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Dream girl 2 episode 16


My knight in shining headmet


I didn’t know how long I continued hitting her, her breathing became erratic and she was gesturing frantically with her hands, I had no idea that she was gradually dying all I know is that my crazy mode has been activated and nothing can change it, all of a sudden Tori dashed into our middle

” Erica! Shanaya!! Please leave her alone, she will die!!!! She will die!!!!”

Tori’s sudden movement earned her a kick from me and a slap from Shanaya and she screamed in pain, her scream seemed to get to us and Shanaya’s eyes becomes normal

That’s when I really looked at Emerald, the girl is not just slim, she’s thin, her upper lip was bleeding and her face looks messed up, Niniola wasn’t looking good either, all of a sudden, I noticed the crowd of people that surround us, they are gradually moving back, retreating slowly, those that were recording us stopped, the little children took to thier heels, it was only when I saw a couple of uniformed men come out of a van before I comprehended what was happening

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The police 😨😨
The police are here

” young girls you are under arrest ” one said in a gruff voice

🙆🙆🙆 I’ve never slept in a cell in my life, so this is how I’ll be arrested

I guess this was one of the moments when your entire life will flash in front of you

I thought about my mom, always warning me that my crazy attitude is going to put me in trouble one day

I thought about my dad, my dad that is barely at home and he goes around huzzling for money just to take care of the family

Fear coursed through me as they brought out the handcuffs, Tori started trembling badly while Sasha just stared blankly as if she couldn’t really understand what’s going on

Assuming these police officers had blown thier siren, we could have ran away but now it’s too late, Shanaya’s face was expressionless, even as the police officer clasped the handcuffs on her wrist

This is bad!

” and they told us to prepare very well that you girls are strong, we didn’t even need to waste our tear gas ”
The office said with a sneer and positioned the handcuffs on my wrist as he was about to fasten it, I heard a loud snap and my eyes widened in horror as I saw the handcuffs on Shanaya’s hands, broken into pieces

She extended her nails at the police officers and they took to thier heels, thier legs almost touching the back of thier head

If I wasn’t so scared, I would have laughed

A whole officer, running for his life!!

The shock on my face was mirrored in Tori and Sasha’s face too, Niniola and Emerald that were too weak, sprang up in fright, Niniola supported Emerald and they hopped to the other side of the road where Aminat was waiting

I wonder how great Shanaya’s powers are, but I also made me have fears, Shanaya would obviously have a weakness and that weakness would be something so strong that it would make her powerless and I don’t even want to know her weakness

All of a sudden I started hearing the loud blaring of sirens Shanaya came running back, gesturing to us to run away, a police officer positioned a gun at her head

” noooo Shanaya!!! ”
I screamed and Sasha clasped her hand around my mouth

” they can’t shoot her Erica, she could have ran away when she had the chance, she came back to tell us to run so let’s run ”

My legs felt weak, there wasnt an ounce of fear in Shanaya’s eyes, her face was still expressionless, she only flinched as the police officer pressed the gun closer to her head

💜Viktor 💜

With one hand on the front seat, my other hand rested on the phone, watching the news LIVE on the news channel, I nearly dropped my phone in shock when the Indian girl snapped the handcuffs into pieces.

Holy blood of Moses!

I almost instructed the driver to turn back, it’s obvious that the Erica is safe but I felt a cold shiver when I saw a long line of police cars, blaring their sirens loudly as they sped off in front of our car

Shit! They’ve requested for backup

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The car isn’t just an ordinary police car, it’s filled with ammunitions, and if they get to the boutique before me, I’ll never be able to rescue Erica.

I couldn’t even explain why I’m so worried about her, I can’t bear it if anything happens to that crazy girl and my greatest wish is that she forgives me

” Mark, please I want you to overtake those cars”

Mark (the driver), jerked his head backwards and stared at me in disbelief

” Viktor!! You want me to overtake a police car ”

” exactly, overtake those cars and make sure we get to that boutique before they do ”

” but that will be two offences, overtaking and over speeding ”

Mark said with doubt clearly displayed on his face, I can sense his fear, most people fear the police but I’ve never had a reason to do so

” Mark, if anything happens, the Peterson’s insurance will cover you, but that girl doesn’t have anyone to clear her name, if she is taken to the police station, it will not be easy for her to get out ”

I almost added the fact that my mom will make her life miserable and makes sure she ends up in juvenile prison but I don’t want Mark to know I’m going against mom’s wishes

Mark hesitated slightly , his hands resting on the lever of the car

” Mark please you have to do this”

The seconds felt like minute and I exhaled in relief when Mark said

” make sure you fasten your seat belts because this ride is going to get really bumpy ”

💚Erica 💚

I looked at Sasha and Tori and I saw the grim determination on their faces, we have to leave Shanaya and hope that she’ll be safe, I’ve never ran away from trouble but in this case I have to run, far away from this policemen.

” hey! Stop!!! If you don’t stop, we’ll shoot your friend ”

I was tempted to turn back but Sasha stopped me from doing so

We took to our heels, panting heavily as we ran, we didn’t see any sign of the officers and we stopped to catch our breath, celebrating our escape.

Tori was too exhausted and she collapsed right there on the floor, on the pedestrian side of the busy expressway

” thank God they didn’t bother to chase us, do you think they’ll hurt Shanaya ”
Tori asked weakly

” they can’t hurt her unless they shoot her, you saw the way she broke that handcuffs so I’m hoping she’ll be fine ”

I said in a bid to reassure Tori, our little celebration didn’t last, our faces became ghostly pale as we heard the loud blaring of sirens as three formidable police cars approached us, the van was loaded with police men and each of them are holding dangerous ammunitions,we are just too tired to run

” I give up girls, let’s surrender ourselves and I want to believe they’ll.. Take things easy… with us and…. not torture us.. Be.. Be cause we’re be be low eighteen …..

I didn’t even have the strength to argue with Tori, we raised our hands up in the air as a sign of surrender, I saw a familiar car, it looks just like the Peterson’s car, the car was trailing the police cars from behind, when the three police cars stopped, the car also stopped

A man stepped out of the car, two officers positioned themselves at his side and I could tell that this man isn’t an ordinary officer, his uniform had more badges on it

His face was scarred and he gestured to the officers to drag us into the van

Suddenly the door of the car was opened and I saw the last person I expected to see, Viktor Peterson, his head was gleaming in the sunlight, my heart was beating heavily and I cant tell if it’s because of the fear of being arrested or because I’m seeing Viktor

He held my gaze for a few seconds before whispering to the officer

” you mean your mom sent us here for nothing ”

” I’m sorry DPO, and she said she is sorry too” Viktor replied with a calm look on his face, I’ve seen that look on his face several times and most of the time, he makes that face when he’s lying

” officers let’s go ” the DPO said, I didn’t know I was holding my breath until the officers entered the van and they drove off

Tori and Sasha exhaled in relief

We are safe, but what about Shanaya?

” come on, get into the car!!! We need to leave here because if the DPO calls my mom and finds out I lied to him, I’ll be in trouble too ”

” Viktor what do you mean? What does your mom have to do with what’s going on…..

He was about to give me a reply when Sasha’s butler, Mr Rogers approached us with a worried looking Keith Merrick

Keith and Sasha hugged each other passionately

” I was so worried sick about you, are you injured, are you sure you’re okay ”

Keith asked with pure concern

” I’m fine Keith ”

” Sasha, the next time you’re going anywhere after school, please always inform me, if it wasn’t because of Keith
That saw you guys on the news and informed me, I wouldn’t have known, we parked the car over there ,girls let’s go ”

Mr Rogers said and Tori went with them, I didn’t want to go with them, I want to figure out what Viktor’s mom has to do with all this

Why does Viktor always have to appear like a knight in shining armor whenever I’m in trouble , except there isn’t really anything shining about him except his head, he’s my knight in shining headmet

Viktor’s driver started the car

” take us to the eatery and go home, we’ll find public transport to bring us back ”

Viktor instructed and his driver nodded

” I’m not going to any eatery, it’s past five already, take me home, I only entered this car because I want to know what’s going on, what does your mother have to do with the police arrival ”

” we’ll talk about it in the eatery I promise ”

💛Sasha 💛

Even though Keith is concerned about me, he’s concerned about Erica too, I noticed the way he was looking at her dishevelled appearance earlier

Does it mean he hasn’t gotten over her

I willeded the crazy thought out of my mind, he has promised me that he would never leave me for Erica

We drove in silence in the car, I only said a good bye to Tori as we dropped her off, poor Tori, she’s been through a lot today, damn! All of us have been through a lot

I didn’t expect Viktor Peterson to be the one to come to our rescue, I hate that guy and I would always remember how he ruined I and Keith’s relationship years ago

Keith followed me to the house despite my protests that I’m fine

The first thing I did was to have a shower, I needed to get all the filthiness away from my body, I dressed in a simple silk gown, twisted my long brown hair into a ponytail and headed into the parlor

Keith was in the living room, his eyes were glued on the television, but his eyes left the screen as soon as I walked in, the way his eyes roamed over my body, it made me feel exposed, like I was wearing nothing, I bit my lip gently, he stalked towards me and I sighed helplessly into his mouth as his lips covered mine, my hands pulled him closer and his hands were undoing the tiny buttons on my gown

It took the realization that my little sister and my butler are at home to break from the kiss

” nnn ..ot here Keith ”

I protested feebly and he let me go after trailing hot kisses down my collarbone

I fastened my buttons with shaky fingers, no guy has ever made me feel like this

” I don’t think I’ll be able to resist you for long… Sasha”

He said with a sigh

My hands went to my throat at the gory images on the TV screen, although the images were blurred, I could see blood as different police officers were wheeled into stretchers

I read the news headline


and I had the deep sinking feeling that it’s her, she’s behind this



Wahala just be like rain water 😑
He no just dey finish 😑😑😑

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