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Dream girl 2 episode 21



✍️Writer’s pov✍️
👮 Police headquarters 👮

An assembly of the most prominent members of police officers was made

The inspector general of police, the DPO and some of the survivors at central police station

The issue was an upsetting one and it had been the cause of the emergency meeting

“How can a teenager kill a police officer and injure thirty seven others”

The inspector general questioned them in Disbeleif

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” sir that girl is not an ordinary teenager, she is a possessed marine spirit ”

One of the officers said before playing the video footage of the gory incident

The inspector general stared in wonder as the teenage girl sinked her claws into the officers stomach before feeding on his viscera

He was lost in silence for a while after watching the video, it didnt mean that he wasnt frightened by the thing he just watched, but years of experience as a police officer has made him see so many scary things, He had gone on several dangerous missions and it hardened him into the man he became today

” sir I’m afraid that this girl can not be caught, fifteen out of the thirty seven police officers she injured are in a life and death situation, we couldn’t afford to spread the news that was why we gave the media a fake news, we can’t afford to go after that girl sir, it’s too risky ”

One of the officers said, he had seen his Colleague die right before his very own eyes and he feared that the general would dispatch him with the team of those that would be sent to arrest that teenage girl

The inspector general gave him a chilling look that made him falter on his words

” you do not deserve to wear the uniform of a police officer

” I’m.. Ssorry sir ”
The officer said with a salute

” get out ”
The general growled as he dismissed the officer.

He stared into the DPO’s eyes and the DPO hastily adjusted his sitting position to a more upright one

” do you also think that there’s someone that’s above the law”

He said to the DPO

” no sir, I believe there’s no body above the law, even the most dangerous of criminals must be caught and they must be brought to justice ”

The DPO said and the inspector general nodded his head in agreement, totally pleased with this answer.

” if you were asked to catch this girl, how would you do it ”

The inspector general asked another police officer, the officer was taken aback by this question and he took some time to compose himself before answering

” sir, since we already have a video evidence, I would suggest that we plaster pictures of her everywhere and declare her as WANTED ”

” no, I don’t agree with you, declaring her as WANTED would only endanger the life of the innocent civilians that would try to catch her, this is an issue that needs to be handled with caution, or what do you think DPO? ”

” you’re right sir, I think this issue requires the services of the highest investigative arm of police”


” yes sir! The FCID, they can handle the job without attracting unwanted attentions ”

The inspector general nodded in agreement, the DPO was right, the FCID could handle it, it was something they were specially trained to do

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” I’m giving you the authority to handle this case DPO, since you’ve spoken with wisdom and by the end of this month, I want that girl behind bars”

The inspector said before exiting the office, the DPO sighed as he watched the inspector leave, it was a huge responsibility that had been thrust on his shoulders and he had to capture that girl before the end of the month unfailingly, he would provide the FCID with all the information they would need but one thing was sure, the FCID would always do thier job perfectly

🖤Keith 🖤

The stone fell down from my hands as I shanaya pulled Erica up, I didn’t realize that my legs were shaking as I knelt down beside Sasha, her creamy skin was gradually turning cold

” I’m…dy… ing…….

The words were like a knife in my chest, a knife that was being twisted deep my chest, i could only gasp for air

Why was fate so cruel
I hated her for all these years, now that ..now that things were finally falling into place between us, death wants to tear us apart

I wanted to strangle that Indian girl to death for doing this but I took off my shirt and tried to soak the blood that was seeping out of the deep cut in Sasha’s stomach

She winced and groaned in pain as the cloth came into contact with her skin, Erica removed her top and joins me in soaking the blood

“Shanaya you can’t let her die., you have to save her ”

Erica said as she grabbed Shanaya’s hands in frustration and I watched Shanaya’s fingers shaking with fear, her eyes watered with tears and she shakes her head sadly

She couldn’t save her

None of us can save her

But perhaps someone can

Someone that has the power to give life and take life

” Erica …let’s pray ”

💚Erica 💚

” Erica let’s pray ”
The words jolted me out of my thoughts, the thought of praying hadn’t even crossed my mind, but as Shanaya shakes her head sadly, unable to save Sasha I realized we ought to pray, even if it’s going to be a prayer of forgiveness for Sasha.

I, Keith and Shanaya linked our bloody hands together, Keith’s voice wavered with emotion as he spoke

” dear God
Perhaps I may not be the most righteous person on earth but I’ve always abided by your words
But… But if you can’t spare Sasha’s Grey’s life today, I don’t think I’ll ever be happy to serve you, if you can’t bring her back… to us, I don’t think there will ever be any joy left in my heart…

He broke down in tears but I couldn’t comfort him because we were all feeling the same pain, no one could comfort the other

I check Sasha’s pulse, she was still breathing but faintly

✍️Writer’s pov ✍️

Shanaya stood up in a daze, it had felt wrong to sit down and pray with those people when she was the cause of everything that’s happening

For the first time in her life, she hated having this powers

She couldn’t help picturing Erica’s face as she curled up into a ball on the floor

“Shanaya. … Kill….me… Kill… Me and live with the trauma of knowing that you killed two of us.. In a day”

The words had brought her back from the darkness but she wish it hadn’t, bringing her back meant having to feel this excruciating pain, there was no way she could continue living with the thought that she had killed Sasha, she had killed one of the only friends she had

Her fingers trembled as she placed it on the deep cut in Sasha’s stomach,

Perhaps she could heal her

Perhaps she could try

Erica looked at her with teary hopeful eyes, she stiffened in shock as Sasha started convulsing until she laid still on the ground, stiff as a board

” she’s sto.. She’s ..stopped breathing….. ”

Erica said with tears, Keith hugged the body close to himself, unwilling to let go, unwilling to accept the fact that Sasha is finally dead

The stars twinkled brightly under the moonlight but the only sound that can be heard was the sorrowful weeping of the trio

” what.. Happened, why are you guys crying ”

Sasha said as she fluttered open her eyes and the trio gasped in surprise

” you’re.. You’re.. Alive ”
Erica said as she touched Sasha’s stomach, it was smooth and the only thing that indicated that a wound had been there was the large cut on her silk gown

Tears rolled down thier faces but this time around it wasn’t tears of pain, it was tears of gladness and joy

They all knew shanaya didn’t bring her back

It was only God that had given her a second chance at life

” come on, why the sad faces”

” oh Sasha thank God for bringing you back to me”
Keith said smiling brightly through his tears

They all saw the glow in Sasha’s face, it was an ethereal glow, there was a certain light around her, a light that radiated all around her

” I can’t believe I slept on the floor and I saw an demon, except I can’t really call her a demon, I think I’ll call her a demonic angel, she told me to wake up from my sleep ”

You didn’t sleep Sasha

You were dead

But it didn’t matter

All that matters is that she’s alive

Shanaya thought as they took turns hugging Sasha and she had no idea that she was the most WANTED girl in Nigeria.

Tunrayo Ayerin’s pov
Someone asked me why I don’t write shanaya’s point of view, everytime I try to, The character completely immerses me ( I won’t be able to stop writing about her) but I keep reminding myself that this isn’t her story

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