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Dream gilr 2 episode 17



✍️Writer’s pov✍️

The police station was a bloody mess and the injured bodies of several police men littered the floor.

The officers had brought Shanaya to the station, they thought she was weak with the way she followed them wordlessly

They had vastly underestimated Shanaya, they didn’t think a teenage girl could be so strong

Shanaya still had more plans, the few men hovered backwards in fear, only a police officer stood at a safe distance, he couldn’t bear to come closer to her, his hands were trembling even as he held the gun, he pulled the trigger and the bullet went right into her leg.

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Shanaya felt a blinding pain and the stunning realization that she wasn’t immune to a bullet, she wasn’t immortal, she couldn’t control the scream that rose to her throat, she knows what would happen if she screams, she wouldn’t be able to control the dark powers that would overwhelm her, but this time she couldn’t hold it in anymore, the pain was too much and she flinched when she saw the dark liquid the trickled down her legs, she fell down on the floor weakly, her hands clutching her leg

Her frail state propelled the officer to move closer and his mouth hanged open when he saw the dark liquid that stained the floor, it… Wasn’t blood!

Who was this girl

She raised up her head and his face became ghostly pale when he saw her eyes, it was filled with darkness, there wasnt any shade of white in it, just plain pure darkness

He hadn’t heard a sound from her since
they brought her here but as she clutched her leg, he suddenly heard her scream, the scream was so loud, so evil, he looked around him and saw no one, not even a single soul, he felt something hot trickle down between his legs and he realized he’d w€tted his shorts

Shanaya knew she had made a ‘faux pas’ a grave mistake by screaming but she couldnt bear the pain, her eyes were clouded with darkness, she couldn’t see the figure in front of her as a man, she saw him as a prey, a prey she needed to kill

Her nails grew more longer and as she dipped it into his stomach, it came out of the other side, the way his blood gushed out gave her a dark kind of satisfaction and she allowed it to trickle down her white school uniform until it became scarlet, she twisted her hands deep inside l*
stomach, the man’s screams of agony only sounded far away, so far away that she couldn’t hear it,

The only thing that echoed in her head was a voice, a voice that plagues her realities and nightmares

“all men are evil! kill them all!! Kill them all!!!! ”

” I will!!!!!”she said and brought out his intestine and she felt the moment when the life left the man’s body

Her hands scoured the intestines like a blood thirsty scavenger and she found what she was looking for, his viscera and that was what she devoured hungrily, her canines working furiously on the bloody organ, this was the exact way she killed her very own father, except her father’s death was much more worse than this.

Another eerie scream came out of her mouth and she dashed out of the police station, she had made the mistake of screaming and now a demon had been unleashed!.

She needed more blood

More people needed to die!!!

💚Erica 💚

I had an entire different conversation in mind when I agreed to follow him to the eatery

I wanted to ask him about his mother’s involvement with the police

But I was surprised that I asked another question instead

” Viktor, why did you ruin Keith and Sasha’s relationship years ago ”

I said as I took a sip of my malt, the fried rice we ordered was really delicious, I didn’t know how hungry I was until Viktor ordered a second plate and I finished it too

His brows creased into a frown as I asked the question

” Erica, what are you talking about? ”

” you spread the news at school about Keith’s father, how he used to hit his mother every single day and you made him think it was Sasha…

” wait! What? Who told you that lie ”

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I stood up from my chair, visibly enraged at the blatant lie Viktor was obviously throwing at my face

” Viktor, one thing I’m damn sure about you is that you’re good at lying!!!! You can lie for Africa!!!!!”

Even the waiters turned to stare at me

” miss please keep your voice down ”
She said and I glared at her

Viktor’s face turned sour, an helpless sigh escaped his lips

” please sit down Erica ”

” please…. ”

He added when I continued tapping my foot on the ground, I sat down reluctantly and I didn’t know why that sad look on his face affected me so much

” you have the right to believe anything you want to believe Erica, you have absolutely no reason to trust me, I’m a liar, I’ve lied to you countless times and I realized my mistakes and I stopped lying to you, I started lying for you, I would lie anyday and anytime just to get you out of trouble because I want you to forgive me, I want you to trust me one last time and let’s give a relationship between us a try, I know you don’t trust me but it shouldn’t hurt as much as it does, why does the mere fact that you don’t trust me hurt so much, I’ll always admit to my wrong doings but I can never admit to something I didn’t do, years ago I didn’t
ruin Keith and Sasha’s relationship, no matter how… No matter how much I used to want her, I could never do something like that, I don’t know who did it but it wasn’t me, I didn’t do it, but it’s alright, I realized its high time I stop chasing after you, you’re never going to trust me, you’ll always be in love with Keith Merrick because you think he’s the exact opposite of me ”

He brought out his wallet and slipped some cash on the table

” make sure you take a taxi and please be… Safe ”

He said and he made for the door, every word he spoke felt like a huge blister on my heart and deep down, even though I don’t have any reason to believe Viktor Peterson, I still do

but if Viktor isn’t the villain, who exactly is the villain? I have the sinking feeling that if he walks out of this restaurant, he would be walking out of my life for good, the thought of it made tears burn at the back of my eyes, although Keith is my real hero, Viktor is so much more, he’s so much more , why am I already feeling so miserable, was Keith right? Do I love Viktor Peterson?

” Vikky wait!!”

” what ” he said as he turned around

” I’m not in love with Keith Merrick”

He stilled in shock and I willed myself to continue

” I’m not in love with him, I’m in love with… You ”


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