Dream chapter 58 – 59

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Summer Gold R.


Everyone watched as Rachel was taken into the ambulance van and how the cops took Dorothy away. The party was totally ruined,the president also lost his consciousness and he was taken away also.

“She’s the one” Tyler said beside Jocelyn

“Who?” Jocelyn faced him

“The woman who gave me the money” Tyler replied and Jocelyn gasped

Tyler sighed out.

“I will take you two home” Oliver said

“No,you can take her alone” Tyler immediately said

“Don’t worry about him,let’s go” Jocelyn said and Oliver nodded, holding Jocelyn’s hand as they walked away

Most of the guests are gone already and even right now Dorothy’s confession is all over different TV stations.

“I can’t believe this,for real” Nancy muttered sadly and shook her head

“Which part? You want proof?” Gustavo asked

“I’m saying I am totally shocked” Nancy said and Gustavo chuckled

Gary looked at them as they continue talking before going into his car and drove off. Gustavo and Nancy also left together.

Teresa was also leaving when suddenly she saw Joshua sitting down on the floor looking dreadful,she stared at him pitifully and almost walked over to him when another hand grabbed her from the back and she turned to see Henry

Teresa sighed and released herself from his grip

“Don’t go….Please” Henry muttered and Teresa glared at him but she didn’t go to Joshua anymore,instead she turned and went out. Henry followed her

“I will take you home,it’s quite late” He said and Teresa faced him when they got to her car

“Stay away from me” She said and entered her car

She almost dialed Ariana’s number but then saw a text from her,telling her she left already

“Is she the adult or me?” Teresa scoffed and dropped her phone before starting the car

Henry stood there,staring at her driving away until she was out of sight.

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Ariana got down from Tyler’s bike and removed the helmet

“You won’t return it?” Tyler asked when she didn’t give him the helmet

“Come in with me” Ariana said

“What?!” Tyler’s eyes widened

“No one is home,Rowan left also” Ariana said

“Still I can’t” Tyler said

“Why? Come on” Ariana pouted sadly

“Don’t make that face,I really love my head so much” Tyler said

“Are you scared?” Ariana chuckled

“Of course I am,I’m really scared I might loose my head….”

“You’re acting like a coward” Ariana scoffed

“Coward? Me?” Tyler poke his chest and Ariana nodded

“If you’re not one,then come in with me” She smirked

“Just few minutes,come on!” She stomp her feet on the ground and Tyler bite his lips

“Fine” He muttered and Ariana smiled

She immediately grabbed his hand and dragged him inside

“But,what if someone sees us and report to your…..”

“They wouldn’t dare” Ariana cut in immediately

They entered the house and Ariana took him upstairs

“Whoa” Tyler muttered,looking around

“You’re not here for that,come with me” Ariana groaned

“So why am I here?” Tyler asked

They got to Ariana’s room and entered

“My room” She winked at him

“Perfect” Tyler said,looking around.

Ariana stood in front of him and he looked at her

She smiled and pulled his face down to her level before smashing her lips on his own.

Tyler broke the kiss

“Is this why we are here?” He asked

“I just want to do this badly” Ariana muttered and Tyler smiled naughtily but suddenly frowned

“Are you trying to kill me right now? What if someone just come in….”

“Nobody is coming in” Ariana snapped and started kissing him again

This time,Tyler kissed her back and she pulled him even more closer. Tyler lifted her up and she broke the kiss,smiling cutely as she wraps her arms around his neck

“I love you so much” she muttered and pecked his lips.

“I love you too” Tyler said and dropped her on the bed

“Do you love candies?” He asked,staring at the candies which covered the bed

Ariana nodded

“No wonder you taste so sweet” Tyler said and she laughed


“Yeah” Tyler replied

Ariana pulled him on the bed and came on top,she kissed his cheek before resting her head on his chest

“I wish we can sleep together every night,I don’t want to miss you” She muttered

Tyler smiled and enwrapped his arms around her

“Not now,maybe soon” He muttered

“I know,I’m definitely going to attend the same college as you,I can’t let anyone take you from me,never” Ariana said and Tyler chuckled

“You sound so scary” He teased

“I’m serious okay? You’re mine” Ariana scoffed and raised her head

She kissed him

“Do you love my lips so much?” Tyler asked

“You also love mine” Ariana said and Tyler nodded

“So much” he said and pulled her back into the kiss.

Tyler broke the kiss after a while and sat up,Ariana still on his laps

“I need to go” He muttered and Ariana pouted sadly

“Come on,I will see you in school tomorrow” Tyler cupped her cheeks and Ariana nodded before hugging him.

After breaking the hug,they both went out of the room

“Goodnight” She waved at him when they got outside

“Go in first” Tyler said

Ariana kissed his cheek and went in,Tyler also rode off.



Axel was still in his office,scrolling through the laptop,he’s been so busy since the day Oliver came to release him and he had sworn to do anything to find out who the real thief is but seems nothing is working out.

He suddenly heard some steps going around and he stopped typing

“Thought I’m the only one left in the company” He muttered and stood up gently

He walked toward the door and grabbed the doorknob then opened it gently. He closed the door behind him and was surprised when he saw Wyatt

“Oh..Wyatt? What are you still doing here?” He asked

“I….forgot something” Wyatt replied and raised his charger up

“Oh” Axel muttered

“Goodnight” Wyatt smiled and walked away while Axel kept staring at him suspiciously.


“What’s the problem?” Leah asked when Wyatt showed up in the car

“That bastard won’t leave” Wyatt said

“I guess Oliver released him coz of this,we should tell boss” Leah said

Wyatt kept quiet and drove out of the parking lots roughly



By the time Oliver got home,Jocelyn was fast asleep. He smiled and pecked her lips which woke her up immediately,she looked out of the car and turned back to him

“We are in your place” She muttered and Oliver nodded

“This is cheating,against my wish” Jocelyn said and Oliver laughed

He got down from the car and moved to Jocelyn’s side

“I’m not coming down” Jocelyn scoffed

Oliver carried her in a bridal style and she smiled

“Wow,you’re really a man,I have a lot of weight” She said and wrapped her arms around him as he took her in

“You’re staying with me tonight” Oliver said,climbing the stairs

“Fine,I will tell my brother I won’t be coming home tonight. But…how do I get to work tomorrow? I have nothing to wear” Jocelyn muttered

“Don’t worry about that” Oliver said and opened the door to his room

He dropped Jocelyn and she looked around

“Remember the first time you entered?” Oliver asked

“You kissed me and I got mad” Jocelyn said and they laughed

“You really broke my heart” Oliver said

“I will make it up to you” Jocelyn hugged him tightly

“I love you” Oliver said

“I love you more” Jocelyn smiled

“What do you think is gonna happen to the first lady?” Jocelyn asked after they broke the hug

“Dethronement” Oliver replied and Jocelyn nodded

“Can we not talk about them?” Oliver asked and Jocelyn scoffed

“I’m going to take my bath,where’s the restroom?” She asked

“I can join you if you want” Oliver smirked

“No!” Jocelyn screamed and Oliver laughed

“Do you really have to scream out so much?” He asked and grabbed her hand

He took her to the bathroom

“Here” He said and Jocelyn smiled

“Thanks” She muttered

“I can at least help you take your dress off” Oliver whispers with a naughty smile

“I have hands” Jocelyn waved her hands and pulled him out of the bathroom

“This is unfair Jocie” Oliver said

“I love you too baby” Jocelyn said

Oliver smiled and left the bedroom,he got a call from Axel earlier but he couldn’t answer the call. He dialed Alex’s number and he answered at once

“Boss” Axel called

“Is there a problem?” Oliver asked calmly

“I don’t know if my suspicious is right boss,but I think I found out who is behind the funds loss” Axel said

“Who?” Oliver asked

“Can you give me more time to investigate more? I don’t want to give you a false suspect” Axel said and Oliver rolled his eyes

“You shouldn’t have called if you’re only going to keep me in suspense Axel” He said

“I’m sorry boss” Axel apologized

“Fine” Oliver muttered and hanged up

He walked back to the bathroom and Jocelyn also came In at the same time,she was only wearing the bathrobe

“Where were you?” She asked

“To get a call” Oliver muttered,scanning through her wet body

Jocelyn smiled and walked over to him

“You look like you’re going to eat me alive” She whispers and Oliver grabbed her @ss

“You got me” He muttered and Jocelyn kissed him.

Oliver dropped his phone and immediately reciprocated to the kiss

Jocelyn started unbuttoning his shirt and he also loosen the rope on her robe before they both landed on the bed

The kiss turned to a fast one,Oliver was already shirtless while Jocelyn was practically naked under him

Oliver stopped kissing her and his mouth moved to her neck instead,he kissed her neck and Jocelyn bit her bottom lip,moaning softly

Oliver captured her nipple and she moaned out

“F**k” She groaned and closed her eyes,feeling his warm mouth around her

All of a sudden,Jocelyn’s phone rang out,interrupting them.

Oliver raised his head and Jocelyn took her phone

“It’s Tyler,gosh I forgot to call him” she muttered and answered the call



Gustavo came in and met both Henry and Gary in the living room

“Hey dudes” He smiled

“Thought you went for a dinner,was surprised when I saw you at the scattered party” Henry said and Gustavo laughed

“Of course I went for the dinner” he said

“So,how come you were with Nancy?” Henry asked

“Maybe because we were both coming from the same place” Gustavo smiled and Gary looked at him

“What do you mean?” He asked

“Hmm….let’s say our parents want to matchmake us together” Gustavo winked and took the stairs

“Dude,are you serious right now?!” Henry called after him

“Damn serious,dad was supposed to meet with his business partner and they turned out to be Nancy’s parents,I had a lot of fun today and now I’m so tired. See you two tomorrow” Gustavo replied and wait upstairs

“Wow” Henry muttered

Gary got up quietly and walked away leaving just Henry alone

“What’s with him?” Henry muttered



“Oliver!!” Jocelyn screamed as she chased him round the kitchen

Oliver stopped and Jocelyn caught her breath

“You’re so lazy baby” Oliver said and adjusted his shirt on her

“The table” Jocelyn raised her arms with a pout

Oliver carried her,not without grabbing her @ss

“Must you touch me there? You naughty boyfriend” Jocelyn said

“My best part” Oliver smiled when he dropped her on the table

“Really? Best part?” Jocelyn asked and he nodded

“Then where else?” She asked

“Every other parts follow,I love everything about you” Oliver muttered and pecked her lips

“I think the toast is done” Jocelyn pointed and tried getting down

“No,stay here. I will do everything” Oliver stopped her and she smiled

“You’re the best boyfriend in the world Prince charming” Jocelyn said and Oliver pecked her lips before going to check the toast.

After setting everything on the dining table,he came back for Jocelyn and dropped her down

“Whoa,smells so good” Jocelyn said and the faced him

“When last did you have breakfast at home?” She asked

“Can’t say” Oliver shook his head

“See? I’m such an Angel” She flaunt her hair

“You’re more than an Angel to me” Oliver said and Jocelyn smiled

They both sat down to eat


After eating,Jocelyn got up to pack the dishes

“I will do it…”

“No,leave this for me” Jocelyn shook her head

“No” Oliver said

“Fine,let’s wash it together” Jocelyn said and Oliver nodded

They packed the dishes to the kitchen but then Oliver got a call and he had to excuse himself

Jocelyn was busy washing when she heard the doorbell

“Is it the delivery boy?” She muttered and immediately wiped her hands with towel before going to take the door.

She opened the door and there was Xavier standing

They both stood there,staring at each other

“Hey,Xavier” Jocelyn finally called

Xavier smiled and winked at her

“Where’s Oliver?” He asked and entered

“Here” Oliver showed up

“Going somewhere?” He asked,checking out Xavier’s outfit

“I suddenly have a client to meet,in italy right now” Xavier said

“What time?” Oliver asked

“In two hours time” Xavier replied

“Two hours? How long is the flight from here to Italy?” Jocelyn asked

“1 hour,40minutes or more?” Xavier replied,not so sure

“Then you should be on your way already,why are you here?” Oliver asked and Xavier scifced

“Now it’s my fault that I want to say a goodbye to my lovely brother?” He asked and Jocelyn chuckled

“Not like you’re using a whole day there…”

“If they have sexy girls,I might not come back” Xavier replied and they laughed

“Stop kidding and return after the meeting or I’m going to come over too” Oliver said

“Now I’m jealous” Jocelyn muttered

“You want a kiss?” Xavier asked with a grin

“I will give her that,you can go” Oliver said,pushing Xavier out

“Bye Jocelyn,see you later!” Xavier said kpudky

“Bye!” Jocelyn replied,going back to the kitchen

Oliver returned minutes later with a delivery box

“Here” He said and Jocelyn turned

“Is that mine?” She asked and Oliver nodded

She immediately unwrapped it

“Perfect,let’s go get dressed” She said

Oliver carried her and threw her on his shoulder

“Hey!!! That was too sudden!” Jocelyn screamed

“I love you too” Oliver said and Jocelyn laughed



Xavier and his client,Desmond walked into a restaurant after their meeting.

“This restaurant is the best around here” Desmond said and Xavier nodded.

They found somewhere to sit and soon,a waitress came over to them

“You’re welcome sirs” The familiar voice said and Xavier looked up immediately

Shockingly his eyes widened when he saw the image right in front of him

“Jocelyn?” He called and the waitress looked at him

“Huh?” She looked confused

Xavier stood up

“Jocelyn?” Xavier called again

“No,my name is Tatiana,not Jocelyn. I guess you’re mistaken” She said softly and Xavier’s heart beat raised to power five as he stared at her

The lady standing right here is no way different from Jocelyn,from her hair down to her legs are exactly the same. Same height,same body,she looked like the innocent side of Jocelyn,just how he loved her.

“Are you looking for anyone called Jocelyn?? You need help?” Her soft voice came again and this time she smiled revealing her one side dimples,maybe that is the only difference right now.

All these while,Xavier couldn’t say a word,all he could do was stare at her,he couldn’t understand the type of feeling in him right away but then a single tear dropped from his eyes

“Sir…you’re…..” Before she could complete her statement,Xavier pulled her into a tight hug,surprising her even more.

Without thinking twice,Tatiana also wrapped her arms around him,hugging him back.


To Be Continued