Dream chapter 44 – 45

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Summer Gold R.


“Oh my gosh” Ariana stretched after handing the helmet to Tyler

“So,wanna do this again? You can just quit” Tyler said

“Never,I’m not going to allow you go there alone. You said I remind you of your sister so you better see me as your school sister from now on,I will protect you from her” Ariana pointed a finger to his face and Tyler laughed

“Wait,seriously?” He asked

“Yes” Ariana answered and Tyler removed his own helmet,their eyes melted into each other as they stared endlessly.

Rowan suddenly came out of the mansion and Tyler looked up,Ariana also turned

“Hey Ro….” Before she could finish,He grabbed her hand and dragged her in

“Is he crazy?” Tyler scoffed and rode off


Ariana released herself from Rowan’s grip when they got into the house

“What do you think you’re doing?” She frowned at him

“Protecting you from him” Rowan replied

“And who do you think you are?” Ariana snapped

“I don’t care whatever you think of me okay? But why the h*ll would you go out with him so freely? What about me? Why do you hate me so much?! Why!” Rowan half yelled

“I don’t hate you…..”

“Then spare me your time too” Rowan cut in

Ariana kept quiet and Rowan hugged her

“Hey,get off” Ariana said

“At least you went out with him,I should hug you too” Rowan muttered and hugged her more tightly,touching her hair,Ariana said no word

He finally let go

Ariana left his sight before he could say more

Rowan fold his fist,thinking about Tyler alone make his hatred for him grow more.



I’m in love with you JoJo” Xavier dropped the shell

Jocelyn’s eyes grew wide while Xavier’s eyes never left hers.

There was total silence after that

Oliver simply turned back and went into his car,he gave them one last glance before driving off

“Say something,I’m dying of impatience right here” Xavier said and Jocelyn gulped

She knew she has nothing to say,she don’t have the gut to reject him neither the courage to accept him.

“I….dunno what to say” she mumbled

“Then,do you have any feelings for me?” Xavier asked staring into her eyes

“I like you Xavier,I do. But I don’t think that’s enough….”

“It’s not,you don’t have to say more. You don’t feel the same,you’re in love with my brother” Xavier said

Jocelyn said nothing,her eyes still on Xavier

“I’m right” He muttered

“I’m sorry” Jocelyn mumbled

“Just tell me what the f**k you like about him!” Xavier said loudly

“I thought…..I thought we both liked each other” he said in a broken voice

“You’re my friend…..”

“I don’t wanna be your friend” he sniffs and Jocelyn was surprised to see him tearing up

“Xavier…..” She made to touch him

“Don’t touch me…don’t care about me…..don’t talk to me either” he said icely and entered his car,driving off roughly.

Jocelyn bite her bottom lip and turned,only to find Tyler behind her

“Bunny,when did you get here?” She asked

“You made him cry” Tyler muttered

“I didn’t mean to” Jocelyn sighed

“He’s the one right? The one who saved you the other time,Xavier” Tyler said and Jocelyn nodded

“So you prefer his brother to him?” Tyler asked further

“I don’t want to talk about it” Jocelyn muttered,walking into the house

“But I prefer Xavier more!” Tyler called after her and she stopped

“Do you even know him?” She asked

“I do,just few minutes with him made me like him” Tyler muttered and followed her

Jocelyn went into her room and Tyler went to his

“It’s a pity,he even called himself my brother inlaw,gosh she have no eyes” Tyler muttered,dropping his bag and then fell on the bed

He sat up again

“So men cry for love? How? I don’t think I can” He shook his head and fell back on the bed

“I wish I can meet him” He sighed

Just then his phone buzzed and he took it

“Seriously?” He smiled,he just got a text from Ariana

“That’s fast” He muttered with a cuter smile.


“Oh,it’s Saturday” Tyler muttered after he read the message


Another message from her


Tyler replied


Tyler smiled and mailed her the address.

He dropped his phone and went into the bathroom,after taking his bath,he put on his pajamas and went out. He walked to Jocelyn’s room but she was on the bed,sleeping

“So fast?” He muttered

“What is it?” Jocelyn opened her eyes and Tyler sat down on the bed

“Can my friend come over tomorrow? She will like you to meet you” Tyler said

“She?” Jocelyn asked

“She’s just a friend,trust me” Tyler touched his heart

“Fine,I still wonder why she wanna meet me” Jocelyn rolled her eyes

“Coz I told her about you” Tyler winked before going out.

Just immediately,Jocelyn’s phone buzzed and she checked to see a message from Oliver


Jocelyn groaned,she ignored the message and dropped the phone

“I feel like sh*t” She mumbled before closing her eyes



After waiting for her reply for about ten minutes without getting any,he dialed her number

The phone rang but she never answered

He groaned and dropped his phone,crazy thoughts filled his mind.

‘What was her response?’

‘What if she’s also in love with him?’

‘Are they couples already??’

He sat up on the bed when he couldn’t sleep,he took his tablet and began checking out some scripts Kath sent to him but he couldn’t even concentrate.

“Damn you Oliver” he groaned and rough his hair



“What the f**k is going on With Xavier? That dude is mixing Muscat with Sherry” Garry asked immediately he came into the living room

“What?!” Gustavo exclaimed

“Maybe he’s trying to erase his memory,is he crazy?” Henry scoffed

“Exactly what I’m saying,that’s f**king dangerous but he’s not listening to me” Garry said

Gustavo got up and walked to the cellar,Xavier was there with red eyes,drinking like someone embracing death

Gustavo moved closer and took the two bottles of wines he had mixed in front of him

“What the h*ll are you doing?!!” Xavier yelled angrily

“Are you Insane? If you wanna die,you know the direction to the James Mansion right? Not here” Gustavo said

Xavier was glaring at him angrily as if to just kill him at that moment,he hit the glass in his hand against the wall and some of the pieces entered Gustavo’s leg

“F**k, Xavier……”

“Stay away from my problem” Xavier muttered,walking out

Henry and Garry were also coming in

“What happened?” They asked but he ignored them and walked away

Henry saw Gustavo’s bleeding leg and immediately ran to him

“Are you okay?” He asked

“It’s just a little cut,I’m fine” Gustavo said and dropped the bottles in his hands

Two maids also came in

“Please leave,we will clean it up” they said

Henry tried holding Gustavo

“F**k off,I’m not crippled dude” Gustavo said and Henry scoffed

They all left the cellar and returned to the living room,Garry went upstairs.

“What do you think is wrong with him? Never seen him so angry” Gustavo muttered

“Maybe he was rejected,by Jocelyn” Henry replied and Gustavo looked at him

“I badly don’t wanna think about it,but I guess you’re right.” Gustavo sighed

Garry returned with the first aid kit

“Your leg” He requested

“You don’t have to do this,I’m fine” Gustavo muttered and Garry kicked his leg

“Ahh!!” He groaned

“What the h*ll!” Gustavo yelled

“Give me your leg or the glasses are gonna eat you up and you will finally get crippled coz I will advice you to get amputated” Garry said and Gustavo frowned at him

“Answer me,I have no time” Garry said and Gustavo moved his leg forward

“Better don’t let it hurt too much” He said and Garry scoffed

“What’s with you two anyway?” Henry raised a brow

“As you can see,He’s acting like a bastard for all I care,I’m going to do whatever I want to do,tell him that” Gustavo said and got up the moment Garry removed the glass piece

“Your leg Gustavo….”

“I’m fine” He cut Henry off and walked away

“Now,what is going on?” Henry faced Garry

“You can ask him” Garry replied and also left

“You f**king motherheckers!!!!” Henry screamed out,throwing punches into the air before breathing heavily

“Calm down Henry,they wanna make you go crazy but you can’t allow them,yeah” He exhaled loudly



“Good morning” Tyler muttered,faking a deep voice as he entered the kitchen

Jocelyn looked at him while he picked one of the French toast she was making

“God!!” He spat and dropped it at once

“Why is this so spicy? You know I don’t like it” Tyler turned to her with a sad look on his face

“It’s not for you” Jocelyn replied

“Then what am I going to eat?” Tyler asked

“Make yourself some breakfast if you’re hungry” Jocelyn scoffed and Tyler’s eyes widened

“Are you okay?” He asked and touched her forehead,she was running a temperature

“I knew it,mood swings. I hope you’re not pregnant this time around” Tyler said as he walked out of the kitchen

“Jerk!” Jocelyn yelled

Tyler returned with a pill and water

“Here” He gave it to her

She used the pill and groaned

“Are you okay now?” Tyler asked and she nodded

“I’m hungry” He smiled and bashed his lashes like a kid

“The one I’m making presently is not spicy,so wait for it” Jocelyn replied and Tyler chuckled

“You need me in your life sis,you don’t have to think about it if you reject a guy,unless you weren’t sure of your answer” Tyler said and Jocelyn faced him

“What do you know about love? Nothing okay? So just keep quiet” She said

“But at least I know when you are in love” Tyler pointed a finger at her

“And I am always right about who I want for you,I told you Richard was a jerk but you never believed me until that motherfucker cheated,like what guy in his right sense would cheat on a girl like you?? Only an imbecile. And now,I really like Xavier,but you want….what’s his name??” Tyler asked

“Oliver” Jocelyn replied

“Great” Tyler scoffed and rolled his eyes

“And where the h*ll did i ever told you that I want Oliver?” Jocelyn asked

“So you don’t? Are you saying you don’t like anyone of them?” Tyler asked immediately

“I don’t” Jocelyn muttered

“Good,you can just take me as your boyfriend and remain single forever” He rolled his eyes and Jocelyn smacked his head

“That hurts!” Tyler shouted

“Watch you mouth!” Jocelyn yelled at him

“Gosh,you don’t have to be so aggressive,you rejected him yourself!’ Tyler shouted and walked out

“F**k,i hate him but I don’t mean it” Jocelyn sighed and turned to the machine

“Should I just quit?” She mumbled,taking out the toasts

Tyler came back in

“Smells so good” He smiled and took a bite

“You’re the best sister in the world” He said with his mouth full and Jocelyn roll her eyes



Ariana walked downstairs gently,her face expression was so blank,she ignored all the maids greeting her on the way as she entered the dining room. Rowan was there already while the maids dished out breakfast

“Where’s mom?” Ariana asked one of the maids as she sat down

“She’s not home” The maid replied

They left after dishing out the meals

“Are you okay?” Rowan asked and Ariana looked at him

“You should worry about yourself,not me” She said and Rowan smiled

“What if I can’t stop worrying about you?” He asked

Ariana picked the cutleries and ignored his question

“Are you going out?” Rowan asked

“Yes I am” Ariana replied

“Where are you going?” He questioned further

“And why should I tell you?” Ariana snapped

“Coz I don’t wanna think that you’re going to that guy again” Rowan said and Ariana frowned

“I planned to hang out with you today,so you choose one” Rowan said

“I’m going to Tyler’s place and there’s nothing you can do about it” Ariana snapped

“Then I’m coming with you” Rowan said

“If you don’t let me come over,then I’m going to tell your mom,you know what that means” He smirked

“Are you threatening me right now?” Ariana asked

“No,I don’t wanna stay home alone coz it’s gonna be boring so let me come with you please” Rowan said in a soft voice and Ariana laughed

Rowan smiled

“Fine” Ariana muttered and Rowan winked at her

“That was kind of funny,your face” Ariana said as they began eating

“Let’s be friends,I will make you laugh even more” Rowan said

“Okay” Ariana smiled

“Gosh, finally” Rowan exhaled and Ariana chuckled

“I should tell Tyler that you’re coming…..”

“He won’t allow that,let’s just go” Rowan said and Ariana nodded



Xavier walked into the house and looked around when he found no one

He went into the dinning hall and there they are

“Here kid” Teresa waved her hand

Oliver looked up and their eyes met,Xavier rolled his eyes and sat down somewhere far from them.

“Oh oh kiddo,what’s wrong with you?” Teresa asked

“Why am I here?” Xavier asked

“I told you I want us to have breakfast together dummy” Teresa scoffed

Her maid came over with the meal and began setting the table

“So,can anyone of you tell me what happened? Why the silence?” Teresa spoke up,shoving her f**k into a strawberry after the maid left

“I don’t understand,who said something is wrong?” Xavier asked

“Hey!! Do you want me to fry your brain?!” Teresa yelled and Xavier rolled his eyes

Teresa turned to Oliver who already took the cutleries

“Gustavo called me and told me you two aren’t talking to each other” She said

The twins kept quiet

“Your mouths are tied up right?” Teresa frowned but still they said no word

“Is this all because of a girl?” She asked and they looked up

“So it’s true,are you two for real?” Teresa scoffed

“You two are in love with one girl??” She asked again

“I am in love with her,I met her first and I don’t know about him okay? He told me he doesn’t like her…..”

“You don’t have to hold unto my word,I owe you no explanation” Oliver cut in and Xavier glared at him

“Enough” Teresa muttered

“You’re making me sick just by looking at you guys….and here’s what we are gonna do” She said and they turned to her

“Heard she’s Oliver’s secretary”

“So,the only way to solve this issue if you’re going to keep on fighting is……”she stopped,staring at the twins who were also listening and waiting for her to spill it out

“Get rid of her” She bursted out

The twins dropped their spoons and looked up at once.


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