Dream chapter 52 – 53

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Jocelyn still looking shocked,her phone on the floor when Tyler came back

“Barbie doll? What happened?” He asked and picked up her phone from the floor

Jocelyn immediately took the phone from him

“It’s nothing” She said and Tyler raised his brow

“Are you done? Let’s eat dinner” Jocelyn said

“Yeah” Tyler whimpered still wondering what happened

He sat down at the dinning table while waiting for Jocelyn who also entered after a minute,she dished out the meal

“Eat up,I wonder if you ate in school today” She said,giving him more

“I was thinking about you” Tyler said with his mouth full

“Really?” Jocelyn looked up and he nodded

“I thought you were mad at me” She said

“Well I was,not like I can help it” Tyler scoffed

Jocelyn chuckled and ruffled his hair

“I’m sorry okay?” She said

“I love you so much” Tyler muttered

“I love you more”Jocelyn replied

“Something smells delicious in the air!!!” They heard Nancy’s voice and Jocelyn laughed

“Come join us” She said

“Hey bunny” Nancy smiled at Tyler and he returned the smile as Nancy sat down

“You’re just coming?” Jocelyn asked after serving Nancy

“Today was f**king tiring,but I think I’m gonna die soon” Nancy said

“Why?” Tyler asked

“Oh I didn’t tell you,dad blocked my account” Nancy muttered and Tyler’s eyes widened

“Why?!” He shouted

“What else? He wants his precious daughter back…..but I don’t wanna be precious!” Nancy cried out and they laughed

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“Great advice,you should go back home. I’m afraid he might be coming for your car soon” Jocelyn said

“You want me to leave?” Nancy pouted

“It’s for the best,how are you going to live??” Jocelyn asked with concern

“I don’t want to believe I can’t live without my dad” Nancy sighed

“Then you should have gotten a job,not an intern” Jocelyn teased and Nancy groaned

“Don’t remind me of that please” She rolled her eyes

“Don’t worry,when I become a great Doctor,I will take care of you” Tyler said

“I know,you’re the best Tyler” Nancy grinned

“Hey,what about me?” Jocelyn asked

“You have a job” Nancy and Tyler chorused

“Oh wow really?” Jocelyn got up and started packing the meals in front of them

“Barbie doll,what are you doing?” Tyler muttered

“Go and become a Doctor and take care of yourselves” Jocelyn replied and they laughed again

“Oh come on,don’t be jealous” Nancy pulled her back on the seat

Jocelyn scoffed and they continue eating

Nancy’s phone suddenly rang and he checked,it’s her dad calling. She excused herself for a while before coming back

“What’s wrong?” Jocelyn asked

“No idea,my dad wants me to come home tomorrow night for a dinner” Nancy replied



Xavier was sitting alone on one of the chairs,a glass of wine on the table while he was pressing his phone.

Minutes later,Oliver appeared and Xavier looked up. He returned his gaze back to his phone almost immediately

“Hey” Oliver called and sat down on the next seat

“Are you just coming?” Xavier looked up and Oliver nodded

“You didn’t tell me you let go of Axel” Xavier said

“Have you forgiven me?” Oliver questioned

“I wasn’t angry,I was just feeling sorry for my self” Xavier muttered

“Then why would you tell me to stop talking to you?” Oliver asked

“Coz I wanted to be alone” Xavier stood up and Oliver too

“What,are you following me again?” Xavier asked and Oliver chuckled

“I missed you” He said

“Me too” Xavier smiled and Oliver hugged him

“I’m sorry for hitting you….I shouldn’t have done that,couldn’t get it out of my mind” Xavier said

“I also did the same,so don’t worry about it” Oliver said and they broke the hug but Xavier hugged him again

“I really missed you so much” He said

Oliver smiled,hugging him more tightly.

“I don’t want such distance again,it’s killing” Oliver said

“Me too,I was so lonely” Xavier said after they finally broke the hug

“You look more like me today” Oliver touched his Face

“I already told you,it was you who decided to steal my face. I came out first” Xavier scoffed and Oliver chuckled

“It’s because I love you” He said

“I love you too” Xavier said, taking off his shirt and then dived into the pool.

“About Axel,I think there’s someone in the company doing that,not him” Oliver said,squatting

“I know,let’s hope he’s exposed soon” Xavier said and Oliver nodded

“Are you two dating now?” He suddenly asked

“No,I don’t think it’s the best time” Oliver shook his head

“Why?” Xavier asked

“Coz she’s feeling bad that you and I aren’t talking to each other because of her” Oliver replied

“We are talking now,you should stop being a dummy and ask her out,should I help you?” Xavier asked and Oliver laughed

“Finally the Xavier I know is back” he said

“Wow,well played. So you two totally ignored us for almost two weeks just to make up without us? Henry let’s move out tomorrow” Gustavo said

“Of course,I’m going to start packing my things tonight” Henry replied

“Happy packing” Xavier said

“Hey you jerk! You won’t beg us?!” Gustavo yelled

“Why should we do that?” Oliver scoffed

Henry pushed Oliver into the pool

“Ahh!!! I’m cold you bastard!!” Oliver screamed and the boys laughed

“Seriously! Are you even a guy at all?” Gustavo laughed

“So you want him to die of cold just because he’s a guy? Should I just lock you inside the fridge?” Xavier snapped

“Oh wow,wow,it’s been a while. You can beat me because of him” Gustavo surrendered and Xavier made to leave the pool but Oliver pulled him back

“Just leave him,I’m fine” Oliver said

“Thank your head,I would have killed you” Xavier pointed at Gustavo and Henry

“Where’s Gary anyway?” Oliver asked

“Here I am” Gary appeared

“Am I the only one who got an invitation from the president?” Gustavo asked

“Heard Joshua is back” Gary said

“I got one,but I’m not going” Oliver said

“Why? I’m going” Xavier said

“Me too” Henry said

“I will be going also” Gary said

“I won’t be there,my big man suddenly want me to come home tomorrow night for a dinner or whatever he said it is” Gustavo said

“Is he getting you a girlfriend?” Henry teased

“Shut up” Gustavo snapped

“So Oliver,since I’m going,you’re coming with me” Xavier said

“You can bring Jocelyn with you” He added

“Savannah and Jocelyn…….”

“Exactly why you should bring her” Xavier cut in



As soon as Jocelyn got to the office and dropped her bag,her phone buzzed out loudly and she immediately checked. Her eyes widened immediately,she just got her first month pay

“Oh my gosh” She muttered,trying not to scream happily

The first thing she did was to transfer to the orphanage,the money is almost half of her salary but she didn’t mind,she sent it at once and exhaled

“Thank goodness” She said

“Did something happened?” Oliver asked from the back and she quickly turned

Oliver was staring at her handsomely

“Good morning sir” Jocelyn Smiled

“Just get rid of the sir already” Oliver said and went into his office.

Jocelyn immediately took her phone and followed him

“I…….” Oliver turned at once and slammed his lips on her own,cutting her off

Jocelyn responded to the kiss but he broke it shortly after

“Xavier and I are finally good” He said and Jocelyn gasped

“Amazing!” She screamed and hugged him

Oliver smiled,holding her waist tightly

“You wanted to say something earlier” he said,still hugging her

Jocelyn broke the hug and took her phone

“Here” She handed her phone over to him,showing him the message she got last night

Oliver read it at once and looked up again

“When did you get this?” He asked

“Last night,I don’t think I know what to do,I’m Scared someone might be watching me” Jocelyn said and there was silence

“Just forget about it” Oliver said

“But we can’t….We should inform the cops,I’m scared you two might get hurt. I don’t want to be the one who cause…….”

“Can you just stop putting the blames on yourself every f**king time? It’s annoying” Oliver groaned

“Then what do I do? I can’t just keep quiet Oliver….What if they hurt you? I don’t think I will be able to live with that” Jocelyn muttered,looking so worried

Oliver pulled her into a warm hug

“You don’t have to worry about us…….”

“You have guards right? You should be going around with them after we inform the cops…..”

“Jocelyn” Oliver cut in and she sighed

“Stop talking” He added

“I’m scared” Jocelyn muttered,closing her eyes while placing her head on his chest

“We should inform the cops like you said,but stop getting worried,okay?” Oliver said,rubbing her hair

Jocelyn nodded

“Would you go to a party with me?” Oliver asked

“What party?” Jocelyn asked,still resting her head on his chest

“Like a welcome party….the president’s son” Oliver answered and Jocelyn kept quiet

“If you don’t want to,then I won’t attend too” Oliver said

“No,I will come with you” Jocelyn said and Oliver smiled,he kissed her neck.

“Don’t you think it’s enough?” Jocelyn asked when Oliver hugged her more closer

“No,I don’t want to let go” Oliver said

“I’m not your girlfriend” Jocelyn said and Oliver chuckled

Just then,Kath appeared and a loud gasp escape her lips when she saw them. Oliver was the one facing the door,he shot her a glare. Kath immediately bowed and ran off

“I heard some steps” Jocelyn said and moved away

She turned and found no one

“I have a lot of works to do,see you later.” she said and walked out while Oliver kept staring at her



It was after school,Tyler was just coming out of the library where he spent half of his day coz it’s the test week and most of the teachers wouldn’t bother coming to class.

“Tyler!” He heard Monroe’s voice and he turned

“Hey” He said and Monroe smiled,walking closer to him

“I told you about my brother right?” She asked

“I guess”

“So…he’s back and there’s gonna be a party. Mind coming?” She grinned and Tyler shrugged

“Please please please” Monroe grabbed his arm but he immediately pulled her hand down when he Sighted Ariana

“Okay,I will be there” He said

“Really?” Monroe gushed happily..

“Yeah” Tyler replied and walked away,going after Ariana

“Ana” He called and Ariana turned back but she increased her Pace when she saw Tyler

“Ana!” Tyler ran after her and grabbed her hand

Ariana bite her bottom lip

“Hey Tyler” She smiled

“Seriously? Are you going to keep on avoiding me after you kissed me?” Tyler asked

“Stop Talking about it,I must have been out of my mind,it’s embarrassing” Ariana said,avoiding his Face

“Are you saying you regret it?” Tyler asked and Ariana was quiet

“Do you?” Tyler asked again

“I don’t know okay? I’ve never felt like this before and it’s weird” Ariana muttered

Tyler grabbed her hand,dragging her with him

“Hey jerk,where are you Taking me to? I’m going home” Ariana complained as he walked but he ignored her

“Tyler” Ariana Called again

Tyler Finally entered an empty class and Ariana looked around

“What are we….doing here?” She asked

Tyler closed the door

“I want to check something” He muttered,walking closer to her

“What is it?” Ariana asked,trying to move back but Tyler’s hand wrapped around her waist and she released a shocking gasp

“Tyler” She called,staring at his perfect face and swallowed

“Your lips are so pretty” Tyler muttered and Ariana’s heart started racing again

Before she could get herself back,Tyler’s lips already landed on hers. She shut her eyes immediately and kissed him back,It was a deep on,Tyler’s hands touched her b*tt and Ariana moaned into his mouth,he held her waist and dropped her on the nearest desk,still kissing her deeply.

Ariana was holding unto him tightly as if he was running away,her sweet vanilla taste mixed with his delicious strawberry taste.

As the kiss grew deeper,they both forgot about anything else at the moment,just the two of them in their own world. Ariana’s tiny and silent moans were making Tyler go even more crazy,he didn’t know when his hand slipped into her uniform and he squeezed her b**b

“Gosh Tyler” Ariana Moaned loudly and broke the kiss

Tyler opened his eyes and brought his hand out

He wanted to apologize for that but he didn’t coz it felt so good that he want to touch her again

They both kept on staring into each other’s eyes until Ariana pulled him back into the kiss and they continued,this time he touched her again,Ariana kept shifting on the desk as he found her b**bs again,she was moaning continuously into his mouth and seems like there’s never going to be an ending to the makeout until Tyler broke the kiss.

Their lips were both looking red and swollen

“You make my heart race….I think I’m in love with you Tyler” Ariana muttered before she could stop herself

Once again,she felt embarrassed.

Doing things first has never happened to her,but she found herself kissing a guy first and now confessing her feelings

“I love you too” Tyler said and Ariana smiled

“You do? You feel it too?” She asked and Tyler nodded

She immediately wrapped her arms around his neck

“But,can you date me?” Tyler asked and Ariana broke the hug

“I want to,I’ve never dated before” She said

“Me too” Tyler smiled and Ariana pecked his lips

“I love you so much….”

“More than Ashton?” Tyler teased

“You made me realize I was never in love with him,it’s was just an immature obsession” She said

“Oh wow,someone is claiming to be mature now” Tyler teased and Ariana hit his chest

He hugged her again

“I love you” He said

“More more” Ariana said,smiling

Tyler checked the time and gasped

“It’s almost 6!” Tyler shouted

Ariana checked her phone and met ten calls she missed from Rowan

“I swear I didn’t hear my phone ringing and it’s not on silent mode” She said

“Me too” Tyler said and they both laughed at each other

“Let’s go” He dropped her down and they left the empty class

“Ariana!” Rowan showed up immediately and Tyler rolled her eyes

“Here he comes” he said

“Ariana” Rowan suddenly stopped when he saw her lips

He looked at Tyler with an hateful glare

“Bye” Tyler pecked Ariana’s lips and Rowan’s eyes widened

Tyler winked at him before walking away

“Ariana” Rowan called

“He’s my boyfriend now,sorry for keeping you waiting,let’s go” Ariana said and Rowan almost lose his breathing for a while before following Ariana who kept on smiling at herself



Jocelyn was in the living room,she actually left the office earlier than usual today. She was wearing just a short which tightened around her sexy @ss…

She suddenly heard the door

“Tyler?” She smiled and walked to open immediately

“Oliver?!” Her eyes widened when she saw him

He was holding a flower banquet in his hands

“But…the party is not now…..”

“I’m not here for that” Oliver immediately said and Jocelyn was quiet

“I don’t think I will be able to breathe in the next ten minutes If I don’t do this” he muttered and moved closer to her

“I love you Jocelyn Robert” He said at once and Jocelyn remained unmoved

“I know you might think I’m crazy telling you this at the moment,but I can’t just take it anymore…I’m in love with you” He said,still staring into her eyes

“Will you be my girlfriend?” Oliver asked and with a smile on her face,Jocelyn nodded

“I love you too Oliver” She said and Oliver couldn’t contain his own happiness

“I really do” She said and Oliver didn’t wait for the next second before dropping the flowers in his hand and the next thing,their lips are on each other.

To Be Continued

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