beat increased immediately

“You look cute” He said before letting go of her face

“I will be fine,you don’t have to be so worried” He said

“But you’re hurt,I don’t like it” Nancy mumbled sadly

“It’s not that deep,trust me” Tyler said

The next second,they were both staring at each other deeply without saying a word,the moment was interrupted by Tyler’s phone which started ringing.

He turned his face from Nancy and took his phone,he swiped green for the call

“Hey Gianna” Tyler said and Nancy frowned but she hid it

“Tyler,are you okay? I’m worried about your leg,how is it?” Gianna asked

“I’m fine Gianna,I promise to run around tomorrow” Tyler joked and Gianna laughed

“I can’t wait to watch that” She said and Tyler smiled

“Oh,I got to go. Let’s talk later okay?”


Gianna hanged up and Tyler dropped his phone,he turned back to Nancy but she also got up

“Nancy?” Tyler called and she appeared back in the living room

“Don’t tell me you have a girlfriend already” Nancy said

“Of course not,she’s a friend” Tyler replied

“You must really like her a lot,you were smiling” Nancy said with a fake smile

“She’s cute” Tyler grinned and Nancy rolled her eyes

Tyler got up

“You’re leaving?” Nancy immediately asked and Tyler nodded

“I have school works to do,goodnight” Tyler said,walking toward the door,luckily for him,He’s not limping but the wound stings badly

“Wait” Nancy called back and he turned

Nancy walked closer to him

“I didn’t tell you I got a job” she said and Tyler’s eyes widened

“Job?! You never said you were looking for a job” Tyler said

“Not really a nice job,I will be working as an intern at the hospital,so get ready for Nurse Nancy” Nancy said proudly and Tyler laughed

“I will be your anytime patient” Tyler placed his palm on his chest,smiling cutely

‘You’re making me fall for you even more,and I mad??’ Nancy said inwardly as she stared at Tyler’s lips

“What are you thinking?” Tyler asked

“I wish I’m just five years younger than this” Nancy muttered

“What?? You want to become an high school student back?” Tyler chuckled

Nancy touched his cheek,she was almost tempted to kiss him but she moved away

“Goodnight Tyler” She mumbled

Tyler nodded and walked out of the apartment

Nancy sighed sadly and fell on the couch



Jocelyn concluded her work and checked the time,she was supposed to leave work by 7pm Oliver piled up a lot of works for her which she was so sure he did intentionally just to punish her but she didn’t care.

A normal person would stay in the office till 9pm but she’s not dumb,she’s a smart one so the job was faster and easier.

She looked up and saw Oliver still in the office

‘He’s not doing anything so what is he waiting for?’ She thought and scoffed.

She got up and grabbed her bag,she didn’t even bother going to him to call the day off,she was still very mad at him that even his face alone pisses her off and thank God it’s weekend,she won’t have to see his annoying face for two days straight.

She left the office without Oliver’s notice.

The moment she left,Oliver turned to see her but he was shocked to see her gone,he immediately grabbed his car key and ran out of the office hoping to meet her

He intentionally gave her lot of works,at least that would be an excuse to give her a ride right??

“Why is she so fast?” He muttered when he saw no traces of her.

As soon as he came out of the elevator,he ran out,passing through the company’s parking lot and there she is,on her way out

“Jocelyn” Oliver called and Jocelyn turned

She frowned when she saw him

“What else? Do I have another work to do again?” She asked

Oliver ignored her rude questions and walked closer to her while she continue staring at him with her pissed off look

“I will give you a ride home” He finally said calmly

“I don’t need your help” Jocelyn snapped

“You’re late coz of the work,I just want to help….”

“I don’t need it,you should have considered that first before giving me those works to do” Jocelyn snapped and Oliver kept quiet trying not to annoy her even more

“Fine I’m sorry okay? Just let me take you home” Oliver said

“And I said I don’t want it,I will rather walk home than riding with you in the same car” Jocelyn said and rolled her eyes before turning back.

Xavier’s car suddenly stopped in front of them

“Brother?? You’re still here? I thought you left” Xavier said and then his eyes caught with Jocelyn too

“Oh,Bun butt” he grinned

“Hey Xavier” Jocelyn gushed happily and waved at him

“Can I come with you please? It’s late” She said cutely

“Of course,come in” Xavier winked

Jocelyn immediately walked to Xavier’s car and she entered.

“See you at the mansion” Xavier said to Oliver and drove off

Oliver bit his lip,staring at the car until it was out of sight.

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