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Dream girl 2 episode 8



💛Sasha 💛

” come in ” I said as I opened the door
for Tori, I just finished convincing Mr Rogers to sign the forms for me, dad should have been the one to sign for me but he is rarely home, she was dressed in a baggy blue jean and a black sweater, the clothes only made her look bigger, I was surprised how she easily located my house, I guessed google map really helped, she muttered a greeting to Mr Rogers who answered with a warm smile, we settled on the couch

” what about Erica and Shanaya? ” I asked

” I haven’t heard from them ” she said, I love your top, she confessed

I looked at the top, its a bright yellow tank top with colorful patterns , and I was wearing a short yellow jean with it, I love yellow, it’s literally my best color

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” I got it through online shopping, I can order it for you if you like ”

” Nah, don’t bother yourself, it won’t even look good on me ”

I was about to give her a reply when someone knocked on the door, the door was opened and I found out that it’s Shanaya, she was dressed in a very long Saree or whatever it’s called.

” welcome Shanaya ”
I greeted her all the same and she responded with a slight wave, even Shanaya didn’t hate me, it was only Erica and no matter what I do, it’s like it will never be enough

💚Erica 💚

We stopped in front of a massive building and I try to stop my mouth from hanging open.

” I’m not going inside ”
I argued with him

” I’m giving you two choices, one, you walk inside with your two legs or Two, I drag you ”
He said

He wasn’t giving me any choice at all, the bastard!

He placed my hand between his and it looked like he was escorting me but the bastard was actually dragging me

” stop your protests, you know I can’t possibly hurt you uh ”

” I don’t know anything, let me go ”

” why are you just so stubborn ”

The gates were opened, and a beautiful lady in a white dress suddenly smiles at me and said follow me

” to where? ”

” to get you something better to wear ”

” to wear, to where? For what? ”

” miss, you ask a lot of questions, just follow me ”

” I’m not following you anywhere until you tell me what’s going on ”

The woman huffed in exasperation

” I’m his mother’s stylist, I’m Sophia, he called me and told me to get you something to wear for his mom”s birthday, he said it was impromptu and he brought you to my boutique, if there’s anyone you should question, it’s him, so please follow me, you don’t want to go there dressed up like this ”

She rolled her eyes at my ripped jeans and jean jacket

I looked around and I saw girls going in and coming out with shopping bags, it’s a boutique indeed, I turned around and saw Viktor exiting the building

I haven’t even forgiven him and he already planned this!, he didn’t even tell me about a birthday party.

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I was going into the main building when she said follow me, we passed through an alley and we stopped in front of a smaller building

” Flora, take care of her hair”

Sophia said to a lady as we got to the salon section.

” yes ma ”

I don’t know what she did to my hair but she made it curly and longer, they fussed over me repeatedly and I later heard that I was in the VIP section

It was a new me that walked out of the building, I was putting on a long elegant gown, I hate gowns , but a lot of people were gushing over me, telling me how pretty I look, the gown wasn’t extravagant, I wouldn’t have worn it if it was, it was simple but classy, red silky material with a simple black design in the upper part, my face was totally transformed, if my little sister could see me she would have said I look like a princess and she would have added something about a Prince Charming or whatever it’s called.

One thing is certain, Viktor is not my Prince Charming.

For the first time in my life, I feel expensive and by expensive I was talking about thousands that has more than four zeros behind it, I had almost gasped when I asked for the price of the dress.

” miss, come with me ”

A man wearing a white shirt with a black tie said to me

” who are you?”

” I’m Ben, the Peterson’s chauffeur and Viktor gave me orders to come pick you up here.”

We rode in silence in the limousine until the car stops in front of a big event center, then the chauffeur gave me a package and an envelope

” that’s the invitation letter miss, and he said you should bring the present with you because it would be useful ”

I was surprised to find my name written boldly on it

Erica Faustina Oladimeji

So he knows my full name!, a keyboardist was playing in the background, I looked around in confusion, I wasn’t sure of the direction I was supposed to take when the familiar cologne filled my nostrils, Viktor, he was wearing an Italian grey suit, I never knew he could look fvcking good in a suit and tie, his shiny head almost ruined it for him, his eyes widened in surprise when he saw me , gosh I can’t believe he’s drooling over me

” wow, Erica you look ravishingly breathtaking , you should really wear gowns more often”
Viktor said

I didn’t even know if he means it or not

” thanks for the dress but it can’t cover up the fact that you lied to me ”

His expression was crestfallen

” I know… And I’m sorry ….. I just wanted you to be here today and if you still don’t want to forgive me it’s okay, let’s go to the reception ”

The reception was a simple affair, in fact it was just one big table, a few guests were at the right side and Viktor’s parents were at the head of the table, a stodgy looking guy who Viktor later introduced to me as his brother was also there.

“Happy birthday ma”
I greeted Viktor’s mother, she was dressed in a simple gown, in fact she wasn’t even wearing makeup

I was surprised when she pecked me on the cheek

” thank you dear, I’ve been looking forward to see you, concerning Viktor’s hair, he told me about it ”

I twitched uncomfortably in my seat, Viktor’s expression was unreadable, gosh why didn’t I think of this, so he led me right here to the lions den

Erica you have enter one chance!

There was a woman I noticed, I’m sure I’ve never seen this woman but it feels like I’ve seen her

💜Viktor 💜

When I saw Erica walk in the hall, I felt something tighten up in my chest, I had never felt this way before, not even for Sasha, Sasha is a girl that I had to let go of, a girl that would never like me.

My dream girl

I really wish Erica could forgive me, I wish she could see that I was just an insensitive idiot.

I could sense an improvement, at least she hasn’t broken my bones yet for taking her to a place without her consent

I noticed the way she was getting uncomfortable in her seat when my mom made a remark about my hair and I smiled to reassure her

” Vikky please, I need to use the restroom ”

Everyone turned to look at her

” oh I’m so sorry I mean Viktor, my seat mate is Vikky so I get confused with the names at times I.. ”

Her face flamed with heat and I quickly take her to the restroom to spare her the awkwardness

💚Erica 💚

Gosh I felt really embarrassed

Calling him Vikky in front of his parents and they started looking at me like I was in some kind of romantic relationship with thier son

” Viktor, I need to go home, asap, I know what you’re trying to do and you can’t fool me ” I said

He looked at me in confusion

” what are you talking about ”

” you brought me here so your parents can deal with me for cutting your hair ”

He laughed so hard I almost thought he wouldn’t stop laughing

” Jesus! Erica!! I wonder where you got this your mind from, if I wanted to punish you, I would have done it in the car, in fact my mom loves the haircut, she said it makes me look matured, she just wanted to meet you that’s all but I need to tell you something about my mom, she is…

” she is what? ”

He just shrugged

” she could be a control freak at times ”
He said with a sigh

” well, I think most parents are like that”

I said, I feel a lot more reassured and we went back to the reception, they were cutting the cake already

For she’s a jolly good fellow
For she’s a jolly good fellow
For she’s a jolly good Fellooow

I joined them singing and I dropped the present that Viktor’s Chauffeur gave to me

” Emerald couldn’t make it but she said I should give this to you ”

The woman said and gave Mrs Peterson a present

” oh that’s so thoughtful of her, it’s being a long time I’ve seen her ”
Mrs Peterson said

” oh teenagers of nowadays! She is so busy lately, she said there are a group of girls that are bothering them that they need to get rid of! No that’s not how she put it, she said they need to delete them, she’s preparing for an upcoming competition , dream whatever and she said some girls are threatening them ”

” Bisi, you know I don’t joke with my niece’s safely, please that girl is too young for the dangerous escapades that she gets herself involved in ”

My mind was reeling with different thoughts, I finally realize where I’ve seen the resemblance, this woman is Emerald’s mom, one of the mean girls

And if Emerald is Mrs Peterson’s niece, it means Emerald and Viktor are related

But wait a sec!

Could I and my team be the girls they are planning to delete.

” a special present for a special woman, a woman that moulds lives, I had to specially make this for you mom ”

Viktor said with a wink as he handed the wrapped gift to his mom, I could tell that it was a portrait because it was big and has a square shape.

I was surprised when his mother tore open the gift and it revealed a very beautiful painting of her

” wow it’s so beautiful ”

Everyone there complimented

” Andrew!!!! ”
Mrs Peterson said and a guy suddenly appeared in front of her, he was wearing a black and white uniform

” yes ma ”

” take this God forsaken portrait and make sure you dispose it properly, go to Viktor’s room, any painting materials you see there, dispose it all ”

Everyone seated on the table gasped, I was shocked, Mrs Peterson handed the portrait to Andrew with a grimace, as if she was touching a plague just by holding the portrait

” yes ma ” Andrew said and went to do as she instructed, I saw the look on Viktor’s face, it was a look of pain, anger and resentment.

” Erica, I need to have a word with you in private ” Mrs Peterson said and I feel like slapping her

I maintained a stiff smile but my eyes must have been flashing with anger because she smiled to reassure me

” you wouldn’t understand the reason for my decision today because you’re still a little girl ” she said as we walked

What reason could she have?

” I invited you here because I could see you as someone that can control my son”


” ma’am I’m sorry to disappoint you but I can’t control your son, I don’t control people ”

” you can! You see Viktor gets distracted easily, he wastes his time on foolish things like paintings and things like that would make him lose focus on his academic work, I’ve been drumming it in his ears that he must be a medical doctor just like everyone in our family ”

I opened my mouth in amazement, it made me reminisce on I and Viktor’s first unnoficial date, he had shown me a painting that brought tears to my eyes, he is really talented

” I think you should ask him what he really wants to be ”

” he said he wants to be an artist and I can never allow it! ”

She said vehemently

” does his feelings not matter to you at all ”

I was compelled to ask

” he isn’t really my son, he is adopted, he would be nothing if I hadn’t adopted him and the least he can do is to live his life according to my wishes ”

I hated this woman instantly, if not for anything, but for telling me, a perpetual stranger that Viktor isn’t her real son

” I invited you here so you can report his activities at school for me, there’s a rumor going around that my son plays football at school, is it true? ”

I didn’t know why I said it, I hate anything like lies but I just couldn’t control the urge to lie to her

” you said it yourself, it’s a rumor and it’s nothing but a rumor, your son doesn’t play football, he is the most disciplined guy at school and I think you should….

The vibration in my purse interrupted the long speech I was about to deliver and I brought out my phone, there were several missed calls from mom and Sasha, the caller ID was mom, I picked it up and the words she said made all the blood drain from my face

” Erica, if you like yourself, don’t bother coming home ”



Someone should tell Erica’s mother that Erica was kidnapped biko

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