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Dream girl 2 episode 19




💛Sasha 💛

I need to go and save Shanaya
Do I even know where to find her?
The question threw me off track for a moment.
I need to go to the police station, I’ll check around that area, what if I don’t find her there?

What if I can’t even find her anymore?

Keith stopped a bus and after thirty minutes, it drops us at central police station, the police station was buzzing with reporters

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” I wonder why the reporter lied that it’s a fire outbreak, can you see any sign of smoke in this place ” I said and Keith just smiled in amusement

” I guess it would look ridiculous to hear that a young teenage girl actually killed a police officer and injured thirty seven others ” he said with a shrug

” I swear this country is a scam ”

I’m damn sure Shanaya isn’t in the police station

The only option was to look for her in the nearby streets

Keith headed into the street at my right and I hastily walked in front of him

” Keith, please, walk at my back, let me be the one to walk at the front, I don’t want anything to happen to you ”


my steps were renewed with a different kind of energy as I walked into the house, it was time for a new beginning.

Today had been a hell of a day but the most important thing was that Erica loves me, it was still a bit hard to believe judging from the way things were between us.

I met the whole family seated at the dinner table and mom’s eyes were filled with scorn as she saw me.

” there’s a limit to the things you can do, how dare you! How dare you go against my wishes just to save that stupid girl!! How dare you Viktor!!! ”
She said in anger, her fingers were trembling and her spoon fell off her hands, making a clanging sound on the floor

” I’m sorry mother, I just couldn’t allow her to get hurt ” I said while bending down to pick the spoon and I was shocked when she only pressed my head lower

” I picked you up when you were filthy, I dusted you, cleaned you up and transformed you into the person you are today, it would have been better if I had spent my money on a dog because a dog is way better than you, a dog will always be loyal to its master ”

She finally let go of my head, my eyes were filled with anger as I stared at her,
dad cleared his throat before he spoke,
The two of us have never gotten along really well, Jason looked at me sympathetically

” only a fool like you would save a stupid girl instead of your cousin, your cousin was beaten to a pulp and instead of getting justice for her, you went there to save the villain, we made a mistake that day at the orphanage by adopting you ”

Years of pent up fustration, of listening to them telling me how they did me a huge favor by adopting me made me angry

” you didn’t adopt me because of the kindness in your hearts, no! You adopted me because you were backed into a corner!!!…

He slapped me hard on the cheeks and I flinch

” dad….

Jason tried to interfere but all it took was dads angry eyes to shut him up

” the two of you, go to your rooms now!!!”

” I’m sorry bro, you really got mom and dad upset with what you did, no matter the situation, your priority should always be your family, you shouldn’t have helped those girls”

He said as he headed to his room, I shook my head sadly, my face still stinging from the slap, at times I wish to be like Jason, always accepting everything life brings his way.

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I entered into my room, and flicked on the light, I was eager to paint before realizing that my mom has disposed all the painting materials I have


I brought out a crumpled old newspaper from my bedside drawer, I looked at the pathetic little boy again, clutching the clothes of the elegantly dressed woman with tears in his face, his tears spoke more than words, it depicted how tired he was of his life

The picture had went viral on the internet

‘ this little boy clutches Mrs Amelia Peterson’s clothes at a charity event’

There had been a lot of debates over the issue with most people saying that it was a sign from God that she needed to adopt that little boy.

It was just to show off to the media about how generous they were, that was why the Peterson’s adopted me and most of the time, i wish I could go back and change the hands of time, I wish I had been clutching any other person’s clothes apart from Mrs Peterson.

I brought out my phone and searched for dad’s friends pictures, I save them on my phone with the intention to paint them but even as I saved them, there was only one person I really wanted to paint, for the first time in my life, as I closed my eyes, I could picture her face with clarity, her dark exotic skin, her little mouth and most especially her tiny cute little button nose

A message pops up on the screen of my phone and I was delighted to see that it’s from her

‘ Vikky please can you come and kidnap me, I’ll be waiting at the entrance of my street’

What’s she up to this time around?

‘ give me twenty minutes ‘
I texted back

‘ alright dear, I’ll be waiting’

I changed my clothes in a hurry and slipped out of the house through the back door

✍️Writer’s pov ✍️

Even as a girl living in Nigeria, she had always controlled the urge to talk, but it was hard, one of the hardest things she’d endured was controlling the urge to shout ‘ up Nepa!’ after a long time of interrupted electricity.

She had always known what would happen if she talked but all it took was a gunshot to trigger her screams and the darkness that was always hovering around her, overwhelmed her.

She walked down the street in the semi darkness, she didn’t know where she was, all she knew was that she was hunting for blood, the streets were deserted and the only source of light were the bright street lights that illuminated the street.

Her gaze fell upon a little boy walking down the street, perhaps if she was in her right senses, she would have seen him as a little boy but all she saw was a prey, her eyes zoomed in on his belly,
There was only one thing she craved from him, his viscera, she craved it more than she craved her next breath,

She covered up the distance between them in two long strides and the boy let out an ear piercing scream as he took in her bloody appearance


Keith and Sasha walked down the street, they saw no sign of human life, the thought that Shanaya had killed someone gave her the creeps, whenever shanaya was at her darkest moments, it was Erica that had always brought her back and she desperately hoped she was here

There was something about this place that gave her the creeps, something that warned her to turn around and flee

Erica’s text message covers the screen of her phone

‘ Sasha don’t do anything rash, I’ll be there in a few minutes with Viktor’

The message gave her a kind of reassurance and she decided to wait here for her

” Keith, Erica texted me that she’s on her way, please let’s wait for her ”

She said and they found a spot to sit down in one of the closed shops nearby

A stray mosquito bit her fair tender leg and she winced, slapping the mosquito away

” sorry, these things are too plenty here ”

Keith said, all of a sudden she heard an ear piercing scream and against her earlier reasonings she ran towards the source of the voice

” Sasha wait!! ”

Keith tried to call her back but she was already running far ahead of him, he took off after her.

Sasha ran until she came face to face with the source of the voice, a little boy
That looks barely above eleven, a girl was holding his neck and to her utmost horror the girl was Shanaya

Nothing could have prepared Sasha for the shock she got when she saw Shanaya, this wasn’t the Shanaya that she knew, this one was a demon, her white uniform was bloody, her mouth and nails was smeared with blood

” Shanaya! ”

Sasha blamed herself instantly as Shanaya’s soulless eyes pierced into hers, there wasn’t any shade of white in her eyes, it was all dark, her grip went lax on the little boy and she stumbled towards her.

Sasha trembled with fear, Shanaya crouched low and her face was positioned at her belly

Relax! Sasha, it’s Shanaya and she can never hurt you

Place your hands on her shoulder just like Erica used to, she can’t kill you Sasha

Perhaps she should have ran but it was too late, as she placed her hand on Shanaya’s shoulder, she felt this agonizing pain as Shanaya dipped her nails into her stomach

Keith’s blood ran cold as he saw Sasha,
The demon hands twisted deep in her stomach and coming out on the other side, blood trickled down her mouth and her face broke into a sad smile as she saw him

” I lllo.ve yo.. uuu kkee.iiith

Each word felt like daggers and he couldn’t breathe, he could only stare in shock, just like a lily, he watched her wither away and her eyelashes closed and she fell limply on the floor with Shanaya’s hands still buried in her stomach

” Sashaaaaa!!!

He screamed before the tears flooded his face


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