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Dream girl 2 episode 13



💚Erica 💚

Even all the warning signs in my head didn’t stop me from doing it, what if I get mightily dissapointed?, what if I find out the bitter truth?, I wrapped my arms around his neck, his eyes widened in surprise and without thinking about it twice, I didn’t allow him to react before I crashed my lips against his, the moment my lips came into contact with his, I knew it… What I didn’t want to admit, I broke contact with him and carefully disentangled my arms from his neck

” damn it! Why did you do it Erica ”

” I’m sorry Keith… I ..I had to know I had to stop being confused, do you think I like the way my life keeps revolving around two guys!!! ”

My voice went higher than I wanted it to
He placed both hands on my shoulders and the expression on his face didn’t change a bit, his deep black eyes were staring deep into mine and it made me feel uneasy

” calm down! Take a deep breath, relax!! ”

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I tried to take a deep breath, I was barely sucking in air to my lungs when he asked again

” why did you do it, Erica, I told you I’m already dating Sasha ”

Couldn’t he spare me the interrogation

” do you really want to know why? ”

I asked and he nodded

” I wanted to know how kissing you would be like ….and it’s.. It’s wrong… You and I… We’re wrong….

He doesn’t taste like my favorite bubble gum, damn! He doesn’t even ..

” I felt it too… ”

He said with a shrug and I felt this hurtful sting but above all, I felt this immense relief,

” could we just keep this between us, I mean we don’t have to tell anyone right? ”

” sure ”

” about Sasha, um I just don’t… ”

” you’re thinking I’m making a bad decision by dating the baddest bitch in State high, aren’t you ”

Does he have to be so blunt

” not in those exact words, I mean! Remember what happened na!! ”

Deep down, I don’t really want Sasha for Keith, the girl is a goddamn schemer, no matter how many times she tells me she has changed, I just can’t stop having my doubts about her.

” she has changed, Erica and I’m willing to believe it because I love her, when you love someone you’ll be willing to overlook all the bad stuffs about them ”

Why do I feel like.. Like those words were applying to me

” I just pray you guys relationship wouldn’t end in tears”

” it wouldn’t, if not for that demon named Viktor Peterson, then nothing would have tore us apart”

My head snapped up immediately

” pardon? ”

” I thought Sasha schemed against me but all along it was Viktor, that was why I used to hate Sasha Grey ”

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Viktor again!
Why must his name be mentioned in the most undesirable of places?
What does he have to gain by causing a rift between Keith and Sasha?

Just when I was finally starting to forgive Viktor Peterson and I’m faced with this…

” why does Viktor keep doing this to me… ”
I groaned miserably

” you love him! ”

Keith said incredulously and I felt like punching him

” you’re insane, how can I love someone like Viktor? ”

” but it’s written all over your face, I think that’s the reason why the two of us were wrong, because our feelings have always been mixed, when I found out that Viktor was responsible for what happened years ago, my first reaction was to kill him but I realized that we were just kids and it would be immature to dwell on something that happened years ago so I had to let go, I wouldn’t really say I like the idea of you being with Viktor Peterson, I’ll always remember what he did but if he’s sincere and he makes you happy then I’ll advice you to go for it”

Unfortunately the theory of letting go of what happened to the past doesn’t doesn’t apply to me
Viktor Peterson has a lot of explanations to do
But do I really love Viktor Peterson
No! I just…. Don’t hate him

I hugged Keith and this time it didn’t feel wrong, it felt natural, just like a hug between two good friends

” thanks a lot Keith, you’ll always be my real hero ”

” and you’ll always be my crazy friend, like seriously I saw that guy’s head and it further convinced me that he has suffered enough, I just pray you don’t kill him with your craziness ”

I grinned broadly, although it took me so long to find it, I finally have my clarity

It’s time to show Viktor Peterson a whole bunch of craziness

I almost bumped into Sasha, I opened my mouth to apologize but I decided against it, she was the one blocking my path like a log of wood

” Keith told me you guys have talked”
She said a bit too cheerfully

” and so?, I think I made myself clear when I said the competition is the only thing that binds us together ”
I couldn’t keep the annoyance out of my voice, does she want to rub it in my face that Keith chose her over me

” Erica please stop…, stop holding my past against me, it hurts more than you think , I only wanted to ask you how you feel, I know Keith said he loves me but deep down there’s still this insecurity that I feel, I have this huge fear that one day he’s going to dump me for you ”

Tears started to form in Sasha’s face and I felt bad, Tori pulled her into a hug

” Erica, Sasha is right, you should forgive her completely, this hostility isn’t going to help us as a team ”
Tori said.

” I’m sorry Sasha, please don’t cry, I and Keith aren’t meant to be together so you don’t have to worry about him dumping you for him

She stared at me in surprise and sighed in relief

” thank you Erica ”

” don’t thank me yet because if you hurt that guy, I will personally make you cry”

This time I didn’t resist when she hugged me tightly

” I can’t hurt him Erica, I can never, ever hurt him ” she said fiercely

I allowed myself to believe her, Tori was right, the hostility wouldn’t help us as a team, I looked around for Viktor when the school closed but I was told he was busy with football practice.

” come on girls! Let’s go shopping for our dance outfit, all bills are on me ”

Sasha said happily and we all packed ourselves into her Car, we spent more than an hour in the car as touts and police officers were collecting money at various checkpoints

And finally we got to our destination, a very grand boutique ‘CHANELLE’

” this place is my favorite, the clothes here are 👌wonderful ”

Sasha said while Shanaya just had a blank stare on her face

I must confess, this place is really big, we shopped together so we wouldn’t lose each other.

💛Sasha 💛

Words couldn’t express the immense relief I feel when Erica forgived me completely.

It’s been a long time I’ve been to CHANELLE

but I must confess, shopping with this girls is really frustrating

I selected a turquoise blue tank top after making sure it had up to four pairs, I picked one up and gave it to Shanaya, I can tell it would fit her if she tries it on

” Shanaya check this top out ”
She glared at me and shakes her head vehemently

She used her hands to describe something long and flowy.

” Shanaya please don’t tell me you want to wear a Saree for the auditions ”
I asked and she nodded

Oh no!

I noticed Tori’s muscles tensed up instantly as she looked ahead, I followed her gaze and saw what, or rather who she was staring at

One of the mean girls are here, one by one , all of them raised thier ugly heads and approached us with a wide smile on their faces

Is it a coincidence or they actually found out that we will be here, I felt a cold shiver as the albino girl smiled at Shanaya, it was a wicked smile, a smile that was laced with so much hatred


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