Dream chapter 6 – 7

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Summer Gold R.


Savannah smiled prettily in front of the mirror as she stared at her image,she was already dressed up and now waiting for Oliver to show up.

The short tight gown she’s putting on exposed most part of her cleavage in front just the way she like it

“He’s never going to resist me tonight” She smirked

Just then,she heard the door bell and she immediately rushed out of her room. She went downstairs and ran to the door revealing Xavier trying his best to keep a cool face with a flower banquet in his hand

“Oliver!” Savannah screamed and immediately hugged him tightly

“I’m so happy you made it here” Savannah said

“For you” Xavier smiled and handed the flower to her

“Oh my!” Savannah gasped and took the flowers from him

She inhaled it with her eyes closed,Xavier smiled staring at her exposed b**bs. He would have just grabbed her just like that and start f**king her but when he remembered he’s being Oliver right now,he kept his cool.

They both went into the house,Savannah holding him and flirting closely

“So,I don’t know what you love but I ordered the best chef I know” Savannah grinned

‘All I want is to eat you’ Xavier said inwardly

Savannah took him to the dinning room

“Wow,great” Xavier said and Savannah smiled before touching his chest

“I still can’t believe you would really come” She said in a seductive tone,staring into his eyes

Xavier grabbed her @ss and squeezed it softly gaining a soft moan from her,he leaned closer and dropped a wet kiss on her neck

“Oh gosh Oliver” Savannah moaned

Xavier slipped his hand into her gown and squeezed her @ss,it’s crazy that she wasn’t even putting on a p*ntie. He smirked and looked at her


Savannah smiled shyly

“I can’t wait to have you inside me…..”

“Once I start with you,I think the meals are going to waste” Xavier whispers

“Then I don’t mind…..” Before she could finish,Xavier already shoved two fingers into her honeypot

“F**k!!” She gasped with her mouth opened

Xavier carried her and dropped her on the dinning table,she immediately got hold of the table as Xavier widened her legs,staring directly into the wet pink pu$$y.

Xavier smirked at her and run three fingers up and down her pu$$y.

“Oh great” Savannah rolled her eyes and threw her head backward

Xavier kept teasing her with his fingers

“Oliver please…..I can’t take that anymore….” She cracked

“What should I do to you?” Xavier asked naughtily

“F**k me Oliver,f**k me and destroy my womb” Savannah groaned and Xavier chuckled

“I was thinking of shifting but if you want it destroyed,then….” He smirked and rest her two legs on his shoulders

Savannah kept releasing low moans,her legs are already shaking as she awaited his thrust.

Xavier undid his belt and brought out his d**k,he placed it on her opening,going up and down teasing her

“I’m going crazy please” Savannah cried

Without warning,Xavier drove his whole length inside her ruthlessly

“Oliver!!!” Savannah screamed


“Bunny!” Jocelyn called as she entered the house

Tyler came into the living room

“Why wouldn’t you answer my calls?? I’ve been calling you” he said

“I’m sorry,I couldn’t answer because I was working….”

“You should have at least sent a message! Do you even know how worried I was?? I was just about getting dressed to come look for you” Tyler said loudly and Jocelyn smiled

“Oh my cute bunny,I’m so sorry for making you worried about me” She said cutely and bashed her lashes like a kid

Tyler walked closer to her and hugged her tightly

“I love you so much sis,just tell me anytime you will be coming home late so I won’t die of heart attack” He mumbled

Jocelyn chuckled and rub his back

“I promise” Jocelyn muttered

They were still hugging when Tyler’s phone buzzed and he broke the hug

He checked his phone and his eyes grew wide immediately

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“What happened?” Jocelyn asked

“I got the admission!!” Tyler shouted

“Oh my gosh!!!!” Jocelyn screamed and jumped into his arms as Tyler held her tightly before dropping her again

She took the phone from him and read it

“Wow,99%?? Gosh bunny you’re blowing my mind!!!” She shouted and Tyler grinned proudly

“How can they give me such questions as exams?? It’s as simple as banana milk,I’m so sure I got 100% but they wouldn’t wanna let me know” He said and Jocelyn laughed

“I’m so proud of you” She muttered and hugged him again

“I should get ready for tomorrow,I just can’t wait” Tyler said

“I thought your uniform will be given to you in school….”

“I need to at least look good” Tyler winked and Jocelyn chuckled

“Little pervert”

“No trust me barbie doll,I’m very cool. Not a pervert” Tyler said before going in


Some text books are scattered all over the bed,countless candies also scattered on the bed, A movie was playing on the Tv too,it’s almost 12am but Ariana was still awake.

The door to the bathroom opened and she came out in her pajamas,her sleep mask on her forehead. She jumped on the bed and immediately unwrapped one of the chocolate candies,throwing it into her mouth and started chewing slowly.

She turned to the TV and then Ashton came into view,pretty smiles appeared on her lips. Ashton is an actor and the most popular actor as far as everyone is concerned,He’s signed under DREAM entertainment.

She has a huge crush on him,not just a fan crushing on her idol,she’s in love with him and badly want to become his girlfriend not minding their ages. She never tell anyone because probably one would think she’s crazy to be crushing on a guy who’s eight years older than her. Well yes,Ashton is twenty five while she’s seventeen.

“He’s even older than my brothers” Ariana mumbled sadly as she watched Ashton on the TV

“He’s so handsome,totally my type and not like those childish guys in my school” She smiled proudly and took her phone,she even used Ashton as her phone screen

“I can’t wait to confess my love to you Ashton” She said and kissed his lips on the screen.

She checked the time and groaned

“F**k the time” She immediately switched off the TV and took her pen.

She started solving the maths problem from the maths textbook,she solved nineteen out of the twenty in less than twenty minutes,she got to the last one and started solving.

She solved for about ten minutes but still couldn’t get the answer

She solved it again but still can’t get the right answer

“If I can’t solve this,then probably the question is incorrect” She rolled her eyes and pushed the whole book on another side of the large bed.

She lay on her back,staring at the ceiling and throwing candies into her mouth. She suddenly took her phone and dialed Xavier’s number,he answered almost immediately

“Hey Baby!” She gushed

“Seriously?? You really love proving that you love him more than me” Oliver’s voice came up and Ariana’s eyes widened

“Sweetheart?” She called

“Well yeah,Xavier’s phone is with me and you just called him. Do you call him everyday?” Oliver asked jealously and Ariana chuckled

“Of course not Sweetheart,trust me I just wanted to tell him goodnight” She muttered

“What about me??” Oliver asked

“I love you sweetheart,so don’t be jealous” Ariana said

“Xavier isn’t here,you can call my line and he will answer” Oliver said

“Oh gosh! Don’t tell me it’s what I’m thinking,are you disguising again?!” Ariana shouted

“It was his idea….”

“Of course I know! It’s always his idea while you’re always in trouble,gosh!” Ariana groaned and Oliver laughed

“I’ve missed you so much cutie” He said

They kept on talking for a while until Oliver hanged up,she kissed her phone and closed her eyes


The lecture was already ongoing when Tyler came into the class,he was wearing the full uniform already but he had the jacket in his hand.

🗣 Oh Mine!!

🗣 Don’t tell me he’s a new student!

🗣 Gosh,He’s so hot!!

🗣 His lips!!

The teacher stopped teaching and turned to see Tyler

“New Student?” She asked

“Yes ma’am” Tyler said softly and some girls moaned just by his innocently sweet voice

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“Tyler Robert” Tyler replied

The teacher faced the whole class

“Any empty seat…..”


“Right here!!!”

The girls started shouting

“Cut!!” Monroe screamed and everyone kept quiet which somehow amazed Tyler and his eyes fell on Monroe

“Hey dummy” Monroe faced the guy sitting next to her

“Get lost” She said in an ordering voice

“But this is my….”

“I said get lost!” Monroe snapped and the guy immediately stood up

“Hey Tyler Robert,you can sit right here” Monroe said in her tiny sweet voice

Tyler shook her head

He looked away from her and walked straight to one of the empty seats

“You can continue ma’am” he muttered and sat down next to a guy who looked like a nerd in his glasses

Monroe bashed her lashes surprisingly,no guy have ever rejected her

🗣 He just brought down her ego

🗣 Wow,did he just reject Monroe??

“Silence!” The teacher ordered and there was silence

A lot of eyes are already piercing into Tyler’s body,the girls giving him seductive looks while the guys glaring at him dangerously and hatefully.

Gianna turned and also smiled at Tyler which he returned

Murmurs followed that one too

Only Ariana doesn’t seem to care about whatever is going on in class

“So,all of you failed the last maths problem” The teacher finally spoke up

“I’m sure the question isn’t correct because I couldn’t get the answer either” Ariana rolled her eyes

“I’m not sure” Gianna muttered

The teacher wrote the maths problem on the board

“None of you can solve this” She said

Tyler suddenly raised his hand up

“Oh yeah Tyler Robert,anything?” The teacher asked

“Can I solve that?” Tyler asked and all eyes fell on him

“How will you solve that when Ariana couldn’t even get it? Are you trying to show off?” Jasper asked from the back of the class

That’s him,most handsome boy in school before Tyler came

“You should be patient and find out if I am showing off or not dude” Tyler said without looking back and Jasper frowned

“He’s f**king dead” Braxton said beside Jasper,He’s Jasper’s best friend and popularly called the red hair devil

“Come on Tyler,let’s see what you’ve got” The teacher said

Tyler got up and walked to the board

🗣 Even his walking steps looks hot

🗣 Do you see that dimples?! F**k!

Tyler started solving the question on the board and it didn’t take him two minutes before he was done

“Done” He muttered and there was silence

“That’s correct” The teacher said and everyone gasped

Ariana frowned

🗣 Unbelievable

🗣 Does that mean he’s tougher than Ariana??

🗣 Hot and Brilliant,what else ?!!

Ariana stood up

“Mr Robert,you didn’t follow the rules while solving that” She said

“Of course I did,maybe you didn’t study all the rules,try to study them all” Tyler replied and the students gasped

Ariana glared at Tyler,he returned it with a smirk before returning to his seat

Ariana fold her fist and sat down

“Write this down and I will explain…..”

“It’s all your fault Miss Nina,you should have explained all the f**king rules and not trying to make us look like f**ls here” Ariana snapped,cutting the teacher off

“Accept your failure babe,Tyler is better than you and that’s it” Monroe said and made a loud pop sound from her gum

“Coming from the dumbest brain in Golden high school” Ariana said and Monroe sprang up

“How dare you!!” She shouted,rushing to Ariana but Jasper immediately got between them

Well,nobody is surprised. They are like fire and ice,Ariana and Monroe can never get along with each other no matter how you try

“Oops” Tyler muttered


Jocelyn came out of the taxi and exhaled,the air blew her hair bangs and she let out a short smile before tapping her hair which she made into a cute ponytail,She was looking beautiful as always in her short skirt which stopped some inches from her knees,her blouse was tucked in, giving her a complete sexy look.

She adjusted her hand on the bag handle and made to walk in when suddenly someone beat her to it and entered the gate before her,pushing her out of the way and she almost lost her balance in the heels

“Ya!!!(hey!)” She shouted in Korean in an angry voice

The person turned back and her not too long hair was blown by the breeze

Jocelyn immediately recognized her,it was the same lady who called her a dumb head during the day she came for the interview,she could remember her smiling while coming out which only meant that she’s Xavier’s new secretary

“Did you just called me hey?? In Korean?” She asked with a mocking tone

“I’m sure you aren’t blind nor dumb or maybe you’ve forgotten your earring aid while enjoying a big f**k somewhere,what I am trying to say is that yes I called you hey in Korean language” Jocelyn said

She walked closer to Jocelyn,also looking hot as f**k but not a match to Jocelyn

“I’m Leah,the new Secretary” she said nonchalantly

“I’m Jocelyn,also the new Secretary….”

“I never asked you” Leah snapped

“And I wasn’t requesting for a poem either” Jocelyn snapped back

They both stopped to glare at each others hatefully

They were still there when two cars drove into the company at a time,the guards immediately rushed to the two cars and they opened the doors.

Xavier came out from the first car looking like a total bad @ss CEO,Oliver also came out of the second car,same outfit with Xavier,they even dyed their hair this time,same colour,no difference.

“Which one of them is my boss?” Leah muttered to herself while Jocelyn kept quiet,watching the two closely

🗣 Morning Boss

🗣 Good Morning Boss

The guards greeted one after the other

“Hey Bun Butt!” Xavier called and waved at Jocelyn and she released a smile

‘Trust you coffee pervert’ Jocelyn said inwardly and smiled at Xavier before walking closer to Oliver

“Morning Sir?? Or what do I call you?” She asked

“Anything aside coffee pervert….”

“No,I know who he is right now” Jocelyn muttered and took a glance at Xavier who was already with Leah also

“Good then” Oliver rolled his eyes as usual and started walking

‘Jerk’ Jocpelyn said inwardly before she followed him

Xavier and Oliver are walking together,Leah and Jocelyn by their sides as they walked

Eyes fell on them,everyone focused on them

🗣 Good Morning Boss

🗣 Morning Boss,you look so good

🗣 Good Morning Sirs

The staffs kept bowing,Xavier smiled cutely and waved at few while Oliver only focused on where he’s going

Murmurs started

🗣 New Secretaries

🗣 They look so f**king hot

🗣 Hotness Or nothing more!

🗣 Sir Oliver’s secretary is more hot

🗣 Who’s the one beside Sir Oliver?? That shape mehn

Leah scoffed beside Xavier

They finally got to where the offices are separated and Xavier turned left with Leah while Oliver turned right with Jocelyn

“Wait” Leah said to Xavier and he looked at her

She let out a smile and raised her hands up to his neck,she started adjusting his tie

Jocelyn was looking at them and she scoffed loudly,Oliver glanced at her

“What,do you want me to do the same too?” She asked and before Oliver could talk,she moved closer to him and started adjusting his tie roughly,she was stealing glances from Xavier and was getting angry without even knowing why

Is Leah trying to show off that she’s better than her?? Huh?

She didn’t know when she choked Oliver with the tie and he started coughing


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