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Dream girl 2 episode 15



💚Erica 💚

One look at the tall hefty bouncers at the entrance of the boutique makes me know we can’t do anything funny here

So I, Sasha and Shanaya dragged a crying Niniola and Emerald to the other side of the road.

” young girls, why are you guys fighting,
don’t fight ”
A middle aged man said, he must have the way we were dragging the girls and decided to be a good Samaritan

Except he only chose the wrong fight to interfere with, he held Shanaya’s hand and tried to free Niniola from her grip,

” ah daddy!!!! ”

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Shanaya shove him backwards and he landed on the expressway, he was almost crushed by an incoming vehicle but he managed to crawl out of the way

Blood of Zechariah!, did the man break his back

I can’t worry about that now, I’ll worry about it later

People gathered around to watch us but no one made an attempt to separate us again

I roll up the sleeves of my shirt, no that isn’t okay enough, I took off my school shirt and it revealed the blue top I wore underneath it

Now! It’s time for action, if I must confess this syringe looks really creepy, even Sasha was scared to touch it

Blood trickled down Niniola’s face as Shanaya’s long finger nails digs into her skin

I slap her on the face and I hear the cracking sounds of my hands, damn it, I wasted so much energy

My eyes scanned the place, maybe I can find a plank or something, I find a medium size plank, it even has nails in it

Sasha brought out her phone and started doing a video recording

” it’s not complete when the world doesn’t hear about it, baby girl 😉”

She said with a wink and I realized how much I have missed this, how much I have missed us

Emerald and Niniola’s eyes bulged out at the sight of the plank, if they were crying before, this time around they’re rolling on the floor helplessly

” please don’t beat me, I don’t know anything about it, ah! It’s Niniola’s idea, I warned her not to inject her but she
didn’t listen to me, please let me go…. ”

Emerald pleaded, her nose was running
And her eyes were swollen from too much crying

Inside life!!
Was she not the one shouting that this girl is my best friend, a while ago
I guess punishment can make someone deny anybody

” haaa! Emmie! Why are you doing this to me!! You should be pleading with her not to hurt me and not saying this…please Shanaya… Please let me go, the syringe doesn’t contain anything harmful, it’s only a prank, it’s ribena I put there ”

So she thinks I’m stupid abi?
Although the thing looks a bit like Ribena, I’m hundred percent sure it isn’t ribena

” Ribena indeed! ”
Sasha said with a smirk

” since its Ribena, why didn’t you allow me to test it in your body na, I was even afraid it was something dangerous but now that you’ve told me its ribena, I’ll inject you with it, you know Ribena is an energy drink so its good for the body, you will need the energy to sustain you for the next round of beating ”
I picked up the syringe and brought it to her already bleeding face, Shanaya wasn’t even holding back at all

” please!!!!! I’m sorry!!!! It’s not ribena !!!! It’s deadly chemicals and other things I don’t know about!!!!!! Please!!!!!! ”

And without thinking twice, I stuck the syringe into her skin, she screamed in pain and removed it before the liquid could enter her skin and she threw it into the deep gutter by the side of the road

There’s no way I can stick my hand into that gutter, it’s the kinds of gutters that were covered with metal and the space between it will barely accommodate my hand.

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It means the only evidence I have against this girls is gone

The thought of it almost drove me mad, and when I’m mad, there’s only one thing I do

” Shanaya, let’s make this girls unrecognizable, let’s remodel them that even if thier parents sees them, they wouldn’t be able to recognize them, let’s give them mad designs!!! ”

I and Shanaya rained beatings on them and the only thing I heard was thier screams and cries rising higher and higher, I didn’t even notice that life was gradually seeping out of Emerald’s body, the only thing that consumed me was rage, rage because of what these girls intended to do to Shanaya

💗Tori 💗

I and Aminat talked about a lot of things, she is not really an extrovert, she’s an introvert like me but she seemed to have taken a liking to me

At first I had my fears about her, I would have been shaking in my boots if one of the mean girls decided to talk to me, but talking to Aminat right now makes me believe her that she’s different from the rest of her friends.

I pondered about the things she said, does my opinion in the team matter at all

I have never doubted things like that before but now I’m starting to, little by little

The moment we stepped into the regular stores, I knew something was wrong, I couldn’t find any traces of Erica, Sasha and Shanaya, I couldn’t find the rest of the mean girls too, what if those girls had actually hurts my friends

I and Aminat raced out of the boutique and Aminat muttered something about skinning those girls alive for leaving her there

We got out of the boutique and there was still no sign of them, but I looked in the opposite direction and I got the shock of my life

If not for the clothes they were putting on, I wouldn’t have recognized Emerald and Niniola, Erica and Shanaya were beating them really bad while Sasha was just busy recording the whole scene

” damn it!! Those bastards are going to kill her, they don’t know anything about her condition!!! ” Aminat growled

” my friends aren’t bastards and I’m sure your so called friends must have done something to warrant it, my friends doesn’t go around hurting people unnecessarily ”

” Victoria!! In exactly thirty minutes, Emerald is going to die, you have to save her, think about it, if she dies, your friends would spend the rest of thier lives in jail, do you want that to happen to them!!!!, think about it Tori? You will not just be helping my friends, you’ll be helping your friends too, please Tori !!”

No I can’t allow my friends to go to jail

There’s only one thing I need to do

💜Viktor 💜

I was seated in my room, the relationship between I and mom had turned sour after her birthday, the errand boy had followed her instructions and burned every single painting materials in my room and he even went as far as burning all the paintings I’ve ever made, the paintings I spend more than five days in making, painting is not just a pastime to me, it is so much more than that, it is the only way I let my feelings out, by painting then, my greatest obsession and my greatest desire is brought to life with my painting.

There’s only one painting I have left, Sasha Grey, I had hidden it in my wardrobe, I made a mental note to burn it too, it feels wrong to keep it now

I was deliberating over it when mom enters with a frantic expression

” Viktor! There is fire on the mountain!!”

” what is it ”

I said without keeping the annoyance out of my voice

” switch on the television in your room, take it to four 0′ clock news, some wicked people wants to kill your cousin oh ”

As much as I hate that girl, she’s still my family

” first take my phone and call the Dpo of police, those girls that did this to her, they are sleeping in jail this night”

I dialed the DPO’s number and mom speaks with him

📱hello DPO

📲 yes, Mrs Peterson, how may I help you

📱it’s my niece again oh, this time around she is really in trouble!!

📲 Mrs Peterson, remember I told you the last time to control this your niece, the last time we helped her, it was obvious that she’s the one at fault, we can’t continue breaking the law for you just because of your influence

📱(smiles) DPO!! DPO!! how much do you need, name the amount and I’ll double it

📲 you should have said this from the beginning, I wouldn’t have said those long speeches, just give me five million naira

📱 I’ll make it ten, you need to tell your boys to make it there very fast, and please I want those girls arrested, tell them to go there prepared because one of those girls seems like a witch to
me, they’re at Lagos Ibadan express way, opposite chanelle boutique

📲 consider the job done Mrs Peterson, those girls are staying in our custody tonight

I switched on the television with a yawn ,
I’m really feeling sleepy
I’m not even concerned about Emerald a bit, that girl just takes pleasure in doing dangerous things

But the images on the screen makes the sleep clear away from my eyes, displayed on the screen were the girls I know very well


Erica, Erica!! Is there!!!
Jesus, they’re going to arrest her
Seeing the Indian girl there gives me a little kind of relief but I know they’re still going to be arrested, all it takes is tear gas and handcuffs and they will become powerless

” Viktor! I didn’t even see her before, so that stupid girl you brought to my party the other day had the guts to beat my precious niece….

I stormed out of my room

” mark!! Mark!!! Get the car out now!!!! ”
I yelled at the driver

Hoping it’s not too late to get to Erica.


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