Dusk till dawn episode 10



⏰ CHAPTER 10 ⏰

🌻 James POV 🌻

“Ephemeral” I said as I wrote the word on the white board and turned back to the class who were all making noise and I sighed
This never gets old

“Silence!!” I yelled and they all looked at me

“Our word for today is ephemeral which means something that last for a short period of time, John Williams once said and I’ll quote ‘So much of what we do is ephemeral and quickly forgotten, even by ourselves, so it’s gratifying to have something you’ve done linger in people’s memories’, so what is John Williams trying to say? He meant….” I heard a boy laugh from the back of the class and I stopped

“Is something funny?” I asked the boy that laughed

“Not really, I just remembered those times you used to behave like a crazy lunatic, always calling Julia by another name, what was that name again…. Ummm…. Andrea yeah” he said and the whole class laughed and I sighed

I looked round the class and everyone of them was doing something wrong, it’s either they aren’t sitting rightly or they don’t button up well or they are facing the back talking to their fellow classmate, even Julia is just looking at me chewing her gum loudly

I slowly walked down the class towards the boy that first laughed and I bent down to meet his eye

“What’s your name again?”

“I introduced myself on our first class but I guess you don’t just have a mental case, your memory is bad too” he said and laughed

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“I remember your name, Nathan right? How can I forget an ugly face like yours” I said and he looked at me surprised

“What? Ugly….ugly face?”

“I just needed to stare up close at your face for me to remember” I said as I walked back to the front of the class

“I understand that you guys are spoilt and rude but that is about to change, we can’t continue like this can we? So there’s gonna be rules and I will set those rules, if anyone of you go against my rules….”

“What can you do? Give us some punishment?” One of them asked

“Not at all, am sure physical labor won’t work for you guys, if anyone goes against my rule, then that person should be ready to spend one more year in this school cause you won’t be graduating” I said and they all looked at me surprised

“What do you mean, you can’t just make us repeat a year” another said

“As a matter of fact I can, am your homeroom teacher”


“Rule number 1, no one interrupts me when am speaking” I said and they all grumbled
I passed by Julia who was still chewing her gum loudly and I stopped and faced her

“Rule number 2, no chewing of gums in my class”

“What!!” She exclaimed but I ignored

“Rule number 3, no immoral dressing” I said looking at the girl who unbottoned her top to show her cleavages and she quickly buttoned up

“Rule number 4, no coming late to class” I said as I walked round the class making up any rule that comes to mind

“We have 10 rules for now and I will add to it whenever I deem it necessary is that understood?!”

“Yes Sir” they said uniformly and I smiled

Good work James….

I finished up the class with them and left with my books

As I walked down the hallway, I saw Michael walking towards my way and talking with a construction worker and I waited to talk to him

“Michael…..” I called but he totally ignored me as he passed and I sighed
I miss my little brother

I was entering the staffroom and Sarah and I bumped into each other

“Oh am sorry” I said

“No problem” she said as she made to leave

“Wait” I said and she stopped and looked back

“About the day that we planned to meet at my place but you came and I wasn’t in, I….”

“Yeah, I heard you got arrested with Julia, I understand, it’s not a big deal” she said and she made to leave but I stopped her again

“So about what you wanted to talk to me…”

“Don’t worry about it, you can forget I ever asked to talk to you” she said

“Are you okay now? Back then, you said you were at a crossroad and you didn’t where to go”

“Don’t worry, I’ll find a way out of the crossroad myself” she said and walked away

I sighed as I walked into the staffroom
I missed my chance of breaking through with her
I need Sarah to be open with me for my plan to work

🌻 Rachel’s POV 🌻

“Rachel, what brought you to my work place today” Stefan asked as I walked into his office

“I had to come meet you, I’ve being having sleepless nights and I needed to talk to you about something” I said as I sat down in front of him

“What’s wrong?”

“You know James doesn’t let anyone gets close to him right? Especially ladies” I said and he nodded

“You are the the closest lady to James”

“Yeah and that’s why I’ve being so patient cause I thought no matter how long he obsesses over Andrea, he’ll be mine in the end but am beginning to have doubts now Stefan”

“Why? You are the only lady James allows so close to him” Stefan said

“But am not! There’s this other girl James hugged the other day”

“Hug?! James?!” Stefan asked surprised

“Yeah, he even placed the girl’s head on his laps while he was sleeping”

“What?! That’s so unlike James, are you sure of what you’re saying?” Stefan asked

“Of course, I saw it myself”

“Who’s this girl?”

“One of James’ students, her name is Julia but for some reason, the girl looks familiar” I said and Stefan blinked rapidly and shifted nervously

“What’s it Stefan?”

“Nothing” he said quickly

“It’s not nothing, you are hiding something from me, what do you know that I dont?”

“Promise you won’t do anything crazy if I tell you”

“Just spill it already Stefan”

“Julia looks like Andrea, that’s why James is so hooked up with her” he said and I looked at him wide-eyed

“Oh my God! You’re right, she does look like Andrea, oh no!” I said as I quickly took my bag and stood up

“Where are you going?”

“I can’t let the 12 years I stayed by James side go down the drain” I said as I ran out of his office

I entered my car and drove straight to Westview High….

🌻 Julia’s POV 🌻

I looked at where Mr James was standing before he left and I saw his phone on the table

He always forgets his phone in class
I stood up, took his phone and went to the staffroom but no one was there

I was about coming out of the staffroom when he walked in

“What are you doing here?” He asked as he went to sit on his seat and I walked up to him

“You left your phone in the class, again” I said as I gave him the phone

“Thanks Julia” he said as he collected it

“You were pretty strict with us today” I said as I sat on his table by his side

“I had to, you guys gave me no choice, you all were being so rude” he said

“Even me? Am not rude to you again Mr James”

“I agree you’ve changed from how you were when we first met, I just hope you continue to be good” he said and I smiled

“Don’t worry Mr James, I promise my new behavior won’t be ephemeral” I said and he smiled

“Sharp girl” he muttered and I blushed and then I noticed a black stain on his cheek and I laughed

“Why are you laughing?”

“You have a black stain on your cheek, it must have being when you were using the black marker to teach” I said

“Ohh” he said as he tried to cleaned but only ended up making the stain bigger and I laughed

“Allow me” I said as I took my handkerchief and moved closer to him as I cleaned the stain on his face with my handkerchief

“Why does it look like you aren’t breathing” I asked as I looked at his face but he couldn’t meet my eyes”

“You shouldn’t come so close to me” he said nervously

“I…..” I was suddenly cut short as two teachers walked into the staffroom and James quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me under the table before they could see us


“Shhhh” he said as he placed a finger on my lips and I stared at him

The atmosphere was getting heated up but the two teachers were still in the staffroom

My legs were getting tired and I tried to reposition my leg but instead, I almost fell but Mr James caught me by grabbing my waist and pulling me closer to him

“Caught ya” he whispered with a smile while I just stared at him

What’s this feeling am getting?
He seemed to be feeling it too as he started moving his face closer to mine and before I could say anything, he kissed me

I wanted to withdraw and push him away but I just couldn’t and I kissed him back
This is wrong, we are kissing under a table in a staffroom where two teachers are present, it is wrong but why does it feel so right?…..

……..to be continued……..


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