Dream chapter 30 – 31

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EPISODE 30πŸ’ž31

Summer Gold R.


Oliver and Xavier kept glaring at each other and Jocelyn was uncomfortable with it

“Guys,you don’t have to argue okay? I will just go alone….”

“No you won’t” Oliver and Xavier said at a time and Jocelyn sighed

She turned to Xavier and touched him,Oliver’s eyes followed her hand ad it landed on Xavier’s arm

“Let me go with him,you should take Care of yourself too” Jocelyn said and Xavier hold her

“I told you I’m fine” He said and Jocelyn gave him a pleading look

Xavier roll his eyes

“Fine” He muttered and Jocelyn smiled before facing Oliver

“Let’s go” She said

Oliver and Xavier exchanged glances and Xavier Walked out of the ward almost slamming the door.

Jocelyn took her bottom lip in and looked at Oliver,she almost got down from the bed when Oliver carried her in a bridal style

Jocelyn looked up and their eyes locked

“I can walk” Jocelyn said

“Your tummy hurts so don’t stress yourself” Oliver replied and she nodded before curling her arms around his neck

They both walked out of the ward,

“But…what about the bills?” Jocelyn asked as Oliver walked

“You don’t have to worry about that” Oliver said and she nodded

“How did you find us anyway? I called Xavier,were you together?” Jocelyn questioned when he finally dropped her in the car

“Stop asking questions,it’s sad enough that I wasn’t there earlier” Oliver muttered and Jocelyn smiled

“I won’t be in any trouble again” She said

Oliver stared at her for a second before closing the door,he also joined her in the car and he drove out of the hospital,at the same time Nancy drove in,she got down from her car and went in.

“Oh Nancy you’re here,Doc Gary wants you to come over to his office as soon as you’re here” A nurse said

“Oh…kay” Nancy mumbled,wondering if there’s a problem

After dropping her bag,she went straight to Gary’s office.

She opened the door gently and peeked in,Gary was in,standing and staring at nothing in particular. She closed the door,getting his attention and Gary turned.

“Good morning” Nancy bowed

Gary scanned her with his eyes and breathe out

“I was worried,thought you’re sick” he said

“Oh,I’m fine. I was just tired yesterday but I’m fine now” Nancy said with a charming smile

Gary walked closer to her and she curved her lips nervously when he stopped in front of her,she stared at her fingers

“You don’t have to be scared of me or uncomfortable around me” Gary said and Nancy looked up

“Don’t mind me if I scold you or yell at you sometimes,I just want everything to be perfect so stop acting this way when I’m close to you” Gary said

“I promise to do well from now on” Nancy said

“Good” Gary smiled

Nancy bowed shortly and walked out of the office



Tyler removed his helmet and breathe out,he took out his phone,still on the bike. He wanted to dial Jocelyn’s number but suddenly changed his mind

“She might be sleeping” he said to himself and climbed down the bike

“Tyler!” Gianna caught up with him

“Hey” He smiled at her

“Morning” She returned the smile

They were both walking already when Monroe joined them

“Hey Tyler” She smiled and Tyler faced her

“Hi” He muttered and almost walked away but Monroe grabbed his hand

“I have something to say” She said

“What is it?” Tyler asked

Monroe looked at Gianna

“What are you waiting for? Leave?” She said rudely and Gianna scoffed before leaving

“Why would you do that? You should have just asked nicely,I hate your attitude” Tyler snapped at Monroe and made to leave

“I’m sorry!” Monroe grabbed his hand and he groaned before facing her again

“What exactly do you want?” He asked

“There’s going to be a welcoming party for my brother,he will be back soon. So…..I want you to be there” She said with a smile

“Why should I come?” Tyler asked

“Aren’t we friends?” She pouted and touched him

Tyler stared at her hand which held him while she stared into his eyes

“Fine,I will think about it” He muttered and Monroe smiled cutely

“Thanks” She said.

“I only said I’m going to think about it” Tyler scoffed

“At least I’ve got hope” Monroe replied

Ariana and Rowan walked past them and Tyler’s eyes followed,they were both talking together and somehow Tyler was surprised

‘When did they start talking?’ He thought

Monroe frowned when she saw Tyler staring at Ariana,she tapped him and he turned to her


“You were staring” She said

Tyler ignored her and they both walked to the class together

“Hello!!! Everyone coming in,I’m hosting a sleepover party tonight and you are all invited!” Madeline said loudly and Monroe smiled

She immediately faced Tyler

“Are you gonna come?” She asked

“I dunno” Tyler muttered and walked to his seat

Monroe sighed sadly and sat down

“He’s quite hard” Ophelia said beside her

“No one is hard for Monroe,just wait for it” Monroe smiled,staring at Tyler who was already speaking with Shalom and Davian.

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Oliver placed Jocelyn on the bed gently,she was sitting down facing him and his eyes captured her still bloody shirt

“I will take my bath right now” Jocelyn said and almost started unbuttoning her shirt when she got her sense back

She looked up and their eyes locked

“Oh, sorry” Oliver said and moved back

Jocelyn dropped her hands

“Thank you for bringing me home” She muttered

Oliver looked around the room

“Nice room” He said and Jocelyn crossed her arms

“Really?” She asked and Oliver faced her again

“Yeah of course” he said

“Thanks” Jocelyn said

“What were you doing in that silent area anyway?” Oliver asked and Jocelyn kept quiet


“I don’t want to talk about it” She cut him off and he nodded

“Sorry for meddling” Oliver said

Jocelyn stood up

“You can go now,I’m gonna undress” She said and Oliver moved closer to her,his eyes on her lips

She stood still,he’s obviously taller so she’s looking up at him. Oliver touched her hair and almost thought of leaning closer for a kiss when his phone rang,he checked the caller and shoved it back in his pocket

“You should rest for today,see you later” he said

“Thank you Oliver” Jocelyn said consciously and Oliver let out a smile

He turned and went out

Jocelyn sighed out and began to undress,after that she walked into the bathroom.



Oliver drove in and stopped the car on the driveway when he saw the cops taking Axel away,he was already handcuffed,his eyes red,obviously he cried.

Oliver came down from the car and Axel immediately faced him

“Boss please hear me out!!! It wasn’t me! It wasn’t really me please help!!” He cried

“Shut up thief!” One of the cops yelled at him,dragging him into the van

“Boss!!! Boss!!” Axel screamed out till he was completely dragged in. The cops drove off and Oliver sighed

“Why am I feeling so weird about this?” He said to himself before going in

πŸ—£ Good Morning Boss

πŸ—£ Morning Boss

πŸ—£ Good morning

Oliver ignored the greetings,he got to his office and there was Xavier waiting for him,he was sitting down.

He raised his head when Oliver entered

“I saw the cops taking Axel away” Oliver said,walking closer

“That f**l kept saying he knows nothing about the missing funds” Xavier said and stood up

“What if he’s saying the truth?” Oliver asked

“So what? The fact that he’s in charge of everything about money in this company is enough,if he doesn’t know anything about it that means he’s not doing his job rightly and he deserve whatever punishment he’s gonna receive” Xavier said and Oliver sighed

“I know,I’m just worried. What if it’s not Axel but someone else still in this company?” He asked and Xavier shrugged

“Like a spy?” He asked

“Yeah,I’m worried something like this is going to happen again even while Axel is still there” Oliver said

“Then what do we do? Have any idea or suspect?” Xavier asked and Oliver shook his head

“I have no idea” he sighed

“How’s Jocelyn?” Xavier asked

“She’s good” Oliver muttered and Xavier nodded

Oliver’s phone rang out and he answered the call at once

“What’s wrong?” Xavier asked after Oliver hung up the call

“The hoodie guy….escaped from the cell” He said

“What?!” Xavier’s eyes widened

“How the h*ll did it happen??!” He asked

“That’s not just the problem,two cops were killed last night also,I think he’s not alone” Oliver said

“F**k” Xavier cursed



Tyler entered the cafeteria with Shalom and Davian,Their food trays in their hands

“Tyler!!!!!” Some girls surrounded him immediately

“You’re dead” Davian whispers and went to sit down with Shalom leaving Tyler to his fate

“Tyler,you’re so handsome” the first one touched his cheek and Tyler moved back

“Can you smile a bit? I want to see your dimples please” another one touched him

“What’s your favorite food?”

“Sit with us please,huh?”

They kept on flirting with him

“Your lips,so cute!”

“Wait” Tyler said immediately when one almost kissed him

“What the f**k is going on here!!!” Monroe yelled from the back and everyone turned

She walked to Tyler and the girls,glaring at the girls angrily

“Get lost” she said to the girls and immediately they walked away grumpily

Tyler breathe out

“Thanks” He muttered and almost turned

“Sit with me” Monroe grabbed his hand and he looked at her

“Please” She pouted

“Not like I have a choice” Tyler mumbled and rolled his eyes.

Monroe smiled and they both sat down together

πŸ—£ Are they dating?

πŸ—£ They look good together for real

πŸ—£ Awwwn,I’m so jealous of Monroe right now

“Seriously? Don’t tell me she likes him” Jasper said,glaring at Tyler hatefully

“Isn’t it obvious? She’s been running after him” Braxton smiled and Jasper hissed

“What’s your favorite food?” Monroe asked as they eat together

“I have no favorite meal” Tyler replied

Monroe smiled crazily,staring at how his lips was moving

Tyler looked up and caught her staring,she blushed and continued eating. Tyler’s eyes moved to Ariana who was sitting on the next table to them,she was also staring at him but she looked away when their eyes met. Tyler kept staring at her until Rowan joined Ariana and he looked away,facing Monroe again.



Jocelyn was on the bed watching a movie,a duvet covered her up while she eat the biscuit gently. She’s been watching movies all day,she would sleep a little and then continue again,it’s been boring until Tyler returned from school and now he’s in his room.

A knock came on the door

“Come in” Jocelyn said,not taking her eyes from the movie

The door opened and Tyler came in

“Barbie doll” he called and moved to the bed,he kissed her cheek and Jocelyn smiled

“Hey bunny” She said and Tyler sat down beside her

“Are you okay?” He asked

“Yeah,you really don’t have to worry about me,I’m fine” Jocelyn answered

“So I was wondering….” Tyler stopped and Jocelyn faced him

“What is it?” She asked

“Can I go to a classmate’s house? For a sleepover?” He asked

“Your girlfriend’s house?” Jocelyn teased

“No!” Tyler said and Jocelyn laughed

“Fine,you can go but be careful okay?” Jocelyn said and Tyler nodded

“Yeah sure,bye” Tyler said and Jocelyn frowned when she saw his outfit.

“Hey!! You’re dressed already before you even come to tell me!!” She yelled and Tyler chuckled

“I love you” He winked

“Don’t f**king impregnate anyone,I’m not ready to become a grandma!” Jocelyn called after him and Tyler groaned

Jocelyn smiled and continued watching the movie again,almost immediately Tyler came in

“What’s wrong?” Jocelyn asked

“You have a guest” Tyler said and Jocelyn raised her brows

“Guest?” She asked and Tyler nodded

“Bye” He blew her a kiss before going out again.

Jocelyn got down from the bed and turn off the movie,she took her phone and went out. She got to the living room and she was surprised to see Oliver,but somehow she was confused

Oliver said no word either,hoping she would recognize him

“Xa…..Oliver?” Jocelyn called and Oliver smiled

“You’re right” He said

“What are you doing here?” Jocelyn asked

“I have alot of works to do,so I was thinking you might wanna help” Oliver said

“Oh,I guess it’s because of me.” She muttered

“I guess,so let’s go” Oliver said

Jocelyn checked herself,she was only putting on a bum short and a top

“You look perfect this way,I came here with my car so no one else is gonna see you” Oliver said and Jocelyn chuckled

“Fine” She said

“So,how’s your tummy?” Oliver asked when they walked out of the apartment

“I think your friend is a professional,I’m so good already” Jocelyn said

“You’re right” Oliver smiled

He opened the car door for her and she entered,he got in with her and sped off.



Oliver and Jocelyn walked in together

“Where are we staying? Here?” She asked,pointing to the living room

“No,come with me” Oliver said,leading the way

Jocelyn immediately followed him and surprisingly he entered the kitchen

Jocelyn looked around in confusion

“What are we doing here?” She asked

Oliver face her

“Thought you said we have works to do” Jocelyn said

“I lied” Oliver said

“Oh….so…why are we here?” She asked

“I’m going to prepare you a meal,just watch me” Oliver said and Jocelyn gasped


Oliver nodded with a smile

“You can cook?” She asked

“No” Oliver said and Jocelyn’s smile disappeared


“Just kidding,of course I can cook” Oliver said and Jocelyn laughed

“What should I help with?” She asked

“No,stay back” Oliver said

“But….” Before she could finish,Oliver’s hands moved to her waist and she stopped,she let out a gasp when he carried her and dropped her out the kitchen table

“Sit here” He said softly,staring into her eyes,Jocelyn also looking down at him

She slowly nodded and Oliver moved away from her,her eyes followed him. She watched as he pulled up his sleeves first,he used the gloves and brought out a frozen chicken from the freezer

She suddenly became thirsty

“Oliver” She called and Oliver turned

“Can you put me down? I need water” She said and Oliver walked back to her

“I can get it for you…..”

“No,just drop me,I will take it” Jocelyn cut in

Oliver held her waists and she held unto him as he dropped her

“Thanks” She smiled and walked to the fridge

Her phone started ringing silently on the table and Oliver saw the name of the caller clearly. XAVIER was on the screen

He didn’t think twice before swiping red,he hanged up the call and switched off the phone,he immediately moved to Jocelyn

“You said you wanted to help right?” He grabbed her hand

“Can I?” Jocelyn asked and Oliver nodded

Jocelyn smiled

“So,what should I do?” She asked

“Over there,Can I get some curry,thyme,nutmeg and any other ingredients you see?” Oliver asked,returning to the chicken

Jocelyn walked to the cabinet and tried opening but she wasn’t tall enough,she started jumping and Oliver turned back

“I see you’re a shorty” he said and Jocelyn scoffed

“I’m going to disappoint you” She said and continue jumping,trying to open the cabinet when suddenly she slipped and almost fell

Oliver immediately dropped what he was doing and rushed toward her,she fell on him and he landed on the floor with Jocelyn on top,his hands both on her @ss and their lips connected almost immediately.


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