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Dream girl 2 Episode 12


By Tunrayo Ayerin


” what I want is… You ”
Keith said and tears flooded my eyes, no I didn’t want to believe it, he pulled me closer to his chest and cleaned my tears with his thumb, the look on his face only intensified my tears, he was looking at me like …like… like… no one else matters… like… Like….. Like a girl named Erica doesn’t even exist

” why are you crying Sash, don’t you want me ”

” I’m crying because….I’m sooooo happy…. ” I said while sniffling, it sounded just like the words we said during our fantasy wedding years ago, it was almost surreal

” do you really…want me ….Keith….. do you really… not mind… The….stuffs… I’ve done… At school…. Don’t… Don’t you like Erica… Anymore…

He went silent for a long time, just patting my back without saying a word that I was afraid he was going to tell me that it was just one big prank, I don’t know if I could probably survive it if he tells me it’s just a prank

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” I will always love Erica, Sasha …I
He said and I waited for him to add the fact that it’s just a prank

” I will always love her, that’s one fact we have to accept, but seeing you today has made me realize something, it has made me realize how much I was trying not to fall for you because it’s so easy, it’s so easy to look into your deep brown eyes and fall madly in love with you, when I look into your eyes, Sasha, I don’t see the girl you’ve become, I see the innocent girl you once were, I don’t know if I’m blinded by love or not but I believe you’ve changed Sasha Grey and I believe that our love is a kind of love that should last forever ”

The tears rolled down my face and not even his thumb could stop them, deep down I know I don’t deserve Keith Merrick.

I…… Wish….. I…… Wish I was still the innocent girl he once knew
Oh Keith! I wish you knew all the things I’ve done, but no matter all the things I’ve done, there’s only one guy I’ve ever loved and it’s Keith Merrick.

promise me Keith… Promise me that a time wouldn’t come that you’ll change your mind and dump me for Erica ” his face was solemn as he spoke ” I would never do that to you ”
And the next thing I knew his mouth came crashing down on mine and I sighed helplessly into his mouth.

🖤Keith 🖤

There was nothing stopping me from getting Erica this time around, she is all mine but I felt this insane uncertainty when she asked if we could continue from where we left off, something hadn’t felt right and I couldn’t help wondering why

Was it because of the silly wedding we did years ago, did it have the power to bring us together, looking at Sasha’s teary face, I know I’ve made a good decision, I couldn’t help placing my lips on hers, it was supposed to be an innocent kiss but I couldn’t help it, she tasted like cherries and her salty tears made it more addicting, she wrapped her arms around my neck, her n!poles poking me underneath the flimsy tank top she was putting on , my hands roamed over her body until I heard the loud coughing sounds

” woooow! ”
Little Cara said with a widening of her eyeballs

I and Sasha disentangled immediately and Sasha flushed guiltily under her sister’s scrutiny.

” did I interrupt anything? ”
Cara said mischeviously and started walking away with a giggle

” Cara!! Come back here ”
I said

” I didn’t bring you here to kiss my sister, KK ” she said while glaring at me
and Sasha only flushed the more, it was kinda cute to see Cara playing the role of the protective little sister.

” I’m sorry about that Cara, I promise I won’t kiss your sister anymore ”

‘ at least not in your presence’

I muttered under my breath when I saw the downcast expression on Sasha’s face

” so where are the materials you went in to bring, let’s get to work and model the ball ”

It was Cara’s turn to flush guiltily, her porcelain white skin flushed red, she stammered awkwardly

” Cara! Don’t tell me you weren’t even asked to model a ball ”

” um ye… I mean …no ”

” so why did you bring me here ”
I asked while Sasha just looked at us in confusion

” wait a minute! You mean Cara came to your house and brought you here to help her model a ball, but Cara you told me you wanted to get something down the street ”

” I lied, I know it’s really wrong of me but I ….i wanted you and KK together, I wanted him to come over just like he used to do before… He was like a big brother to me and I really miss how he used to come over, it hurts knowing that he stopped coming over because of what happened between you guys

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I and Sasha stared at each other, too dumbfounded to form a word

” I um I need to start going home ”
I said

” I’ll see you off ”

Sasha said and we headed to the door

” KK!! ”

I turned back to face Cara and she made a bunny face at me

” are you going to start coming over now?”

What reason would I have not to come over?

” yeah sure”

She hugged me tightly, pressing her little body against mine

” thank you KK ”

💛Sasha 💛

We walked out of the gate, and all of a sudden, he linked my hands with his

I smiled warmly at him, Keith isn’t really the overly romantic type but it doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters that I’m with him

” I’m sorry for all the stuffs I’ve said earlier, feel free to come to our house, it makes my mom happy ”

Keith said and I smiled

I couldn’t help having the feeling that I’m being followed

” Keith don’t you think someone is following us ”

” I felt it too but I’m not really sure ”

I decided to shrug it off and as soon as I got home, I slipped the diamond ring on my finger, years ago, it didnt fit but this time, it fitted perfectly

Indeed when we give up on love, that’s when love finds us.

Writer’s pov

She watched the two of them as they walked out of the gate, the two of them looking so damn cute together, it’s just a pity that the girl wouldn’t remain cute forever

She just came here to confirm the address, one by one, they will bring down those girls

💚Erica 💚

It was Monday morning again

The weekend had been one hell of a training, training that made my muscles ache

I was surprised to see Keith coming out of Sasha’s car

Keith? Sasha?

They smiled at each other and there was this aura surrounding them that made me want to face my worse assumptions

He saw me and the smile on his face slowly morphed into a worried look

He muttered something to Sasha and approached me

” hey Erica! ”

” hi Keith ”

” do you mind if we could go somewhere to talk ”

I had the idea that whatever he was going to tell me, I wasn’t going to like it but I nodded anyway

” so, what did you want to tell me ”

I said immediately we got out of earshot

” um, first of all, you know I really care about you right ”

I steeled my heart and waited for him to get straight to the point

” of course, I know, so? ”

” I don’t really know how to say it without making you feel bad, I know you want us to be together and I…

” you’re dating Sasha, is that what you wanted to tell me ”

I waited for him to say I was wrong but he only nodded glumly

It stung

I was hurt because he chose her over me

” he doesn’t suit you Erica, you and I know it, deep down you know it’s true even though you don’t want to admit it, that guy can’t cope with your craziness, he doesn’t understand you the way I do, you’ll be making a great mistake by dating him”

Viktor’s words rang distinctively in my ears

, without thinking about it twice, I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, his eyes widened in surprise, I didn’t allow him to react before I crashed my lips against his


Can somebody tell me what wahala is like again because I’ve forgotten

But na wahala for who don enter wahala sha?

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