Dream chapter 64 – 65

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Summer Gold R.



Jocelyn was still tied on the seat,Wyatt left her just two minutes ago to get a call and she’s trying her best to at least eavesdrop something.

“Are you sure they are dead?” She heard him asking over the phone and her eyes widened

“Oliver…..Xavier” she whispers and tears began rolling down her eyes. Soon,she couldn’t hear Wyatt’s voice again,meaning he’s no longer close

“No,,,,no….” Jocelyn was crying hard while trying to loosen the rope she was tied with,the rope was giving her different marks,her body was already red before she succeeded in getting free. She didn’t think twice before getting up from the seat,she knew some men would be outside if she go through the door so instead she ran to the window side and glanced down.

This side leads to a lonely part filled with grasses so it would be easier to escape.

“It’s not too far right?” She asked herself,not feeling so sure if she would survive the fall but nevertheless,she climbed on the window and jumped down instantly.

“Ahh!” She groaned as she fell on her face,she could feel her legs getting weaker

She managed to get up,she developed few bruises on her face and lips. Her left arm was also bleeding from the stone she hit it on. She held her arm and started running.

“F**k!” She screamed as some broken bottles pierce into his foots soles since she had no shoes on,she was in total tears,her legs are already bleeding excessively but she didn’t wait or care about the pains,all she had on her mind was Oliver and Xavier.

What if they really hurt them? What If they are dead??

She kept on running and crying,she ran for almost thirty minutes before she got to the main road.

She swallowed,panting heavily. The road was so silent,no cars coming from the left or right. Her eyes were almost closing coz of the weakness.

Suddenly,a car appeared from afar. Jocelyn immediately ran to the middle of the road,standing right at the center. The car coming slowed down when he saw Jocelyn. The car finally stopped and the driver came out of the car

“Miss….are you okay?” He asked

“Please……help….me” Jocelyn said faintly before falling on the floor

The driver immediately carried her,blood still coming out from her body but the one under her foots were too much to ignore.

“I will take you to the hospital” He said as he dropped Jocelyn in the backseat,Jocelyn nodded

The driver started the car immediately and minutes later,they got to the city. The sound of the ambulance van woke Jocelyn up,she sat up quickly and rushed to the window,they are close to De Gaz hospital already and the ambulance van just drove roughly into the hospital

“Stop…stop the car” Jocelyn said,her eyes not leaving the van. The driver immediately stopped and Jocelyn didn’t think twice before running out of the car,she ran into the hospital. The ambulance van was already opened and two stretchers were brought out as the nurses rushed to them,It’s nobody else but Xavier and Oliver.

Jocelyn lost her balance and fell on the ground,balls of tesrs rolled down her eyes.

“Jocelyn!!!” Nancy screamed out as she ran toward her

“Jocelyn?” Gary took a glance at her but he couldn’t wait,he ran inside,following Xavier and Oliver.

“Where’s Doc Kelly??! Call him right away!” He shouted at the nurses as Xavier and Oliver were both taken into the same ward

Two nurses ran out and soon returned with Doctor Kelly,the assistant Doctor,so fortunate he’s in the hospital right now

The two doctors immediately started working on the twins.


Nancy brought Jocelyn into the hospital,she was still in tears

“You need to get treated….”

“No,,I don’t mind dying. Until I see them opening their eyes,I won’t move an inch” Jocelyn said

“It’s all because of me” She broke down again and Nancy immediately hugged her

“They will be fine” she muttered

Mr Adam,the man who called the ambulance walked in and the ladies disengaged.

“I don’t know any of their families….”

“Don’t worry sir,I got in touch with them all. Thank you so much,you’re such a life saver” Nancy said

“You’re welcome nurse” Mr Adam said and went out again

Jocelyn was already sitting on the floor

“I’m going to call Tyler,He’s been crying since you went missing” Nancy said and Jocelyn nodded immediately.

Henry and Gustavo rushed in at a time,both panting heavily

“Where are they? Are they okay?” Henry rushed his questions

“They are getting treated guys” Nancy replied and Gustavo groaned

“I can bet this is all Zayne’s work” He muttered

“Zayne? Who’s that?” Jocelyn asked and that was when they saw her

“Jocelyn?!” They both shouted and Gustavo squatted in front of her

“You’re bleeding so much,you should be attended to also” he said

“She refused” Nancy said and excused herself to call Tyler

“You should get yourself treated,Oliver and Xavier will be fine” Henry said

“How sure am I? I don’t think I will be able to live if anything happens to them,I don’t think so” Jocelyn shook her head in tears

Gustavo and Henry sighed out

Nancy retured after few minutes.

Mrs James,Teresa and Ariana came in next,Mrs James was already in tears while Teresa had a fearful expression on her face,Ariana on the other hand seems to be confused

“Where are my sons?? Where are they?” Mrs James asked,almost rushing into the ward but Henry immediately stopped her

“You can’t go in now,please” he said and Mrs James cried even more

Teresa walked toward Jocelyn and pat her back

“You don’t look fine either” she muttered,trying so hard to control her tears

“I’m not” Jocelyn cried and Teresa hugged her

“It’s gonna be okay” she muttered

Mrs James was pacing up and down already,Ariana leaned on the wall,a blank expression on her face,all she wanted to see is Oliver and Xavier,she wanted to at least know the state they are in.

“Jocelyn!” Tyler’s voice came from the back as he ran in

“Tyler” Jocelyn immediately managed to get up,ignoring her pains

“Jocelyn” Tyler called again and hugged her tightly to himself

“You’re back,I was so worried” He cried on her shoulder

“I’m sorry I made you worried” Jocelyn said,rubbing his back

They hugged for some minutes before disengaging

Just then,Tatiana walked in and all eyes fell on her,Jocelyn’s hand slipped down from Tyler’s hand as she maintained eye contact with Tatiana

“What’s going on?” Gustavo muttered

Nancy’s eyes widened

The moment was short lived when suddenly the ward door opened and both Xavier and Oliver were pulled out with the stretchers.

Mrs James,Jocelyn and Tatiana immediately rushed toward them,

“Xavier!! Oliver!!! No!!! My son!!!” Mrs James cried bitterly

Balls of tears rolled down Ariana’s eyes as she stared at her brothers motionless bodies,she turned and ran out of the hospital. Tyler immediately followed her

Xavier and Oliver were taken into another ward,their wounds and bruises have been cleaned and treated but they are both still unconscious. Xavier’s head was totally bandaged

“Tell me what is going on please,they will be fine right?” Teresa asked,sniffing in her tears

“They will be fine” Gary muttered before leaving and Mrs James sighed out

Jocelyn touched Oliver’s hand before they were finally taken in

“I’m sorry,but you can’t go in” Doctor Kelly said.

Mr Adam came to them

“He’s the one who called the emergency” Nancy told Teresa and Teresa immediately walked over to him

“I’m so grateful” she said,wiping her tears

“Are you their sister?” Mr Adam asked and Teresa nodded

“I made a report already,you should do the same”

“Yes I would,thank you so much” Teresa said

Mr Adam bowed shortly and walked away

Teresa finally broke into tears,the one she’s been keeping inside,seeing her brothers that way broke her heart completely. She was crying until Henry showed up and she looked up

“It’s okay” He muttered and wiped her tears before pulling her into a gentle hug

Teresa hugged him back,crying on his chest.

“Sis” Jocelyn’s voice made them disengage

“Hey” Teresa muttered

“I will be coming with you to the station when you’re ready” Jocelyn said

“Why?” Teresa immediately asked

“Cuz I know one of the culprits….I was kidnapped by them and they….called…Oliver and Xavier” she broke into tears again

“Stop crying,it’s not your fault” Teresa hugged her but Jocelyn kept on crying

“I won’t forgive myself if anything happens to them….”

“They will be fine,trust me please” Teresa said,rubbing her back

Henry walked away and Tatiana showed up.

“You didn’t tell me you have a twin” Teresa said and broke the hug

Jocelyn kept quiet

“I will talk to you later” Teresa pat her cheek before going back into the hospital.

Jocelyn turned to Tatiana

“How…did you get in touch with my brother?” She asked

“Is it true? Are we really twins?” Tatiana asked and Jocelyn raised her brows

“You don’t know anything?” She asked and Tatiana shook her head

“Xavier brought me from Italy,he told me there’s someone who looked exactly like me and I followed him because I was curious….I had no idea….do we have a brother too?” Tatiana asked

“Am I really your twin sister?” She asked further

“I’m not really in the mood to talk right now,can we keep this for later?” Jocelyn asked

“You really look like me,no difference” Tatiana said,smiling

Jocelyn ignored what she said

“I was there when the kidnapper called them,you are badly injured,you should get treated” Tatiana said worriedly

“I will be fine” Jocelyn muttered,going inside

“I told you I don’t know anyone here,wait for me” Tatiana followed her immediately.


“Ana,please stop crying” Tyler said,still hugging Ariana for the past ten minutes

“They look so bad,I hate seeing my brothers in pain but now….they can’t even open their eyes” She cried,burying her face more into his chest

“They will be fine,okay? I don’t like seeing your tears either,so please stop crying” Tyler said

“You were crying earlier too” Ariana muttered and raised her head

Tyler wiped her tears and pecked her lips before hugging her again.



Tatiana and Jocelyn were directed in by a guard

“Mom…stays here?” Tatiana asked and Jocelyn nodded

“Whoa” Tatiana muttered and just then,Rachel appeared

“Babies” she called softly,covering her mouth with her palms as she stared at the identical twins

Tears rolled down her eyes

“I’m sorry…..I can’t even tell you apart” she sniffs

“I’m Jocelyn” Jocelyn muttered

“Tatiana” Tatiana smiled and waved her hand

Rachel moved closer and hugged them both at a time

“Today is definitely going to be the happiest day of my life” She muttered before breaking the hug

They all sat down

“Aren’t you curious about knowing me better?” Rachel asked

“I’m curious,how we all got separated,I really want to know” Tatiana said and Rachel glanced at Jocelyn who said nothing

“I thought I lost you both” Rachel muttered

“You were deceived” Tatiana said and Rachel nodded

“It was all my fault,I shouldn’t have left no matter what,I’m so sorry babies,I’m sorry” she said in tears

Tatiana immediately stood and and sat beside her

“I don’t really care,all I care about right now is that…I’m not an orphan,I have such a beautiful mom and a sister…with a cute brother. I’ve been alone all my life” Tatiana said and Rachel hugged her

“You won’t be alone any longer,I promise” She muttered

“Jocelyn” She called and Jocelyn also got up,she joined them.

After about few hours,Jocelyn stood up

“I need to go to the hospital” she said

“Then,I will meet you there” Tatiana said and Jocelyn nodded

“Bye Miss Rachel” Jocelyn bowed and Rachel nodded,staring at her till she was oyg of sight

“She still call me that” she muttered

“I’m sure she will come around,probably when Oliver and Xavier are awake. I’m growing more worried too,I can’t wait for them to wake up,especially Xavier” Tatiana said and Rachel nodded



Jocelyn entered the house and met Tyler in the living room,he was in tears which made Jocelyn’s heart race.

“Tyler” she immediately called and sat down beside him

“Are you okay?” She asked,wiping his tears

“I’m….confused” Tyler muttered

“About what?” Jocelyn asked

“You have a twin sister….Ma’am Rachel is your mom,so..obviously you’re the president’s daughter. They are your family…but….what about me?” He poked his chest and Jocelyn swallowed

“I’ve known you as my only family all my life,I love you so much,you’re the best sister in the whole world…..but now…..does it mean…I am nothing to you?” Tyler asked,more tears rolling down her eyes

“Of course you’re something Tyler,you’re my brother….”

“No I’m not,tell me who I really am….please” Tyler said

“Your parents…died” Jocelyn said and Tyler buried his face into his palms

“I was five when you were brought into the orphanage,you never allowed anyone else touch or hold you….but you let me do all that. Your first word was….my name” Jocelyn was already in tears while saying all that

“You love me so much and I felt the same way….I even……I was the one who called you Tyler first,I named you…..we grew so fond of each other and I totally forgot that I was just an orphan,you made me work hard coz,I wanted to be the best sister in the world,and when it was time to leave,I had no choice than to take you with me….Tyler trust me,I can’t do without you. I love you so much,I don’t care what happens,I will choose you over anybody else,I love you so much” Jocelyn said

Tyler got up

“I don’t know why…..that single word kept ringing in my head instead” he muttered

“What?” Jocelyn also stood up

“That…..that……you…you and I don’t….share the same blood Jocelyn” Tyler bursted out,his eyes looking so red

“I don’t care Tyler…..”

“But I do” Tyler cut in

“What if I say…..I’m not happy that you found your right family?? Do I sound selfish?” He asked and Jocelyn shook her head

“No,I would have preferred just you also….”

“But now we are not” He muttered

Tyler walked out of the house in tears

Jocelyn sat down,sniffing in her tears.



Jocelyn entered Oliver’s ward and met Teresa sitting beside him,she was holding his hand while staring at his face

“You’re here” Teresa smiled

“Yeah” Jocelyn nodded

“You finally reconciled with your mom and sister” Teresa said

“Yes” Jocelyn sighed

“Xavier” They suddenly heard a faint voice and they immediately turned to Oliver

“Xavier” he whispers again,his eyes still closed

“Oliver!” Teresa called instantly

“I will call the doctor” Jocelyn said and ran out

Oliver kept on calling Xavier’s name until Gary came in with Jocelyn.

“Xavier” Oliver called again

“Oliver,open your eyes” Gary said and slowly….Oliver’s eyes opened.

“Oliver” Jocelyn called excitedly,tears of joy rolled down her eyes

“Where’s….Xavier?” Oliver asked

“He’s not here” Gary replied and Oliver tried getting up

“You can’t!” Teresa said immediately

“Take me to him,I want to see him” Oliver said


“Please” Oliver pleased

Immediately,a wheelchair was produced and Oliver sat down on it while they pulled her to the ward where Xavier was laid.

He was still supported by the life machine,his head heavily bandaged.

Oliver broke into tears immediately,he took Xavier’s hand and placed it on his face.

“Hurry and wake up….please” he muttered

“Don’t leave me….please” He added,resting his chin on Xavier’s hand with his eyes closed,slow tears rolling down his eyes.


To Be Continued