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Only 3 days



episode 7

My tears kept stream!ng…

Bryan had not even replied.

But that klzz,th£ thought of that.

I dried my tears.

“Alison h£r name Is deya and $h£’s’–

“$h£s our team mate, deya is tra!n!ng with us”jace said and Bryan didn’t talk.

I guess jace doesn’t know am dat!ng Bryan.

Bryan walked past me with th£ girl.

I stood still and watch£d my tears drop.

Aust!n dried th£m..

Jeremy walked |ns!de..h£ seemed angry.

“Deya stop cry!ng”Aust!n said

“h£ told Me $h£ was a family friend”I said

“Deya its ok” Aust!n said.

I tried but i couldn’t stop my tears.

That klzz came to me as a shock.

Why now?

why now that i need to concentrate and tra!n..

My h£art is


I lost my appetite.

I ran up !n tears..

I already saw th£ male and female footwear !n front of h¡s door.

I closed th£ door and sat [email protected]¢k!ng it.

My tears kept stream!ng.

What if? I was j√$t th£re for fun and pa$$!ng time.

Th£n th¡s girl..$h£ turns ©vt to be h¡s fiancee

Bryans pov

Th¡s Is th£ worst dilemma of my life.

I don’t want to hurt deya, now I already did.

I used th£ band !n my wrist to tie my hair up as i fell on th£ pillow.

Alison went !nto th£ dress!ng room

I need to tell h£r ab©vt deya but $h£ is a very emotional person and i don’t want to hurt h£r but i really don’t have a choice.

Now it seems like deya saw that klzz.

$h£ walked ©vt of th£ dress!ng room while ty!ng h£r extremely long hair up.

Half [email protected]£d …

Red strapless bra and red [email protected]

diamond laid [email protected]¡$t cha!n.

“Uhmm lend me your shirt”$h£ said.

I stood up and dimed th£ room light..

“Bryan I might –“$h£ sl¡pped and i caught h£r.

“Cant you see well?”I asked

“You turned off th£ light”$h£ said

“Well you Wh£re not dressed” I said as i ¢ar£fvlly rem©v£d my [email protected] from h£r b©dy.

I tried mov!ng but $h£ h£ld me to h£rself and bru$h£d my f!ng£rs !nto h£r [email protected]¡$t….dipp!ng th£m d©wΠ h£r [email protected] band.

“Alison stop, what are–

$h£ klzzed me …..

And for a stupid while I klzzed h£r [email protected]¢k…..

I trailed my f!ng£rs to h£r bra hook..

What am I do!ng…

am only attracted to h£r looks

I don’t have feel!ngs for h£r.

I unlocked and m©v£d ©vt of h£r b©dy.

$h£ turned on th£ lights..I turned it off $h£ turned it on aga!n

“Bryan am I not too pretty to resist…why are you fight!ng it”$h£ said as $h£ gently s£nt h£r warm f!ng£rs !nto my ch£st from th£ top…

I rem©v£d h£r [email protected] and turned off th£ lights..

I don’t want to see h£r b©dy !n any way.

“Lison stop. please I am begg!ng”I said

“Ok f!ne. Turn on th£ light”$h£ said

“Wear someth!ng first”I said

“I did”$h£ said

I turned on th£ light and $h£ picked my black polo..th£n used my hair band to hold h£r hair..$h£ looked like a rock star

All I am th!nk!ng ab©vt is deya.

how is $h£? did $h£ eat? is $h£ mad?

I watch£d Allison sit on th£ b£d so I sat on th£ chair and m©v£d it closer to h£r.

“Allison we need to talk”I said

“Is it ab©vt few m!nutes ago? I was j√$t kidd!ng though th£re Is noth!ng wrong if we have s€×, I mean we already agreed that we are gonna marry each oth£r right..both !n front of your mum and dad. So do!ng it now is still th£ same th!ng as our wedd!ng night” $h£ said.


“Ok. Come on..let it go.

I wasn’t serious I j√$t felt cold..and I still feel cold so !n case you change your m!nd.”$h£ said

“Alison we need to talk ab©vt our relationship, Someth!ngs changed and..

“Bryan I love you..”$h£ said


my h£art b**t doubled up.

“Uhmm my mom started tell!ng me that I had a husband right from wh£n I was 3 and am sure your mom did th£ same.

I met you wh£n you Wh£re 7 and i didn’t like you”$h£ said

“Yes obviously, you threw away my food”I said $h£ laugh£d

“Yes I didn’t like you, but you kept call!ng me your Alison.

It was so stupid because we wh£re so young” $h£ said.

“But that was what my dad told me th£ first day I saw you !n church. I was like ” dad who is that fat girl with uncle Miguel?” and h£ said “thats your Alison”. I was like”your Allison?” h£ said “no, call h£r my Alison ” so I started call!ng you my Allison, I really thought it was your name ” I said.

“I hated you th£n but i fell for you wh£n I saw you first last 4 years. Wh£n you came to claim your dad’s property.

I was surprised you recognized me and you still said “uncle ,isn’t that my Allison” $h£ said mak!ng me smile.

“Yes I remember” I said.

“That was wh£n i fell !n love

with you Ryan. that was wh£n I actually got !nterested !n gett!ng engaged to you but dad said those th!ngs will come after we solve your family’s case” $h£ said.

“Allison..I really have someth!ng to say” I said.

“I love you..reply that” $h£ said.

“Uhmmm Alison I need to say th¡s one first” I said.

“What you have to say..well uhmmm will it hurt me?”$h£ asked


“If it will th£n do not say it until am done with your dads case. I have only 3 days to solve th¡s case or else it will be closed forever. that’s why I came h£re. You know i can’t concentrate wh£n am hurt!ng” $h£ said.

“Ok, i will tell you later”I said $h£ nodded.

th£n wr*₱ped th£ duvet @r0vnd h£r [email protected]¡$t..

$h£ fell on th£ pillow

“Come h£re”$h£ said and opened h£r arms.


“Come on..”$h£ said.

” Allison I can’t sleep h£re.”I said

$h£ hastily sat up.

“h£y I won’t try anyth!ng stupid”$h£ said

“I know but I am used to privacy sooo”….

$h£ smiled

“Th£re are no guest rooms”$h£ said.

I smiled

“Th£re is,”I said.

“Are you sure? my detective s£nse Is tell!ng me that you are ly!ng”$h£ said.

“No am not”I said.

“Ok Bye…wait you hadn’t hugged me” $h£ said i chuckled as $h£ dragged me up and hugged me.

$h£ hieved a sigh if relief !n my arms.

” Dont hurt me..hmnnn” $h£ added.

I nodded and $h£ fell on th£ b£d.

I swear..I don’t want to.

I walked ©vt.

Th£re is nooo guest room.

I can only be comfortable stay!ng with deya.

I looked at h£r door and saw Aust!n’s foot wear


Aust!n walked ©vt.

“What are you do!ng? I asked.

“You j√$t walked ©vt of a room wh£re you stayed with a girl whom you klzzed !n front of your girlfriend. who should be ask!ng who what th£y are do!ng? What are you do!ng Bryan? ” h£ asked.


h£ walked ©vt.

h£r door was still open but i got so s¢ar£d to knock.

I f!nally knocked and $h£ opened.

$h£ wore a p!nk pajamas and tied h£r curly hair up.

h£r eye was so red and i saw m©r£ tears.

“What do you want ?”$h£ asked.

“Deya am sorry” I said and tried touch!ng h£r $h£ m©v£d [email protected]¢k.

“I asked you who $h£ was?? why did you lie to me?”$h£ added

“I didn’t lie..I told you $h£ was a family friend” I said.

“But earlier, $h£ klzzed you. $h£ klzzed you right? did you guys klzz or not? ” $h£ said.

“$h£ did. but i didn’t– ” $h£ closed h£r door.

I sat on th£ floor [email protected]¢k!ng h£r door.

$h£ is !n so much pa!n

Am gett!ng frustrated what do I do.

I felt h£r sit th£ same way [email protected]¢k!ng h£r door.

I gently tapped th£ door

“Am sorry deya, I never meant to hurt you. What I told you ab©vt Alison is th£ truth..

” that klzz, was that th£ only one?”$h£ asked.

“Deya let me expla!n–

“It wasn’t right? why are you do!ng th¡s to me .. ” $h£ said and started cry!ng.

I felt h£r stand up and [email protected]|| on h£r b£d.

” uhmmm wh£re do you want me to sleep? I have no wh£re to sleep. if you won’t open up th£n I will j√$t sleep h£re” I said and [email protected] [email protected]¢k on th£ floor.

$h£ didn’t talk ..

Ok th¡s is not funny..I never knew deya had a temper.

Ahhh cold..

$h£ opened h£r door and I stood up.

I looked !n h£r face it wasn’t funny

$h£ left th£ door open and walked !nto h£r room.

I walked !n and locked th£ door.

$h£ tried [email protected]||!ng on h£r b£d but i h£ld h£r t!ght and hugged h£r From beh!nd.

“Deya please, am sorry” I said

” can you tell h£r that i am your girlfriend now” $h£ said

“I can’t but i–

“Let me go”$h£ said

$h£ fought of my touch and fell on h£r b£d th£n covered h£r b©dy well.

“Deya” I said Nd touch£d h£r [email protected]d

$h£ rem©v£d my [email protected] and buttoned h£r shirt well.

tears wh£re Still stream!ng.

Wait….why is h£r shirt even unlocked

“Deya what was aust!n do!ng h£re?”I asked.

“What…Bryan how –” $h£ couldn’t talk.

$h£ covered h£r b©dy and fell on h£r pillow.

I sat on h£r b£d

“Am sorry..deya look at me”I said.

“Th¡s is my room and I j√$t let you !n because you have nowh£re to sleep… I didn’t !nvite you to my b£d”$h£ said and po!nted a warn!ng f!ng£r to me.

God am dead

“Ok i Wil j√$t stay on th£ floor”I said and [email protected] on th£ floor.

$h£ didn’t even turn

“Ouch..I feel so cold..deya please forgive me” I said $h£ didn’t talk.

I kept my [email protected] beh!nd my hair.

Th£ band disturb£d me so I rem©v£d it.

I felt cold.

gosh I never slept on th£ floor before..

I already planned spend!ng th¡s night !n th¡s room right !n h£r arms gist!ng and mak!ng wi$h£s..

Before Alison came

$h£ sat up and jumped d©wΠ from th£ b£d.

$h£ bent d©wΠ and brought ©vt a lot of mattress and coloured duvet.

“Stand up, do you want to get b©dy pa!ns?” $h£ asked and wiped h£r tears.

I stood up with both [email protected] on my h£ad.

I didn’t know th¡s part of deya.

Jeeeeeez..$h£’s mean

$h£ ¢ar£fvlly placed so many mattresses on th£ flooor while dry!ng h£r tears.

th£n $h£ dropped a pillow.

” sleep if you want ” $h£ said I nodded and [email protected] [email protected]¢k fac!ng upward so I can see h£r face.

$h£ dropped th£ red duvet on my b©dy $h£ even covered my face.

$h£ fell on th£ b£d.

“Deya at least stop cry!ng, you won’t even let me expla!n” I said.

“Why are not proud of me? you couldn’t even say I am your girlfriend..Am I that local?’ $h£ asked

“Deya its not ab©vt that” i said

” what is it ab©vt?”$h£ asked

” it’s —

“I let you expla!n now still you can’t talk. Why are you hurt!ng me. I never felt th¡s way before. I never felt so

much pa!n ” $h£ said and started cry!ng.

I knelt d©wΠ


“don’t come near my b£d”$h£ said

I fell [email protected]¢k on th£ floor and watch£d h£r cover h£r b©dy fvlly.

$h£ seemed cold.

I started gett!ng colder

I cough£d.

$h£ didn’t fl!nch.

I cough£d aga!n

“Wont you cover yourself..I thought I gave you a duvet” $h£ said.

“Sorry ma” I said and lifted it.

Now am suddenly thirsty.

“Deya am thirsty ..

“I don’t ¢ar£” $h£ said

“Sorry”I said

I covered my face and i suddenly felt someone tap me $h£ [email protected] me water.

” oh thanks” I said and took th£ water.

$h£ fell on h£r b£d.

Deya is m©r£ jealous than i am.

$h£s also h°t tempered and very emotional.

I cough£d aga!n..$h£ sat up and kicked me with h£r leg.

I opened my face


“Come up” $h£ said and m©v£d !nto th£ b£d.

I smiled and jumped up before enter!ng h£r b£d.

It was so warm..h£r perfume made th£ b£d and duvet so sweet.

I [email protected] beside h£r and $h£ [email protected]¢ked me.

“That person, have you slept with h£r before” $h£ asked from th£ b£d.

“No..never” I said.

$h£ covered h£r face.

“Deya let me expla!n..I will tell you everyth!ng” I said and touch£d h£r [email protected]¡$t.

“Dont touch me..I Am still very angry so better do not touch me”$h£ said.

“Deya I want to expla!n”i said.

“Am s¢ar£d you will tell me m©r£ lies” $h£ said and covered h£r face.

I fell [email protected]¢k on th£ pillow and after a while $h£ fell asleep.

I watch£d h£r for a while.

Deya it seems th£se 3 days will be very tough for us.

No matter how much I say sorry I still can’t do what you want.

I can’t tell Alison I have a girlfriend until $h£ is done with th¡s case

And your clos£ness with Aust!n all of a sudden

Am so jealous..first it was th£ kitch£n now it’s your room.

Aust!n who is a woman magnet..h£ will lure you !nto h¡s arms.

I know why h£ didn’t drag you before but if I cont hurt!ng you h£ will come for you.

I don’t even know how to stop hurt!ng you until th£se 3 days are over.

You are right to be angry deya.

I j√$t hope th£se 3 days won’t separate us.

I hope Alison solves th¡s case f*ster.

Mrs Madison birthday is at th£ corner.

Tomorrow or next I even forgot

Who will rem!nd me.

I stood up and picked h£r socks

I gently took h£r leg and sl¡pped th£ socks !n…th£n h£r oth£r leg.

I covered h£r hair with th£ warmer..

I covered h£r tvmmy well..

Why didn’t $h£ wear a s!nglet with th¡s..it would have reduced th£ cold.

I covered h£r well and $h£ turned.

$h£ was still $h£dd!ng tears !n h£r sleep.

I fell [email protected]¢k on th£ floor that was wh£n I saw h£r note !n th£ wall.

Oh h£r description for th£ f!nd!ng mum app.

$h£ also wrote it !n a paper and pasted on h£r room wall.

Seems $h£ took a lot of effort !n writt!ng it and $h£ wants to make sure $h£ never looses it maybe !ncase network wipes th£ old one.

I read th£ first l!ne.

” mom, choi kang hye;that’s th£ name I know you with. Well–”

Someone suddenly knocked

deya sat up !n a hurry and wiped h£r tears

“Who is it “deya asked

“Uhmmm its Alison….

My eye widened as deya looked at me like $h£ wanted to swallow me.

“Uhmmm deya can we meet ” $h£ added.


“Few m!nutes” Alison said


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