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episode 4

“Noth!ng much nana j√$t wanted to h£lp me with my —
“Mrs Madison you are gonna miss your flight–Jeremy hy”nana said and i waved at Mrs Madison th£n watch£d h£r enter a cab.

Za!na’s pov
I walked [email protected]¢k !nto nana !n th£ house…kira and Bella came with me..
We came to ch£ck on h£r h£alth
$h£ sat on th£ b£d…I m©v£d !n first..
“Nana how was your date with Ian?”i asked
“Za!na I can’t be with anoth£r man if it’s not Bryan…I couldn’t…I couldn’t even let h¡m hold me ” $h£ said.
“So what, are you still go!ng to let deya have your man?”I asked
“am so jealous i can’t ¢©Πtr0| it. h£ might already be gett!ng !ntimate with that deya and h£re I am miss!ng h¡m”$h£ said
Kira and Bella walked !n.
“I thought you said you wh£re lett!ng Bryan go miss?”kira added.
“I miss h¡m, i can’t j√$t place th£ fact that bryan is with that deya” Nana said.
“i mean that deya, i never liked h£r for one day.

Such a dirty poor commoner what does h£ even see !n h£r”bella said.
“Ladies ladies, Bryan cant end up with deya, sir Edwardo is a no nons£nse man and h£ won’t want h¡s son;only son at that to get married to a parasite.
Deya is a common girl..Miguel and sir Edwardo sill surely break th£m up…” kira said
“Noo not if $h£ s!ngs, if $h£ s!ngs $h£ will gate fame and !n th¡s !ndustry fame is money. sir Edwardo will do anyth!ng to make sure Bryan gets engaged to h£r ..that man is someone who goes after talent” nana said.
“Well i guess $h£ doesn’t have to s!ng th£n, $h£ cant s!ng registration ends !n 2 hours and h£r mum is !n a plane..so we all know $h£ can’t register. ” kira said.

Nana smiled
“Wow I didn’t know I could use one stone to kill two birds..I mean deya not s!ng!ng will also br!ng Bryan [email protected]¢k to me…imag!ne I gave up Bryan th!nk!ng it was now hopless,” I said
“Well its clear now b.f.f. No deya. so now You versus Rach£l, sir Edwardo will choose you.” I said nana smiled
“But why did your dad m©v£ you from girlfriends nana..I mean rightfvlly you should repres£nt girlfriends. I don’t know why you haven’t noticed it yet but it seems like your dad wants you for Bryan badly.”kira said
“I noticed it too, even h¡s calls with sir Edwardo. and some times wh£n h£ asks me how my relationship with Bryan is go!ng. h£ asked so much that I never told h¡m that Bryan dumped me I kept ly!ng cos it seemed to make h¡m happy…even till now h£ th!nks we are still togeth£r”nana said
“I mean also nana,you be!ng s£nt to th£ same tra!n!ng center !n north Korea.. exactly wh£re Bryan was..what co!ncidence..it’s j√$t not add!ng up” Bella added
“Yea but I don’t want to th!nk ab©vt that….!n few hours i will be chos£n as th£ dreame girl. I will be practic!ng with Bryan 7 hour’s everyday and trust me wh£n I tell you that I know what to do. bryan gett!ng married to me is by choice or force”nana said.
We laugh£d…drugs still exist
But wait i still f!nd sir Kim’s !nterest !n nana and Bryans relationship very very suspicious.

“Nana you remember that day at th£ d!nner..wh£n you returned home for your sixteenth birthday…uhmmm you compla!ned of miss!ng your period at th£ d!n!ng table
forgett!ng that your dad was th£re” I said.
“Yea I do. that was my last stay with h¡m before I went for 2 years dance tra!n!ng…h£ asked me if I had a s€×ual Partner and i said no” nana said !n a smile.

“But wh£n your little cous!n said you had a boyfriend h£ got pretty angry” kira said
“But surpris!ngly Bella said it was Bryan and h£ calmed d©wΠ all of a sudden”nana said
“Wh£n h£ didn’t even know bryan.. h£ is not supposed to know Ryan, Bryan was not exposed yet…” I said
“It feels like h£ planned your relationship with Bryan h¡mself nana…even wh£n you cried so much that you wanted go home your dad still forced you to stay !n that tra!n!ng center. Your dad who doesnt like see!ng you cry” k said
“Za!na my dad loves Bryan and h£ loves me so h£ wants me for Bryan simple.
now come on lets go to square…I hadn’t even registered yet ” Nana said and we all ru$h£d up
Mrs Madison’s pov.
What nana did,isn’t it obvious that nana doesnt want Jeremy to talk to me..
Someth!ng is fishy and i am gonna make ©vt time to talk to Jeremy.
I walked ©vt of th£ car hastily th£n took a cab and h£aded to th£ dreame mansion.

I pray all of th£m are at home of not th£n I will h£ad to Bryans house.
ODEYA’s po!nt of view
I dropped th£ call with rose.
So s!ng!ng was th£ ma!n reason why I was brought h£re.
That means Jeremy, jace, bryan,Diego,Evan know that I am th£ one who sang !n that cl¡p.
So all th£ir hopes are on me..why did rose keep th¡s secret from me.
I j√$t wish th¡s competition will wait till I f!nd mom.
but Now i h£ard today is th£ last day of registration and m!n ahh said nana is s!ng!ng.

I Wont [email protected] nana spend!ng so much time with Bryan…
I won’t [email protected] go!ng [email protected]¢k home to Lydia after nana has been chos£n.
Am j√$t so s¢ar£d of dad.
Mum please registration ends today.
j√$t come ©vt of th£ blue.
If you don’t come now i don’t know if I can do th¡s.
I guess th¡s was what Bryan wanted to say to me….

I hope h£ doesn’t say it…
Say!ng no to h¡m…
But what if dad f!nds ©vt
Now registration ends today
What do I do?
I stood up and dried my tears
I walked !nto Bryans room and h£ wAlked ©vt of th£ shower.
h£ wore only a white trouser
h¡s w€t hair fell free..th£n a wgite room sl¡pper..h£ looked so seductive I started gett!ng crazy thoughts
h¡s b©dy was still dripp!ng w€t
h£ m©v£d closer to me.
“Deya what’s wrong? ” h£ said
“Noth!ng…I j√$t wanted to look for you”I said
Bryan took my [email protected] and made Me sit on th£ b£d.
“Deya I want to say someth!ng Uhmmm i wanted to take you ©vt before say!ng th¡s but right now I feel like I should say it now.”h£ said.
“Uhmm bae, th£ real reason why you wh£re brought to th£ dreame mansion was–
“To s!ng with you”I said
h£ smiled
“will you?”h£ asked
“Bryan what ab©vt my mom..
I can’t–
h£ stood up and brightened th£ room light th£n h£ sat fac!ng th£ piano table.

I dried my tears as i watch£d h¡m turn th£ keys on while quietly ch£w!ng !n
h£ cleared h¡s throat.
” uhmm baby doll” h£ said i smiled.
“Deya j√$t like your mum wi$h£d,i also want you to dreame”h£ said
“Th¡s fear, we need to fight it first..deya you should dreame like th£ world is yours”h£ said and pressed anoth£r key mak!ng me laugh.
“I don’t want to s!ng with anyone else ..it has to be you but if you don’t register today because of fear of th£ yet to come th£m we are doomed” h£ said !n a smile and pressed anoth£r key I laugh£d happily and sat on th£ floor.
“So right now my love…!n your mum’s voice…I want to beg you to dreame” h£ said th£n sang.

dreame odeya dreame
th£ world is yours myyy baby
you are free like th£ sun, th£ moon and th£ stars, dreame my baby dreame.
I dried my tears as i sat on th£ floor…I j√$t remembered my mom.$h£ too wanted me to dreame so badly..because $h£ couldn’t…what am I do!ng..I should also make someth!ng ©vt of my life
my mummy says, my baby dreame ..dreame like its all you have.
even if th£ world is [email protected]||!ng apart dreame odeya dreame.
Seems like mum knew a situation like th¡s will come !n my life.

Th¡s song–
now Bryan says,my honey dreame, Dreame !n my world with me.
even !n th£ storms,th£ ra!n and th£ pa!ns..dreame odeya dreame.
I dried my tears.
“Deya please s!ng with me.
Let’s register you today.
I promise you th¡s..your dad wont s£nd you away, th£ world will surely h£ar your voice.

we can do th¡s togeth£r. Th¡s is th£ only way we can secure our future togeth£r and you Wont be seen as a commoner anym©r£.
And me I Wont be forced to s!ng with anyone else.
Deya I will f!nd your mum before you are exposed don’t you trust me??
j√$t say yes…registration ends !n few hours. tell me yes baby”h£ said
I smiled and stood up.
I didn’t even know wh£n I klzzed h¡m while s£nd!ng my [email protected] d©wΠ h¡s bare b©dy I j√$t couldn’t ¢©Πtr0| th£ Desire.
h¡s eye widened..h£ smiled as h£ s£nt h¡s [email protected] to my jaw and turned my l¡ps !n th£ right direction th£n klzzed me softly.

Th£n m©v£d h¡s [email protected] d©wΠ my hair
Our t0Πges met our klzz got !ntense..filled with un¢©Πtr0|led desire.
I s£nt my [email protected] to h¡s [email protected]¢k th£n up to h¡s shoulders from beh!nd…
I klzzed h¡m softly
Bryan hastily carried me up !nto h¡s arms and placed me on th£ piano table.
I took a deep breath as i sat well.
h£ pecked my l¡ps quietly and we started klzz!ng aga!n..
h£ klzzed me desperately while nibbl!ng on my l¡ps.
I m©v£d up little shock wh£n bryan raised h¡s [email protected] from my [email protected]¡$t to my br£@st..my elbow already m©v£d !n defense as i unlocked and looked !n h¡s face..

h£ gently took h¡s l¡p !nto h¡s m©vth and looked side ways !n little smile.
h£ looked !n my face aga!n and pecked my l¡ps before klzz!ng me aga!n.
I gently shifted my [email protected] ….. th£n h£ raised h¡s [email protected] aga!n to my br**st
It felt sweet as h£ traced my ni**le desperately from th£ s!nglet while klzz!ng me
I suddenly enjoyed it so I sat well and kept my [email protected] away so I won’t distract h¡m.
h£ klzzed my neck s1©wly th£n m©v£d !nto my l¡ps aga!n And started klzz!ng me m©r£ desperately !n half bitt!ng manners.

I [email protected] !nto h¡s l¡ps as h¡s oth£r [email protected] sqv££sed and pressed my fvll br**st !n such a sweet manner.
I [email protected] quietly cos Bryan didn’t stop press!ng and sqv££s!ng softly.
Our klzz got got m©r£ !ntense…
F!nally Bryan placed me on th£ b£d I [email protected] my h£ad on th£ pillow
I started breath!ng ©vt as h£ klzzed my l¡ps Quietly.
h£ trapped both my [email protected] to th£ b£d.
h£ klzzed my neck s1©wly.
A deep blue song ₱|@yed deep d©wΠ !n my little h£art.
you are m!ne..th£ day you go I will die.
I [email protected] quietly as Bryan klzzed my cl£@[email protected]£ quietly while gently shift!ng my s!nglet with h¡s l¡ps.
i gently m©v£d my b©dy up while breath!ng ©vt quietly.

Bryan h£ld my [email protected] t!ghter as h£ gently ate !nto my n!₱₱!e from th£ s!nglet.
I [email protected] !n a little s¢r**m quietly as h¡s oth£r [email protected] m©v£d deep !nto my th¡gh.
I hummed Quietly as i felt h¡s [email protected] gently ¢ar£ss my p√b!c bone..
Bryan gently widened my leg and bru$h£d h¡s [email protected] d©wΠ th£re from th£ short.
Oh God …
Oh no.
Deya not yet..

h£ traced th£ zip of th£ short with h¡s f!ng£rs and f!nally h£ got it.
h£ tried zipp!ng d©wΠ I gently took h¡s [email protected] and m©v£d it up from my short..
h£ looked up at me like someone who j√$t got h¡mself.
h£ closed h¡s eye quietly as h£ took h¡s l¡ps !nto h¡s m©vth.
“Oh noo, Deya am sorry.

I didnt —
“Bryan its ok” I said
h£ fell [email protected]¢k on th£ b£d and [email protected] on th£ white pillow..
h¡s hair fell through h¡s face and h£ gently m©v£d it [email protected]¢k.
h£ didn’t even look at me aga!n…why is h£ feel!ng so guilty.
“Bryan I love you, i let you do all those th!ngs I never did before because I love you..why are you feel!ng bad now?”i asked
“I actually wanted to wait till your own time baby” h£ said and turned to my face” deya i never wanted to rush you now look, I almost did”h£ said.
“Bryan i j√$t wanted to tell you that I have decided to s!ng…” I said
“Really??”h£ asked
“Come on lets go register…we don’t have time.”I said !n a smile and bryan hugged me t!ght.

“Thank you so much ” h£ said i smiled.
we both laugh£d !nto noth!ng as h£ m©v£d me to lie on h¡m..
We laugh£d !nto noth!ng


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