Dream chapter 66 – 67

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EPISODE 66πŸ’ž67

Summer Gold R.

Teresa and Jocelyn watched in silence as Oliver kept on staring at Xavier as if waiting for him to wake up right away. Teresa’s phone rang out and Teresa answered immediately.

“Seriously??” Teresa asked loudly and Jocelyn faced her immediately

“What happened?” She asked after Teresa hanged up

“The culprits has been caught” Teresa muttered and Jocelyn exhaled excitedly

“I will be back” Teresa said

“Yeah sure,go on” Jocelyn said

Teresa ruffled Oliver’s hair before walking out of the room

“Oliver” Jocelyn called and stood in front of him

Oliver looked up and sighed out

“Are you okay?” He asked and Jocelyn nodded

She bent down in front of him

“How did you get out? I’m sorry I couldn’t….”

“No,I should be sorry. It all happened because of me,I’m sorry” She said,touching Oliver’s cheek.

“I love you so much Jocie” Oliver said and kissed her head

“I love you more,I’m sure Xavier will wake up soon. He wouldn’t leave his precious brother behind” Jocelyn said,also looking at Xavier

“You think so?” Oliver asked

“Yes,he will wake up,trust me” Jocelyn said and Oliver pulled her into a hug,she smiled and immediately hugged him back. She finally got his attention since he woke up,she had missed his hug so much.

The door opened and Mrs James entered

“Oliver” she called out and they broke the hug

“Mom” Oliver smiled as Mrs James immediately hugged him

“I’m so glad you’re fine,I was so worried” She said,hugging him more tighter

“I’m fine now mom” Oliver said

“I can’t wait for your brother to wake up too” she broke the hug and turned to Jocelyn who immediately bowed

“By the way…I’ve been seeing her but I don’t know who she is…..”

“She’s my girlfriend” Oliver cut in immediately and Mrs James gasped

“You didn’t tell me you got a girl already!” She screamed and immediately hugged Jocelyn

Oliver chuckled

“Whoa,she’s so pretty! You really have a nice taste like your father” Mrs James said and Jocelyn smiled

“Are you really that happy?” Oliver asked

“Of course,I’ve been dreaming of having grandchildren already” Mrs James scoffed and Jocelyn’s eyes widened

“What are you talking about? You should be asking that from Teresa not us,she’s getting old already” Oliver said

“Don’t let her hear you” Mrs James whispers and they all laughed

Mrs James touched Xavier’s head

“Wake up soon baby……please” She mumbled and Oliver sighed

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Teresa was just about going into the car when Henry and Gustavo showed up

“Where are you going?” Gustavo asked

“I got a call from the station,they got caught” Teresa replied

“We are coming with you” Henry immediately said

“Yeah sure” Teresa nodded

“I will follow you in my car” Gustavo said,leaving them

“Let me drive” Henry opened the car door for her

“Thank you” Teresa uttered and got in,Henry also entered the driver’s side.

Minutes later,they got to the station and they went in. Mr James,Rachel and Trent are already there.

“Dad” Teresa immediately walked toward them.

“Hey” Mr James muttered before turning to Rachel

“Oh,Ma’am Rachel,you’re here” Teresa smiled and Rachel nodded

“You know who she is?” Mr James asked and Teresa nodded

“Oliver’s girlfriend mom” She Whispers

“Oliver has a girlfriend?” Mr James asked immediately and Teresa chuckled

“You missed alot” She said

“I didn’t know my baby has a boyfriend either” Rachel smiled

“Of course” Teresa nodded

Soon,The murderer were brought out. Wyatt,Leah,Zayne and three other guys.

“Are they the criminals?” Rachel immediately asked

“Yes ma’am” The cops answered

“Which one of them kidnapped my daughter?” Rachel asked and Wyatt was pulled out

Rachel didn’t think twice before landing and heavy slap on Wyatt’s face

“I will make sure you rot in jail you bastard!!” She yelled,almost slapping him again but Trent quickly pulled her back

“Criminal!!” Rachel spat

“You can take them away,we should meet in court” Teresa smirked at Zayne who kept looking innocent

“I knew it,that bastard is just jealous of them” Gustavo muttered,staring at Zayne as they were dragged back in.


Tyler was on his way back home,he was totally lost in thought as he walked with his two hands shoved into his hoodie pockets.

All of a sudden a car stopped beside him and he turned

“Hey,why are you looking like a walking dead?” Rowan asked

Tyler rolled his eyes and continued walking

“Hey!! Get in!!” Rowan shouted and followed him with the car

Tyler kept on walking without sparing him a glance

Rowan stopped the car and came down,he caught up with Tyler and stood in front of him

“What do you want?” Tyler asked

“I will take you home” Rowan said

“I don’t need your help” Tyler muttered,trying to leave again

“Come on,you can’t even ask me why I’ve been skipping school?” Rowan asked

“Do I look like I care? Just f**king get lost!!” Tyler yelled

“Oh wow,I guess you are angry about something. But it’s quite late so get in,I’m stubborn you know?” Rowan smirked and Tyler groaned

When Rowan insisted,he followed him and they both entered the car

“Did something happened?” Rowan questioned when he started the car

Tyler snubbed his question,he kept on talking but Tyler ignored him.

His phone suddenly started ringing,he checked and it was Ariana calling him. He ignored the call and rest his head on the seat

“Are you seriously ignoring your girlfriend’s call?” Rowan asked

“Can you just keep quiet already?!” Tyler groaned

“Oh…okay” Rowan muttered and there was silence until he stopped in front of the house

“We are here” Rowan muttered

Tyler opened the door at once and got out before Rowan could say more.

“I should have punched him hard” Rowan scoffed and drove off.



“Are you really leaving me??” Monroe asked in tears as Savannah packed all her stuffs

Savannah ignored her and kept on packing,inwardly,she was trying hard to control her tears.

Monroe immediately hugged her from the back

“Don’t go please,don’t” she cried

Savannah pulled her off gently and faced her

“You know why I am leaving,this place is not for me” She said,touching her hair

“Then let me come with you,we can live together right? I’m your sister right? We may not have the same dad,but our mom…..”

“No,you can’t go with me baby” Savannah said and Monroe cried more loudly

“But we can hang out once in a while” Savannah said

“Promise?” Monroe asked and Savannah smiled

“Promise” She muttered and Monroe hugged her tightly

“I love you big sis” she said

“I love you too baby girl” Savannah said and broke the hug

“I need to go,it’s getting late” She said and carried her bags

Monroe also helped her with one as they left the suite.



“Thank you Henry” Teresa said when Henry stopped the car in the parking lot

They both got down from the car

“You look tired,you should take a rest” Henry said and she nodded

“Are you coming in?” She asked

“Should I?” Henry immediately asked

“If you want” Teresa muttered and started walking in,Henry followed her.

They entered and Teresa dropped her bag on the couch,she groaned and went for the kitchen.

“Bet I look ugly right now,I don’t even have time for myself.” Teresa muttered as she took a bottle of water

She turned and met Henry behind her

“You’ve not been checking the mirror?” He asked and Teresa shook her head

“You look more beautiful right now” Henry muttered and Teresa maintained eyes contacts with him

“I can’t wait for Xavier to be awake” She said,changing the topic

“Me too,maybe you will have my time then” Henry muttered and Teresa faced him

“Do we have a meeting together?” She asked and Henry smiled

“Do we….” He wrapped his arm around her waist,stopping her from speaking further.

He touched her cheek and she continue staring at his face as he started leaning closer and then their lips met. He kissed her slowly and Teresa broke the kiss

Henry looked at her

“I’m sorry” He muttered and tried moving away but Teresa held his hand

“I….” She bite her lips

“You don’t like me…not even a little?” Henry asked

“I do” Teresa muttered

“Then….Love?” He asked and Teresa kept quiet

Henry sighed and moved away from her

“Henry wait” she immediately grabbed his hand and he faced her again

“I’m sorry” she muttered

“This is not a matter of being sorry,I won’t give up. I will wait for you….till you love me,I’ve been waiting for years anyway,so this is not a new thing anymore” Henry said and Teresa cupped his face,she kissed him again and Henry reciprocated.

He pulled her closer and kissed her more deeply



Nancy was on her way out of the office when Gustavo entered

“Gus” She called excitedly and hugged him

“Oh wow,someone is so happy to see me” Gustavo smiled,wrapping his arms around her

“I missed you” Nancy said

“That’s new” Gustavo said and Nancy hit his chest

“What do you mean? I can’t miss my friend?” She asked

“Friend? Just friend? That’s sad” Gustavo sighed and Nancy blushed

“I’m here to do something” Gustavo said

“What is it?” Nancy asked

Gustavo pecked her lips

“We are in a hospital……”

“So what? This place is supposed to be a place of showing love and kiss is an act of showing love” Gustavo said and Nancy laughed

“You’re so silly” She said

Gustavo smiled and kissed her again,Nancy pushed him off

“You need to stop,you can’t do this here” She said,pushing him out

“Then where? Should I come over tonight? Or,will you come to my….”

“Shut up Gus!” Nancy yelled and Gustavo chuckled

“I love you” he suddenly said and Nancy froze

“Wha……what did….you just said?” She asked

“Nothing,see you later” Gustavo said and ran off

Nancy swallowed and touched her racing heart

“I heard him wrongly,right?” She muttered.



Oliver was the only one inside,He’s been staring at Xavier’s face since he got here.

He can now walk on his feet,even though he still has few wounds on his face. He got up from the seat and went to lean against the wall.

All of a sudden,Xavier moved and Oliver immediately rushed to him

“Xavier?” He called and Xavier’s eyes opened next

“Xavier” Oliver called again,a smile visible on his face

Xavier kept staring at him blankly

“Xavier,you’re back” Oliver said

“Who are you?” Xavier suddenly asked and Oliver’s smile died down

“Huh?” He was taken aback by the question

“Who are you?? Why do you have my face?” Xavier asked softly in his weak voice

“You don’t…. remember me?” Oliver poked his chest in a broken voice

“Am I supposed to know you?” Xavier asked and a tear dropped from Oliver’s eyes

“Doctor” he muttered,turning toward the door immediately

“Oliver” Xavier suddenly called and Oliver turned back to see Xavier smiling

“What happened?” Oliver asked

“Whoa,seeing you cry was so amazing” Xavier touched his chest,grinning and Oliver frowned

“It was a prank,of course I remember you” Xavier laughed out

Oliver exhaled loudly

“I hate you!!!” He yelled

“I love you too” Xavier smirked and continue laughing

Oliver hugged him on the bed

“Thank you for coming back” he muttered

“Get off,I can’t breathe” Xavier said and Oliver knocked his head

“Ouch!! How dare you hurt a patient?!” Xavier shouted

“I’m a patient too you idiot! You almost gave me a heart attack with your silly prank,do you wake up to become a prankster? Huh?!” Oliver shouted back

“Shut up,I couldn’t even rest properly in heaven coz of your silly cries so I came back for you and now you’re treating me this way? Should I just go back?” Xavier asked

“Don’t you dare” Oliver snapped and Xavier chuckled

The door suddenly opened

Tatiana and Jocelyn rushed in

“Xavier!!!” They both shouted and ran to hug him on the bed

“You’re finally back,I missed you” Jocelyn said and Xavier smiled

“I’m so happy,thank you for coming back” Tatiana muttered

“Hey hey hey,that’s enough” Oliver pulled Jocelyn away from Xavier while he kept on hugging Tatiana.

“Aren’t I lucky? I have my own bun butt now” Xavier said

“What the f**k is bunbutt?” Tatiana asked and Jocelyn laughed

“He’s a crazy type,trust me” She muttered and they all laughed.


To Be Continued