Dream chapter 28 – 29

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EPISODE 28πŸ’ž29

Summer Gold R.



“Jocelyn!! Jocelyn!!” Xavier called out and the call was hanged up

“F**k!” He spat

“Is something wrong? Who’s Jocelyn when I’m right beside you?” The b*tch beside him asked and touched him seductively

“Move!” He snapped and got up,he rushed out of the hotel room immediately

“F**k you Jocelyn!!” The b*tch yelled and threw a pillow at the door.

Xavier ran out of the hotel and entered his car in a hurry,he immediately checked to track Jocelyn’s location and luckily he was able to find it and more luckily he’s not far from the area on the location.

He dropped his phone and stepped on the speed roughly turning his car into the street,as he drove, everywhere was so dark

“What type of street is this?” Xavier groaned,looking around as he drove and all of a sudden he saw a hoodie guy dropping a girl into his car,he couldn’t see the face of the girl but something kept on telling him it’s Jocelyn

“That Bastard” Xavier cursed and almost stopped his car but the guy entered his own car and drove off

“Sh*t” Xavier muttered and reversed immediately,following the car.

He stepped more on the speed and he passed the car,he crossed his own car over and the car hit his own roughly but he didn’t care,he got down from the car immediately.

Before he walked closer,the hoodie guy came down from his car.

“Who the f**k are you?”Xavier asked and immediately the hoodie guy gave him a flying kick,Xavier’s back hit his own car before falling on the ground heavily.

He groaned painfully but got up again

“Don’t come closer if you want to live” The guy said

“Shut the f**k up and bring her out!!” Xavier yelled and walked closer to him again,the guy immediately brought out his knife and almost stabbed him but Xavier was fast enough to duck it,he punched the hoodie guy but seems it has no effect on him,he returned the punch to Xavier more hardly and kicked his tummy.

Xavier fell again and the guy pulled him up,he began throwing heavy punches on his face,his nose and mouth are already bloody before Xavier punched him and he moved back,Xavier followed him and threw a heavy kick on his leg which made him stagger,he looked up angrily and hit Xavier,he threw him to the ground.

Xavier spat out blood and the hoodie guy brought out his gun,pointing at Xavier but Xavier didn’t move.

“So bad,you just made your death more faster” The hoodie guy said and almost pulled the trigger when an heavy plank landed on his head

He tried turning but the plank hit his head again and he fell unconsciously on the ground.

Oliver threw the plank on the ground and rushed to Xavier

“Are you okay?” He askrd

“I’m fine” Xavier said and ran to the car,he opened the door and there was Jocelyn,she was bleeding and her shirt was covered with blood already

“Jocelyn!” Xavier called,worries and fears obvious in his face and voice

“Jocelyn?” Oliver rushed to them and his eyes widened when he saw her

Xavier carried her in a bridal style and Jocelyn opened her eyes weakly,staring at Xavier’s bloody face

“Xa…..Vier??” She called and Xavier nodded

“Right,it’s me” He muttered

Jocelyn’s head fell back again,her long hair loosed from the band and as she lost her consciousness again

“I will take her to the hospital” Xavier said and Oliver nodded,his eyes on Jocelyn

I will call the cops on this f**l” he said

Xavier immediately dropped Jocelyn in his car and drove off speedily leaving Oliver and the unconscious guy who was still on the ground



Tyler groaned for the umpteenth time as he checked the time again,it’s almost ten and Jocelyn isn’t picking her calls.

He dialed her number again and this time it was answered

“Barbie doll,where are you??” He asked immediately

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“This is not barbie doll” The male’s voice said and Tyler’s heart skipped a beat

“Who are you? Why are you with her phone?” He asked looking scared

“She’s hurt,we are in the hospital”

“What?!!! What happened? Tell me what hospital it is!!” He shouted in tears

As soon as the voice told him the name of the hospital,he dressed up and ran out of the apartment,bumping into Nancy

“Tyler?” She called,looking worried when she saw his tears

“What happened?” She asked and touched his face

“Barbie doll……” Tyler sniffed

“What happened to her?” Nancy said immediately

“She’s hurt,someone answered her phone and told me she’s in the hospital….”

“Sh*t,let’s go. Stop crying please” She wiped his tears and grabbed his hand

They got to her car and entered

“Name of hospital?” She asked

“De Gaz…”

“Oh,I know where that is” Nancy muttered and quickly started the engine

Tyler wiped his tears but his head wouldn’t stop banging,one thing he hates so much is Jocelyn getting hurt,he might fall sick coz of that

Minutes later,they got to the hospital and they immediately rushed in.

“Oh Nancy” The receptionist called,smiling

“My friend was brought here,please tell me where she is” Nancy said

“Your friend? Are you talking about the girl who was stabbed?” A nurse appeared

“Stabbed?!” Nancy and Tyler shouted at a time


Tears rolled down Tyler’s eyes as the nurse led the way

They met Xavier in front of the ward and at the same time Gary came out of the ward

“Please how is she?” Tyler immediately asked

“Oh,the wound isn’t really deep. So don’t worry,she will be fine after she’s awake” Gary said

Nancy and Tyler exhaled in relief

“Can I see her? Please” Tyler said and Gary nodded

Tyler and Nancy immediately ran into the ward

Gary turned to Xavier

“Are you okay?” He touched his face

“Do I look like I am?” Xavier asked and Gary chuckled

“You’re a man,you look even more handsome this way” Gary said and Xavier glared at him

“You need to treat the wound…”

“Don’t touch me” Xavier throw his hand off and Gary laughed

“Seriously? Don’t be stubborn” he said and Xavier rolled his eyes

Oliver came in and they both turned

“How’s it?” Xavier asked

“They took him away” Oliver said

“I wonder what she was doing in that silent area’ Xavier thought inwardly

“Where’s Jocelyn? Is she okay?” Oliver asked

“She will be fine” Gary replied and Oliver sighed

A nurse came to call Gary and he followed her

“How did you find me?”

“How did you find her?”

Xavier and Oliver asked at the same time simultaneously

“You first” Oliver said

“She called me and told me someone was following her” Xavier said and Oliver pressed his finger

“What about you?” Xavier asked

“I saw your car driving roughly,so I followed. I just left the office” Oliver muttered

“I should have just waited and took her home instead,now I regret it” Xavier mumbled and Oliver glanced at him

Tyler and Nancy came out of the ward

“Good evening” Nancy greeted and Oliver replied with a nod

“Are you Jocelyn’s brother?” Xavier asked Tyler and he nodded

“Was it you I spoke with?” Tyler asked

“Yeah” Xavier muttered

“You are injured too” Nancy said with concern

“Don’t worry about me,as long as she’s fine” Xavier smiled

“Are you her boss?” Tyler asked

“No I’m not” Xavier said and pointed at Oliver

“Hi” Tyler said with a short bow and Oliver smiled

“You two look the same,I don’t think I can tell who is who if we meet again” Tyler muttered

“I’m Xavier” Xavier said

“Oliver” Oliver also said

“I’m Tyler,nice meeting you. Thank you for saving my sister” Tyler said and smiled at Xavier

“You’re welcome” Xavier winked

Nancy checked the time

“You should go,I will stay with her. It’s getting late” She said

Xavier and Oliver stood up

“Goodnight” Nancy said

“Yeah bye” Oliver said shortly and went out

“Hey dude,bye” Xavier waved at Tyler

“Bye….what should I call you?” Tyler asked

“Brother in law” Xavier winked and Nancy’s eyes widened

“In law?” Tyler asked again

“Just kidding,call me Xavier” Xavier smiled and walked away

Tyler sighed

Nancy faced him

“Need a hug?” She asked and Tyler nodded,she pulled him into a warm hug



Savannah entered the house angrily,Dorothy the first lady and Felix the president both turned at a time. They were having a discussion before she came in. She’s been calling Oliver again for close to an hour but he didn’t even bother to answer

“What’s wrong this time?” Dorothy asked

“Daddy!!!” Savannah cried out like a kid and she sat next to him

“What happened?” Felix asked

“Am I ugly?” She asked

“Who said my daughter is ugly?! Who!” Felix asked

“No one,but I feel like I’m ugly. Why wouldn’t he look at me? Just why,I’m in love with him!” Savannah said,stomping her foot on the floor

“Who are you talking about anyway?” Dorothy asked

“Oliver” Savannah said,resting her head on Felix’s shoulder

“One of the James twins?” Felix asked and Savannah nodded

“I love him so much,please do something about it,I want him” Savannah said

“Well talking about that,Your brother is coming to Switzerland this coming week” Dorothy smiled proudly in all her arrogance

“Really?” Savannah raised her head and Dorothy nodded

“Yes,and we are planning a welcoming party. Definitely going to invite the James Family” Felix said and Savannah smiled

“I trust you dad” she said

Monroe and Jaxon rushed down

“Is that true? Can I invite my friends over for the party also?” Monroe asked

“Me too please” Jaxon said

“Of course kids,you can. It’s going to be one a…ma…zing! Party” Dorothy said and Monroe smiled as her mind went straight to Tyler.



Everyone putting on black outfits,the large hall was filled up with just ten gangs,the light was dimmed and it was almost silent.

Until Bullet entered looking angry,He’s the most powerful male members and he always lead their missions

“Stormy!” He called with a loud growl and Stormy turned

She’s the most powerful female and they are the closest among the other gangs

“Hey” Stormy smiled but was taken by surprise when she saw his face

“Why would you hurt her?! Tell me the f**k reason why you will send that bastard to hurt her!” Bullet yelled

“Coz I hate her!” Stormy yelled back and murmurs filled the room as other members watched the scene,it’s really rare to see Bullet and Stormy having an argument

“Are you insane? You can’t just do that without the boss’s order,it’s out of it!” Bullet yelled

“And why are you so angry about it?” Stormy snapped

“The cops f**king took him away,he might expose us!” Bullet said and everyone gasped


More murmurs but everywhere became silent when a man whose face was covered with a mask entered,he walked to the front where a throne was and sat on it

“Boss!” They all chorused and bowed their heads

“One of the boys was caught,I can’t remember giving any missions” Rogue said and there was silence

Stormy also kept quiet knowing she’s in trouble

“Words!!!” Rogue yelled angrily

“Boss….it’s my fault. I promise he will be out before morning,I have plans” Bullet immediately said and Stormy looked at him

“Bullet?” Rogue called

“Yes boss” Bullet muttered

“I will take Care of it boss,he might make another mistake if Care isn’t taken” Stray,another powerful male said,it’s obvious he hates Bullet because he’s the boss’s favorite

“Bullet,take care of your own mess” Rogue said

“I will boss” Bullet said and Stray glared at him

“How’s the company going?” Rogue asked

“We already got the two billions you asked us to get boss,it’s in the store room” Stormy answered and Rogue let out a wicked grin


“What are you planning to do with the twins after our plans?” Bullet asked

“Kill them,but not now” Rogue said

“Yes boss!” Stormy and Bullet said



Oliver kept on staring at Jocelyn’s face as she slept peacefully,Nancy left just some minutes ago and Tyler followed too. He came here as early as possible just to see her.

He hold her hand gently and that woke her up,she opened her eyes weakly and Oliver raised his head.

“Xavier?” Jocelyn called as she stared at him

‘You just mentioned him again’ Oliver said inwardly

“It’s Oliver” he finally said

“Oh…sorry” Jocelyn muttered

“Are you okay?” He asked

“I guess” Jocelyn said and tried getting up but winced in pain

“Don’t move” Oliver touched her and she fell back on the bed

There was silence

“You should call me next time” Oliver broke the silence and she looked at him

“Next time you need help,tell me” He repeated

“I just thought….you weren’t looking well yesterday…..”

“I won’t ignore your calls,never” Oliver cut in and Jocelyn nodded

Oliver swept off the hair on her face and their eyes locked

“Thanks” Jocelyn bit her lip

The door opened and Xavier came in,Jocelyn looked up immediately

“Xavier” she called and opened her arms wide

Xavier smiled and moved into her on the bed,she hugged him tightly

Oliver moved uncomfortably on the seat as he stared at them

“I’m sorry,you got hurt because of me” Jocelyn said and Xavier broke the hug

“Are you okay?” Xavier asked and she nodded

“My tummy still hurts,but I will be fine.” She said and touched the cut on his lips

“I’m fine” Xavier said

“Can I go home now?…..”

“You’re still hurt” Oliver said

“Gary said she can go home” Xavier said and Jocelyn smiled

“Then,I will take you home” Oliver uttered

“No,don’t worry I will take her home” Xavier said

Jocelyn blinked twice

“I’m worried,so let me take her” Oliver insisted

“And I said you don’t have to” Xavier snapped

“She’s my Secretary” Oliver snapped back almost angrily

“Does that matter right now?? I brought her here and I’m taking her home,that’s it” Xavier said and they both began glaring at each other while Jocelyn stared at them in confusion


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