Dream chapter 50 – 51

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EPISODE 50πŸ’ž51

Summer Gold R.


Xavier waited for another second before he gently pulled away from her,she looked up and immediately wiped off her tears.

“I’m sorry” She muttered

Xavier walked away and she turned back,Oliver walked over to her

“Are you okay?” He asked and wiped off the remaining tears in her eyes

Jocelyn shook her head and Oliver grabbed her hand,taking her back to his office.

Savannah already left

“I’m sorry,I was just confused about what she was saying” Oliver said

“She’s right anyway” Jocelyn said

“You didn’t tell me” Oliver said and looked into his eyes

“You didn’t ask,and you wouldn’t just ask me randomly..Hey Jocelyn,do you have parents? Sounds weird” Jocelyn rolled her eyes and Oliver sighed

“It’s okay,you don’t have to think about it” Oliver muttered and touched her hair

“I don’t know,it hurts anytime I remember that” Jocelyn said

“Then I can be your daddy” Oliver teased and Jocelyn hit his chest with a smile

Oliver carried her and placed her on his desk

“Aren’t we supposed to be working?” Jocelyn asked

“I’m the CEO remember?” Oliver said

“But,what if someone…..” She hasn’t stopped talking when Oliver took a remote control on the desk and stretched toward the transparent door and immediately the transparent darkened

“Whoa” Jocelyn gushed surprisingly and then faced Oliver again

Oliver Tucked her scattered hair behind her ears

“But then….you and Xavier. Are you two good?” She asked

“No,he doesn’t want to talk to me” Oliver replied

“He said I shouldn’t talk to him either” Jocelyn muttered sadly

“But you two are brothers okay? Even if he doesn’t want to talk to you,try talking him. I’m feeling bad that it’s all my fault” Jocelyn sighed

Oliver nodded

“Stop blaming yourself,we will be fine” He said

“I should go now” Jocelyn said but Oliver held her back

“From now on,please tell me if you need anything” He said,looking at her

“Why?” Jocelyn asked

“Because I said so” Oliver replied

“Yes boss” Jocelyn smiled

He dropped her back on the floor and she walked out of the office



Nancy walked into the hospital in a hurry,she was so late already.

“Good morning” She greeted the nurses and they all answered aside Isla who only rolled her eyes

“Doctor Garry Want you to come to his office as soon as you’re here” One of the nurses said

“Oh” Nancy muttered and dropped her bag

“Why would he ask for her?” Isla frowned

“Maybe because she was absent yesterday” Another one said

“Were you sick yesterday?” One asked Nancy

“No” Nancy replied and left

Nurse Isla hissed out and the nurses exchanged glances

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Nancy entered Garry’s office and closed the door behind her gently

Garry immediately raised his head

“Good morning Doc” Nancy bowed

Garry stood up at once and walked over to her,she was standing,wondering why he was walking to her until he got to her and hugged her tightly.

Nancy’s eyes widened

“I missed you” Garry said and the eyes grew even wider

Garry broke the hug

“You…missed me?” Nancy asked,looking surprised

Garry nodded

“Yeah,you look surprised” He said

“Of course I am,why would you miss me?” Nancy asked

“You’re my intern” Garry muttered

“Oh….Thank you” Nancy bowed

“Is that why I am here?” She asked

“I just want to see you” Garry replied

Nancy nodded gently and turned toward the door,she almost opened

“Wait” Garry stopped her

She turned at once and gasped when she found Garry so close to her

He placed one hand on the door,staring at her lips,he began leaning closer to her and Nancy closed her eyes. Garry’s lips almost met hers when her phone suddenly started ringing.

She opened her eyes and Garry moved away,Nancy immediately checked her phone. It’s Gustavo calling her

She looked at Garry

“Can I go now?” She asked and Garry’s eyes moved to her phone

“Who’s that?” He asked and Nancy blinked

‘What??’ She screamed inwardly

“My friend” Nancy replied

“That’s Gustavo right?” Garry asked

“How….did you know?” Nancy asked

“Were you two together yesterday?” He asked again

“It was a coincidence…..”

“Then,what am I to you?” Garry asked


“I want us to be friends too” Garry said

“You want to be my friend?” Nancy asked again

“Yes” He replied



Tyler was alone in the class during lunch,he had a novel in his hand. He looked up when he heard some footsteps which turned out to be Ariana. They both stared at each others endlessly,waiting for who to speak up first.

“Are you angry with me?” Tyler finally asked

“No,why would I?” Ariana muttered

Tyler dropped the novel in his hand and tapped his side

“No,I’m not sitting with you” Ariana rolled her eyes

“You said you’re not angry”

“Fine I’m angry,I’m so f**king angry” Ariana said

“Why?” Tyler raised a brow

“I don’t want to talk about it okay? I just want to be alone” Ariana said and sat down on her seat

Tyler stood up and went to sit down with her

“You’re acting like a jealous girlfriend” he chuckled and Ariana frowned

“Is this funny?” She snapped

“I don’t even know why you’re angry Ana,stop acting like a superwoman and tell me why” Tyler said

“You ignored my calls yesterday,I should have known you were busy with her. She was even flirting with you like she’s that important,how am I even sure you two hasn’t kissed again?” Ariana scoffed and Tyler laughed out which made her frown more

“Are you mocking me right now?” She glared

“Gosh,you look so cute. Jealous freak…”

“I’m not jealous, Flirty jerk!” Ariana yelled

“I’m not a flirt,I’m just a cute innocent boy” Tyler touched his cheek and Ariana pushed his face away from her

“Fine I’m sorry,we didn’t kiss so do you want the kiss instead?” Tyler asked

“Keep it to yourself” Ariana muttered

“You’re the only one complaining here,Rowan said you two are……”

“I know you didn’t believe him,don’t make any excuse” Ariana cut in

“Fine fine fine,everything is my fault. It was me who caused your stomach upset that you couldn’t follow me to Monroe’s place,I know and I apologize” Tyler touched his chest and Ariana chuckled

“Why are you in class all alone though?” She asked

“Coz I have no appetite” Tyler replied

“Why? Are you sick?” Ariana touched his forehead and their faces became close

She dropped her hand immediately,her heart beating faster than normal

“What,am I running a…..” Before Tyler could finish,Ariana placed her lips on his own,but it was only a short one,she pulled back immediately and bite her lips,playing with her fingers nervously.

Tyler wanted to talk but then,the students started returning to the class and he got up,going back to his seat.



The girl walked into Xavier’s office almost half naked with a grin on her face

“I missed you baby” She said,walking over to him and then she sat down on his laps

“Don’t waste time” Xavier said as she tried kissing him

She got up and Xavier dragged her into the office room

“Turn your back” He said,getting rid of his belt

“No kissing? I missed your sweet taste so much” She smiled,touching his cheek

“I have no f**king time for that” Xavier snapped coldly

The girl immediately undressed

“Ouch!” She screamed when Xavier drove inside her roughly

“Oh f**k,Xavier!” She moaned out

He began slamming inside her continuously,not like he was enjoying it,he was just passing his aggression inside her

“Oh yes!!”

“Oh mine!!!”

She kept on screaming while Xavier continued with the deep and hard banging.



The music was so loud In Teresa’s car,*Megatron* by Nicki Minaj .

She was singing along as she drive,when suddenly another car ran into hers

“What the f**k?” Teresa immediately stepped on the break and the car stopped.

She opened the door and got down from the car,expecting whoever drove the car to get down but nothing happened

“Was it an alien who drove this car?! Hey! You almost got me killed!!” She yelled and kicked the car tyre.

The door opened and the driver came down

“Hey” Joshua let out a smile and Teresa’s eyes widened

“Josh!” She called and Joshua made a move to hug her

“Don’t tell me you did that knowing it was me” Teresa stopped him by placing a finger on his chest

“Sorry” he chuckled

“Wow dude,when did you get back?” Teresa asked when she finally allowed him to hug her

“Last night” Joshua replied

“You’re welcome brat” Teresa said

“You’re invited to the welcoming party,I should introduce you as my girlfriend” Joshua said

“Did you by any chance left your sense before coming here?” Teresa asked and Joshua laughed

“Please promise me you will be there” Joshua hold her hand

“I don’t think I’ve ever stepped into the president’s house” Teresa said

“Oh come on,you’re coming coz of me right? Please….”

“Fine,I will be there” Teresa said and Joshua smiled

“Let’s exchange numbers,I’m gonna call you” Joshua said and Teresa nodded

“See you soon!” Joshua said after they exchanged numbers

“Yeah” Teresa replied and entered her car,driving off in full speed.


Rachael came out of her car,staring around the silent road,she was using a veil which covered her face in full,leaving just her eyes

“This place used to be a school right?” She uttered silently

She was still standing there,looking around when she heard the sound of a bike stopped beside her,she turned to see the young biker removing his helmet and staring straight at her

“Did you post your way?” He asked and Rachel found him cute immediately

“Yes,wanna help out?” She asked

“You don’t look scared like someone who got lost” Tyler said and Rachel smiled

“I really did lost my way” She said

“Where are you going to?” Tyler asked

Rachel told him the location of her house

“Can you lead the way while I follow?” She asked

“Are you a kidnapper?” Tyler suddenly asked and Rachel gasped

“What?!” She screamed

“Never mind,follow me” Tyler said

“Seriously??” Rachel chuckled and entered her car,she kept staring at Tyler who was already riding off.

“Such a cutie” She muttered,following him.



“Wow we are finally here” Rachel came down from her car

“Thank you…what’s your name?” She asked

“Tyler” He replied

“Thank you so much Tyler” She smiled

“You’re welcome” Tyler said,walking back to his bike

“Wait” Rachel immediately called and he turned back. She brought out a bundle of hundred dollars notes from her bag and handed over to him

“For you” She smiled

“You don’t have to pay me……”

“I’m not paying you little boy,I’m giving you because I want to” Rachel cut in

“What if I don’t take it?” Tyler asked.

“Then I will order my guards to follow you until you take it” Rachel said

Tyler took the money from her

“Thanks” He said and Rachel nodded

“You’re welcome” She let out a smile watching as Tyler got on the bike and rode off.

Her personal guard,Trent already came out

“You seem to like him” he said behind her

“I feel like he’s my kid” Rachel smiled and turned to him

“Any news?” She asked

“There’s going to be welcoming party for the eldest son who arrived last night” Trent Replied

“How old is he?” Rachel asked

“Heard he’s twenty six” Trent answered

“What? Are you telling me those two are already together even while I was here??” Rachel frown

“I don’t think so ma’am”

“Is Dorothy playing games with dumb Felix?” Rachel smirked

“Get prepared,we are attending that party” She said

“Sure ma’am” Trent said

“Take the car in” Rachel muttered and went into the mansion



“Where the h*ll is he?” Jocelyn groaned

She dialed his number again but he didn’t answer the call

“Gosh that kid” She sighed out

Suddenly she heard the door closed and she turned quickly

Tyler came in

“Bunny” she called and immediately moved closer to him,she hugged him but he didn’t hug her back

“Hey,are you still angry with me?” She disengaged,looking up at him

“No” Tyler muttered

“I’m sorry okay? I promise to tell you anything from now on” Jocelyn said

“Promise?” Tyler asked and she immediately nodded

Tyler hugged her and she smiled

“I’m so hungry” Tyler groaned and Jocelyn broke the hug

“I made dinner” she said

Tyler brought out the money Rachel gave him and Jocelyn’s eyes widened

“Where the h*ll did you get this?” She asked

“Where else? I stole it” Tyler replied bluntly and Jocelyn hit him on the head

“Are you crazy?!!!” She yelled

“And you believe me?” Tyler asked

“No I didn’t,so where did you get the money from?” Jocelyn requested

Tyler explained to her how he got the money

“Wait seriously? Just that?”

Tyler nodded

“You can use it to pay the b*tch yelling on phone” Tyler said and Jocelyn chuckled

“No,it’s yours. I will pay up very soon,once I receive my salary,I will pay her” Jocelyn said

“Gosh,not again” Tyler groaned

“Trust me” Jocelyn muttered

“Well at least,I’m not that useless” Tyler said,walking in

“Hey!!! You said you forgive me already!!!” Jocelyn yelled after him and she heard Tyler laughing.

Just then,her phone buzzed and she took the phone.

It’s a message

She clicked on the message sent from an unknown number.


Immediately,Jocelyn’s eyes widened and the phone fell from her hand.

To Be Continued