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Dream girl 2 episode 10


By Tunrayo Ayerin

💜Viktor 💜

I don’t know what compelled me to follow them, maybe it was the fact that I didn’t trust my own mother enough, the words I heard were really shocking to my ears and for the first time in my life, I hate being a Peterson

“you said it yourself, it’s a rumor and it’s nothing but a rumor, your son doesn’t play football, he is the most disciplined guy at school and I think you should….

Erica said and I felt that same tightening in my chest, even though she said she hates me, she still stood up for me, I watched her receive a phone call and all the blood drained away from her face

” Erica! ”
I yelled before remembering that I am snooping on them and I’m supposed to keep myself hidden

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” Viktor? ”
Mom questioned me sharply, her eyes glazing with anger but right now I don’t care

” Erica what’s wrong with you ”
I said as soon as I could hold her dainty little hands, at times I wonder how she could deliver heavy blows with those hands

” I’m dead….

That was the only thing she said before she started shaking like a leaf that was blown by the wind, ” mom I’m highly disappointed in you ” I said and mom walks away with a huff ” you’re an ungrateful bastard, Viktor ”

” Erica please talk to me, what’s going on ”
I barely asked when she lands me a slap and I winced

” is it not your fault! Look at what you’ve caused, I was telling you that I’m not going anywhere with you but you weren’t listening, now look at what you’ve caused, I’m dead! I’m just… dead…

I hated the sadness in her eyes

” Erica please talk to me, what’s going on ” I said while rubbing my palms on my left cheek

” my mom called and she said I shouldnt bother coming home and I’m sure you know what it means, it means I’m doomed, I’m finished….

” relax, give me her number, let me speak with her…

” so you want to add insult to injury right? ”

” just trust me this once okay ”

After series of argument, I collected her mom’s number and dialed it with my phone, I coughed a few times to make my voice deeper

” hello, if I’m to confirm, is this Mrs Jemimah Oladimeji” I asked gruffly

” yes, who am I speaking with?”
Came the slightly agitated reply

” it’s Mr Jones, one of the teachers at state high school, we organized a rally today and during the rally we met your daughter on the way, we convinced her to join us and she did but just now she received a call from you and she said you’re going to kill her, you need to know that caning is prohibited in our school and there was a day we discovered scars on your daughter’s body and we had to cover up for her when the inspectors arrived, we wouldn’t want you to implicate our school simply because you want to punish your child and if you’re not okay with our rules, you can withdraw your daughter from our school”

” I’m sorry sir, please tell her to come home, I was only joking with her ”

” she wouldn’t be able to make it home until the next three hours and we’re sorry for not informing you on time that’s why it resulted into this confusion”

I ended with finality

” she isn’t going to hurt you, at least not physically ” I said and Erica sighed with relief

” Vikky… thank you..

” it’s alright, I was responsible for the mess and it’s only fair if I clean it up, by the way there’s one more place I need you to go with me ”

Her eyes widened in alarm

” I need to go to Sasha’s house, I need to practice for the competition!!!!!”

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I was confused

” what competition is going on in the school that I don’t know about? ”

” it’s the dream girl competition ”

I chuckled, obviously it has to be a joke

” it’s a good thing my parents have hospitals, if you’re injured, we’ll give you free treatments ” I said with a wink

” Viktor I’m not joking!, I need to get to Sasha’s house

💚Erica 💚

I saw the concern in his eyes immediately I told him I am serious

He told me he doesn’t want me to be in danger that I should quit but I’ve made up my mind and nothing can change it

” Erica, thank you…

” for what? ”

I was compelled to ask

” for covering up for me in front of my mom, I know you said you hate me but deep down I know you don’t ”

” I hate you Viktor Peterson and I’ll never forgive you for lying to me ”
I averted my gaze from his eyes, away from his deep chocolate brown eyes, I could get lost just by staring into his troubled eyes, it was like my words were a contrast to my feelings,
No matter how much I lied to myself, I know I don’t hate Viktor Peterson.

” you should change your clothes in the restroom
He said and I did as he instructed, as beautiful as the gown was, I was much more comfortable wearing my ripped jean and jean jacket

I felt a slight tremor as his hand slid into my white camisole, his fingers rested a bit above my [email protected] and I slapped his hand away angrily

” get your filthy hands off me, you pervert”

” Erica wait I…

I yelled before storming away, I need to be away from Viktor Peterson, away from the confusing emotions he rose up in me

I got to Sasha’s house with my mind swirling with thoughts, despite my protests, Viktor’s driver had brought me here

I met them in the middle of training

” oh my God, Erica you’re here, I thought you wouldn’t be able to make it so we’ve started training without you, we’ve picked a song, level up by Ciara but if it’s not okay we can change it”
Sasha said

” no it’s fine, you’re all doing well”

I said while winking at Tori who breathed heavily like she was going to collapse any minute

Shanaya’s scarf was on the floor and she bends down to pick it up

” wow, I love what you did to your hair it’s so curly and I’m actually seeing you wearing makeup for the first time, you look so beautiful”

Tori complimented, I wondered what she would have said if she had seen me wearing the gown

I joined them with the training and Tori started complaining that we’re making her start all over again

” Erica you don’t have to get carried away, I told you to fold your hands into a punch and not start punching things!!

Sasha yelled at me again

Gosh! I had no idea training is as hard as this.

After training, we all collapsed on the tiled floor, Sasha’s butler served us snacks and I drank the cold bottle water greedily

” the mean girls just uploaded a video ”
Tori announced and we watch a short video of thier dance practice, it was like a slap to our faces, all the trainings we’ve been doing was like trash compared to this one, just one video and our morale was already crashing down, I couldn’t stop having a bad feeling about what Emerald’s mom said

” girls, let’s face the truth, there’s no way we’re going to win against this girls ” Tori said

” I think this is just a sign that we need to train more, everyone! On your feet, one! two!! three!! Level up! level up!! level up!!!” I said

“Oh no, I think I’m going to need a wheelchair to wheel me home today, my bones are aching, I need to rest ”
Tori whined

” Sasha I need to get something down the street ”
Sasha’s little sister said

” alright Cara, don’t stay long”


I met mom in the compound, she was seated on the stool and a tantalizing plate of rice, decorated with plantain was in her hands, she was seething with suppressed rage, she raised up her hand to slap me but withheld it at the last second

” I’m sure you’ve eaten from wherever you’re coming from ”

She said and my stomach made a funny sound
The truth is that I am hungry, I didn’t wait to eat at the party, tears of fustration burned at the back of my eyes

” as you’re walking inside, make sure you come outside with a different cloth so you can go and pack sawdust for the chicken’s poultry ”

I knew there was no point in arguing with her, my legs were aching, honestly I don’t blame Tori, I had no idea that it was so hard to learn how to dance

I took off my clothes in a hurry, I pulled off my camisole and I saw something fall from it, it was a tiny slip of paper and I open it to find a thousand naira note folded neatly in it, I realized there was something written on the slip of paper

‘I’m sorry I wanted to give you more but I didn’t know what your reaction would be so I had to do it this way.

I hope one day you’ll realize how much I care about you and you would forgive me
# vikky cares #


It wasn’t even about the money, it was about the gesture

I closed my eyes, unwilling to believe what was staring right at my face, what had always been staring at my face, Viktor Peterson had planned everything to the tiniest detail, so while I thought he was touching me… He was… He was… Doing… This.. He had stopped my mom from beating me, even if it will only last until the holidays, there’s a difference

Viktor ….i want to hate you… But…. I…. Can’t

🖤Keith 🖤

I stared at the miniature version of Sasha, although they have different complexion, their facial structure is the same

” please KK, you need to help me model a ball ”
She whined in her little girly voice

Cara calls me KK, I was so shocked when she came knocking on our door and she asked me to come to her house and help her with the ball they were asked to model at school

” ask your sister to help you ”
I said and she rolled her eyes expressively

” Duh! Sasha.. Obviouuuuslyyy can’t model a ball ”

” please KK… Help me model a ball, I’ve got my paper, scissors, glue, water color, ….

” alright where is it ”

” it’s.. Uh …i didn’t want.. Sasha to.. Uh know I was coming here so I.. Uh had to come without it, please KK you have to come over to the house and help me with it ”

” Cara you mean you sneaked out of the house without telling your sister, you’re still a little girl for crying out loud ”

” I’m eight and mom said at my age some people were already married”

She said with a wink as she stared into my eyes for the slightest change in my facial expression, if I was a bit shaken, I didn’t show it, I don’t want to see Sasha, I had the feeling that the more I see her, the more the buried feelings will keep ressurecting and Erica’s words were ringing in my ears with clarity

“Keith uh, now that the truth is out, do you think we should take off from where we left ”

” KK, did you happen to know the kids around my age that got married that mom was talking about ”
Cara said, interrupting my thoughts

” I don’t know them ” I lied swiftly

I took Cara home not because I wanted to but I couldn’t bare to allow her come home on her own

” thank you KK, let me go and get my materials from my room so you can help me make a ball ”

Cara said and dashed upstairs with the giddy energy of an eight year old

Sasha walked into the parlor and as I stared at her it felt like I couldn’t breathe, dressed in a bright yellow tank top and micro jeans, she looked fvcking hot, I couldn’t stop staring at her, she is my lily, my bright yellow lily that had brought light into my life,

I had always asked myself, “why was it so hard for me to move on”

I didn’t know I had said it aloud until she spoke

” that’s because we’re married Keith ”


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