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Dream girl 2 episode 9


By Tunrayo Ayerin

Writer’s pov

They were the only ones in the room, Emerald and Niniola, it was Emerald’s room but Niniola loved bunking with her

Emerald started coughing again, dry painful coughs, it was too much that Niniola raised up her head and stared at her with concern

” bestie, are you okay ”

” I’m fine…
She couldn’t complete it as she started coughing again, the room was a bit dark and she open the curtains and sunlight filtered into the room

” please close it! My eyes! ”

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Niniola said as she shielded her face with her eyes, sometimes Emerald forgets that her best friend is an albino

She pulled down the curtains and there was this desperate look in her eyes as she began frantically searching for her black leather bag

Niniola picked up the bottle water by the bedside and handed it to her

” take, drink water ”

She gulped down the water but she knew it wasn’t the solution to what’s happening to her, she crouched down and checked underneath the bed and she found the bag,
She couldn’t remember putting it there? She open the hidden zipper and to her surprise, she couldn’t find her drug and she immediately had a bad feeling.

Her throat hurts painfully, ” Nini, please did you take… anything from my bag?”

She asked weakly

” no I didn’t, I think I saw Aminat enter this room when we were done with practice but I’m not really sure if it’s really Aminat or Monica ”

Niniola said.

Emerald ran out of the room and she suppressed another cough, her, Niniola , Monica and Aminat, they bought this house so they could meet up during the weekends for thier dance practice, it was also the safest place to discuss all thier plans, the only problem is that this house was where Aminat found out her secret.

She wondered what Aminat needs this time around

” Aminat! Aminat!! Aminat!!! ”

She knocked furiously on her door and Aminat opened it with a lazy yawn

” oh! You’re here ”

” Aminat please give me my drugs, I know you’re the one that took it ”

” and why should I give you? ”

” Aminat you know that drug is my life, please don’t do this to me ”

She hated the pitiful note that crawled into her voice

Aminat’s mouth curves into a wicked smile, she brought out the drug from the back pocket her red trousers and she dangled it up in the air, she is a bit taller than Emerald and the drugs were far away from her reach.

” please don’t do this to me, just tell me what you want..and I’ll…

Another violent cough rose to her throat and this time she couldn’t supress it, the more she coughed, the more her throat hurt

” I want you to buy me a car ”

” Is that all ”

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Even if she asked for an aeroplane, Emerald would agree to give her, there’s no way she could get another drug today.

” I want the car your dad just bought for you ” Aminat said matter-of-factly, the fixed look in her face further intensified the fact that she wasn’t ready to make any negotiations this time around

” but …its a gift, my dad bought it for me”
She couldn’t understand how Aminat could be so heartless

” oh, you mean you can’t give me ”
She said as her face turned dark, she tore open the drugs and poured the contents on her bedroom floor.

” noooooooo!

Emerald screamed as Aminat brought down her foot, ready to grind the drugs to powder, those drugs costs a fortune

Aminat smiled in triumph, she knew she had Emerald right where she wants her and in moments like this, Emerald would give her everything she wants

Aminat had no friends, she was the only pauper among the mean girls , right from when she was little, she had always known how to use information to her advantage, a little bit of information could either make someone or ruin someone

” Aminat, you can take it… I… I’ll give you the keys
Emerald said as tears rolled down her face, at times she often wonder if Aminat didn’t have a heart, there wasnt an ounce of pity in the dark soulless eyes that looked at her with disdain and Emerald’s greatest fear was that one of these days, Aminat would make a request that she wouldn’t be able to grant and she would reveal her secret

She shuddered at the mere thought of it

” make sure you get the docvments ready by tomorrow morning, I’m taking it to church, I need to get busy with my laptop, there are a lot of things I need to find out about those dumb girls, a lot of interesting things I can’t wait to discover about them, I’m starting with her, Sasha Grey ”

Aminat brought out her laptop, her fingers punching the keys furiously as she typed, she knew how to get information, even information that was withheld from the government, she brought out a cigarette from her bedside drawer and lit it, as she inhaled the smoke and puffed it out, its gave her a clear headed feeling, she typed in the codes and it brought out Sasha’s biography

” Sasha Aurora Grey, sixteen years old, born on the 25th of May 2002…

Her father, a former senator of Nigeria

She seemed quite wealthy
Emerald muttered to herself, although her parents didn’t have that kind of social standing, they were rich in their own way, but she had influential relatives, the Petersons, they were times that Mrs Peterson had bailed her from jail or juvenile prison or whatever they call it.

She picked up the little white drugs on the floor, the smoke of the cigarette invaded her senses and it only made her cough, she picked the drugs in a hurry and dashed out of the room, she slipped a drug into her mouth immediately she got to the room and she could feel the pain in her throat reducing, she couldn’t see Nini in the room and she had a fair idea of where she would be.

Niniola always worked better in the semi-darkness, Emerald met her in the store, Niniola raised up her head, ready to insult the person that had the effontery to invade her privacy and she relaxed when she saw it was Emerald and she was wearing a nose cover and gloves

Emerald was the only person she allowed here, this was her favorite place in the world, a store filled with vaccines, syringes, chemical solutions, she mixed two of horrible solutions together and she was surprised at the queer color it gave her, the most amazing thing about mixing unknown chemicals together is that you couldn’t know what it would do to a person, most times she only wanted to deform a person but she could end up paralyzing them.

Who knows if this queer mixture would even take that Indian girls life

Well she hope it does, she could still remember the headache inducing slap that the girl gave her

She drawed a little of the mixture into a syringe and she kept it in a little plastic case which she slipped into her bag

” let’s get out of here Emmie, I’m through with what I’m doing ”

She said as they walked out of the room, but it seemed like Emerald still had one more place to go

Emerald knocked on Monica’s door softly , she knew Monica valued her privacy and she didn’t like it whenever she was disturbed.

” yes! Come in! ”
Said the slightly annoyed Monica

Emerald opened the door carefully in order to avoid making more sounds than necessary, it was obvious that Monica just finished taking a bath, she wrapped a towel around her body and the faint traces of water on her dark skin only made it more glistening

Anytime Emerald looked at Monica, the first thing that came to her mind was dark chocolate

” what do you want ”
Monica snapped impatiently, her face was glued to her phone

” um I just wanted to ask you, when you said you were going to delete those girls,
what do you plan to do about it ”
Emerald asked

” oh! Those girls aren’t worthy enough to be considered as an opponent, I’ve spoken with Oscar and I’m sure they can’t make it past the auditions ”

Mr Oscar Adedeji is one of the teachers in school, he is also a DJ and he helps with the sound track for the competition at times, Monica calls him Oscar, even in the classroom, they were rumors that Monica was having an affair with him but Emerald doubted it, Monica is a kind of girl that loves to be independent. Emerald couldn’t understand what Oscar had got to do with it though

” I don’t understand you Monica ”

” I have no time for explanations, you’ll get what I’m saying when the time comes” Monica said with a huff and dismissed Emerald

Monica was like a closed book and Emerald desperately wanted to know what was going on in her head
It seemed like all the girls had already planned something, the thought that Aminat is already on Sasha’s matter calmed her a little but she couldnt just sit down and fold hands

She needed to do something


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