Dream chapter 34 – 35

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Summer Gold R.


Jocelyn broke the hug shortly after Xavier hugged her,their eyes locked and Jocelyn looked down

“This is an office” She muttered and moved away

Xavier took a glance at Oliver who was still staring,he walked out after that.

Jocelyn sat down and her eyes met with Oliver’s own,he looked away from her and walked out of the office into another room.

Jocelyn rolled her eyes and started checking out the waiting works,the audition ended already and so unfortunate she didn’t get to see the end of it but now she’s stuck with the rest of it.

She sighed and started checking everything out one after the other,names of each characters,the judges picked two characters for a role,leaving the rest for Oliver to pick the final choice.

“This won’t help” Jocelyn muttered and got up from her seat

She entered Oliver’s office but he wasn’t in,she turned toward the office room and went straight in. She met him pouring himself a drink and she stopped walking,Oliver drank the whole alcohol in the cup and dropped it on the table loudly.

He let out a calming sigh and turned,finding Jocelyn in front of him.

“What are you doing here?” He asked

“Sorry for trespassing” Jocelyn said and immediately turned to leave

“Are you not here because you have something to say?” Oliver called back and she faced him again

“You didn’t watch the audition videos at all?” She asked,avoiding his face

“No I didn’t” Oliver replied

“I’m going to send them to you so you can watch and make your decisions on…..”

“Watch and choose by yourself” Oliver said and she looked up

“The judges want you to….”

“You’re my secretary,they won’t complain if you do it instead,and that’s if you tell them anyway” he said

Jocelyn nodded

“I will do it” She muttered and walked out before Oliver could say more

Oliver sighed and rough his hair,he doesn’t want to feel like this but he couldn’t help but to regret ever messing with her phone,he’s trying his best to get close to her and now she’s pissed at him again.

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‘I think I’m going crazy already’ He said to himself before going back into the office. He sat down and as usual he could see Jocelyn clearly from there,she was so focused and serious. The way her cute eyeballs and lashes moved made her even more pretty,her pink lips were in a pout giving her a cute look,he kept on staring at her until Jocelyn made a move to look up and he immediately turned his gaze from her.



“Gosh!! F**k you b*tch!!!” Nancy screamed,hitting the car tyre repeatedly. She was on her way to the hospital when her car broke down and now she’s damn late.

She checked the time and her eyes widened

“Ion want to get scolded today please not today” She groaned

She was still there when she heard a car horn and she looked up,the car stopped and it door opened,revealing Gustavo. He was looking so hot and the morning sun even made it more crazy,shining on his dark hair.

Nancy stared at him as he smiled charmingly at her

“Nancy?” He called

“Gus” She smiled

Gustavo walked over to her

“What’s wrong? You look angry” Gustavo said

“Of course I’m angry,really mad. My car broke down and I’m so damn late already” Nancy said,checking the time again

“So,have you called a mechanic?” Gustavo asked

“Not yet,I’m gonna do that now and get a taxi” Nancy replied

“Taxi? Then I guess I should be your driver” Gustavo said and Nancy’s cheeks flushed

“Thanks” She muttered

“Let’s go” Gustavo winked and Nancy immediately opened her car and grabbed her bag.

Gustavo opened the car for her and she entered

“Call him right now,don’t forget” Gustavo reminded when he joined her

Nancy nodded and dialed the mechanic’s number

Minutes later,Gustavo stopped in front of the hospital

“Thank you Gus” Nancy said and almost opened the door but Gustavo grabbed her hand and she turned to face him

“Can I have your contact?” He asked and Nancy seems surprised

“Nancy?” Gustavo called again

“Oh…yeah sure” She said and immediately Gustavo handed his phone to her,she input her number and gave it back to him

“Will call you” He winked at her

Nancy nodded and got down from the car,she didn’t turn back again as she ran into the hospital.

She ran straight to Gary’s office to submit the research work given to her

She opened the door slowly and peeped in as usual,Gary who was staring out of the window turned as soon as she entered

“Good morning,sorry I’m late,I was……..”

“Why did you come with my friend?” Gary cut in before she landed

“Oh,my car broke down on my way here and he showed up” Nancy replied and Gary scoffed.

“Why would your car break down out of the blue” he muttered,almost impossible for Nancy to hear him

“I’m sorry” She said and dropped the research on the table

“Here,I’m done with everything” she said

“So where’s the car? You called a mechanic already?” Gary asked and Nancy smiled

“Yes,you don’t have to worry” She said and Gary nodded

She bowed shortly and left the office.

Gary sat down to check out her work but his mind went back to how long it took her to get out of Gustavo’s car,he was actually watching everything in his office

“What were they talking about?” He asked himself and sighed




🎙 Happy of course

Selene smiled

🎙 I feel proud of the writer and also proud of my acting

Ashton added and the interviewer smiled


🎙 I guess I am

Ashton laughed


🎙 I don’t mind,honestly I enjoy working with her a lot. There’s just something about her

Ashton said and Selene blushed

🎙 I enjoy working with him too,He’s amazing and I don’t mind,over and all over again.


🎙 I love you all and expect nothing less from Ashton,don’t give up on me,I’ve got a lot to show. Kisses

Ashton said and blew a kiss

🎙 I love you guys so much and you know that,thanks for supporting my new drama,I won’t disappoint you on upcoming ones neither,so wait for it

She winked

“Cut!” The director said and the video ended

“You okay?” Selene assistant immediately moved to her and arranged her hair

“Yeah I’m fine” Selene replied

Ashton was already covered up by some staffs too and as usual, smiles never left his lips

“The President is here” Someone suddenly announced and everyone turned

Gustavo entered the media room and everyone started bowing

🗣 Morning President

🗣 Good morning sir

“Oh,I guess I missed it” Gustavo said

“Yes you did” Selene smiled and waved at him

Gustavo returned the smile and after talking to few staffs,he walked out.

Selene immediately went after him

“Hey Gustavo” she called and Gustavo stopped walking

“Long time no see” She smiled

“Yeah,you look more pretty” Gustavo said and she chuckled

“It’s not a new thing,trust me” She said,looking at him seductively

Gustavo smiled and grabbed her hand,they both entered his office and he pulled her against the wall,crashing his lips on her own

Selene reciprocated cordially,he pulled up her short skirt and fondled her @ss naughtily,A soft moan escaped her lips. They were interrupted by Selene’s phone and Gustavo broke the kiss

Selene checked her phone and she looked at Gustavo

“I need to go” She muttered and Gustavo nodded,moving away from her

“Wait” She called and kissed him again

“F**k,I want more” She mumbled against his lips

“Then,should we continue?” Gustavo smirked

“Here?” Selene asked

“You said you have to go” Gustavo replied and Selene smiled

“Should I come over tonight then?” She asked

“Sure you can,don’t get caught” Gustavo winked and she hit his chest

“Don’t worry,I’m gonna disguise” She said

“Come to the island instead,there’s gonna be a party…pool party” Gustavo said with a naughty smile

“I love pool parties,expect me there” She pecked his lips again before going out



Henry walked into the restaurant while pressing his phone,he was supposed to meet someone but the moment he entered,he saw Teresa sitting down with her best friend,Emily.

He immediately smiled and hanged up the call he was about making before walking to their table

🗣 Wow,isn’t that Henry?

🗣 It’s him!

🗣 He’s so handsome gosh!

Some group of girls sitting together started drooling

“Hey ladies” Henry said when he got to Teresa and Emily

They both looked up

“Henry” Emily called immediately

“Hi” Henry said and sat down,He glanced at Teresa who had a blank expression on

“Hey Henry” She said and Henry smiled

“You look beautiful” He said and Teresa raised her brows

“Oh….I mean….yeah you’re beautiful everyone knows,I’m just saying….”

“I know,it’s okay” Teresa said and continue eating

A waiter came to their table

“Please what can we give you sir” He bowed,handing the menu to him

“Whatever they are having” Henry said,still staring at Teresa who isn’t looking up

“Okay sir” The waiter said and left

“I’ve never seen you in this restaurant,it’s our usual” Emily said

“I was supposed to meet someone here” Henry muttered

“Oh” Emily nodded

“But not anymore” Henry said,returning his gaze to Teresa.

Emily smiled secretly

“Why?” Teresa suddenly asked

“Just because” Henry said and she scoffed

“Are you guys ever going to change? It’s annoying my brothers aren’t different” She rolled her eyes

“But I’m better” Henry said and Teresa scoffed

“I’m sure he’s gonna change when he fall in love” Emily said

“I guess,so you should better get a girlfriend” Teresa pointed her fork at him

“Yes ma’am” Henry smiled



Kath and Jennifer stared at the girl who just walked out of Xavier’s office until she was out of sight

“She look quite mad” Kathy said

“I feel for her” Cynthia chuckled

“What do you mean?” Jenifer asked

“She’s the second girl the boss is sending out of his office today,isn’t that weird?” Cynthia asked

“Wow,seriously? You mean he rejected pu**sy??” Kath asked with wide eyes

“Swears” Cynthia said

“Awwnnn,is he in love?” Jenifer asked softly and touched her cheek

“Wait,is he in love with Jocelyn?” Kath asked in a whisper and they gasped

“Jocelyn?” Cynthia asked and Kath nodded

“I think he has a crush on her” Kath grinned and Jennifer immediately covered Kath’s mouth with her palm

“I don’t think so” Jennifer shook her head

“I’m starving girls,let’s go eat. I’ve been typing since morning and now my fingers are dead” Cynthia groaned tiredly and they started walking to the cafeteria

“Me too,I can’t wait for this month’s pay seriously. I have lot of plans” Kath chuckled

“Me too,I need some hot outfits” Jennifer smirked

“To seduce Albert?” Kath asked and Jennifer pulled her hair

“Ouch!” Kath laughed

“So you’re crushing on Albert?” Cynthia asked

“No I’m not” Jennifer answered immediately

“Heard my name” Albert said from the back as he caught up with them,Julius beside him

“You must be mistaken,nobody mentioned your name” Cynthia scoffed

Jennifer bit her bottom lip and looked away

“Where’s Jocelyn by the way?” Albert asked

“Not here” Kath replied


Jocelyn sighed out loudly,she was sitting in the company balcony all alone,staring at nothing in particular. The wind was blowing her hair all over and it’s scattered on her face. She turned and rest on the cliff but was shocked to see Wyatt from afar,staring at her.

Their eyes met and nobody looked away,he almost made a move to come to her but suddenly he turned back and walked away.

Jocelyn stared at his back confusingly but was brought back to reality when a hand touched her. She immediately turned

“Bun butt” Xavier smiled

“Oh,Xavier” Jocelyn muttered

“Are you okay? Why are you here alone?” Xavier asked

“Fresh air” Jocelyn replied and there was silence

“So….you called me last night” Jocelyn said

“Yes I did,it was nothing important,I just wanted to hear from you” Xavier said

Jocelyn nodded

“I should go back” She muttered and Xavier grabbed her hand

“Don’t go home alone from now,I’m going to take you home everyday” Xavier said and she smiled

“Yes boss”

“And…..wanna come over for a party tonight?” Xavier asked

“Your place?” Jocelyn asked

“Yeah,my friends will be there,so you can come along with your friend too” Xavier said

“Great,I love parties.. What type of party?” Jocelyn asked

“Pool party” Xavier said

“Not coming” Jocelyn immediately said and Xavier chuckled

“You better be there or I’m gonna kidnap you” He said

“Fine,you should send me the address later,bye” She said and immediately walked away

Xavier’s eyes watched her till she was out of sight.


Immediately Jocelyn got to her desk,the office phone rang and she quickly went into Oliver’s office.

“You called for me” she said and Oliver got up from his seat.

“We need to talk” he said

“About what?? If it’s about the script…..”

“This is nothing about that” Oliver cut in and she looked at him

“I’m sorry for turning your phone off” He said and moved closer to her

“I just wanted to spend enough time with you,you don’t seem to be free when we are together but last night was different that I don’t want to end it so soon,I’m sorry Jocie” Oliver said staring into her eyes

“I’m sorry for yelling at you earlier,I was just quite pissed” Jocelyn said and Oliver smiled

“I can make it up with you……”

“With another meal!” Jocelyn said immediately and Oliver chuckled

“Deal” He said

“Yeah” Jocelyn smiled brightly and Oliver was almost tempted to hug her

The door opened all of a sudden and they turned

“Oliver…..” Savannah was smiling but immediately she saw Jocelyn,she stopped smiling

“Oliver” She walked closer

Oliver groaned and run his fingers into his hair

‘Who’s she?’ Jocelyn thought as Savannah glared at her

“Savannah what are you doing here?” Oliver asked

‘Oh,it’s the so called obsessed girl’ Jocelyn thought and smirked seeing Oliver worried face

“Who’s she??” Savannah asked,glaring at Jocelyn

“I should go” Jocelyn muttered and almost moved but Oliver pulled her back and Savannah’s eyes widened

“Why are you holding her? What the f**k is she to you!” She yelled

“Seriously?” Jocelyn frowned and immediately a crazy idea came to her head

She faced Oliver and touched his face with her fingers,sending crazy shivers into Oliver’s spine

“Baby love….who’s she?” She pouted cutely and Oliver swallowed but he played along

“She’s nothing” he replied,still surprised to see her acting that way

“Then,I can take care of her right?” She asked and touched his lips

“What?!” Savannah yelled

Jocelyn turned to Savannah

“Are you blind? Get lost or you wanna watch us f**k?” Jocelyn asked

“Oliver is mine,who the h**k do you think you are!” Savannah yelled and tried slapping her

Oliver immediately stepped in and grabbed Savannah’s hand

“Are you going to slap her?” He glared

“Is she…..is she really your girlfriend?” Savannah asked

“Yes she is,so leave” Oliver said and Savannah broke into tears

Jocelyn smirked and fanned herself with her fingers proudly

Savannah ran out of the office and Oliver faced Jocelyn

“Pay me back with a delicious meal” She winked at him and walked out of the office

Oliver stared at her and smiled crazily

‘I’m really going crazy’ He said to himself


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