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Dream girl 2 episode 18



💚Erica 💚

“You love ….me? ”
Viktor said incredulously
I feel self-conscious even as I nodded my head, I wasn’t even sure about my feelings and I blurted out to him that I love him!

He just stared at me like he couldn’t quite believe what I said and he grinned broadly

” I never thought you would actually admit that you love me ”

I feel like hitting his stomach, he saw the mischievous glint in my eyes and held my hands

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His phone started ringing and he brought out his cell phone, his facial expression became grim as he answered the phone call

” I know I’m a bastard already, mother, you don’t have to remind me”

That was the only thing I heard him say before he ended the call with a sigh, gone was the smile on his face, his face now looks haunted, I know it’s only his mom that can bring out such a reaction from him, I hate that woman so much

” it was my mom that sent the police ”


” Vikky, tell me you’re joking ”

” I’m not, I couldn’t bear it if you were arrested that’s why I came here to lie to the police ”

I just stared at him in shock, he went against his own mother’s wishes just to save me, no matter how much I hated Viktor Peterson, I always used to know I made a good decision when I chose him

” what did she say ”

” do you really want to know ”

He said as we walked out of the restaurant

” yeah I do”

Let’s get into a car and I’ll show you something

We flagged down a bus and we sat side by side, i couldn’t help inhaling his cologne, it was an habit I developed anytime I’m around him

I rested my head on his shoulder and he brought out his phone, although there were a lot of people in the bus, it feels like they weren’t even there and the only people that exists in this planet were the two of us

” I couldn’t believe it when you said you love me, it felt too good to be true, a lot of girls tell me they love me but I could tell that yours is is different, I would do anything for you Erica, even if it means going against my mother, I feel a lot of things for you and
I’ll be dammed if that feeling isn’t love but you don’t really know me Erica ”

I didn’t understand what he meant until he showed me a picture

” I’ve seen this picture before ”

I said and he nodded

The picture was a painting he made, a painting he showed me on our first unofficial date, it had brought tears to my eyes then and I could feel tears gathering at the back of my eyes just by seeing this painting again, it looks so so pathetic, the malnourished little girl with hollow cheek bones, she was [email protected], her tiny hands and legs and her big belly were symptoms of kwashiorkor, I was amazed at how a painting could reflect the sufferings of a little girl and I still am

” the girl is real, her name’s Elena, I’m about to show you a picture I’ve never shown anyone in my entire life, everyone sees the most handsome guy in school, Viktor Peterson but no one knows the real me ”

His words were riddles, riddles that sounds so confusing to me until he showed me another picture, this one was a little boy with the same sad eyes, frail malnourished body and thin legs, he and the little girl were holding hands in this picture

” that’s me ”

I almost dropped the phone in shock

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” yeah it’s pathetic right, I guess that’s why she had always controlled my life, that’s why she has the right to force me into becoming something I don’t want to be, she knows how much I love painting but I’m gonna end up being a medical doctor because I’m so pathetic, because I’m the pathetic little boy that grew up in the orphanage with his sister ”

I knew instantly that the ‘she’ he was talking about was no one else than his mother, that wicked evil Mrs Peterson

I felt this huge amount of sympathy for him and I squeezed his hands

” you’re not pathetic Vikky, you’re one of the most talented person I’ve ever met but you can’t keep on living this way, you shouldn’t allow that woman to decide a career for you because you’re gonna regret it in the future”

” you think I haven’t tried, I tried but I ended up giving up because anytime I protest she threatens to withdraw me out of school and return me back to the orphanage, she would rather turn me back into this pathetic creature than allow me to live my dreams ”

I felt the strongest urge to help him because I now know him, the real Viktor, the one he is underneath that arrogant exterior.

I really wish I have money to give him, if he has money, then his mom wouldn’t be able to control him like that but I’m faced with the stark realization that I’m poor

But why do I have the feeling that he has the solution to his problems in his hands.

” what about your sister, do you still…..”

” I don’t know the people that adopted her ”

” Vikky, do you know you’re the one allowing her to control you, you already have the solution to your problem in your hands, you’re talented so use your talent to help yourself ”

” I don’t get ”

” you’re only following your mom’s wishes because you’re afraid you wouldn’t be able to continue your education right?”

He nodded glumly

” but if you have enough money to fund your education, you wouldn’t be a science student right? ”

He nodded again

” you have a great talent Vikky, all you have to do is use your talent the right way, you’re lucky to have a rich family and a rich family means that you have connections with a lot of people, your mom’s business associates, paint them, your dad’s friends, paint them!, your paintings would fetch you a lot of money that even if that evil woman threatens you with anything, you’ll look at her straight in the eye and tell her to do her worst, the solution to your problem is in your hands Vikky ”

I stilled in shock as I saw the glistening of tears in his eyes, I’ve never seen him like this, did I hurt him with my words

He pulled me closer to him and the tears threatened to escape his face,

” I’m sorry….

I wanted to apologize but he placed his hands on my lips

” you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me Erica oladimeji, I’ve never given this idea a thought in my entire life and all it took you was a day to give me a brighter future ”

I flushed to my roots

” you would do the same for me Vikky”

His cute face breaks into a smile, gone was the sadness in his face, I could see a determined guy, a guy that’s going to use his talent to pursue his dreams

” I love you Erica ”

” I love you too Vikky ”

Minutes later we were stuck in traffic, we got two plastic yoghurts from the hawkers and we hit it together in a symbol of cheers

” to a new beginning!! ”

I’ve never felt so happy in my entire life , even if it took me this long, perhaps I had loved him right from that day in the car or Keith made me realize that I do, perhaps I have even loved him right from our first unofficial date, I don’t know but it has always been Viktor Peterson for me.

I got home really late, my mom’s angry expression was all it took to take the happy smile off my face

Oh! Not again!!

” good evening mommy ”

She looked at me from head to toe in disgust, she raised her hand to slap me but she dropped it immediately

I guess she remembers the warning a teacher in my school gave to her to stop hitting me ( a teacher that happens to be Viktor)

” it was Tayo’s mom that called me to watch the news, she said my daughter was being showed on the TV, I finally thought that you this good for nothing child was finally making me proud but I was wrong, I saw you fighting like a wrestler on the TV, you’re a disgrace and an embarrassment to this family Erica ”

Surprisingly her hurtful words didn’t even bring out the reaction I thought it would, instead I feel calm, I feel like she isn’t even Addressing me at all

I wish dad was here, dad has always understood me better

I met my little sister in the house and she threw her arms around me

” sis, I was so worried about you, when I was watching the news, I was so scared ”

” I’m okay Juliet ”


she said before changing the channel to the news station

” tragedy strikes in central police station as fire outbreak kills one officer and injures thirty seven, the fire was said to have been caused by the carelessness of one of the officers that
Placed a burning lantern near an uncovered keg of petrol…

The news presenter’s dour voice echoes in my ears

The images on the screen doesn’t really match the details of the news, instead of the burnt and charred body I was expecting to see, I saw an entirely different thing, although the images were blurred, I could see the blood as the body of several police men were pulled into stretchers

My phone rings and I find out its a call from Sasha

” hello Erica, are you watching the news ”
She said with a frantic voice

” yeah but I don’t really understand anything…

” don’t believe that nonsense you’re hearing, it’s Shanaya!, Erica we have to save Shanaya from herself!!, can you come out this night!!! ”

Her words sent shivers down my spine

I look at the time, it’s past six, mom is still angry with me for coming home late, how the hell am I going to go outside without her killing me

✍️Writer’s pov ✍️

Sasha went out with the excuse of seeing Keith off, hand in hand, they walked out of the house, Mr Rogers didn’t suspect anything wrong

” Sasha, I’m not really comfortable with this idea, in fact I don’t like this whole dream girl competition, it’s too dangerous, you haven’t gone for the auditions and this stuffs are already happening, and I can’t believe you’re friends with a demon all these while…

” Shanaya isn’t a demon, and I’m going there to save her before she eventually becomes a demon ”

” are you even listening to yourself!!, she killed a police officer, what gives you the assurance that she isn’t gonna kill you too!!!”

Keith said angrily

” Keith, I don’t want us to start having arguments now, Shanaya would come to my aid whenever I’m in trouble and I’ll do the same for her, I know you’re not angry about me, you’re just concerned about me but if you really love me, you’ll allow me to go and save my friend ”

” I love you more than you think and I’ll be dammed before I allow you to go and get yourself killed ” he said with a shake of his head

Sasha’s face turned sour but her face broke into a smile at his next words

” we’re going together…. And don’t even try to argue with me ”

She grinned broadly, almost crushing him with a hug

” I love you more, Keith ”

Sasha was sure Shanaya would never hurt her, she was only worried about Keith’s safety, she hoped Erica would come because despite the brave facade she was putting on in front of Keith, deep down she was scared

Shanaya can never kill me

The thought increased her determination but this time around she had no idea that she was terribly wrong


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