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Dream girl 2 episode 20


By Tunrayo Ayerin
🦋T. E. S. S without S 🦋

✍️Writer’s pov ✍️

After waiting at the entrance of her street for thirty minutes, Erica finally saw Viktor, his face was covered with a hood and she couldn’t see his face but all it took was his cologne to make her identify him.

She breathed in that familiar fragrance as he wrapped his arms around her
” are you okay.. Your mom.. Did she send you out of the house….
Viktor asked and Erica shook her head
” I’m actually sneaking out of the house and I want you to go with me ”
” I don’t understand… ”
” I don’t have time, I’ll explain on the way ”

Judging from the way Erica walked in a hurry, Viktor concluded that it has to be an emergency so he forfeited the questions and followed her

They boarded a bus that was heading to central police station as they got to the park

” so can you tell me what’s the emergency? ”
Viktor said as soon as they were seated in the bus

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Erica took a look at the faces in the bus, the traders, the civil servants, there was even a man she was suspecting to be a reporter judging from the blue identity card on his neck that has PRESS printed boldly on it.

She figured out this wasn’t the best place to start explaining how Shanaya had killed one police officer and injured thirty seven others

” I can’t talk about it here Vikky, I’ll tell you once we get out of the bus.. Just trust me”

Viktor’s head was swirling with thoughts, even as he stared out of the window, he hadn’t told anyone that he left the house, not even Jason, there had always been something about Erica, something that always compelled the insane urge to rush to her whenever she was in trouble, as he stared into her troubled cobalt black eyes, he willed himself to trust her.

The minutes they spent in the bus felt like ages to Erica, she brought out her cell phone and sent a text message to Sasha

‘ Sasha, don’t you think we should also call Tori ‘
She smiled, anticipating Sasha’s reply, she was sure Sasha would reply with something like ‘better don’t call her, that girl is a chicken’

Two minutes passed and she didn’t get a reply to her message and she had the
weird feeling that something had went wrong, something had went terribly wrong, she dialled Sasha’s number and she still didn’t pick her calls

She pushed her way out of the bus as soon as it stopped and Viktor had to take off after her

” Erica… Wait! ”
She didn’t wait, she saw the red ribbons tied around the police station and scoffed in disbelief

Fire outbreak indeed!

She followed the directions that Sasha had given her and entered into the deserted street at her right

” Vikky …please wait here for me”

” no.. I.. What! Wait here!! What’s going on!! I can’t possibly wait here for you ”

” Vikky.. Do you trust me! ”
She asked and she was pleased when he nodded his head

” then wait here for me, no.. matter what happens.. Wait here for me”

She raced down the street, her heart hammering wildly in her chest, the bright street lights illuminated the street, she saw the trail of something dark on the floor, it looked like a dark mixture of engine oil, she followed the trail and it led her right to her doom

The first person she saw was Sasha, the gory sight of her dead body lying on the floor with a hand twisted deep in her stomach, her brown hair was matted with blood and blood trickled down her mouth

” brownieeee!!!! ”
She screamed before the shock brought her to her knees, she heard the deep heartwrenching sobs and she raised her teary eyes and saw Keith, his hands placed on his head in an helpless gesture.

Not even Shanaya’s demonic presence stopped her from touching Sasha and she crawled weakly to her side, she touched her cheek and it was cold, too cold

She couldn’t even grieve as Shanaya growled beside her, withdrawing her hand from Sasha’s stomach and causing more blood to gush out of the wound.

Even as Shanaya looked at Erica, the only thing she saw was a prey, they were all preys, even Keith and the little boy that had fainted from shock, four preys that had presented themselves in front of her to feast upon, she gripped the girl’s hand and she revelled in the stark fear that was evident in her huge black eyes.

Erica knew that she only had one option as Shanaya held her hands in a deathly grip,

Shanaya it’s me! It’s Erica!!
She wanted to yell but she knew too well that shanaya wouldn’t have heard her
Shanaya has killed Sasha!
Shanaya has killed Sasha!!
It was too hard for her to process and more tears rolled down her face

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The darkness in Shanaya’s eyes made her tremble but running away isnt even an option, she wasn’t going to go down without a fight

Her father, perhaps he might have unknowingly contributed to her crazy nature, he had always said one thing, he said whenever you’re faced with a life and death situation, always do the first thing that comes to your mind.
Even if it’s your opponent’s ear that you can target, bite it off

She converted the grief that was trying to overwhelm her into rage and sinked her teeth deep into Shanaya’s hands, with the intention to bite off the skin

More of the dark liquid trickled down Shanaya’s hands, an awful groan rose to her throat and she slapped Erica hard on the face making her curl up into a ball.

Erica’s cheeks felt like it was on fire as she curled up into a ball, Keith had snapped out of his grief and he picked up a big stone on the floor, aiming it at Shanaya’s left eye

As Shanaya hovered above her, her finger nails extended at her stomach, Erica was too weak to stand

‘ Shanaya. … Kill….me… Kill… Me and live with the trauma of knowing that you killed two of us.. In a day ” she closed her eyes awaiting her death

The pain she was expecting didn’t come, she only felt herself being pulled up to her feet, she blinked in surprise as her eyes met Shanaya’s eyes, the darkness was all gone

” Erica…. ”
Shanaya whispered cautiously as she stared at her bloody clothes, her eyes went huge in horror

What had she done!

She saw Sasha’s dead body and the enormity of what she had unconsciously done, hit her at full force, she wanted to scream in disbeleif as she tapped Sasha’s face, she wanted to scream her name but she knew if she did, she would only cause more damage than she had already caused

” Sasha.. Pleeeaseee. Www..ake.. Up ”
Erica’s lips wobbled as she knelt beside Shanaya and started shaking Sasha’s body

The grief had hit her at full force and all the memories of her and Sasha flashed in her mind, even the bad ones were better than looking at her lying immobile on the floor in the pool of her own blood

Tears flowed freely down her face and she allowed it

” Eric. a ”

She heard the faint whisper and her eyes widened in surprise when she found out that it was coming from Sasha’s lips, she could tell that it took her last reservoir of strength to say the words

” Shh.. I’m here brownie,.. Don’t talk I’m here, ”

She dabbed her eyes with her palm and as Sasha fluttered open her eyes, she managed a weak smile

” I’m…dy… ing…….
Keith knelt beside her, his hands cupping her cheeks

” don’t die Sasha! I can’t bear… It if you die ”
She only gave him a sad smile and the helplessness and anguish behind that smile made more tears roll down the trio’s face

Erica’s cheeks hurt, her legs hurt but nothing hurts like seeing Sasha Grey, dying right in front of her

” Erica… are.. wwwe fffri. endds”

Sasha’s question stunned her for a millisecond

” if we’re not friends then what are we, we’re friends Sasha”

” I.. Wwwish… I cccan ee era se all the the bbbad th ..ings I I I’ve dddone ann dd the.. The re rea …son why.. I.. Jo
..ined the cccoo mppet…ition was that we sh… sh..ould be.. Co.co me friends and I’m glad….you. cc alled ..mmm ee yyyour ffriend, ccont II nue .. The… cccoo mppet…ition wwwii.. thout me , ma . ke.. Jjjayne mmy re. Re..placement

The more Sasha spoke ,the more the blood trickled down her mouth and Erica pressed her hands on her lips

” don’t die Sasha, don’t you dare die.. Don’t die so we can be best friends!”

” tttakke cc. a..re off K.k..eith, Pr..o.. Mise me …you would ddate Him ”

“I can’t make that promise Sasha because someone out there is.. Waiting for me and I have to… go back to him ”

Sobs rose to her throat, she didn’t want to think about the stupid competition, she didn’t want to think about replacing Sasha, there was no team without Sasha in it, there was no Tess without S, Sasha Grey is irreplaceable

” she tore off her top and tried to soak the blood with it the same way Keith was doing but Sasha’s life was hanging by a thread and it was gradually snapping, her eyes were already closing

Out of frustration Erica grabbed Shanaya’s hands
She had seen Shanaya take away the pains in her leg with just a touch

” Shanaya you can’t let her die., you have to save her ”

And she only hoped it was possible.

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