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episode 5

I gently turned to my side wh£n bryan took a call.

th¡s Alison aga!n?..

“h£y”bryan said.

“Why,do you want to cOmE?”..

“No i s£nt it, uhmm I s£nt it two m!nutes after you texted.

“j√$t buy th£ white car,bmw right?”..

“Crazy but i–“h£ walked ©vt.

First h£ always takes h£r calls even at midnight.

Second h£ never busies h£r call not even wh£n h£ Is busy.

Th£n h£ chats with h£r almost all th£ time..h£ treats h£r like a girlfriend I swear.

I gently used th£ b£d cover to cover my b©dy as i wr*₱ped my [email protected] round my ch£st.

Is my name even !n Bryans future

What was I busy do!ng wh£n I had not even secured my future with Bryan.

I almost had s€× with h¡m… thank God i didnt i would have j√$t felt so used.

Alison always called h¡m but i dont know why its affect!ng me m©r£ now that I f!nally gave h¡m half access to my b©dy.

I feel like ….I don’t want Bryan to ever leave me.

s€×…..I hope that’s not all h£ wants from me.

h£ won’t do what Hana’s guy did right.

Am frustrated I need to talk to someone.

Not Jeremy..not m!n ahh..yes rose…$h£’s th£ only one I share personal stuffs with.

uhmmm bes, Bryan made advances today it was so !ntense. pls tell me h£ is not like hana’s boyfriend ..

*smiles* …deya h£ is not like that. s€× for fun is normal to h¡m cause maybe thats how it was with h¡s ex. don’t forget h£ is exposed and h£ has met a lot of girls so your mentality ab©vt s€× is different from h¡s.

so dont get s¢ar£d, h£ j√$t got carried away. it’s left for you to tell h¡m how you want it. I don’t th!nk h£ wants to use and dump you deya. h£ is safe. Listen do what you want,you are not a kid anym©r£ so do anyth!ng that makes you happy

I smiled

Everyth!ng was so !ntense and i lost so much ¢©Πtr0|.

Am glad h£ has fvll self ¢©Πtr0| but I shouldn’t keep h¡m wait!ng for too long…

I turned and bryan walked ©vt h£ wore a black top now and used h¡s f!ng£r to m©v£ h¡s hair beh!nd.

“Deya th£ idols are tell!ng me to br!ng you home. so we will all go after registration cos everyone Is miss!ng you mostly jace. th£y are at s-square”h£ said as h£ sat beside me on th£ b£d wh£re I [email protected] !n h¡s pillow fac!ng upward.

“Will you spend time with everyone th¡s time?”I asked

h£ smiled

“Is that what you want?”h£ asked

“Yes. for once. can’t you force yourself and ₱|@y with everyone, its really fun” I said

h£ s£nt h¡s eye up !n thought as h£ ch£wed !nto h¡s p!nk perfect l¡ps Quietly…after a while h£ nodded

“I know i cant cope !n much crowd but i will try. Th£n if I [email protected]|| sick I will tell my dad that love killed me” h£ said I smiled.

I nodded and h£ gently touch£d my neck th£n m©v£d my hair !nto my ear.

“Deya why are you be!ng so dull? is it still ab©vt few m!nutes ago.

” no its ab©vt Alison. who Is $h£ to you?”I asked

“No one,j√$t my family friend. come on” h£ said and gently dragged me up

“But Sir Edwardo always asks ab©vt h£r wh£n h£ calls you..h£ actually sounds like $h£ is your fiancee or wife to be”I said

“Deya registration will end !n a few…all I know is that I will never leave you ..ok?” h£ said i nodded

” am go!ng to bend now.

Quickly climb on So I can give you a piggy [email protected]¢k ride “h£ said !n a sweet laugh

I laugh£d

“Am really h£avy you know” I said.

“I know and i will suffer because I love you..” h£ said and i ¢ar£fvlly climed !nto h¡s [email protected]¢k Bryan stood up and walked d©wΠ while carry!ng me well.

I h£ld h¡m t!ght..h¡s hair troubled me so I divided it !n two and weaved it d©wΠ.

“Now I will look like a girl”h£ said

I smiled and klzzed h¡s ch£ek.

“You will never leave me right? what happened to Hana,you won’t do that to me right?”I asked

“What happened to Hana?”h£ asked

“Uhmmm noth!ng much but even if I f!nally have s€×–

Bryan started cough!ng I gently hit h¡s h£ad h£ laugh£d.

“Deya dont say th£ s word..you are spoil!ng me”h£ said i smiled and wr*₱ped my [email protected] t!ght round h¡s neck th£n klzzed h¡s ch£ek.

“I won’t Hana you…ok?”h£ said mak!ng Me laugh and soon we got to my room.

Bryan fell on th£ b£d after h£ dropped me.

“So deya I always wondered, why is your dad jobless..i mean students used it to !nsult you so much..what went wrong..isn’t th£re any work @r0vnd your area or h£ is j√$t lazy?”Bryan asked

“Well my dad has an issue !n h¡s right leg,it makes it very difficult for h¡m to keep any job so h£ f!nally decided to quit” I said

“What k!nd of !njury?”Bryan asked

“I don’t know..h£ doesn’t talk ab©vt it.but accord!ng to roses moth£r that !njury cost my dad h¡s job at th£ orphanage at that time.. mak!ng h¡m stay at home and th£ m©r£ h£ looked at h¡s pres£nt Condition h£ got grumpier…and all h¡s anger was vexed ©vt on my mom”I said h£ nodded

“Oh sorry”h£ said i nodded

“A lot of girls and boys are gonna be th£re right..uhmmm what do I wear?” I asked.

“Had you bath£d?”Bryan asked

I nodded and h£ [email protected] me a yellow gown.

“h£re…pretty right?”h£ asked I smiled.

“Yes” I added.

“Wear it i want to see how it is” h£ said

“Uhmmm i will change and come [email protected]¢k” I added

“Noo I want to see how you wear it”Bryan said

“j√$t say you want to see my b©dy,”i said !n a smile as i watch£d h¡m cunn!ngly

“Yes I want to see your b©dy”h£ said

I laugh£d and ran away.

I changed and walked ©vt.

“Lets go”h£ said

“So uhmmm I was th!nk!ng ab©vt uhmmm…let’s do it after I get chos£n to s!ng for dreame”I said.

h£ smiled

“Really now”Bryan asked

“Yes, seems that’s our biggest challenge for now.. and i really want to concentrate s!nce we have some days before exposure after registration. So I need to be perfect. nana might still s!ng better than me if don’t concentrate and tra!n myself as well as work [email protected]

So after I w!n th£ open voice challenge and i get chos£n as dreame’s girl Our problems will be half over….I pray th¡s happens with©vt any issues. and after that dur!ng our personal tra!n!ng period before we s!ng our duet,we will do it th£n…uhmm you will deflower me..” I said

Bryan smiled..

“Uhmmm th¡s Is how I planned it !n my little m!nd. I want us to do it wh£n we have th£ smallest ounce of hope that we might be togeth£r.

so uhmm I hope you can wait for me but if you can’t Bette tell me. Bryan we Will surely do it th£n, i promise. every day if you want and anytime till we f!nally s!ng on stage… our personal tra!n!ng will be for fun and fun and fun..j√$t us” I said !n a smile.

” wow sounds yummy.. Ok..am h£re” h£ said i smiled.

“I love you” I added

“Buttt until th£n, until th£n. romance is welcome right?”h£ added

“What is th¡s romance all–

h£ s£nt h¡s [email protected] !nto my th¡gh

“Bryan you touch£d my–ahhh” I sh©vted and used th£ pillow to hit h¡m h£ laugh£d Quietly as h£ fell on th£ b£d

I smiled cunn!ngly

“No…no noth!ng until we w!n th¡s competition” i said.

“h£y that’s not what you said before..deya” Bryan ru$h£d me and i ran away we ran !nto th£ compound while laugh!ng childishly.

Soon we entered th£ car and h£ made me lean on h¡s shoulders.

” Bryan don’t tell th£ idol’s that we are dat!ng”I said

“Huh..why “h£ added

“I am shy”I said.

“But Jeremy knows”h£ added.

“I know, but oth£rs shouldn’t” I said.

“Ok, that’s even better…I mean even my dad too shouldn’t know yet. I want to !ntroduce you to h¡m !n words like” dad that girl with amaz!ng voice you wh£re try!ng to sign..th£ one who won th£ voice challenge and h£lped dreame w!n th£ competition..yes th£ girl who th£ wh0l£ world is look!ng for and all !ndustries want to sign ..yes that girl, thats th£ girl i want to marry “Bryan said i smiled.

“I wish” I added as i looked up to h¡s face th£n klzzed h¡m !n quiet peck which I ended !n a smile.

Am so happy

“h£y you didn’t talk ab©vt th£ h°t romance?”h£ said !n a Laugh

I wr*₱ped my [email protected] round my ch£st

“You are spoil!ng me”I said h£ laugh£d.

“Uhmmm [email protected]¢k to reality..I will be busy at s-square today so am leav!ng you alone. I noticed you always get bullied wh£n you are left alone deya and i will be very angry with you if I come up to save you from your fellow girls. You already know how I get wh£n I am angry right?so don’t let any girl !ntimidate you.

You are better than every one else,th£y have noth!ng to Bully you with..you are m!ne..you got me and that makes you extraord!narily special,unique and better” h£ said i nodded.

“Ok”I added

What else can anyone Bully me with.

Very soon I will be done be!ng a commoner

Bryan is m!ne..

I smiled and nodded th£n We drove off.

Soon we arrived Ryan Walked ©vt and took my [email protected] i looked @r0vnd

“I love you”h£ wh¡spered

I smiled as we walked !n.

All th£ girls stood up.

Nana turned and tapped za!na too who turned.

Tasha was danc!ng.

So th¡s place Is a General tra!n hall…

Bryan let go of of my [email protected] and ru$h£d up.

I took a deep breath as i m©v£d !n front..

“Deya what are you do!ng h£re?”tasha said

“Well i came to register…am s!ng!ng” I said

“Really and your boyfriend brought you h£re so sweet” $h£ said .

nana frowned.

“Come on, i will walk you through th£ procedure” $h£ said I smiled as $h£ took my [email protected]

We m©v£d !n front and nana stood up with h£r crew.

“Deya what are you do!ng h£re?”nana asked.

“$h£ came to register nana” tasha said.

“But that’s not possible you haven’t found–

” Nana what do you know ab©vt my moth£r?”I asked.

“Noth!ng…are you sure you want to register deya…I am sure you can’t s!ng” kira said

“Nana why are you so s¢ar£d of deya?

you don’t want h£r to register because you know $h£ is better than you and now I can’t wait for that voice challenge” tasha said.

Nana scoffed

“Am not s¢ar£d and even if $h£ sang $h£ is not better than me” nana said

“Well till th£n…right deya” tasha said i smiled.

Nana turned and walked ©vt anoth£r girl tapped me I turned..h°tness.

“Ummm hy, deya righy,

your song is ₱|@y!ng !n th£ [email protected]¢kground right..I have been hop!ng to meet you” $h£ said

“Who are u..who is $h£?”tasha asked

“Uhmmm who are you?”i asked

“Am Rach£l from north Korea….I calculated our tra!n!ng days before th£ voice challenge so I was hop!ng uhmmm can we tra!n togeth£r..can we be friends?” $h£ asked

“$h£ is your rival..deya trust no one” tasha said i smiled.

“Wh£re is odeya blake?”a voice said and i m©v£d !n front with tasha hold!ng me.

We laugh£d !nto noth!ng.

Both of us..we Really connect.

“Pres£nt” I said

“Please thumbpr!nt” th£ system said and i hastily did it.

A card came ©vt and i took it

“Our deya” a voice said i turned !n a haste and it was Diego h£ hugged me tasha smiled.

All th£ idols came ©vt..

“Wh£re Is your boyfriend?”tasha asked I noticed Bryan wasn’t with th£m

“I don’t know”I said $h£ nodded.

Jeremy hugged me.

“Thank you deya”h£ said I smiled as I hugged Aust!n..our hug lasted it rem!nded me of everyth!ng h£ did for me.

Evan hugged me t!ght

“I miss you” h£ said i smiled and hugged jace

“Please don’t forget to cook while we tra!n”jace said i nodded and f!nally found Myself with Aust!n.

h£ pressed my [email protected] softly I smiled.

“Tasha” Jeremy said and hugged h£r t!ght $h£ smiled and jace klzzed h£r ch£ek

“Ummm are you compet!ng?”Evan asked

“Oh yes..I am hop!ng for second place I and uhmmm Allan from bitz”$h£ said as $h£ took my [email protected] Jeremy nodded.

j√$t th£n I felt someone drag my [email protected] i turned Bryan.

“Oppa”I said

“Lets go home…quickly”h£ wh¡spered.

Th£ rest of th£ idols walked beh!nd.

I smiled

“I don’t like that girl”bryan said

“$h£ Is not bad”I said

“I don’t like h£r deya….simple”h£ said

“So what”I asked

“So stop talk!ng to h£r.”h£ said

I didn’t talk till we entered th£ car

Jeremy tapped Bryan and th£y both walked ©vt to discuss.

I sat well…I like tasha ..hmm

Jeremy pov.

Alison wants to come on a surprise visit tonight. $h£ told me but of course I can’t tell Bryan I will ru!n th£ surprise..

But I don’t want a situation wh£re Alison will come h£re and end up Put!ng deya !n tears,confusion and jealously..that girl needs to concentrate now $h£ might have a nice voice but nana is still a great s!nger..with©vt tra!n!ng $h£ might loose

Ryan leaned on th£ car

“Why did you call me ©vt h£re”h£ asked.

“Does deya know ab©vt Allison”I asked

“$h£’s not a factor”Bryan said

“$h£ is your fiancee Bryan.. $h£ has kept h£rself for you as a girl who belongs to someone and even wh£n you Wh£re dat!ng nana you never told h£r dad that you won’t marry Alison…you spend on h£r like a girlfriend..now $h£ is not a factor?

“Its under ¢©Πtr0|…

“Why can’t you j√$t stand tall and talk to th¡s girl and h£r dad. I mean why is it [email protected] for you to tell Alison that you are not gonna end up with h£r? have you guys been !ntimate?” I asked.

“Jeremy stop pry!ng !nto my personal life”Bryan said and tried mov!ng

“Can you j√$t drop your pride and speak up so that someone can h£lp you ©vt wh£n you are stuck…

“Alison is j√$t a friend–

“But you let h£r klzz you”I said

“It was–lets talk at home..deya might h£ar you ” h£ said and entered h¡s car.

It’s already too late…Alison is com!ng.

Za!na pov.

I watch£d nana walk ab©vt !n frustration after $h£ called h£r dad and told h¡m that deya registered.

h£ said h£ is already !n ¢©Πtr0| of th£ situation..I wonder what that means.

Mrs Madison’s pov.

I waited for a while no one is com!ng home.

I walked ©vt to look @r0vnd wh£n black car stopped !n front of me.

Men !n suit walked ©vt …th£y wh£re fvlly armed.

Someone walked !n front.

“So you are th£ woman who’s daughter wants to spoil–

” Kim soo hyung?” I sh©vted.

“Kang hye?”h£ replied.

I dried my tears.



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