Dream chapter 24 – 25

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EPISODE 24πŸ’ž25

Summer Gold R.


“Call my name too…….not just him” Oliver said and Jocelyn was speechless

“But…..you’re my boss” She uttered and Oliver dropped her hand

‘I guess I’m going crazy’ he thought

“But I can call you your name outside the office right?” Jocelyn asked and Oliver smiled

“Yeah” He said

“Okay,cool Oliver” Jocelyn said and Oliver bit his lip,the way his name sounded in her mouth was totally different that he want to keep on hearing her call his name every second.

Xavier got back and Jocelyn immediately faced him

“What were you doing?” She asked

“Got a text” Xavier smiled

“Let me guess,one of your b*tches” Jocelyn said and Xavier chuckled

“What the f**k do you take me for bun butt”

Jocelyn scoffed

“Let’s go” Xavier said

They were about walking away when Oliver’s phone rang and he stopped

“I need to go home” Oliver said and they faced him

“Any problem?” Xavier asked

“Savannah” Oliver sighed and Xavier almost laughed

“Is this funny?” Oliver frowned

“Should I come with you then?” Xavier asked

“No,you two can go” Oliver said and glanced at Jocelyn before getting into his car and he left

“Who’s Savannah?” Jocelyn asked as she entered Xavier’s car

“The president’s daughter who is obsessed with him” Xavier said

“Oh” Jocelyn muttered and Xavier drove out

“So,which restaurant do you wanna go?” Xavier questioned

“I dunno” Jocelyn answered

“Seriously? You’ve never gone on a date with your ex boyfriend?” Xavier asked and Jocelyn glared at him

“Sorry” Xavier said

“Just go anywhere Xavier” Jocelyn groaned

“Of course sexy legs” Xavier grinned and Jocelyn faced him

“How many nicknames are you planning to give me?” She asked

“As many as I want” Xavier smiled handsomely and Jocelyn scoffed

“Not everyone is gonna fall for your handsome face” She rolled her eyes

“Thanks for the compliment” Xavier smiled again and Jocelyn chuckled.

Minutes later,Xavier stopped in the driveway of a restaurant and they both came down from the car

Xavier got hold of her hand and she looked at him

“Ion want any silly eyes on you,you’re mine for tonight” Xavier said

“You must be mistaken” Jocelyn scoffed

“Don’t be too hard” Xavier whispers and they entered the restaurant.

Many eyes followed them as they sat down

“Just focus on me alone” Xavier winked

“Are you tryna flirt with me?” Jocelyn smiled

“What if?” Xavier asked

“Just want you to know that…..it won’t work” Jocelyn smiled again

“Oops,you think so?” Xavier giggles and Jocelyn rolled her eyes

A waitress came to their table

“Good evening sir and ma” She bowed

“Hey cutie” Xavier smiled and Jocelyn scoffed

She took their orders and walked away

“You were jealous,don’t deny it” Xavier said

“So you were trying to make me jealous? You failed” Jocelyn said and stuck out her tongue to him mockingly

“You are trapping me even more bun butt” Xavier muttered


Oliver stepped down from his car and Savannah immediately rushed to hug him,Oliver stood still

“I’ve been waiting for you” She said,hugging him tightly

“Get off” Oliver said coldly

“Why?” Savannah asked still not letting him go

Oliver pulled her off and she gave him a sad look

“Why have you been avoiding me? I’ve been calling you for days…..”

“Isn’t that enough proof that I don’t wanna see you or talk to you?? Why are you forcing it?” Oliver asked

“But Oliver,I thought……we both feel the same way right? I thought you liked me….’

‘That’s Xavier dummy!!’ Oliver yelled in his head

“I like you Oliver,and you know that” Savannah said tearfully and hugged him again

“Listen to me” Oliver said and she looked up

“The other day,you invited me for a dinner….it wasn’t me” Oliver said and Savannah looked up into his eyes


“I’m saying you Xavier came to your place not me,you had s*x with him not me” Oliver said and Savannah’s eyes widened

She swallowed hard

“I’m sorry okay? So just leave me alone….”

“I still like you!! I still want you! I allowed him because I thought he was you but still I don’t care,you’re the one I like not him!” Savannah said

“Are you serious right now? Can’t you see that I don’t feel the same….”

“I don’t care okay? I love you,I want you and I’m going to have you,that’s it” Savannah snapped and entered her car,she drove out of the compound roughly

Oliver roll his eyes and went in.

He walked straight to the cellar and grabbed a wine,he poured half of the cup,his mind went to Xavier and Jocelyn and he poured the full glass instead. He sighed out,drinking and thinking at the same time.

He was wondering what they are doing at the moment

‘Come off it Oliver,they just went for dinner,that’s all’ he said inwardly and gulped down the whole content in the glass

“Geez!” He groaned loudly and dropped the glass


Tyler was outside the house,waiting for either Jocelyn or Nancy but he got a text from Jocelyn which means she will be coming home late. At that moment,Nancy’s car drove into the compound and he shoved his phone into his pocket before walking to her.

Nancy came out of the car looking moody and a frown appeared on his face

“Are you okay?” He asked

Nancy nodded

“That’s a lie” Tyler said

Nancy sighed and moved into him,she hugged him with her eyes closed. Tyler wrapped his arms around her too

“I was scolded today” Nancy muttered


“I made a mistake,I deserve the scold anyway but it hurts” Nancy said sadly

“What’s the name of your boss? Or the Doctor?” Tyler said and Nancy broke the hug

“Gary?” She said

“Should I go and fight him?? Is this enough?” Tyler asked and opened up his biceps

Nancy laughed

“Oh I guess he’s more muscular than I am,I won’t be able to fight him so what should we do now?” Tyler asked

“You should go to the gym and work out,it might help” Nancy said

“I know but I will rather stay home and study than going to the gym” Tyler said and Nancy laughed again

“I made you laugh,finally.” Tyler smiled

“You’re so cute” Nancy said

“That’s my second name” Tyler smiled out his dimples

Nancy grabbed his hand

“Let’s go in,I feel kinda cold” Nancy said and Tyler took her bag from her

They got to her apartment and Tyler dropped her bag

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“You should take a warm bath and get a good rest” He said

“You’re leaving already?” Nancy asked

“Yes I…….” Nancy hugged him again before he could finish

“Are you okay?” Tyler asked

“Can I do something?” Nancy questioned back

“What is it?” Tyler asked and she moved back from the hug

“Promise you won’t get mad” Nancy said and Tyler gave her a questioning look

“What is it??” He asked again,calmly

Nancy’s hand moved behind his head and she went on her toes,Tyler raised his brows still not getting what she was up to until she brought her face closer to his


“I’m dying to do this,I guess I’ve reached my limit already,I’m sorry” Nancy cut in and captured his lips in a blink of an eye

Tyler fold his fist trying not to do a thing,she wrapped her two arms around his neck and kissed him more deeply getting his sweet taste,she kept moving into him closer and closer until Tyler suddenly break the kiss

Nancy looked into his eyes as they both stared at each other

“What was that?” Tyler asked

“What does it look like?” Nancy also asked and Tyler exhaled

“That….wasn’t really right….”

“I know,but it’s not totally wrong coz I think I might go crazy if I didn’t do that. I’m sorry” She said

“What I’m thinking……I don’t want it to be the right thing going on in your head” Tyler said

“You’re right,I’m in love with you….”

“That’s insane,you’re like a sister to me….”

“But I’m not your sister okay?? The only thing I regret right now is I’m f**king five years older and it’s driving me nut coz I can’t control my self any longer and I dunno what to do Tyler,I love you” Nancy hold his hand

Tyler shook his head

“I don’t know what to say” He muttered and gently pulled her hand off him


“Goodnight” Tyler cut her off and went out of the apartment

“I messed up” Nancy broke into tears and fell on the couch

‘But it’s not my fault? I don’t know what to do,I’m going crazy’ she said inwardly,more tears rolling down her eyes


Ariana sat down in front of the dressing mirror,she was brushing her hair and the lab scene came to her head

“That b*tch” She hissed,checking the length of her hair

Her mind went to Tyler and she sighed

“Thanks to that silly jerk” She rolled her eyes and dropped the brush on the table.

“You still look perfect” She smiled and tap her hair side ways before getting up

She climbed on the bed,different candies and chocolate scattered on the bed as usual,she unwrapped one and threw into her mouth

She let out a groan

“Drink!” She shouted and climbed down the bed lazily.

She went out of her room,getting downstairs she walked straight to the kitchen. She met Rowan holding a bottle of water beside the fridge,their eyes met

“Hey” Rowan smiled

Ariana roll her eyes and walked closer

“Move” She said coldly and he moved away from the fridge

She opened it

“You can’t ignore me forever you know?” Rowan asked,sipping from the water

Ariana kept quiet and took a juice from the fridge before closing it back

“I’m not planning on ignoring you forever coz you won’t be here forever,probably in the next three weeks you would be gone” She said and faced him

Rowan moved closer to her and she frowned


“I like hard girls so f**king much,you look even more hot when you frown like this” He smiled flirtatiously and Ariana crossed her arms

“You should know by now that this doesn’t work on me….”

“F**k are you gay?”he asked and Ariana laughed

“I wish I am….” She frowned


“Coz I hate guys like you” she snapped and walked out on him

“Wow” Rowan muttered and bit his bottom lip,he ran his fingers through his hair and sighed

“I’m gonna kiss that lips of hers no matter what” He said to himself and drank from the bottle again before smiling sheepishly


Ariana rushed into the library and ran to the maths textbooks section,she started searching for the text she wanted.

“Here you are” She exhaled and almost took it when another hand grabbed the text

She immediately hold the textbook and look up,it’s Tyler and he’s also staring at her

“I saw that first” Ariana said trying to take it from him but Tyler tightened his grip on the book

“And I grabbed it first” He said bluntly

“Are you picking a fight now?” Ariana frowned

“I don’t think I’m a girl to pick a fight with you,drop the book and find another one” Tyler said and Ariana scoffed

“Why should I be the one to drop it? I found it first!” She yelled

“Then we will have to stand here” Tyler said

Ariana started pulling the book but all is fruitless

“Tyler let go of it” Ariana said

“No Ana,never” Tyler said stubbornly

“You know this is the reason why I hate you right?” Ariana glared at him

“I don’t Care about your reasons,I don’t like you either” Tyler said and they both stopped,glaring at each other.

Monroe and Rowan came in

“What’s happening here?” Rowan asked and walked to Tyler

“Hey,are you crazy?” He asked

“What are you? A puppy?” Tyler glared at him

“What did you just say?” Rowan frowned

“Rowan stop” Ariana said and let go of the book

Tyler pushed Rowan out of his way and walked away without saying a word

Ariana’s eyes followed him

“What’s wrong with him?’ She thought

Monroe followed him

“Tyler!” She called and grabbed his hand

“I’m not in the mood for this” Tyler snapped and walked away

Since last night,he haven’t been able to get Nancy out of his head and it’s frustrating like hell. He was almost loosing it at the moment


Jocelyn stood up from her seat the moment Oliver came in

“Morning sir…..” He ignored her totally and entered his office looking so angry

‘What’s wrong?’ Jocelyn thought, watching him pace round the office and almost immediately Axel showed up,He’s the company treasurer and he was looking kind of scared when he entered Oliver’s office

Jocelyn stood there watching as Oliver yelled at Axel frustratingly

“Are you f**king telling me you don’t know what happened?? What the f**k is going on with the damn budget?!” Oliver yelled

“I’m sorry boss,I’m going to figure it out….”

“You’re going to?” Oliver snapped and Axel kept quiet

“I’m going to give you just twenty four hours to figure out what happened,you lost more than two billion dollars over night? Are you insane?”

Jocelyn gasped

“You really want to live the rest of your life in jail?” Oliver asked and Axel fell on his knees immediately

“I swear down boss,I really don’t know what’s going on!!” He cried

“But I will really figure it out so please I don’t want to go to jail….”

“Get out!” Oliver shouted

Axel got up and ran out of the office immediately

“Sh*t” Oliver cursed and sat down,he ran his fingers into his hair,his face down into his palms

Jocelyn sighed and walked into the office

“Are you okay?” She asked,staying on the lane without getting close to him

Oliver raised his head up and their eyes met

“Wanna be alone?” Jocelyn asked when he said nothing

She sighed and turned to go out

“Wait” Oliver stopped her and she turned to him


“Come closer” Oliver said and Jocelyn walked over to him,she stood in front of him

“Do you need anything??” She asked

“A hug” Oliver muttered and Jocelyn looked at him

Oliver grabbed her hand and pulled her more closer before wrapping his arms around her waist,hugging her there,his hands just at the point of touching her @ss.

Jocelyn’s eyes widened and she bashed her lashes


“I’m going to take a quick nap,don’t say a word” Oliver said,hugging her more closely

Jocelyn exhaled and bit her bottom lip wishing nobody shows up at that bad time,she’s only doing this coz he’s in a mad mood.

She stared down at him and his eyes were closed already

‘Is he really sleeping?’ She thought

Xavier was about coming into the office when he saw them,his smiley face immediately dropped and his eyes traveled to Oliver’s hands around Jocelyn’s waist

‘What the heck is going on?’ He said inwardly and fold his fist angrily


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