Dream chapter 54 – 55

✨✨ DREAM 🖤🖤
{ Diagnosis;
Lovesick… }


Summer Gold R.

{ THE PARTY(1) }

Oliver broke the long deep kiss and they both caught their breaths

“I’m the happiest person in the world right now” Oliver said and Jocelyn smiled,her fingers playing with his hair

They are in her room,on the bed. Oliver on top of her at the moment

“Really?” She asked,still touching his hair

“I love you so much heartstopper” Oliver pecked her lips and Jocelyn chuckled

“For real? Heart stopper? Do I make your heart skip beats?” She joked

“Definitely” Oliver said

Jocelyn wrapped her arms around his neck

“Mi Amor ( My Love In Spanish)” she called and Oliver smiled

He almost kissed her back when suddenly the door opened and they both turned at once

Tyler immediately closed the door back

Oliver and Jocelyn exchanged glances

“My brother,you’ve met him once right?” She asked and Oliver nodded

“Stay here,I will go talk to him” She said and climbed down the bed

She went out of the room and entered Tyler’s room

“Oh she’s here,sorry for interrupting” Tyler said In a teasing voice

“It’s fine” Jocelyn said

“Who is he tho? Can I ask?” He grinned

“Oliver” Jocelyn replied

Tyler groaned and fell on the bed loudly

“Trust me,you will like him too okay? I don’t see why you shouldn’t,they have the same face” Jocelyn said

“Hey hey hey barbie doll,it’s your choice okay? But I prefer…..no….congratulations” Tyler winked at her

“You’re being sarcastic” Jocelyn frowned

“No I’m not,I am really happy for you sis” Tyler smiled

“It’s a pity,you never liked any guy I want,what should I do about you now?” Jocelyn shook her head

“Go meet your boyfriend” Tyler pulled her toward the door

“Are you chasing me out?” She asked

“Yeah,if I am your boyfriend,I would be jealous at this moment” Tyler said and Jocelyn scoffed when he finally pulled her out and closed the door

“That spoilt brat” She said and turned toward her room only to find Oliver coming

“Oh….I was planning to see him” Oliver said

“You want to talk to him?” Jocelyn questioned with shock on her face

“Why? He doesn’t want to talk to me?” Oliver asked

“That’s not it,just forget about him right now” Jocelyn said,holding his hand


“Coz he wanted me to date Xavier” Jocelyn replied at once

“Oh” Oliver mumbled and bit his lips

“Don’t think about it,he will come around”

Oliver nodded

“Go get dressed,we are going somewhere” He said

“Where? It’s not time for the party yet,can’t we just spend more time together?” Jocelyn pouted

Oliver smiled and pecked her lips

“We have a lot of time for that”

“Fine,are you coming with me?? Or you’re waiting here?” Jocelyn asked

“I’m waiting” Oliver replied and Jocelyn went to her room.

Oliver pushed his two hands into his pockets and let out a sigh,he was trying not to be bothered but he couldn’t help it,the thought that his girlfriend’s brother doesn’t like or want him. He was still thinking when he heard footsteps which made him turn.

Tyler stopped walking when he saw him

“Hey” Oliver smiled,stretching his hand for a shake

“Oliver” He said

Tyler took his hand

“I’m Tyler” He said and Oliver smiled

“You look handsome,are you still in highschool?’ Oliver asked and Tyler nodded

“Name?” Oliver questioned

“Golden High” Tyler replied,walking to the living room with him

“Wow,my sister attend that school also” Oliver said and Tyler faced him

“You have a kid sister??” He asked

“Yeah,she’s sixteen” Oliver said with a cute smile

“Then, I am older than her,she might be a junior maybe?” Tyler said

“No,she’s in her last year” Oliver said

“Really?! What’s her name?” Tyler asked curiously

Oliver was about to answer his question when Jocelyn came out

“Hey,I’m done” She said and turned around

“You look…perfect” Oliver smiled and Tyler scoffed

“So now,my opinion doesn’t matter any longer?” He asked

“Are you jealous?” Jocelyn smirked

“Seriously??” Tyler shook his head and Started walking away

“I love you bunny!! See you later!!!” Jocelyn called after him before facing Oliver

“Let’s go” She smiled

“He’s really cute” Oliver said,holding her hand as they left the apartment

“He’s the cutest thing in the whole world” Jocelyn said

“Whole world? What about me?” Oliver asked and Jocelyn groaned

“Don’t start with me Please,not you again,nope” Jocelyn shook a finger

Oliver laughed shortly and opened the door for her

“Thanks Mai Amor” She smiled and entered

Oliver also joined her in the car and he sped off.

‘Where are we going?” Jocelyn asked

“Wait for it” Oliver winked

“Okay” Jocelyn smiled and pecked his cheek

“I might just stop the car and start with you right here” Oliver said

“I don’t mind” Jocelyn smirked

“You’re tempting me” Oliver said

“Fine I will stop,focus” She smiled



Nancy entered the mansion and the walking maids immediately bowed

“Welcome young ma’am” They chorused

“Thanks” Nancy smiled and sighted her dad coming downstairs

“Daddy!” She called,pouting like a kid as she rushed to hug him

“Are you pretending to be happy right now?” Mrs David also appeared behind her husband

“Oh come on mom,you know I missed you two a lot” Nancy said ,hugging her mom also

“Oh please,are you saying,you won’t come here without us calling you?” She rolled her eyes

“I’m sorry mom” Nancy pouted

“Anyway,I missed you so much” Mr David said

They all proceeded to the living room

“What’s the dinner about anyway?” Nancy asked,sitting down

“We are having some guests who are going to join us” Mrs David replied also sitting down

“Really?” Nancy’s eyes widened

“I’m glad you’re dressing just perfect for this,they have a son” Mrs David winked and Nancy bashed her lashes in disbelief

“Business partner again?” She asked

“Yeah,I just won a contract with this new partner of mine and we planned to celebrate it here” Mr David replied and Nancy groaned

“Why am I here” she groaned more loudly

“Don’t disgrace me,I boasted so much about you” Mr David said and Mrs David winked at Nancy

“Mom please” Nancy rolled her eyes

Just then,they heard the door bell

“I think they are here” Mr David got up

Mrs David immediately moved closer to Nancy and arranged her hair properly

“Mom!” Nancy Snapped

“Be like me for once” Mrs David snapped and Nancy sighed

“Oh You’re welcome Justin” Mr David smiled,stretching his hand for a shake

“Thank you Mr David” Mr Justin replied,taking his hand

Mrs David walked closer

“Hello” She greeted and Mr Justin returned the same

“Oh,I thought you would be coming with your handsome son you told us about” Mrs David said

“Yeah sure,he will be here soon. He’s kind of hard to handle some times” Mr Justin said and they laughed

“Here,meet my daughter…Nancy” Mr David introduced and Nancy smiled

“Hello sir” She bowed

“Wow,you’re such a beauty” Mr Justin said

“Of course,my daughter is a beauty” Mrs David said

They suddenly heard the door bell again

“I think my son is here” Mr Justin immediately spoke up

“Oh right,Nancy go take the door while we wait in the dinning” Mrs David said and Nancy’s eyes widened

“Mom” She whispered

“Go!” She yelled in a whisper and pulled her toward the door

“Please,come with us Mr Justin” Mrs David said,leading the way.

“I hate mom so f**king much” Nancy muttered as she made to open the door

She inhaled softly and then exhaled before opening the door,almost immediately a loud gasp escape her lips

“Nancy?” Gustavo called

“Gus” She called also

“Oh wow,am I in the wrong place?” Gustavo looked around

“Nope,your dad is in” Nancy replied and Gustavo smiled

“Really?” He entered and Nancy closed the door

“Finally I can breathe well” Nancy muttered

“You were expecting a complete stranger right?” Gustavo asked and Nancy nodded

Gustavo moved closer to her and Nancy looked at him

“You look so hot right now” He muttered

“Flirting?” Nancy smirked

“Yes,so can I get a kiss?” Gustavo asked

“No” Nancy said and started walking away

Gustavo chuckled and followed her

“Here they are! Don’t they look so perfect together?” Mrs David smiled

“Mom!” Nancy cautioned and Mrs David flaunt her hair which made Gustavo smiled

“Hi,I’m Gustavo” He greeted

“Hello Gustavo” Mr David hugged him and he also hugged Mrs David before they all settled down

The maids are already setting the table

“So,heard you’re the CEO of 10 CLOUDS” Mrs David asked when they started eating

“Yeah” Gustavo nodded

“My son is a successful young man,I’m so proud of him” Mr Justin said and Gustavo winked at him

“I’m so jealous of you Mr Justin,my only daughter refused totally to take over my company” Mr David said and Nancy groaned

Gustavo touched her hand under the table and she looked at him

“Maybe she’s interested in something else” Mr Justin said

“A nurse?” Gustavo whispers into Nancy’s ear and she pushed his head

“Oh…do you two know each other?” Mr David asked

“She’s my girlfriend” Gustavo replied and everyone gasped

Nancy turned to him at once

“But we are not….. ”

“Whoa!!! So amazing!!! Nancy you didn’t tell me you’ve got a boyfriend!” Mrs David cut Nancy off

Nancy looked at Gustavo with wide eyes and he winked at her



Oliver was sitting down on a long bench,his phone in his hand while waiting for Jocelyn who was in the dressing room.

“Baby” Jocelyn’s voice made him raise his head up and immediately his eyes caught with the most beautiful creature he’s ever seen.

She was still walking toward him gently in the dinner gown. It’s a total long gown,an armless one which was straight down from her flat tummy to her knees,then the rest of the gown splits down,spreading on the floor,Oliver’s eyes moved up again and he didn’t kmow when his phone fell from his hand.

Her hair was totally down,different from her usual office style ponytail he’s used to,her wide hips almost made him lose his mind completely. The gown brought out her perfect shape

“Oliver” Jocelyn called him again and immediately he walked over to her and kissed her,his hands on her @ss.

🗣 Awwwn

🗣 They look so cute

“You’re just….too hot to handle right now Jocie” he said after breaking the kiss,his hands still on her @ss.

“Thank you” Jocelyn said and pecked his lips again

“Let’s go,we are late already” Oliver took her hand and kissed it

Jocelyn smiled and they both left the mall



The whole mansion was almost filled up,even though it’s large enough for any guest,but still it’s really filled. Everyone wearing their best outfits,looking so good while walking around.

It’s a combination of both the president’s son welcome party and a celebration of the president’s anniversary with the first lady.

The party already started and more guest are still coming in.

Teresa and Ariana walked into the party hall together and immediately the MC announced their arrivals

They are both looking extremely hot,Teresa in a long sexy gown while Ariana had on a short gown which stopped a bit above her knees,her perfectly shaped butt made it more cuter on her,her hair was brushed on a side while she had a little makeup on

“Bad luck” Ariana rolled her eyes when she saw Monroe

“Be careful with your tongue kiddo” Teresa said and Ariana scoffed

Joshua who was with his friends immediately left them and walked over to them

“Hey Teresa” He hugged her

“Out of here” Ariana said and left them alone,she grabbed a glass of juice from a waitress while walking

“I can’t remember inviting you here” Monroe showed up

“Trust me,I don’t wanna be here either” Ariana said

“I see….” Monroe stopped and dialed a number on her phone

“Hey Tyler….are you here already?!” She asked happily and left Ariana’s side

“Tyler?” Ariana’s eyes widened and her hand started shaking,the juice inside the glass almost pouring away but she dropped it on another waitress and went after Monroe immediately

“Is he kidding me now?” She scoffed and stopped when she saw Monroe coming with Tyler

Ariana crossed her arms under her breast,waiting for Tyler to see her which happened right away.

“Ana” Tyler called

Monroe frowned

Ariana walked over to them

“You didn’t tell me you would be here” She said and wrapped her arms around Tyler’s neck

Monroe’s eyes widened

“What are you doing?!” She shouted

Ariana ignored her and kissed Tyler

Monroe gasped and immediately she ran off in tears

Ariaja broke the kiss immediately and glared at Tyler

“I’m sorry,I should have told you” Tyler said

“Hate seeing you two together” Ariana scoffed

Tyler smiled and pecked her lips

They suddenly started hearing some screams and murmurs which made them turn.

Xavier,Gary and Henry are coming in together

🗣 They are so handsome!

🗣 Oh my gosh!

🗣 Is that Xavier or Oliver? He’s so hot

“Baby” Ariana muttered,smiling as she stared at Xavier winking at some girls

“Baby?” Tyler faced her and Ariana nodded

“That’s one of my brothers” She said

“Huh?” Tyler’s eyes widened and Ariana nodded

“Hey sweet” Xavier called when he got to Ariana who immediately hugged him

Xavier turned to Tyler also

“Jocelyn’s brother right?” He asked and Tyler nodded with a smile

“Wow,seriously? He’s her brother?” Henry asked,smiling

“He’s my boyfriend” Ariana immediately said and Xavier’s eyes widened

“Boy what?” He asked again

“Boyfriend” Ariana smiled

Almost immediately,Oliver came in with Jocelyn and all eyes fell on them immediately

🗣 Omg!!

🗣 It’s Oliver!!

🗣 Why so hot!

🗣 Who’s the girl??

🗣 Is she a celebrity?? His girlfriend?

🗣 She’s so sexy!! The shape mehn!

“Seriously? Your sister is…my brother’s girlfriend?” Ariana asked with wide eyes

Tyler said nothing as he kept staring at Oliver and Jocelyn

Meanwhile,Henry wasn’t listening to a thing. His eyes were on Teresa and Joshua standing together,the way they were talking and smiling at each other made his blood boil so much that he couldn’t control it.

Without a second thought,he started walking over to them,his eyes on Joshua all through. All of a sudden,Joshua Leaned close and tried to kiss Teresa but before he could do that,Henry grabbed his shirt from the back and pushed him off before grabbing Teresa’s hand and then dragged her away.

Teresa’s eyes widened and everyone watched in shock

Oliver and Xavier exchanged glances at once

“Henry” Teresa called with an angry glare when they stopped somewhere

“Were you seriously just going to let him kiss you?” Henry asked,sounding so annoyed

“What the f**k is your problem with me?…..”

“My f**king problem is that I’m in love with you and I hate seeing you with other guys!” Henry Snapped and Teresa’s eyes widened.


To be continued

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