Dream chapter 46 – 47

✨✨ DREAM 🖤🖤
{ Diagnosis;
Lovesick… }


Summer Gold R.


“Get rid of her” She bursted out

The twins dropped their spoons and looked up at once.

“What?!” They both screamed at once

“In what way? What do you mean?” Xavier asked

“Sack her of course,let her go” Teresa scoffed and continue eating

Xavier and Oliver glanced at each other and then looked away

“So? What do you say? If you can’t do it then I will….”

“No” Xavier and Oliver cut in immediately and Teresa looked up

“What do you mean by no? I can’t allow any girl turn my brothers against each other,you think I’m ever going to want her for any of you? Hell no,if that happens,then you should forget me being your sister” Teresa said

“You are taking this too far sis….”

“No I’m not,I’m telling you what will happen if you keep on fighting. If this doesn’t work,I’m gonna inform dad…..”

“No!!!!!!!” Oliver and Xavier shouted at once

Teresa smiled

“So,what do we do now?” She asked

“She rejected me” Xavier muttered

“Meaning she doesn’t want you,forget about her kiddo. There are more than enough beautiful and sexy girls who are in love with you” Teresa said and touched his hair

“You’re making it all worse” Xavier muttered and snapped her hand off

“Oh come on” Teresa said and touched his hair again.

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“Don’t worry sis,we are going to sort things out,can we just eat? I’m starving” Oliver muttered

“Really?” Teresa raised a brow

“Yeah” Oliver said

“You better do that” Teresa scoffed



The door bell rings and Tyler opened the door but a disappointment look became obvious on his face when he saw Nancy

“You look disappointed” Nancy said as she entered

“Well he’s expecting his girlfriend” Jocelyn came out and Nancy’s eyes widened

“Girlfriend?” She looked at Tyler

“Gosh barbie doll,I told you she’s not my girlfriend,she’s just a friend” Tyler groaned

“Let her come first,I can decide to believe you after that” Jocelyn scoffed

Nancy and Tyler’s eyes met,almost immediately the door bell sounded again. Tyler walked toward the door and Nancy’s eyes followed him. He opened the door and Ariana hugged him immediately

Tyler almost hugged her back but stopped immediately he saw Rowan

“What is he doing here?” He asked and Ariana broke the hug

“Oh,Rowan. I’m sorry I should have told you,he insisted….”

“Get out” Tyler said to Rowan

“If I leave,she’s coming with me so choose one” Rowan smirked

“What?” Tyler faced Ariana

“I’m sorry” She said

“Is he threatening you or something?” Tyler asked,moving closer to Rowan

“No,not here” Ariana stepped in immediately

Nancy and Jocelyn were both watching the drama silently

“Wow,nice place” Ariana muttered,she suddenly gasped when she saw Jocelyn

“She’s your sister!” She screamed and immediately ran to hug her

“Oh” Jocelyn muttered as Ariana hugged her and then moved back

“I’m Ariana,gosh you’re so beautiful” she gushed

“Thank you,you’re also pretty” Jocelyn smiled

Rowan sat down and Tyler glared at him

“Who even gave you the permission to sit down?” He asked

“Hey bunny,leave him alone” Jocelyn said

“Bunny?” Ariana grinned

“Nope,you can’t call me that. Never” Tyler shook a finger

“Bunny” Ariana winked at him

“I will just come back later” Nancy said and walked out.

Tyler grabbed Ariana’s hand and left the living room with her,Rowan almost followed them but he didn’t

“I’m still wondering why you brought him here,it’s really annoying” he said

“I’m sorry” Ariana muttered

“Can’t you just send him away?” Tyler asked

“I can’t do that,just take it on me.” Ariana said and Tyler sighed

“Fine” He muttered and they returned to the living room.

Rowan immediately walked over to them

“Where are you two coming from?” Rowan asked

“My room,you can die if you want” Tyler said and Rowan glared at him



Oliver and Xavier walked in together

“Oh wow,they are here” Gustavo said but they ignored them totally and went upstairs

“Seriously?” Henry scoffed

“Did you really called Teresa?” Garry asked

“Yes I did,can’t keep on this way,it’s tiring” Gustavo replied

“Yes it is,not like you’re any different anyway” Henry muttered.


Xavier entered his suite and Oliver followed,Xavier turned and frowned when he saw Oliver

“Why the f**k are you following me around? It’s annoying,stay back” He said

Oliver ignored him and entered

“We should talk……”

“We have nothing to talk about,I don’t care whatever you do but can you please don’t try to talk to me and leave me alone?” Xavier snapped


“I f**king said she rejected me! Stop acting like the innocent one here and do whatever you want!,I don’t care anymore!” Xavier yelled at him and left the room

Oliver sighed and went out of the suite

He met Henry waiting for her outside

“So,are you ready to talk your problems now?” He asked

“No” Oliver muttered and left his sight.

“I’m giving up at this rate”Henry sighed out.



“I can’t believe I’m home” Jocelyn mumbled,munching on the cheese in her hand

“No worries babe,I even took a day off coz of you,so we are in this together” Nancy said and got up from the couch

“I think we’ve watched enough,let’s dance” Nancy said ,turning off the movie

“I’m not in the mood” Jocelyn muttered

“It’s not the end of the world baby,you’ve not even submitted the resignation letter yet and you’re like this,come on” Nancy grabbed her hand and pulled her up

She turn on the music and immediately the whole apartment was booming with the loud music

“I can actually talk to my dad if you want,the only price I’m gonna pay is….take over his company which I don’t want to do” Nancy groaned and started dancing

Jocelyn chuckled and joined her,they sang along with the song as they danced INTENTION BY JUSTINE BIEBER

🎵Picture perfect, you don’t need no filter

🎵Gorgeous, make ’em drop dead, you’re a killer

🎵Shower you with all my attention
Yeah, these are my only intentions

🎵Stay in the kitchen cookin’ up, got your own bread

🎵Heart full of equity or an asset
Make sure that you don’t need no mentions

🎵Yeah, these are my only intentions

“Nancy don’t ever try to become an artist please,your voice is making me go crazy” Jocelyn said and Nancy laughed

“I wouldn’t even try” She said and they continued



“You really won’t tell me the reason why you skipped two f**king classes on Thursday while you are in school?” Davian asked Tyler who was doing the pull ups while Davian held his two legs.

“Even if I explain,you won’t understand” Tyler said once he came up

“Are you for real? You really don’t have to show off that you’re smart and missing two classes won’t affect you but it’s annoying,I was worried thinking something happened only to discovered that it was done intentionally” Davian scoffed and Tyler chuckled

As they were talking,Ariana and Gianna walked past them and Ariana smiled at Tyler,Tyler returned the smile,staring at her till they were off

“Seriously?” Davian called Tyler’s attention and he faced him

“You didn’t tell me you two became friends,to the extent of smiling like newly wedded couples” Davian said with an hint of sarcasm in his voice

“That was…..”

“I think I understand now,you don’t have to explain anything” Davian raised one finger up and Tyler chuckled

“So you guys were here? I’ve been searching for you” Shalom appeared before them

“Am I the only one or you’re becoming cuter everyday?” Tyler asked and Shalom smiled

“Cute? Seriously?” Davian checked Shalom out and she frown

“Of course,she look like a cute teddy bear” Tyler said and Davian laughed

“Hey,don’t mind him Shalom,He’s lying.” Davian said

“So are you saying I’m not cute?” Shalom glared

“Exactly” Davian said

“His opinion doesn’t really matter right? I said you’re cute,so don’t mind him” Tyler said

“Yeah I know,but he should be taught some lesson….” Before Shalom could pounce on Davian,he was off and Shalom ran after him.

“Gosh,they are at it again” Tyler groaned and fell on his back


Ariana and Gianna were still walking when Jaxon came between them

“Hey,stop acting like a jerk” Ariana rolled her eyes but Jaxon ignored her and turned to Gianna

“Come with me” He said

“Are you for real now? I’m not going anywhere with you” Gianna scoffed

“Should I force you?” Jaxon whispered and Gianna glared at him

He winked at her

“I will see you later okay?” Gianna said to Ariana and she nodded

Ariana stared at how Jaxon grabbed her hand and walked away with her,she turned toward the class only to find Monroe in front of her.

“Oh that’s scary” Ariana said and Monroe moved closer to her,her two arms crossed on her chest

“What do you want?” Ariana asked bluntly

“A warning” Monroe answered,glaring at her

Ariana raised her brows

“Stay away from Tyler” Monroe finally said and Ariana scoffed

“Seriously? You’re here to threaten me to stay away from him?” Ariana asked with no single expression on her face

“You wanna know why? I love him,so stay away from him if you want to continue coming to this school,you know what I Can do right??” Monroe winked at her before turning back,walking away while swaying her @ss.

Ariana stared at her for some minutes before hissing out loudly



Immediately Axel was brought out of the cell,the first person he saw was Oliver who came to bail him out

“Boss” he bowed

“I’m not doing this because I trust you,but I want to try it out….”

“I will do everything I can boss,please trust me just this once” Axel pleaded

“Then try to find out who the h*ll is messing with the company’s fund,if you can do that,then expect a higher salary” Oliver said

“Really?” Axel’s eyes Widened and Oliver nodded

“Noted,I will do everything within my power” Axel pledged

“Good,you can resume back to work tomorrow and make no more mistake this time around” Oliver said and walked out of the station house,he entered his car and drove off.

He drove into the company and the guards rushed to open up for him,he came down and they all bowed

“Good afternoon boss” they greeted

He replied with a little wave and went in,the staffs kept on greeting him but his mind was somewhere else.

He got to Jocelyn’s table and she wasn’t there

‘She really didn’t come today’ he said inwardly and sighed before going into his office

He sat down and took his phone,checking out the tons of messages he sent her but she didn’t even read it at all talk more of replying him

He dialed her number again,as usual she ignored his calls

Oliver groaned and rough his hair



“Congratulations,Doctor Garry on another successful surgery” One of the nurses,Nurse Isla said,grinning ear to ear as they walked out of the surgery room after the seven-hour surgery

“It was such an hard work to do but for you,it’s just a piece of cake,I really admire you Doc” She added

“Thank you Isla” Garry said in a low voice,sounding so uninterested

As he walked toward his office,his eyes caught with Nancy’s seat and he sighed inwardly,even though she had told him that she wouldn’t be coming,still he couldn’t help but miss her.

Nurse Isla also followed the gaze of Garry and they fell on Nancy’s desk,she fold her fist and stood there,watching him walk away without sparing her a glance

“So it’s all true? He has something for her?” Isla mumbled,glaring at Nancy’s name tag on her desk with hatred in her eyes.



Nancy was picking out some dress for herself and Jocelyn,she wasn’t able to convince Jocelyn this time,so she came all alone.

After picking everything she needed,she walked to the cashier to pay

“Card” the cashier requested and Nancy immediately handed over to her

“I’m sorry but this card is declined” the cashier said and Nancy’s eyes widened

“Try again” she said

The cashier tried again

“Declined” she said and Nancy blinked twice,not knowing what to do.

“You can use this” A familia voice said behind her and she turned

Gustavo winked at her as he dropped his card on the cashier’s desk.


“Daddy why!!! You can’t do this to me!!” Nancy screamed on the phone,stomping her feet on the ground

Her dad actually banned her from using the money in her account

“If you’re going to keep on spending my money,then come back home” He said to her on the phone

“Dad please!! Just give me more time …….dad?? Dad!!!!” She screamed as he hanged up on her

“F**k!” She roughed her hair and turned to Gustavo who was leaning on his car while waiting for her

“I’m screwed” she said with a sad pout

“Not totally,bills on me,Anytime,any day” Gustavo smiled and Nancy sighed

“It’s unfair,I’m afraid he’s gonna send his men for my car soon” She muttered

“Wanna go out with me? To ease your stress” Gustavo said

“Thanks for today,and I will gladly go out with you” Nancy said and Gustavo smiled,opening the car door for her

“Thanks” She smiled and entered

“Thank goodness I came here with a taxi” Nancy muttered as Gustavo joined her in the car

“It’s called Fate” Gustavo said and Nancy laughed



Jocelyn opened the chilled drink she just took from the fridge,she uncapped it and sipped

“Great” She Moaned

The door bell jingled suddenly jingled,she immediately dropped her drink and walked to the door

“Nanc……” She stopped when she saw the figure in front of her.

“Oliver” She muttered silently

Oliver walked in and she shifted back,he closed the door behind him

“What are you doing here?” She asked

“Why were you not in the office today?” Oliver questioned back

“I’m sorry…….I wanted to prepare my resignation letter….will bring it tomorrow” Jocelyn replied,avoiding his eyes

“Is that why you ignored my calls and messages” he asked

“I just….don’t want anymore trouble for you guys. I’ve done enough….”

“Says who?” Oliver cut in and she looked up

“I missed you” He said and her eyes grew wide

“I was literally almost going crazy all day because of you,I’m not letting you go” Oliver said

“I…..” She wanted to talk but stopped when Oliver moved closer to her

She was staring into his eyes,he touched her cheek and caressed it with his palm

He stared at her but the gaze was so short because they moved to her red lips immediately,staring at them intensely before he slowly pressed his own lips on hers.

Jocelyn’s eyes went shut

Oliver’s hand wrapped around her waist as he deepened the kiss,a light moan escaped Jocelyn’s lips and immediately she enwrapped his neck with her two hands,reciprocating to his fast and deep kiss.

To Be Continued

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