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Dream girl 2 episode 14



✔️Writer’s pov ✔️

One by one, the mean girls stepped out of thier cars, with thier driver holding the door as they came out, they were three cars in total, Emerald walked out of Niniola’s car while Aminat dangled the keys to Emerald’s car that now belongs to her.

Monica stepped out of her car, it was dark, just like her skin color, just like her heart, she put on a pair of dark sunglasses and walked majestically into the boutique with the girls following behind

They had the dumb girls under surveillance, they knew thier every move and Sasha’s car, a bright red Ferrari, wasn’t that hard to trace, she had specially informed them not to cause a fight, it wasn’t time for it now, they were simply here to show off.

They approached the girls with bright smiles on their faces and Monica’s eyes darkened when she saw the loud mouthed Erica

Monica knew how to hide her feelings very well, it was something she had and Erica didn’t

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” hi Erica!! I didn’t even know I was going to see you guys here ”
Monica said cheerfully while Erica only glared at her and continued assessing the clothes she was looking at.

” Tori, try this blue top I’m sure it’s going to look good on you”

Erica said, she was so pissed off by seeing this mean girls, just seeing thier faces made her remember Faustina, poor Faustina whose legs and dreams was shattered, poor Faustina who finally took her own life, and this stupid Monica had the guts to talk to her! She felt like breaking her legs right now but she decided against it, there will be plenty opportunity for that

” Erica, I don’t think it’s such a good idea… If I wear it, my stomach will be showing and it will be tight , it will not look good on me at all ”

Tori whined, she didn’t like the clothes at all, the others could look really good in it, but not her, she hated her body

” but Tori, we’re a team and this is a team outfit so you have to wear it ”
Erica said

” yeah Tori, Erica is right, you guys have to wear it ” Sasha added and Shanaya only glared at Erica and Sasha, why couldn’t they allow her to wear her bright colorful sarees, why couldn’t they allow her to be weird

” hi Tori, they are clothes like this in the VIP section and I’m sure you would like to check them out, you might actually find the ones you like there ”

Aminat said

Tori sighed in relief and without thinking twice she followed a smiling Aminat to the VIP section, she ignored Erica and Sasha as they gave her signs with thier eyes not to follow her but Tori was desperate, she would do anything not to wear that top

” are you sure you guys are really a team? ”

Aminat asked as they scanned the tops in the VIP section

” pardon? ”

” I mean no harm but I saw the way they were trying to control you to wear something you don’t like, I mean.. It’s like your opinions doesn’t matter to them at all, it’s your body, they shouldn’t force you to wear something you don’t feel comfortable in, those two girls act like thier your boss and that attitude is really sickening, wow, check this out! ”

Aminat said and she gave Tori a replica of the clothe they wanted her to wear but this one was a lot more longer and bigger than the first one

” hey! You don’t have the right to say anything bad about those girls, we are not just a team, we are friends ”

She said as she glared at Aminat, she wanted to refuse the dress as Aminat pointed it to her but she would do anything not to wear that short flimsy top so she collected it

” I’m really sorry for saying that about your friends, I know you’ve heard a lot about us and you’re probably scared of us but we’re not as bad as people make us seem, believe me, I was only trying to help ”

Aminat said with a mask of sincerity but she knew she had achieved her aim, she had sown little seeds of doubt into this naive’s girl’s mind, she didn’t say anything more to defend her friends, she only smiled and said thank you as she put on the oversized top

” thank you Aminat, I feel so comfortable wearing this top ”

” you’re welcome sugar ” she said with a wink, Tori was trusting her already, she would only make her trust her more

” aren’t you getting anything? ”
Tori asked and Aminat picked ten different outfits at random to avoid suspicions

” alright let’s go and meet the others before your friends starts getting worried about you ”

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Aminat said as they paid for thier dresses and left the VIP section


Shanaya scanned the clothes with a frown, if she wasn’t allowed to wear a Saree, she needed to find a top that had ropes at the sides but as hard as she tried, she couldn’t find any


As she stuck her head between racks of clothes, she had the feeling that she was being watched and that person was neither of her friends, it was someone that hated her, the hatred was so strong that she could sense it, she felt it as the girl moved closer and Shanaya reacted at the right moment, turning around swiftly and grabbing the intruder’s hand and the girl let out a scream

The albino girl again!!

Shanaya saw something fall from her hand and it was a syringe 💉, a syringe that contained something looking very weird

Although Niniola was warned by Monica not to cause trouble at the boutique, she couldn’t help it, the Indian girl had made her feel bad about her skin color and she was going to inject her, she followed her carefully and she saw the perfect moment when she buried her head among the racks of clothes and she brought out the syringe, she was about to plung it into her body when she turned back unexpectedly and gripped her arm, it was so unexpected that she screamed and the syringe fell from her hands

Her screams alerted the others and they gathered around them, with one hand still holding niniola’s wrist, Shanaya picked the syringe and examined it and without thinking thinking twice, decided to plung it in Niniola’s hand

” noooooooo!!!!

Niniola, Emerald and even Monica screamed in unison

” please don’t do it!!!!, please!!!!! ”
Niniola begged, sweat formed on her face, she started sweating profusely that it seemed that the air conditioner wasn’t working anymore

Erica and Sasha were confused at first but as they saw the way Niniola and the others were pleading, it was obvious that the syringe contained something deadly and they wanted to harm Shanaya with it 😡😡😡

” Shanaya, give me the syringe, let me inject her with it and see what will happen ” Erica said angrily

” please we can settle this matter without letting it escalate, nobody needs to inject anybody ”
Monica said trying to control the situation

” hey! Shut up are you blind!! If Shanaya didn’t react fast don’t you think your friend would have injected her!!” Sasha said as she eyed Monica disdainfully

Emerald looked at Niniola and saw the fear in her face, she was trembling badly

” please don’t inject her, she is my best friend ” Emerald begged

” Mtcheeew! Who cares if she’s your best friend, Abeg Shanaya give me the syringe, let me inject all of them because I know they are all aware of this ” Erica shouted, she wondered how Tori could follow Aminat to the VIP section.

As Shanaya gave Erica the syringe, her grip on Niniola’s hands went a bit lax and it created an opening for her, just like a bird escaping the hunters trap, Niniola took to her heels and Emerald and Monica followed suit

” chase them!!!! Sasha!!! Shanaya!!! We must catch those girls!!! We must catch them!!!!! I repeat!!! We must catch them!!!! ”

Erica screamed as she and Sasha ran after them

Shanaya allowed Erica and Sasha to take the lead before she joined them, in a few seconds, she got to the entrance of the boutique, she caught up with those girls and held the albino and her friend by the wrist, although Monica managed to escape, she didn’t even look back and she ran out of the gate

” Shanaya!! Thank God you caught them! That Monica escaped sha!! ”

Erica said as she placed her hands on her waist, breathing heavily, those girls had ran like thier life depended on it, well! Thier life actually depended on it!

Erica smiled as Emerald and Niniola squirmed helplessly as Shanaya held them

Trouble has presented themselves right in front of her and have you ever heard of Erica refusing trouble?

This girls had succeeded in activating her crazy mode!

Sasha yanked Niniola’s hair roughly and she screamed

Sasha’s bitchy mode is activated

Erica thought and she saw the slightest change of color in shanaya’s eyes

Shanaya’s witchy mode is activated!!!

By the time they would be done dealing with these girls, they would learn to never mess with them.


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