Dream chapter 22 – 23

✨✨ DREAM πŸ–€πŸ–€
{ Diagnosis;
Lovesick… }

EPISODE 22πŸ’ž23

Summer Gold R.

{ WHY HIM?? }

Jocelyn immediately pushed him off and wiped her lips before glaring at him

“What was that for?? Why would you do that!” She half yelled

‘She didn’t shout at Xavier for kissing her’ Oliver said in his head as he stared at her

Jocelyn Frowned

“I’m sorry” Oliver muttered

“Don’t do that again,it’s annoying. I will be waiting downstairs” Jocelyn said and walked out of the room immediately,slamming the door behind her

Oliver sighed,he couldn’t understand how he was feeling at that moment but one thing is for sure,he was heart broken.

He removed his tie at once before walking out of the room,he climbed down the stairs gently and he could see her standing with her arms crossed,she was still looking pissed but even more beautiful with that frown on her face.

Oliver got downstairs and she turned to him

“Let’s go” he said

Jocelyn nodded and grabbed her bag,following him out of the house

They both entered the car and Oliver drove off.


Tyler parked in the school lot and removed his helmet stylishly,looking like a hot playboy

πŸ—£ Tyler!!!!

πŸ—£ You look so hot Tyler,I love you!!!

Tyler smiled and waved at the girls

πŸ—£ I love your dimples!!

Just then,another car drove in and Rowan came out with Ariana.

πŸ—£ Wow,who’s the guy with Ariana?!!

πŸ—£ He’s so hot!!

πŸ—£ But definitely not as hot as my Tyler

Ariana and Tyler made eyes contacts but she rolled her eyes and walked off,Rowan also glared at Tyler before going after Ariana.

Tyler’s eyes followed them,they are now walking side by side

“They look good together right?” Monroe smiled beside Tyler

“No they don’t” Tyler replied and she frowned

“Why?” She held his hand

“I’m just saying,I dunno” Tyler said

They started walking together,Monroe still holding him but he didn’t care until they got to class

“Oh wow,I think we have two couples in our class now”

“Ariana and the new guy,Then Tyler and Monroe”

The students kept murmuring,Ariana glared at Monroe who was blushing beside Tyler

“You can let go of me now” Tyler muttered and Monroe released his hand

Tyler sat down on his seat and immediately Davian and Shalom came close

“So,what’s between you and Monroe?” Shalom grinned and Tyler scoffed

“What do you expect?” He asked

“Wow,don’t tell me you’re dating her” Davian said

“I’m not” Tyler said and Shalom exhaled

“Thank you Jesus” she said and Davian faced her

“Are you crushing on him?” He asked

“He’s not my type” Shalom flaunt her hair before leaving their seat

Davian and Tyler both exchanged glances

“Whoa” They both said at a time

“That’s impressive Shalom,I like you!” Tyler said out loudly

“I like you too buddy!!” Shalom shouted from her seat and they both winked at each other

“Seriously?” Gianna chuckled,staring at Tyler

“You might hurt your neck Gianna,trust me” Ariana muttered and Gianna faced front again

“I guess” she chuckled

Jaxon came in and winked at Gianna before walking to his seat

“If you blush,I’m changing seat” Ariana muttered

“Shut up,ice!” Gianna snapped and Ariana roll her eyes

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“Blushing is annoying and embarrassing,I hate girls who do it” Ariana muttered

“I’m waiting for you to fall deep into the ocean of love bestie” Gianna said,demonstrating with her hands

“I’m in love with Ashton” Ariana smiled and Gianna groaned

“Ashton doesn’t even know if you exist!” She said

“Don’t forget I can go to my brothers company anytime and they will get him for me,I’m just too nervous to do that” Ariana scoffed

“Oh wow,impressive” Gianna clapped


“The president is here!!” Someone screamed as soon as Oliver came out of the car,Jocelyn came out also

Immediately,everyone in the location started coming one after the other,bowing for Oliver even though he was still walking to them

πŸ—£ Good Morning boss

πŸ—£ Good morning President

πŸ—£ It’s so good to see you here sir!

Oliver managed to nod at the greetings from different angles as he walked closer

The scene was going on but it was paused when they arrived

Jocelyn could see Selene and another strange guy she doesn’t seem to know,facing each other

They were both offered a seat and a lady walked closer to them

“It’s been ages Oliver,you finally decided to show up when the filming is ending in few hours?” She asked

“Should I apologize? I’m sorry” Oliver said with a smile

‘So he smiles?’ Jocelyn scoffed inwardly

“You don’t have to apologize,seeing you right now means a lot to us. Who’s she anyway?” She asked,looking at Jocelyn

“Oh,meet Jocelyn. She’s my secretary” Oliver introduced

“Wow,she’s so beautiful. Hello Jocelyn,I’m Kim,you can call me lady Kim and I am the director of the ongoing movie” She said

“Nice meeting you lady Kim” Jocelyn bowed

“Oh Oliver,she look like an actress,she’s so beautiful….” Lady Kim said and Jocelyn smiled

“She’s not an actress Kim” Oliver said and Jocelyn frowned

‘Seriously? She said I look like an actress,dummy!’ She screamed in her head as Lady Kim let go of her hand

“Stay here and watch,I will be back” Oliver said to her and left with lady Kim

Jocelyn turned to the filming



The filming started again

“I’m sorry….I’m in love with someone else” Selene said with a sad look on her face

“But he’s not coming back to you Beauty,it’s been two years already and you still love him? I love you….”

“I can’t help it Huston….I love him and I will keep loving him…I don’t care how long it takes” She said

Ashton was coming behind her without her knowledge

“Baby Jewel….” He called and Selene was shocked

“Pumpkin?” She called and turned immediately

“Pumpkin!!!!” She screamed tearfully when she saw Ashton

“Baby Jewel” Ashton was also in tears

Selene started running until she got to Ashton and jumped on him

“I’m so sorry Baby,I’m sorry” Ashton said,crying

Jocelyn kept watching with total interest,the final scene which is the wedding will be filmed in an hotel and she was hoping Oliver would take her there also.


Leah adjusted her blouse,exposing the upper part of her b**bs. Her skirt was extremely shorter than usual,She walked into Xavier’s office

“Here’s the contract you asked for sir” She said and dropped it on the desk

Xavier looked up and the first thing his eyes locked with was her exposed b**bs,he instantly looked away and then looked at her face

“What are you doing?” He asked and Leah swallowed

“What?” She asked,pretending to be confused

“Is Oliver and Jocelyn here yet?” Xavier asked,ignoring her question

“No….” Leah muttered

“Is the writer here?? Isn’t it the meeting time already?” Xavier asked,leaning on the seat

“Oh….He’s hers” Leah said

“Cover up your b**bs,I’m not interested” Xavier said and her heart skipped a beat

“You can go,invite the writer in” Xavier added

She immediately bowed and went out

Xavier scoffed

The door opened again and a young man in his thirties came in

“Hello sir,I’m the writer of JE T’AIME” he said and Xavier smiled

“You can have a seat” he said and the man immediately sat down in front of him

“First question,is your novel complete or you’re planning to make it into series?” He asked

“Oh…it’s a complete romance novel” The man smiled

“Good” Xavier said


Doctor Gary Walked into the room,the nurses are present in the ward already including Nancy.

“Is everything ready?” Gary asked

“Yes Doctor,we may start now” One of the nurses replied and Gary moved closer

“Turn on the surgical light” He said,staring at the patient who was already on the bed fast asleep

“He’s been injected with Midazolam already” Another nurse said and Doctor Gary nodded

He put on his surgical gloves looking even more handsome doing that,he used his surgical mask,the nurses already have their masks on

The surgery started,it’s actually a heart surgery and Nancy almost screamed when the patient’s chest was cut into two halves

“Keep on check with the patient’s temperature” He said to Nancy

“Okay Doc” Nancy replied

“Microscope” Gary requested and one of the nurses immediately handed over to him

“Needles and sutures” Gary requested again,his eyes not leaving what he was doing for once

Another nurse gave it to him

He kept requesting for the equipments and everything was going on well

“Doctor!!” One of the nurses suddenly screamed,her eyes locked on the life machine

Gary and the other nurses looked up

“The patient’s temperature suddenly went down from 50Β° to 38.3Β°!” She shouted

“That’s bad” One of the nurses said

Gary touched the patient’s head and she was extremely cold

“Nancy,what were you doing while the temperature was dropping?” He asked,looking pissed

“I’m….I’m sorry” Nancy said

“Are you even here at all?!” Gary snapped and she kept quiet

He turned away from her

Nancy watched as the nurses kept running around trying to save the patient’s life

“Dexamethasone” Gary said and the injection was immediately placed on his palm

He injected the patient with it


“Here Doc”

“Forceps,hurry” he said again,doing everything quickly while Nancy prayed inwardly

“Doctor,the patient’s temperature came up again” A nurse said and everyone exhaled

“Thank goodness” Nancy mumbled

The surgery went on and on




And that was the end as Gary cut the surgical thread.

The nurses all exhaled in relief

“Good job Doctor” The nurses said with a bow

“You too” Gary nodded and removed his gloves and mask

“Come with me Nancy” He said before walking out of the surgery room

Nancy bit her lips

“You will be fine” One of the nurses assured

“Thanks” Nancy mumbled and went out

She got to Gary’s office,he was just coming out of the bathroom and wiping his hands with the towel

“I’m here Doctor” Nancy said and he looked up,dropping the towel in his hand and walked closer to her

“What happened?? Why were you looking so lost in the operation room?” He asked


“Sorry won’t save the patient’s life Nancy,keep that in mind. If you’re not capable of going into the operation room next time,stay back. I hate weak people” Gary snapped and she swallowed

“I will do better next time,I promise” she mumbled

“Get out” Gary said

Nancy bowed and immediately rushed out of the office in tears,bumping into Gustavo

“Oh…..” Gustavo said but he stopped when he saw Nancy

“It’s you” He said

Nancy sniffs and bowed before running off

“What’s wrong?” Gustavo muttered,staring at her until she was out of sight

He entered Gary’s office

“Wasn’t expecting you” Gustavo said

“Did you yell at your intern? She was in tears” Gustavo said

“Tears?” Gary asked looking surprised

“Of course,she bumped into me just now” Gustavo replied

Gary scoffed

“She made a silly mistake in the operation room and I scolded her,maybe that’s the reason behind her tears,we almost lost a patient and I got pissed” Gary rolled his eyes and Gustavo chuckled

“Take it easy with her dude,she’s just an intern not a nurse” He said.

“Thank goodness you’re here,I’m starving. Let’s go out” Gary said,changing the topic

“Okay” Gustavo said

“You brought your car right?” Gary asked

Gustavo nodded and Gary dropped his car key before they walked out of the office together


“I hope you all understand the practical” The chemistry teacher asked

“Yes!!” The students chorused

“Good,so I want two students out here to repeat the practical” He said and there was silence

In the end,Tyler and Ariana came out,they both exchanged glances and looked away from each other at the same time

“Follow the instructions” the teacher said as they started the chemical practical while the other students watched

The teacher went out some minutes later

Monroe on the other hand kept throwing Ariana hateful glares with the way she was so close to Tyler,they were even talking to each other since they are doing it together.

“Two more students,come out please and start the second practical” the teacher said immediately he entered

Nobody moved

“Monroe and Davian,come out” The teacher mentioned names and they came out.

The practicals was going on well until Monroe took potassium chlorate and started pouring into acid

“No!!!” Davian screamed,trying to stop her but it was too late,fire exploded from the mixture immediately and all the students rushed backward

“Ahhhhhh!!!!” Ariana screamed as the fire caught her hair

“My hair!!!!!!!” She shouted

Tyler immediately grabbed the bucket of water close to them and poured the water all over her

Davian also stopped the remaining fire.

Ariana immediately hugged Tyler,crying out loudly

“My hair ….”

“There’s nothing wrong with your hair Ana” Tyler said and Ariana got herself back

She immediately pushed him away and moved back

Gianna walked to them and hold Ariana

“Let’s get you changed” She said and they left the lab together

“Monroe,what did you do this time?” The teacher asked and Monroe rolled her eyes

“She actually added Potassium chlorate with acid” Davian replied

“Who the h*ll in her right sense would do that?” Tyler groaned

“She’s dum……” Tyler covered Shalom’s mouth before she could finish and Monroe stormed out of the lab angrily

“What was that for?” Shalom rolled her eyes

“Calling her dumb is harsh” Tyler muttered

The students started leaving the lab one after the other


The class was settled when Ariana and Gianna returned to class,Ariana was wearing the school sport wear which brought out her shape,no doubt

The sweatpants stuck on her butts,the sport hoodie curled around her waist making her @ss visible,She look so hot

Tyler’s eyes fell on her @ss and he immediately looked away,Rowan couldn’t take his eyes off her

Ariana looked back and her eyes met with Tyler,she immediately faced front again before sitting down


<7PMβ‰ˆ DREAM>

Jocelyn was just getting up from her seat,ready to go home when Xavier came in

“Hey bun butt” he let out his handsome smile and Jocelyn smiled at him too

“Leaving already?” Xavier asked and Jocelyn nodded

“Wanna go on a dinner date with me?” Xavier asked

“Really? Right now?” Jocelyn asked and checked herself out

“You look perfect this way,trust me” Xavier smiled

“Wait here” Jocelyn said and immediately entered Oliver’s office,he’s been watching them tho

“Goodnight boss” She said and Oliver got up

“Where are you two going?” He asked and Jocelyn looked at him

“We are going out for dinner….goodnight” She answered and went out of the office

“So,ready?” Xavier asked and Jocelyn nodded

Before they could move,Oliver came out of the office and they both turned to him

“You’re leaving already?” Xavier asked him

“I’m coming with you two” Oliver said and Xavier raised his brows


“Are you two not going to have dinner together? Let me tag along” Oliver said

Jocelyn looked at Xavier and then Oliver

“Fine,let’s go” Xavier rolled his eyes and went out,Jocelyn immediately followed him and Oliver was behind her.

They got into the elevator,Jocelyn was standing between them but she was closer to Xavier,she wouldn’t deny the fact that she was nervous right now.

Finally the elevator stopped and Jocelyn immediately went out while the twins followed.

Xavier got a message on his phone and he stopped walking while Oliver followed Jocelyn who never looked back for once

Suddenly,She tripped over an object and almost fell but Oliver’s hands grabbed her waist

“Xavier?” Jocelyn called and turned to see Oliver,she can differentiate perfectly because they are wearing different outfits

“Oh…….thank you” She muttered and made to leave again but Oliver grabbed her hand and made her face him again

“Why him?” He asked and Jocelyn raised her brows

“Why would you call his name and not mine?” Oliver asked again and they both stared directly into each other’s eyes


“Call my name too…….not just him” Oliver cut in


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