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Dream Season 3 episode 16

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Grand F!nale

Season 3

Episode 16

I fell on th£ pillow beside Bryan.

“Th£ weath£r is cold,wear your sweater”h£ said

“But what ab©vt–

“Shhhh”h£ said and klzzed me I smiled as I took h¡s top and dragged h¡m up.

“Honey stand up ” I said.

Bryan knelt well and I ₱v||ed th£ top !nto h¡s h£ad.

h£ smiled and I h£lped h¡m wear it.

h£ ₱v||ed !n my sweater.

We both fell on each oth£r !n quiet smiles.

h£ took th£ gum pack and forced some !nto h¡s sweet m©vth.

[email protected] well on th£ pillow and I balanced on h¡m th£n h£ took h¡s phone..

“What ab©vt m!ne” I said h£ ₱v||ed me up and klzzed me th£n transferred th£ gum !nto my m©vth.

I smiled and h£ took anoth£r one th£n ch£wed quietly.

“But wh£re we go!ng to do it with©vt protection?”I asked

“Ummm I knew it won’t work so I didn’t both£r”h£ said.

i smiled.

“Sorry, am crazy” I said h£ smiled and picked a call I m©v£d deeper !nto h¡s b©dy..

“Diego”h£ said as h£ bru$h£d h¡s f!ng£rs d©wΠ my hair.

I closed my eye.

“Th£ camera has problems, i am !nnocent”h£ said !n smile.

“Ok” h£ added and dropped th£ call th£n balanced on h¡s pillow.

I m©v£d ©vt of h¡m and [email protected] beside h¡m..h£ covered me well

“Oppa we don’t have a picture togeth£r” I said Bryan brought ©vt h¡s phone.

“Lets do it” h£ said I smiled and we took our first pictire togeth£r.

It was pretty, h£ transferred it to my phone. I smiled and closed my eyes,I felt warm

“Our s€× plan failed”i said Bryan chuckled and we started laugh!ng.

“We really stressed ourselves ©vt today ” h£ said, i nodded.

I can’t stop laugh!ng at my stupidity.

Ryan’s pov.

Hahaha I almost died.

Th¡s is th£ best night of my life.

I knew it won’t work.

I covered h£r well

$h£ already slept off.

I klzzed h£r ear Quietly as I looked at th£ clock..

Crazy girl.

I h£ld h£r t!ght ..I can’t stop smil!ng..

It’s not really easy..with nana s€× was like food..

Try!ng ©vt all stupid new th!ngs every day.

With deya its close to impossible.

Life is funny

I still won’t compare th£m both.

Aust!n’s pov..

Ahhhhh why did I say it all like that. now am too s¢ar£d to open my room door.

I can’t miss my favorite t.v show.

I opened my door and alisson hastily turned th£n cleared h£r throat.

“Ummm Alison?”I said

“Yes”$h£ said and turned $h£ was hold!ng a cup of coffee which seemed to burn!ng h£r [email protected]

$h£ smiled

“Uhmmm i made coffee, uhmm you might get cold .

“Dont you take coffee,”$h£ asked with a very sad and teary face.

“No I Dont” I said and closed my room door.

I watch£d h£r from th£ open!ng.

$h£ took a Deep breath.

I fell on my b£d and $h£ knocked aga!n i walked ©vt.

“Tel me”I said

“Are you hungry? I cooked”$h£ said

“Stop mak!ng me feel so path£tic and pitiable ok, you said I should leave you alone so let me be too. stop rubb!ng it !n you are mak!ng me hate myself”I said.

“Nooo, am j√$t try!ng to be your friend.” $h£ said and dried h£r tears.$h£ sniffed like a kid”am sorry for sound!ng rude all th£ time,i guess am not well mannered” $h£ said.

I closed th£ door aga!n..

After a while I opened it aga!n and $h£ was still th£re.

“Wont you eat my food,”$h£ asked

“wh£re Is th£ food” I asked $h£ smiled.

“I cooked a Korean food, i used a cook book,come on” $h£ said.

I nodded and walked d©wΠ.

I sat fac!ng th£ food and $h£ [email protected] Me a chopstick.

I tasted it

oh my God..

Tastes like death

I almost threw up

“How was it?”$h£ asked !n a smile.

I looked !nto h£r deep blue eye which was sparkl!ng with excitement.

“Ohh it’s very good” I said.

$h£ smiled.

“F!nally someone said my food is sweet. wait I will get water”$h£ said and ran ©vt.

I ran to th£ s!nk and vomited everyth!ng.

I returned and faced th£ food.

$h£ dropped water and smiled.

“Eat m©r£”$h£ said.

“Huh ok” I said and took anoth£r spoon.

it was j√$t fvll of sand.

I used my [email protected] to cover my m©vth as i cleared my throat.

h£r eye widened.

“Is th£ food bad”$h£ asked

“Which food? bad? how?”I forcefvlly swallowed it and drank water .

$h£ smiled.

“Thanks” I said.

$h£ nodded.

I feel so embsrrased

..I didn’t want to tell h£r how I felt yet.

I feel so much pa!n.

I know i loved before but i never felt th¡s way before…

No matter what, Alison can’t Be m!ne

I stood up and walked !nto my room.

Rose’s pov.

I cleaned th£ table while s!ng!ng to myself wh£n jace walked !n and sat d©wΠ …

“Rose you are too dull”th£ manager said.

I ran to jace

“Ummm sir what do you want?”I asked

“Rose sit d©wΠ and talk to th£ young man” th£ manager said.

“But sir am not allow–

“You are allowed today”h£ said

What is go!ng on..

Jace’s pov.

And j√$t to see rose I had to bribe even th£ management

Rose sat d©wΠ..

I now feel lost of words.

even if $h£ doesn’t date me I j√$t want h£r to be @r0vnd me

“Rose what will you eat?”i asked

“Oh my, I had not even eat!ng s!nce morn!ng. my mom is at th£ hospital. thank you” $h£ said and ran off.

I smiled as i watch£d h£r take one pizza pack th£n a plate of ice cream.

$h£ sat fac!ng me and smiled.

Did $h£ j√$t smile

Best day of my life.

$h£ opened th£ pack and took one pizza which $h£ forced !nto h£r m©vth.

I smiled

” can I jo!n you” i asked

“Huh” $h£ said and stopped eat!ng.

“Noo its ok..uhmmm am not hungry I was j√$t–

“Ok, uhmmm lets eat” $h£ said and m©v£d h£r hair !nto h£r ear.

I smiled as I took a slice.

$h£ watch£d me taste it.

My manager will kill me

I don’t eat ©vt.

“Is it good?”$h£ asked I nodded..

$h£ took one slize.

“Uhmmmm how is dream high for you” I asked..

“Well f!ne” $h£ said And cleared everyth!ng on th£ table.

Jace talk before $h£ runs away..

“Rose I wanted–

$h£ ch£cked h£r time

“Oppa bye, sir bye” $h£ sh©vted and ran away.

I smiled wh£n $h£ came [email protected]¢k.

“I forgot th¡s”$h£ said and carried th£ plate of ice cream..

I walked ©vt and watch£d h£r run home while jogg!ng like a kid.

I entered my car and followed h£r quietly.

I did someth!ng for h£r today.

I wonder if that will change h£r m!nd ab©vt me.

Roses pov.

And I thougtt I won’t eat today.

Oooh my bet.

I hastily covered my ice cream as i looked up.

“Unnie cover your face” th£y sh©vted.

“Unnie cover your food.” Th£y s¢r**med.

I convered everyth!ng and closed my eye but i didn’t feel any water.

I opened my eye and flowers fell..

I smiled and jumped up as i caught th£m one by one with both [email protected]

I smiled happily and looked up..

Th£ flowers wh£re multi coloured.

“h£y..what happened”I asked

“Unnie h£ paid th£ debt. We gave h¡m punishment too. We had to ₱0ur h¡m pa!nt so now you are free. h£ said we should ₱0ur flowers on you and tell you ” I love you” th£y said.

My tears started cook!ng.

“Who” I asked.

“h¡m” th£y said and po!nted.

I Turned and saw jace lean!ng on h¡s car.

“I love you” th£ kids sh©vted.

I was shocked.

Jace came closer.

“What are you do!ng? first you took my first klzz like it was a joke and now–

“First what–

“Whatever. stop do!ng all th£se th!ngs. I know what you want and I can’t offer that. Dont ru!n my already ru!ned live please.” I said.

Jace pov.

Ooooo what did I do.

Th£ way $h£ sounded I thought $h£ already experienced h£art break with a rich boy but th£ truth is $h£ is avoid!ng h£art break.

And that was a first klzz, no wonder it felt special.

“Rose” I said

$h£ ran away..

“Rosella please h£ar me ©vt”I sh©vted

“Its late”$h£ sh©vted and waved from th£ distance.

“What ab©vt tommorow”I sh©vted.

“Well” $h£ ate !nto h£r pretty l¡ps and walked away.

I squatted th£re aga!n.

at th£ same spot.

am devastated.

I dried my tears.

Hana’s pov.

Rose got admission and deya left.

All my friends are so busy..am gett!ng too much work alone.

I j√$t f!ni$h£d th£ road sweep!ng I look so dirty.

I hummed my song as i Drove my bicycle.

My granny has not eaten.

I need to go and cook for h£r.

I already went through so much pa!n because I liked a rich boy.

If i knew I wouldn’t have accepted Kelly.

I would have concentrated on my little live.

Now h£ took everyth!ng away from me.

My dreams

My education.

my granny told my aunt that i was liv!ng a reckless life so $h£ wa$h£d h£r [email protected] off me.

I rarely even eat.

I still need to take ¢ar£ of th£ old woman.

Kelly took my !nnocence

My v!rg!nity.

My life

I didn’t know it was j√$t a bet.

I didn’t know it was j√$t my beauty…why am I so beautiful..I always run from boys and older men

After th£ s€× h£ j√$t stopped tak!ng my calls.

h£ stopped talk!ng to me.

And ever s!nce th£n.

I took my corrections.

I won’t be so stupid aga!n.

That once, that is it all.

I got a call

“h£llo rose”I said

“Hana come to my room tonight, I need someone to talk to”$h£ said

“Is it ab©vt a boy, f!nally you liked a boy”i said

$h£ chuckled shyly.

“I do but i don’t know anyth!ng ab©vt all th¡s and my mum and dad are so strict.

if someone tells th£m a boy talked to me I might as well get killed.” $h£ said

“Dont trust any boy like that rose, !nfact Dont let any boy distract You now..look at me, i got carried away and h£ left after h£ took my v!rg!nity. My aunt stopped feed!ng me or tra!n!ng me !n school. Now i can’t even eat until am sure granny ate. $h£ Is my only hope and th£ only person I have !n th¡s world. A boy made me like th¡s bes” I said.

“You know i don’t–“I h£ard voice !n th£ [email protected]¢kground..

“Rose call Hanna, h£r granny is dead”

I s¢r**med

“Hana, Hana.

I s¢r**med aga!n and lost ¢©Πtr0| of my bike

A car was com!ng..

Granny Noo, i have no one else

I felt th£ car hit my bike.

I fell and fell and fell.

From th£n I don’t know what went wrong.

I saw rich boy walk ©vt..

Evans pov.

what is th¡s now

“h£y uhmmm dirty girl”I said.

I couldn’t even touch h£r..dirt.

“h£y are you okay” I said no sound.

$h£ had a wr*₱per round h£r h£ad.

Is $h£ bald.

But h£r face Jesus Christ.

Are you human.

Pure red l¡ps,po!nted nose, crazy long la$h£s,sk!n like snow white,pretty teeth,pretty l¡ps.

My guards lifted h£r and th£ wr*₱per fell.

Shit..h£r hair was touch!ng th£ floor.

My eye widened.

If i have th¡s girl as a mistress I might leave women.

Thick black hair and th£ edges wh£re Golden

How can a girl be so beau–

“Sir we can’t take h£r to th£ hospital, th¡s is a scandal” my guards said.

“Ok call th£ doctor and take h£r to my house” I said.

Th£y entered th£ car and drove off.

I entered th£ oth£r car.

But why are poor girls so beautiful.

But dirty oh my..

Nana’s pov.

We arrived and Ely ru$h£d !n.

“Ummm wh£n you get a song idea !nform me”h£ said I nodded

“Ok cool”I said.

“Lets make th¡s as professional as we can” h£ said I nodded.

“Ummm th¡s girl,that girl you sang with. someth!ng deya,wh£re can I f!nd h£r?”h£ asked.


“I mean, is $h£ a Korean girl?”h£ asked.

“yes, $h£ is !n my school”I said.

“$h£’s very talented and pretty” h£ said

“$h£ has a boyfriend”I said

“Its expected”h£ said.

Wil all th£ guys I like talk ab©vt deya..


Ryan’s pov.

Wow last night was anoth£r long night of ¢©Πtr0|l!ng needs and desires.

Am !n th£ shower,i even walked !n with my phone.

S-square won’t kill me.

Deya is still sleep!ng..$h£ didn’t do anyth!ng yet $h£ sleeps like a log.

Deya turns me on every second even h£r smile floods me with need.

Thank God for self ¢©Πtr0|..a$$um!ng nana didn’t make me hate girls maybe I wouldn’t have achieved th¡s ¢©Πtr0|.

I walked ©vt and wore th£ white trouser th£n bru$h£d th£ white band !nto my w€t hair

No top..I applied my cream th£n fell on th£ b£d and entered th£ blanket.

$h£ m©v£d !nto my ch£st I smiled and h£ld h£r t!ght.

“Deya wake” I said $h£ opened h£r eye.

“I love you”was h£r good morn!ng.

it made me smile..

“You seem w€t did you bath”$h£ asked I nodded.

$h£ smiled.

Why is $h£ still feel!ng guilty ab©vt yesterday..it’s not h£r fault that $h£ is a shy person.

I scratch£d h£r hair $h£ smiled.

“I will bath !n your shower today”$h£ said !n a smile.

“You are free..am all yours”I said $h£ smiled and walked !nto th£ shower th£n walked ©vt.

$h£ forgot to rem©v£ h£r cloths.

“Close your eyes”$h£ said i smiled and used th£ pillow to cover my face

I f!nally opened and i didn’t saw h£r aga!n.

I smiled as I saw th£ cloth£s $h£ rem©v£d.


Wow th¡s shower is pretty

I feel cold.

did Bryan bath cold water too?

Why did I ru!n yesterday.

I Turned on th£ shower and r!nsed my b©dy fvlly of th£ soap..

I have so much desires but so much fear.

If only I wasn’t so nervous.

Why do I keep ₱|@y!ng with bryan.

I keep turn!ng h¡m on and still leav!ng h¡m like that.

h£ is human, h£ didn’t do wrong by lik!ng me.

I should really stop punish!ng h¡m.

I wr*₱ped h¡s sponge round my [email protected]¡$t.

I tied it and tried danc!ng.

I turned and saw Bryan’s phone.

Oooh h£ forgot h¡s–

Bryan walked !n

parental guidance advised for readers younger than th£ age of 2O.


“Deya I forgot to take–

My eye widened !n shock.

I swallowed noth!ng and strated look!ng up and d©wΠ.

h£ forgot that i was —

“Am sorry,i didn’t–I forgot”h£ said.

h¡s eye couldn’t get ©vt of my b©dy. h£ traced th£m quietly from my shoulders d©wΠ to my hip.. th£n to my ch£st

h£ was filled with so much desires that i too started feel!ng sweet by j√$t look!ng !n h¡s eye.

“Bryan”i said

“Oh sorry, I will j√$t take my phone” h£ said.

I was still surprised and shy as Bryan m©v£d closer to me to take th£ phone beh!nd me.

I gently m©v£d [email protected]¢k.

h£ tried tak!ng h¡s phone it fell d©wΠ..

I cleared my throat

h£ is go!ng to bend

Bryan bent d©wΠ to take h¡s phone…

Th£ sponge on my [email protected]¡$t fell.

watch£d h¡m lift h¡s face and looked d©wΠ !n th£re .

h£ closed h¡s eye !nstantly and looked away

th£n h£ took th£ phone..

I was still shocked.

Will h£ still see me [email protected]£d today and cont!nue ¢©Πtr0|l!ng and starv!ng h¡mself because I Wont stop be!ngggggg nervous?

h£ stood well with th£ phone

h£ tried leav!ng I gently took h¡s [email protected]

h£ looked at me I closed my eye t!ght..

I was j√$t too nervous but i h£ld h¡s [email protected] well.

“Deya” h£ said i opened my eye and h£ hastily ¢©Πtr0|led h¡s eye which was on my br**st.

Th£ shower started dropp!ng.

“Bryan am ready” I said.

“Ummm you are not, i will–

I h£ld h¡s [email protected] and bru$h£d it d©wΠ my [email protected]¡$t.

h£ tried mov!ng it I h£ld it firm.

h£ looked !n my face I closed my eye t!ght.

“Bryan lets strength£n our bond tonight” I said.

I felt h¡m klzz my l¡ps with my eye closed.

I closed th£m t!ghter and klzzed h¡m [email protected]¢k..

Our klzz was so so s1©w steady and !ntense..Bryan mistakenly turned on th£ shower with h¡s [email protected]¢k I smiled happily as i felt th£ water bath us…

h£ gently m©v£d my hair !nto my ear..

We klzzed aga!n..

h£ traced h¡s f!ng£rs all ober my bare b©dy leav!ng me with [email protected] !nto th£ klzz.

h£ grabb£d my br**st.

I opened my m©vth !n a [email protected]

we klzzed aga!n h£ ₱|@yfvlly circled h¡s thumb d©wΠ my ni**ple mak!ng me [email protected] like ¢ar£lessly as i raised my [email protected] over h¡s neck.

I kept mak!ng sweet sounds !nto th£ klzz.

h£ s£nt h¡s f!ng£rs to th£ oth£r w€t br**st.

I $h!veryed !n sweet Ness and unlocked from th£ klzz cos I wanted to look !n h¡s face.

I watch£d h¡m as h£ pressed and sqv££sed softly while mov!ng h¡s l¡ps !nto n!ne aga!n.

th£ water made us wild with desire.

We klzzed h£ pressed a little [email protected]

“Ouch my love” was what left my m©vth.

h£ smiled and lifted me up th£n h£ld md like I was weightless.

I wr*₱ped my legs @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t and h£ |¡¢ked @r0vnd my br£@st with h¡s m©vth.

my eye widened ..I smiled cos it tickled me.

“Bryan”I said

“hmmnnn” h£ replied as h£ leaned me on th£ wall.

i smiled as h£ bent well and took my ni**ple !nto h¡s m©vth.

I smiled shyly.

” ahh dont,” i said as i m©v£d [email protected]¢k mak!ng it leave h¡s m©vth.

h£ frowned like a kid.

“j√$t once, hmmnn?”h£ asked !n a childish p©vt.. h¡s l¡ps was already mov!ng closer

I smiled and nodded.

i m©v£d closer any gently touch£d h¡s hair so h£ would m©v£ closer.

h£ smiled s√¢ked me aga!n mak!ng my m©v£ [email protected]¢k !n [email protected]

it was so sweet.

h£ did it s1©wly and made sure h£ was w€tt!ng my ni**ple as h£ s√¢ked me like h£ was really tak!ng milk..I smiled

I didn’t even know wh£n I h£ld h¡s hair so h£ won’t stop.

I [email protected] sweetly



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