Dream Girl

Dream girl episode 19

๐ŸŒฌWriter’s pov ๐ŸŒฌ
Even The atmosphere of the school changed when Mr Dipo Ibikunle enters the school, they didn’t fear him because of his frail physique, no! he actually happens to be a very respected personnel in the school, STATE HIGH SCHOOL is his son’s school.
He leans on his walking stick as he surveyed the school compound, the first thing he noticed are the overgrown flowers and the weeds
He scolds the teacher on duty
” why are these flowers so unkept, why is there so much weed in the school ”
Mr Bamidele who was unlucky to be on duty this very day, pleaded apologetically
” I’m sorry sir, but we haven’t been able to see Bashiru, the guy that clears the weed ”
” and why would you wait for Bashiru!!!, is he the only one that can clear a bush, if this trash is not taken care of in the next five hours then consider yourself sacked ”
” sir.. sir… Please… Sir
Mr Bamidele stutters while Mr Dipo Ibikunle enters the school, even the students learned to stay in their classes, you do not go around gallivanting unnecessarily when Mr Dipo is around if you don’t want trouble for yourself.
Mr Dipo snorted.
It was always necessary to come and check his son’s school once in a while, he decided to go to the vice principal’s office to ask about the recent happenings in the school.
Jayne Eji is just an ordinary girl
Except she is not just so ordinary, even the bullies at school would not dare to hurt her because if you hurt Jayne Eji, how would you get the First Class information about all the happenings in the school.
Even the teachers loves Jayne Eji and if there’s anybody that has taken Jayne as a school daughter, it’s the vice principal, Mrs Oke.
Jayne Eji drops her bag in the class and heads to the vice principal’s office
A red SUV parks outside the school compound and inside this car was a man with a mission.
Mr Robert Gates comes out of the car, today is the day that he is going to make sure that Erica leaves the school.
He makes sure he locks the car very well before locating the vice principal’s office, it was only coincidence that made him meet Jayne Eji and Mr Dipo Ibukunle
Pleasantries were exchanged and Mr Robert Gates went straight to the point.
” I’m here to report a particular student of this school that tried to steal from me ”
Now this was a very interesting topic, it’s not everyday that a parent comes to the school to lay a complaint about a student
Mrs Oke adjusts her spectacles, her curiosity was piqued, she was eager to listen to whatever Mr Gates has to say.
Jayne Eji’s ears pricked up immediately, although she was making a pretense of looking for Mrs Oke’s car keys in her bag, her ears were connected to what Mr Gates was saying like a Bluetooth device.
This is a very juicy information and she was very lucky to be able to get this information first hand.
Information is her business
People pays to get it from her.
Mr Dipo Ibikunle taps his walking stick on the ground even as he sits down, he was impatient to know that rebellious student that has decided to ruin the good image of the school.
” we’re impatient to listen to what you have to say, what is the name of this student and how does he / she look like ”
Mr Dipo said
” yes Mr Gates, please tell us ”
Mr Gates rubbed his beard, he smiled inwardly and he began to talk
๐Ÿ’™ Shanaya ๐Ÿ’™
I had always known that something was going to tear those two apart
I just had no idea that it’s going to happen very soon
I know it’s one of Sasha’s schemes, I have always known that Sasha is good at scheming, my silence has always given me a chance to observe everyone in the school and I’ve seen the way that Sasha deals with anyone that offends her.
I continue looking at her again trying to control my anger, trying to control my powers because even after everything we’re still a team and we’re stuck together until the end of this term.
Even though everything has turned sour ever since Erica’s suspension, it’s no more fun again.
I look at Sasha’s face and the unexpected happens!
What the hell did I just do!
Or how the hell did I just do it!
Shanaya what the hell did you just do?
๐Ÿ’›Sasha ๐Ÿ’›
Even if I’ve been tormented, even if I have to keep up with this pretense, it is worth it.
If not for anything but the way Keith is looking at me right now.
There’s only one reason why he is looking at me, he is concerned about me
Very soon he wouldn’t be able to hide the way he feels about me.
Very soon, Keith will be mine, I said to myself as he stands up and leaves the class
๐Ÿ–คKeith ๐Ÿ–ค
Something is wrong about Sasha, she has been acting strange the past three days
And there’s always something strange about her wound, sometimes it gets bigger, the next day it gets smaller
And as I look at her right now, I notice something really shocking
The wound that’s on the left side of her face is now on the right side of her face
I don’t understand this but the vice principal must hear of it.
I walk out of the class and head to Mrs Oke’s office.
๐ŸŒฌWriter’s pov ๐ŸŒฌ
” the girl that tried to steal from me, her name is Erica, she is dark and slender ”
Mr Gates said
” what! That girl that was just suspended from the school ”
Mrs Oke said in amazement
” yeeeeeee! ”
Jayne couldn’t help exclaiming, whoever she had been the man to say, it definitely hadn’t been Erica
The Erica that she knows is not a thief
” I’m sorry but I need to have more clarity
on what you’re saying, which Erica are you talking about ”
Mr Dipo asks
” sir! There’s only one Erica this school and it’s Erica Faustina Oladimeji”
Mrs Oke clarifies
” so you’re trying to tell me that the girl I gave a scholarship to, is a thief! ”
Mr Dipo growled, barely hiding his anger
Mr Gates was starting to get scared, this was not the way he planned it at all.
” sir don’t be quick to defend this girl! She wounded one of our students here ”
Mrs Oke said
” then I’ll say that student really deserved to be wounded ”
Mr Dipo said
How could he ever forget Erica, the girl that had saved him and his pride.
” but sir physical violence is prohibited in this school, are you trying to defend a rebel ”
Mrs Oke said
” I gave that girl a scholarship for a reason and I’ll tell you the reason today, there was a day I was travelling, a couple of young boys accosted me on the way, they tried to rob me but Erica appeared, she beat up those boys and gave me my money, a thief would never beat up a thief and return your money, the girl is not rebellious! Mrs Oke, she is spirited!! and there’s a good difference between spirited and rebellious ”
Mr Dipo said defiantly
Jayne Eji cleared her throat and hesitated a little bit, this was her only chance to defend Erica
” sir, am I permitted to say something ”
She said
” well, if it’s any thing reasonable then say it ”
Mr Dipo said
” sir I don’t believe Erica is a thief because on her first day at school, she saw my purse and returned it to me, that purse was containing all my schoolfees, a thief would not return that money ”
Jayne Eji said, no matter how little it is, she was pleased that she able to help the girl that had once helped her
” Mr Gates, after hearing all what we have said, how do you plan to defend your allegation ”
Mr Dipo asked
Mr Gates flushed with Shame, he couldn’t even utter a word
Even Mrs Oke was amazed by how this two people defended the girl that she was quick to condemn.
It was during this heated argument that Keith Merrick ran into the office, impatient to say what is on his mind
” ma’am! ma’am!!, please hear me out!! ”
” calm down! Why are you breathing so hard!! What’s the emergency ”
Mrs oke said
” ma’am I don’t know how it happened but the wound on Sasha’s Grey’s face is no longer on the left side of her face, it’s on the right ”
” what!! Call her for me!! ”
He would happily do it!
He raced to the class and called Sasha who followed him unsuspectingly
” Miss Sasha Grey! Would you like to explain to us how the wound on the left side of your face suddenly appears on the left side of your face ”
Mrs Oke asked immediately Sasha enters the office
She watched as Sasha’s face becomes white as sheet and she began to tremble
Poor Sasha ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜‚
Someone should help Sasha to lie oh ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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