Dream chapter 62 – 63

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EPISODE 62πŸ’ž63

Summer Gold R. πŸ”₯


Jocelyn gently pulled out of the hug,coming face for face with Rachel who was in tears

“Child” She called again and touched Jocelyn’s cheek

“I….I think you made a mistake….I’m not.. ”

“It’s not a mistake” Trent interrupted Jocelyn and she turned

“What are you talking about?” She asked

“Dorothy confessed everything,she told us how she dropped one of the twins in an orphanage. We went there and we were given your picture” Trent said and raised a picture up

Jocelyn’s eyes widened

“My…name?” She asked

“Jocelyn Robert…they named you there” Rachel said and Jocelyn looked at her

“Are you saying,I’m one of the twins Dorothy was talking about at the party?” Jocelyn asked

“That’s right” Rachel muttered,wiping her tears

“No,I don’t think so. I don’t have a twin..” She stopped when Oliver touched her and she faced him

“You should listen to everything they have to say,please” He muttered

“I will excuse you,call me when you’re done” He said

“Please,come with me and I will explain better to you baby” Rachel touched Jocelyn’s arm

After more persuasion,Jocelyn left with Rachel and they stopped by in a nearest coffee shop.

“What’s your favorite coffee?” Rachel asked as the waitress dropped the two cups in front of them

“I don’t have a favorite” Jocelyn muttered

Rachel sighed and looked at Trent who was sitting somewhere away from them,he got up and walked over to them. He dropped something like a file on the table before going back

“What is this?” Jocelyn asked

“Everything about you…the proof that Dorothy dropped you at the orphanage,the date and all others” Rachel replied and Jocelyn started checking them out one after the other.

Everything was true,the day she dropped her at the orphanage was her birthday.

“Does this mean….I was just a day old when I was dropped at the orphanage?” Jocelyn asked,trying to control her tears

“I’m….sorry” Rachel muttered and Jocelyn looked at her

“For what?” She asked and Rachel was quiet

“For being a fool who doesn’t recognize the new borns that are meant for her…or for running away after everything?? Or probably because……you’re sorry for bringing me into this world when you know you won’t be there?? Which one?” Jocelyn asked and Rachel blinked out tears

“Jocelyn……..” Rachel called and Jocelyn stood up

“I don’t really believe all these,Miss Rachel. Even if they are true…..I don’t think I need you anymore at this moment in my life” Jocelyn muttered

Rachel immediately got up

“I will make it up to you” She said,holding Jocelyn’s hand

“How?? Are you going to turn me back into a toddler and make me experience the mother’s love or father’s love I never had?? Are you?!!” Jocelyn yelled


“Don’t waste your time coming for me,You should take your time looking for my sister,that’s if she even exists..Miss Rachel,goodbye” Jocelyn muttered and walked out of the shop

“Jocelyn!” Rachel called and ran after her

Trent immediately got up and rushed out,he met Rachel squatting and crying her eyes out.

“Stop crying….please” He muttered,pulling her up

“Trent” Rachel called and he looked at her

“We were given the right information right?” She asked

“Of course,the proof is right here” Trent said

“Then…..does that mean…..I got rejected again?? By my….daughter?” Rachel asked and Trent sighed

“She said she doesn’t need me….I’m…..I’m…useless…she’s right…” She stammered,tears rolling down her eyes

Trent pulled her gently into a hug and she continue crying on his shoulder till she became calm.

“Let’s go” he held her and they walked to the car. He opened for her and she entered

Trent dropped her bag on the seat and also entered,then he drove off.



Tyler was in the living room,he was laying on the couch with a book in his hand. He’s been checking the time frequently while waiting for Jocelyn until the door suddenly opened and he sprang up at once

“Jocelyn” he called and Jocelyn entered

Tyler dropped the book in his hand seeing her face

“Did something happened?” He questioned

Jocelyn dropped her bag at once and hugged him tightly almost making him breathless but he didn’t move away from her tight grip,he hugged her back

“You know….I love you so much right?” Jocelyn asked,touching his hair

“I know….and I love you too” Tyler replied

“I really.. Love you a lot” Jocelyn muttered,closing her eyes as he continue hugging him

Tyler wanted to ask more but he decided to keep quiet,wondering why she’s suddenly telling him that.



Tatiana walked out of the restaurant,it’s her usual closing hour. She let out a soft sigh and loosen her ponytail,she was about walking away when she suddenly saw Xavier walking over to her

“Tiana” Xavier called and caught up with her

“Isn’t it too early for a nickname?” Tatiana asked

“Early? I feel like I’ve known you for months” Xavier said and Tatiana raised a brow

“Do I really look like someone you know?” She asked and Xavier shook his head

“No,you don’t look like her. You are the same as her” Xavier replied

“Huh?” Tatiana looked at him in surprise

Xavier brought out his phone and showed her some pictures of Jocelyn

Tatiana’s eyes widened as she scroll through the photos

“Who….who is she?” She asked,looking up

“I think……she’s your twin sister Tatiana” Xavier said and Tatiana shook her head

“I don’t have any family” She muttered

“She have no one either” Xavier replied and Tatiana glared at him

“Are you trying to convince me right now? Are you a con artist?!” She asked

“If you don’t believe me then come with me and see for yourself” Xavier said


“I mean it Tiana,I know you have no one here…just like her. So,,,,why don’t you come with me?? And reconcile with…..”

“I still don’t believe you” Tatiana snapped and pushed his phone to his chest before walking away

Xavier followed her

“I will be going back to Switzerland tomorrow morning,please…..come with me…”

“Are you crazy? How do you expect me to follow a stranger I know nothing about?” Tatiana asked

“But…..you’re her sister…”

“What is she to you?” Tatiana asked

“Someone….I loved” Xavier muttered and Tatiana looked at him

“But now,I feel like I can see her right in front of me….right now” He added

“You’re such a great actor” Tatiana scoffed,walking away

“Just try to trust me!!! Please!” Xavier screamed but Tatiana ignored him and boarded a taxi immediately

“Gosh,she’s not different from her. So stubborn” Xavier roughed his hair in frustration

But all of a sudden,the taxi stopped and Tatiana came out

“Tiana” Xavier called

“I don’t know why my heart is beating so fast…convincing me to believe you….”

“Trust me,just this once….please” Xavier cut in and there was silence

“Where is she? My lookalike?” Tatiana asked

“Switzerland land” Xavier smiled

“I will come with you” Tatiana said and Xavier breathe out in relief

“The bills are on you” Tatiana said

“Of course,sure” Xavier chuckled



“Gosh! Why this morning!” Jocelyn groaned as she walked,trying to get a taxi but couldn’t find any.

She was already late for work,Even though Oliver wouldn’t scold her but still.

She was still walking when suddenly she began hearing some footsteps behind her,the moment she tried turning,her nose was covered with an handkerchief which didn’t take a minute before she fell asleep and the masked guy carried her at once,putting her in the car before driving off.

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Xavier and Tatiana entered Xavier’s mansion and Tatiana looked around

“Is this your house?” She asked and Xavier nodded

“You’re the first girl I’m bringing here” he said and Tatiana faced him

“Are you kidding me right now?” She asked

“No,I’m not” Xavier smiled and Tatiana nodded

Xavier’s phone buzzed and he brought it out,he checked the message and turned to Tatiana

“What,are you trying to sell me off?” She asked

“Gosh,why would I do that?” Xavier groaned and Tatiana chuckled

“Are you fed up already? You can take me back to where you brought me from” She said

“I thought you were innocent” Xavier muttered

“Huh? Of course I’m innocent” She bashed her lashes and Xavier chuckled

“I suddenly need to leave,can you stay here all alone?? I promise to rush back as soon as possible………”

“When am I going to meet her?” Tatiana asked

“Soon” Xavier replied and She nodded



Oliver was pacing round the office with a worried look on his face when Axel came in

“Boss” he bowed

“Not now Axel” Oliver snapped immediately

“I’m here to tell you my suspect” Axel said and Oliver looked at him

“Who is it?” He asked

“It’s Wyatt boss”

“Huh? Wyatt?” Oliver asked again and Axel nodded

“Are you even sure of what you’re talking about?? Gosh Axel,just leave. I’m not in the mood for this okay?” He said

“Then,I will come back later” Axel bowed and walked out

Almost immediately Xavier came in

“What happened?” He asked

“I have no idea,I’ve been calling Jocelyn but can’t reach her,I just came back from her place right now and it was certain that she left home this morning but I’ve not set my eyes on her and I can’t reach her,I’m so crazily worried…….”

“Hey,calm down okay?” Xavier touched Oliver and he breathe out

“I’m scared” He muttered

“Let’s go report to the cops first” Xavier said and Oliver nodded

They left the office together

“What if her life is in danger? What if she get hurt? I don’t even want to imagine that right now” Oliver groaned,trying to open the car

“I will drive,you might get us killed” Xavier immediately said and got in the driver’s side instead while Oliver joined hin. He drove out of the company.



The water poured all over Jocelyn’s head made her gasped out of her unconscious state,she coughed for few seconds before getting herself.

She opened her eyes and then tried to move only to discovered that she was tied on a seat,she tried losing the rope but it was impossible

“You will get hurt,sexy” The voice spoke up and thsy was when Jocelyn looked up to see the figure,wearing a mask

“Who…are you?” Jocelyn asked with trembling lips due to cold

“I warned you right?” The guy said

“Warned me? How?” Jocelyn asked

“I told you what will happen once you decide to date one of the twins” He said and Jocelyn’s eyes widened

“No!!!! Please you can’t hurt them,please!!” She broke into tears

“Gosh,she’s crying for them” The guy mumbled under his breath

“Keep quiet!!!!!” He yelled angrily and Jocelyn became quiet

“What the h*ll do you see in them?! Just what!! What about me?? Huh?!!”

“But…….I…I don’t….even know you” Jocelyn stammered

The guy didn’t think twice before getting rid of his mask and Jocelyn’s eyes widened

“Wyatt?” She called

“You finally called my name” He let out one creepy smile

“Let me go!! Please!” Jocelyn cried

“Of course I will let you go….but I’m going to kill them….I was sent to do that. I would have overlooked if you obeyed my warning..but you ignored it” Wyatt said and brought out a phone

“No,please. I don’t mind breaking up with him once you release me,but please…..don’t hurt him….please” Jocelyn pleaded,tears rolling down her eyes unstoppably

“Too late,my boss might kill me if I don’t finish them off tonight” Wyatt smirked

“You’re a good person!” Jocelyn screamed and Wyatt looked at her

“Me?? Good person?” He laughed out

“I want to believe you are….they’ve never done….anything to you…..”

“You’re right……but a killer doesn’t care about that,I only follow instructions” He said



Xavier and Oliver got down from the car,they’ve been searching for Jocelyn all day but all to no avail. Visible tears could be seen in Oliver’s eyes while Xavier was also trying his best to control his own

They suddenly stopped when they saw Tyler leaning on the wall

“Tyler?” Oliver called and Tyler immediately walked over to them

“How did you find this place?” Xavier asked

“I’m just coming from your company” Tyler replied,his voice was almost staggering as he spoke

“Please….have you seen Jocelyn today? I can’t reach her and…..I don’t know why my heart is racing so fast like something is wrong with her,is she here with you? Please tell me” Tyler rushed his words

Xavier and Oliver kept quiet

“You have no idea?” Tyler said again

“Actually…..we’ve been searching for her all day too. The cops are also looking for her,I’m sure she will be fine” Xavier said and Tyler sat down on the ground,tears rolling down his eyes

“She will be fine??” He asked

Oliver pulled him up

“You can’t sit down here,let’s go in” He said but Tyler couldn’t hear a thing

‘Is this the reason why she was saying those words last night? Is she leaving me all alone?? I can’t live without her’ different thoughts filled his mind as they walked into the mansion

“Xavier?” Tatiana suddenly came out and Oliver’s eyes widened

“Jocelyn?!!” Tyler shouted and ran to hug her immediately

Oliver looked at Xavier and Xavier shook his head

“She’s not her” he said

“What?” Oliver raised a brow

Tatiana broke Tyler’s tight hug

“Hey kid,my name is not Jocelyn,I’m Tatiana” Tatiana said with a smile while Tyler stared at her unbelievably

“What happened? Are you trying to leave me alone?” He broke into tears

“Tyler” Xavier called and grabbed his hand

“What the f**k did you do to her!” Tyler shouted

“She’s not Jocelyn!!” Xavier shouted back and Tyler became still


“What are you talking about?” Oliver asked

“I think….. She’s Jocelyn’s twin sister,I found her in Italy” Xavier said and Tyler’s eyes widened

“Does that mean…..Rachel is really her mom?” Oliver asked and Xavier nodded

“What did you just said?” Tyler asked

Xavier almost spoke up but Oliver’s phone rang at that second and he immediately answered the call


“I guess you’ve cried your eyes out” The voice said

Oliver immediately put the call in a loud speaker

“Who are you?” Oliver asked

“If you want to see your girlfriend for the last time,then come over to the address I’m going to send…and don’t make the mistake of calling the cops,i’m going to kill her” the voice said

“No Oliver!! Don’t step out of the house,don’t come!” They heard Jocelyn’s voice and Tyler rushed to them immediately

“Jocelyn?? Jocelyn!”

“Tyler!” Jocelyn cried out too

“Shut up or I’m going to blow your head off!” The voice screamed at Jocelyn and there was silence

Tatiana swallowed

“She….sound…like me” she muttered

Seconds later,Oliver’s phone buzzed again

“It’s the address” Xavier showed Oliver who was already lost in thought

Tyler was on the floor,crying his eyes out but he stood up at once

“I’m coming with you” he said

“What are you talking about? Stay right here” Oliver said

“Then I will call the cops” Tyler muttered

“Good,do that” Xavier said and immediately walked out of the house with Oliver.



“They will be here soon” A guy said beside Leah and she smiled

“Can’t wait to watch the show” She chuckled and almost immediately,a car drive past them and then stopped some meters away from them

Xavier and Oliver came out from the car and looked around

“Let’s do this” Leah grinned and the guy immediately made a quick call.

“Don’t make any mistake…..Clear them both,kill them” He said

Soon,a truck showed up,driving in full speed,the full light shone on the twins face that they could hardly see

“One….two…three” Leah counted and immediately the truck clashed and knocked down both Oliver and Xavier at the same time.

The force threw them both up,Xavier landed roughly on their carbonet before dropping on the ground,his head bursts and immediately the ground was covered with his blood.

Oliver also landed next to Xavier,his whole body covered with blood and could hardly be recognized.


To Be Continued