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Dream girl 2 Episode 22


By Tunrayo Ayerin


Shanaya picked up Erica’s phone, it must have fallen off when she was busy soaking up the blood in Sasha’s stomach.
She was really happy that Sasha was fully alright, even though Keith wasn’t fully assured as he carries her in a bridal position, although she could feel her deep and intense hatred for men rising up as she looked at the duo, she strongly willed it away, she was the threat and it was best if she stays away

She typed up a message on the phone, writing it in block letters so it would be bold and clear


After typing, she held the phone up for everyone to see but she was surprised to see that they didn’t agree with her

” you’re wrong Shanaya, we all made mistakes too, we shouldn’t have ran away when that police officer was coming for you, we should have gone with you and endured whatever it is you endured there together, that’s why we are a team, perhaps if we had done that, then none of this would have happened”

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Erica said vehemently and Sasha nodded in response

” yeah, Erica is right, believe me Shanaya, I don’t understand you but at times it feels like I can relate with you, but what I know is that underneath that cloud of darkness">darkness surrounding you, you’re a good person and that’s all that matters, we need you more than ever Shanaya, those girls are mean and you’re the only one that can help us fight them off, and today, let’s promise ourselves that even if one of us is going down to hell, we’re going together, whenever one of us is in trouble, we’re gonna have each other’s backs because that’s what it means to be a team”

The promise was sealed with a firm handshake and the three of them knew that their bond had become stronger, the little boy had risen to his feet and he was instructed to go home, he shuddered violently as he looked into Shanaya’s eyes, he couldn’t stop thanking Sasha, he had called her his angel as she had appeared in time to save him.

” don’t die Sasha, don’t you dare die.. Don’t die so we can be best friends!”

Sasha said, mimicking Erica’s tearful voice ” were you just saying it or you actually meant it ” she asked with an hopeful smile

” of course I meant every single word, I’ve always did more than like you, we had too much in common that was why we always clashed but it took almost losing you to make me realize how much you mean to me, I would love it if we are best friends, Sasha ”

Life is fickle, that was something Erica realized today, why not do the things you’ve been wanting to do and get it over with, she didn’t realize how much her words meant to Sasha until tears sprang to her eyes.

” thank you Erica, we’re gonna be best friends forever and I… don’t think there’s nothing that can ever tear us apart again ”

The promise was sealed with a hug as Sasha gestured to Keith to let her walk on her feet and she pulled Erica into a fierce hug.

” best friends forever ”

And as they walked out of the street, the only person that occupied Erica’s mind was Viktor and she only hoped he would still be there, patiently waiting for her, she couldn’t explain the way she felt as she saw him there patiently waiting for her, he had gotten tired of standing and he had found a place to sit, his eyes widened in shock as he saw her dishevelled appearance, her top was gone and even the singlet she was putting on was stained with blood, in fact every single person was covered with blood, Viktor just opened his mouth in shock

What in God’s name had happened over there

She threw her arms around him, desperately wanting to be comforted by him, it wasn’t easy to get the shock of what just happened out of her system, she inhaled the cologne that had always soothed her nerves, she knew that if Sasha hadn’t woken up, she would have felt obliged to fulfill Sasha’s last request, she would have dated Keith Merrick, but now she was glad, glad because she was finally back to Viktor who had always been waiting for her

He was still too stunned to form a word
and he only patted her back wordlessly.

Sasha was looking at the duo with an unreadable expression, she had always hated Viktor Peterson but seeing this strong affection between the duo was something that stunned her for a second, she hadn’t expected him to had been waiting for all these while for Erica, perhaps he really did love her, perhaps he truly did, she couldn’t help chuckling as she remembered the warning Erica had given her when she told her she was dating Keith

” although I don’t like you Viktor, I’m willing to accept the fact that she does, but if you hurt her, I will personally make you cry”

The words had earned her a chuckle from Erica and a solemn nod from Viktor, she could have almost sworn that she saw something flash across his face as he stared at her, something that looked like lust but she shook the thoughts away, she was a mess from head to toe, no guy would ever find her attractive like this, not even Keith.

” what really happened over there, Erica ”

Viktor finally asked

” a lot Viktor… A lot happened ”

” come on we need to get home, you guys can always talk later ”
Keith said as he looked at his clothes, he, Erica, Sasha and Shanaya looked like murder suspects, how in God’s name are they going to find a bus to take them home this way.

🤦💁Writer’s pov 🙍🙎

Niniola had always hated sunlight

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Perhaps it was because she was an albino and the sun caused different reactions on her skin, she squinted in the sunlight, a hand shielding her face, she and Emerald were just returning from the hospital, her skin had been hurting like hell and she had been to the hospital to make sure she didn’t end up having scars

She and Emerald had been admitted in separate wards despite her protests, she didn’t understand why they couldn’t be treated in the same ward

They had spent the night in the hospital with thier parents fussing over them, Aminat had left in the midnight but Monica hadn’t even showed up since she ran away at the boutique, she hadn’t even bothered to call.

Emerald was still feeling weak from the way she clutched her chest, they decided to go to the house they share together.

They were surprised to find Monica in the compound, an audio device was fixed in her ears and she was dancing enthusiastically, her dark skin was glistening with sweat

She turned around when she saw them walk into the compound

” Monica, do you know you’re the most heartless person I’ve ever seen, we were almost beaten to death and we were admitted into an hospital and you couldn’t even care to check on us”

Emerald said furiously and Monica only eyed her from head to toe

” who told you girls to fight with them in the first place, I gave you a warning, don’t fight with them but what did you do, you went there and broke all the rules I gave to you”

” but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have checked up on us ”
Niniola said

” I couldn’t afford to waste my time, I’ve got more important things to do, anyways, how was the hospital ”

Niniola’s fingers itched with the need to deliver a slap on Monica’s smug face and Emerald hissed at her in annoyance

” hey don’t look so sad, I’m going to deal with those girls for you”

Monica said softly

” you don’t know how strong those girls are”

Monica cocked her eyebrows at Niniola

” so are you implying that those girls are stronger than me? ” she said

” you weren’t there Monica, you didn’t see the way that Indian girl snapped the handcuffs into pieces that’s why you’re saying this ”

Emerald added

” I don’t care how strong she is, I saw the news but all I know is that those girls can’t make it past the auditions”

Niniola didn’t believe her a bit, she blamed herself for even messing with those girls in the first place

she and Emerald walked into the house, where they saw Aminat busy with her laptop, she hugged Niniola and they joined her on the bed

” I’m glad to see that you girls are fine, Emerald, do you think you’re strong enough to perform in the auditions tomorrow ”

Aminat said with a knowing look at Emerald who gulped nervously

” yyyeah um I mean, yes ”

Niniola glanced at the duo, she could detect the tension in the air, what was going on between those two

She wondered before dropping off on the bed, too exhausted to talk.


Erica was lucky to sneak in to the house unnoticed

None of them could go to school the next day and Tori too decided to skip school

She opened her mouth in shock as she heard all what they said

” I don’t know why I had that weird feeling in the middle of the night, something just woke me up in the middle of the night and I started praying ”

Tori said while gaping at Sasha in amazement, the four of them had met at Sasha’s house for the last training before the auditions

With sweat dripping down thier bodies, they danced to the song they had chosen






Level up!!!!!

Level up!!!!!!

Level up!!!!!!

Getting the steps to rhyme with the beat of the song was the hardest part of their training but they weren’t ready to give up, they practiced it more than four times, by the time they were done, they collapsed exhaustedly on the tiled floor.

” we went through hell yesterday, I don’t think there’s something that can possibly go wrong again ”

Erica said and Sasha nodded in response

” I can’t move a muscle ”
Tori said with a groan

Shanaya looked out through the window, she couldn’t understand why she had a bad feeling, it was true that they had went through hell but what they didn’t know that hell had different definitions and that was only a taste of hell.



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