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Dream girl 2 episode 11



✍️Writer’s pov ✍️

” that’s because we’re married Keith ”
Sasha said and the memories washed over Keith Merrick.

How could he ever forget that he was married to Sasha Grey.

It was years ago, he was barely seven and he and Sasha were inseparable, there was one bachelor in Sasha’s street that always calls Sasha his wife and everytime he did, it annoyed the heck out of little Keith Merrick.

Keith and his mom were seated at the parlor, watching a nollywood movie, Keith knew how to predict most nollywood movies, the poor guy always get married to the princess in the end, Keith loved the poor guy, he was a funny character, he always made the princess laugh and everyone one else watching the movie, then all of a sudden, a new character was introduced to the movie, a frickin rich but heartless prince, he started making advances at the princess but Keith didn’t really give much thought to him but what was really shocking to him was that at the end of the movie, the princess ended up with the heartless prince.

” mummy this film is nonsense” Keith said furiously, all his anger was directed at the TV screen as if he should break the screen

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” it’s not nonsense ”
Mrs Merrick said with an amused smile

” mummy it’s nonsense, how can this thing happen, how can that guy steal kofi’s wife ”

( kofi was the poor funny guy that truly loved the princess)

” Keith, the princess isn’t Kofi’s wife, he hasn’t married her”

” what! you mean that’s why the prince took her away from him ”

” yes ” Mrs Merrick said calmly.

This was the most upsetting issue to Keith, it means that the bachelor that always calls Sasha his wife would someday take her away from him but he was determined to never let it happen.

Marriage wasn’t something he liked at all, even at his tender age, he had been exposed to the extreme brutality and violence that accompanied his parents marriage, no! He didn’t like marriage at all.

But no matter how painful it is, he was determined to do it, because a girl like Sasha Grey is a girl that’s worth keeping forever

” mummy, how is a wedding done? ”

Mrs Merrick couldn’t find anything wrong with Keith’s innocent question so she explained how a proper wedding should be held in a church, without leaving out a single detail.

Keith gasped at the enormous things that his mother said, how was he going to get a pastor to join them together?, how was he going to get a ring? 💍, how was he going to get thier wedding outfits?, the suit he wore for his graduation party in nursery two still fits but since it’s a wedding, it obviously had to be something special.

The thought plagued him day and night, he thought about getting Sasha a
plastic ring that was on a popular candy at one of the candy stores since it was the vogue in school but he knew Sasha deserved better, so he tiptoed carefully into his mother’s room and stole his great grandmother’s ring that was passed down from generations to generations

Keith didn’t know the value of the glittering diamond ring that he held in his hands, all he knew was that it was a beautiful ring for an even more beautiful girl.

He had the ring but there were a lot of things he still needed

The opportunity presented itself at mid March, one of his aunts wanted to do a church wedding and Keith was going to be the ring bearer, he got a new suit!, unfortunately, the flower girl fell sick two days to the wedding and they needed an impromptu flower girl, Keith was proud to announce the most beautiful flower girl, Sasha Grey

It seemed that God really favored this union with the way everything was falling into place, he had the ring already, they had the new wedding outfits, they were going to be in a church, the only thing remaining was the pastor.

During the wedding, he managed to convince the pastor’s ten year old son to agree to their audacious request

In a nutshell, they did their wedding, in their own little world in the church, taking thier wedding vows solemnly and meaning every single word

” do you , Keith Merrick, take Sasha Grey to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, in poverty and riches till death do you part”

Matthew the pastor’s son said

” I do”

Keith said with solemnity, staring into the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen, everyone looked at them and saw three crazy kids that were simply acting what happened at the wedding, they didn’t see the commitment or the purest kind of love that had triggered those actions

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” do you, Sasha Grey take Keith Merrick to be your lawfully wedded husband…….

” yes …I do ”
Sasha said with tears cascading down her face, even at her tender age, she had seen the brutality in the Merricks home and she knew how much it affected Keith’s life, the fact that he was willing to do everything for her made her want to reach out to him and tell him everything is going to be okay

And so she did, she touched his cheek, her eyes swimming with tears, it broke Keith’s heart to see those tears on her face and he cleaned them with his thumb

A photographer captured the image from afar, it was simply the most adorable picture he had ever took that day

” what’s wrong… Sash..why are you crying, don’t you want to marry me ”
Keith said

Sasha shook her head rebelliously, smiling through her tears

” it’s because I’m sooo happy…. but you’re not going to leave me for another girl in school right? ”

” yes I won’t and if that bachelor calls you his wife again, what will you tell him ”

” I’ll text him that I’m already married to the most finest guy in the uni um univa um the most finest guy in the world ”

Sasha said with a chuckle, Keith went down on one knee, the way he saw the heartless prince do in the movie and slipped the ring on her finger, the ring was too big, even for her thumb but it didn’t matter, all that matters is that she’s now his and no bachelor was going to take her away from him.

” I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride ”
Matthew said.

They moved closer to each other, thier mouth barely inches from touching when both thier mothers busted into the church and the rest is.. History

💛Sasha 💛

Memories like that were memories that can never be forgotten.

But the look on Keith’s face told me otherwise

” why … why did you bring it up… Sasha … ..
He groaned harshly and i instantly felt bad

” you looked like you were carrying the weight of the whole world on your shoulders and I wanted to make you smile, do you remember how out parents caught us and your mom gave us a two hours lecture about s£xual education, I almost made up my mind that I wasn’t going to kiss anyone in my life ”

I said and I was happy when he smiled

” they tried to separate us and we spent our supposed honeymoon in our homes, grounded for two weeks ”
He said with a grin

It was Keith’s mom that had taught me all I need to know about s£xual education, my mom travelled out right after that incident, it was just a pity that her advice became a blur in my mind as I grew older.

Even while we were grounded, I had pretended to fall sick and I was admitted to a hospital, when Keith heard I was sick, he too pretended to be sick and he was admitted in the same hospital

Nothing could separate us then but now….

I wish we could go back to being kids, there was no greater love than the love that I and Keith had for each other

” my great grandmothers ring, do you still have it” Keith said and tears burned at the back of my eyes, what was I thinking! He would obviously want to collect the ring for his future wife
I had kept that ring, it’s my treasure, hoping that one day, Keith Merrick would hear me out and everything will miraculously go back to normal but I was wrong

Nothing can ever be normal but it really shouldn’t matter, Mr Rogers had said when we give up on love, that’s when love finds us

But damn! It hurts

I sniffled soundlessly ” I still have the ring, I had the feeling that you would want it back, in fact I’ll go and bring it ….

I was surprised when he interrupted and pulled me back by my arm

” I’m glad you kept it, I really don’t want
It back, what I want is…..

I waited for him to say what’s on his mind, my heart almost leaping right out of my chest
But I steeled my heart, with Keith, the only thing I was sure to get is heartbreak

” what I want is……you ”

And the tears I was trying to hold back came flooding my face

No! I don’t want to believe it


What do you think about Keith and Sasha’s wedding, do you think it deserves to be called real wedding or not

Do you think that it had a spiritual impact on thier lives


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