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Dream season 3 episode 3

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after exposure



episode 3

I watch£d Bryan [email protected]|| asleep right h£re !n my arms.

I smiled as i collected my [email protected] from h¡s b©dy.

Th£n covered h¡m well.

I shifted away from h¡s b©dy and [email protected] on my own side of th£ pillow..

That was wh£n I could sleep off.

I wonder wh£n I will stop be!ng so nervous and get used to all th¡s..

Bryan’s po!nt of view


I am tak!ng th¡s Angel to s-square today.

But it all depends on h£r response wh£n I ask h£r to s!ng.

I wish deya will say yes so we can register h£r first.

I know it will take 4 to 3 days before $h£ is exposed to th£ world !n radios, televisions, Bill boards, etc.

Not only h£r but h£r rival..cos I j√$t h£ard dreame’s search !n north Korea found a girl too and sir edwardo; my dad is beh!nd h£r…some Rach£l Lee.

So after th£y are exposed deya and th£ girl will have an open voice challenge after which th£ world will vote on who should s!ng with me.

And th¡s is th£ risky period cos th¡s is th£ period wh£n h£r dad will surely f!nd ©vt.

I need to register deya now but I need to f!nd h£r mum before th£ exposure starts.

Now I don’t know how to conv!nce deya to register with©vt h£r mum by my side.

And if $h£ doesn’t get registered today sir edwardo will not know that dreame has anoth£r girl.

As well as nana’s dad.

deya needs to get registered today that everyone is on sit.

I wish $h£ would trust me and j√$t register.

I will surely br!ng h£r mum before h£r dad f!nds ©vt

Deya trust me …

I don’t know wh£re I will take you to today.

What will I do to get you to say yes.

Restaurant, bar, club,.. wh£re do I take you too.

I turned to h£r on th£ b£d wh£re $h£ [email protected] smil!ng !n h£r sl¡p.

I touch£d h£r curly hair th£n I bent to h£r face.

“h£y miss..so I hugged you yesterday and you ran away wh£n I fell asleep huh”i said touch£d h£r cute nose.

$h£ was still sleep!ng soundly.

I closed my eye And klzzed h£r fvll yummy l¡ps $h£ opened h£r eye !n shock

I smiled

$h£ used th£ duvet to cover h£r face I smiled.

“Ummm lets go ©vt.. on our date, let’s go on our date now”I said

$h£ nodded and covered h£r face aga!n I smiled.

Nana’s po!nt of view

I got released from th£ hospital s!nce yesterday.

I was so confused and frustrated I couldn’t go home.

Am j√$t h£ad!ng home now.

I told za!na not to tell my Dad that I fell sick because i don’t want h¡m to get all both£red

Th£ competition is gett!ng closer..my dad is go!ng to get [email protected] on me.

I hastily opened th£ door and Lisa walked ©vt $h£ looked at me !n shock.

“Ummm nana your dad is–“..

“Are you see!ng my dad?”I asked

“Ummm well”$h£ stuttered

I ran !nto th£ build!ng and my dad stood Up.

“Dad what was Lisa do!ng h£re?”I asked

“Nana let me expla!n its m©r£ than what za!na said”h£ said

“Za!na? What are you do!ng to me?”I sh©vted

“Honey its noth!ng”h£ said

“It’s better you tell me yourself dad cause za!na will tell me anyth!ng and i Wont forgive you if it comes from h£r”I said

“F!ne nana ..I am hav!ng an affair with h£r. You are not a kid neith£r am I”h£ said


“Do not daddy me, your mum died wh£n you wh£re 15 and you made me promise not to get s€×ually !nvolved and i agreed because you wh£re a kid but come on, won’t you pity me, you are now 21 years Old I thought you would understand better”h£ said

“I don’t understand anyth!ng Mr Kim, you can’t get !nvolved with any oth£r woman and i Wont forgive you if I catch you aga!n” I sh©vted

” Nana I am nom!nat!ng you for dreame…becomi

ng th£ dreame girl is go!ng to boost you and make you m©r£ popular… I looked !nto th£ Rach£l Lee of a s!nger..$h£’s a small competition for you I wonder why edwardo is beh!nd h£r.”h£ said

“Dad Rach£l is not th£ only girl dreame found. I can’t s!ng with Bryan, i thought of team!ng with bitz; Ian will be my partner” I said

“Nana Bryan has m©r£ chances of w!n!ng that competition.. even if h£ doesn’t w!n s!ng!ng with h¡m will ₱|@y a h£avy role !n your carrier”h£ said

“Ian has a great voice too dad, if bryan can come up first i and Ian can come up second” I said

“My daughter is th£ first female voice !n Korea”h£ sh©vted and threw away th£ calendar on th£ wall” I don’t want to h£ar you talk ab©vt second aga!n” h£ sh©vted


“You are s!ng!ng with bryan and that’s f!nal. Dreame has Rach£l, now you will b**t d©wΠ h£r voice so edwardo can sponsor you. Wh£n h¡s dad says yes Bryan can’t say no.”h£ said

“Dreame has found a girl dad..$h£ is !n secret and h£r name is deya. $h£ was found h£re !n s©vth Korea dad and h£r voice Is good. It needs tra!n!ng but it’s still perfect.

$h£ has not been exposed yet but am sure $h£ will be exposed one of th£se days”I said

“Well i guess that makes it 3 girls compet!ng to s!ng with Bryan” h£ said

“What do you mean 3, i can’t b**t deya” I sh©vted.

“You must cause ©vt of that 3 Kim nana you must be dreame’s girl , u understand” h£ said

“Dad I cant s!ng like deya”I sh©vted

“Well go !nto your room and learn and how to s!ng m©r£ than th£ deya.” h£ sh©vted

“Dad I dont understand your plans..if I go for dreame who will repres£nt girlfriends” I asked

“Za!na will s!ng with ra!nbow’s Ely while you s!ng with Bryan nana. I am plac!ng two cards !n th¡s game and one of you must w!n…I will be so angry at you of you don’t get me that award …so angry. Now rem©v£ that curl !n your hair its childish..”h£ said

“Dad j√$t let me be, let me wear what I want. I don’t like th£ way you are manag!ng me”i said

“You are s©vth Korea’s h£arthrob. Not only are you th£ most beautiful you are also th£ s€×iest female Idol. People look up to you as a fashion queen so th£ next time you step ©vt wear someth!ng h°t” h£ said

“I need a new manager”I said

“I already got you one..now go and rem©v£ that childish curl.”h£ said and walked ©vt.

I ran !nto my car.

I j√$t hate my life

I hate be!ng ¢©Πtr0|led so much

Bryan was th£ only one who gave me true happ!ness now I lost h¡m

I got h¡m angry

I became a laugh!ng stock !n school.

I drove home and Mrs Madison was j√$t stepp!ng ©vt.

I dried my tears and $h£ hugged me t!ght.

$h£ was once my nanny for 6 months before $h£ transfered to dream Mansion.

h£r clos£ness to Bryan made me a little bit close to h£r.

That was why $h£ trusted me and came h£re.

I really wanted to tell h£r ab©vt deya today but I didn’t know dad wanted to nom!nate me for dreame.

now deya is my biggest rival.

If i give h£r h£r moth£r th£n noth!ng will stop deya from s!ng!ng.

deya shouldn’t compete…deya shouldn’t s!ng.

$h£ can take Bryan but not my

I And Mrs Madison walked !n and sat on my b£d.

$h£ dried my tears.

I cant belive my dad is sleep!ng with h¡s secretary.

“Nana why are you cry!ng”$h£ said

“My dad is hav!ng an affair with Lisa, h£ is ch£at!ng on my mum.. I thought h£ loved h£r”I said.

“My dear you seem so mature but but you such a baby nana. h£ is not ch£at!ng on your mum it has been 6years.”$h£ said and i hugged h£r t!ghter.

“Za!na called yesterday and $h£ told me that you fa!nted. what’s wrong my dear, are you pregnant?” $h£ said i laugh£d.

$h£ Is so much fun.

$h£ always had a great s£nse of humor

“Th£re you laugh£d” $h£ said and I hugged h£r.

$h£ unlocked and ¢ar£fvlly braided my hair to th£ side.

“Nana ab©vt my daughter? you said you knew ab©vt h£r. Nana please tell me what I need to know.

I really want to be with my daughter now.

Nana am gett!ng sick and i wish to spend th£ rema!n!ng few days of my life with deya. I have been wait!ng for h£r to come to north Korea …I have been wait!ng at home.

I can’t go ©vt to meet all th£ people who I met !n th£ f!nd!ng mum app anym©r£.

So all I do is visit th£ hospital and sit ©vtside, wait!ng for th£ day deya will come.

I was so happy wh£n you called me nana, do you really know wh£re my deya is?”$h£ asked.

My tears kept stream!ng.

My daughter is th£ first female voice !n Korea

I don’t want to h£ar you talk ab©vt second position aga!n

You must be dreame’s girl

I dried my tears as i remembered my dad

“Nana tell me wh£re $h£ is? Th£re are someth!ngs I need to tell deya” $h£ said.

“Nana tell me …do you have any !nfo on deya.”$h£ asked

Mrs Madison

I swear, i want to show you to deya.

I want Bryan to be happy with deya.

I want th£m to date I don’t ¢ar£ anym©r£.

I want to live h¡m for deya.

But I can’t let deya s!ng, deya should not compete.

My dad will ru!n my life.

I will br!ng deya to you..after anoth£r girl has been chos£n for Bryan.

Eith£r me or Rach£l.

But not now.

Deya shouldn’t s!ng..

“Uhmmmm Mrs Madison, i was wrong sorry for br!ng!ng you h£re” I said.

“It’s ok..I really missed you nana and i am happy that we met. I will go [email protected]¢k to north Korea now right after I visit Bryan” $h£ said.

“No no Bryan is not @r0vnd h£ traveled…why don’t you bag to north Korea now who knows deya might be wait!ng” I said $h£ nodded.

” Ok but after I cook for you,tell me what do you want to eat ” $h£ said

“Hmmmmm bimibab” a sh©vted !n a laugh as i ran beh!nd h£r.

$h£ smiled.

We ran !nto th£ kitch£n.

Jeremy’s po!nt of view

Nora Is travel!ng for tra!n!ng.

$h£ should compete !n th£ nationals but !n th£ s!ngles.

I turned and saw Mrs Madison so I hastily walked ©vt of my car and ran after h£r.

But $h£ told us that $h£ wanted to wait !n north Korea for h£r daughter.

“h£y mom” I sh©vted.

“Oh my remy”$h£ sh©vted.

I hugged h£r.

“Wh£re did Bryan travel to?”$h£ asked.

“h£ is !n h¡s house” I said.

“But nana said h£ traveled” $h£ said.

“Nana?”I asked.

“Yes” $h£ said.

“Why are h£re anyway..wh£re had you been,”i asked.

” I came to s©vth korea because of nana…I came to see h£r” $h£ said.

“Really why? what Wh£re do!ng !n h£r house?” I asked.







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