Dusk till dawn episode 11



⏰ CHAPTER 11 ⏰

🌻 Rachel’s POV 🌻

“Hey, please where can I find Mr James Whistler?” I asked a teacher that was passing by

“If he’s not in the staffroom then he should be teaching in a class” he replied

“Please, can you tell me where the staffroom is?” I asked and he did

I muttered a thanks and walked in the direction of the staffroom

I stood by the door as I looked inside the staffroom
Only two teachers were there and James isn’t among

“He must be in class” I thought as I turned to leave but I stopped as my eyes spotted something or someone

I slowly walked in and what I saw left me in shock
James and Julia, hiding and kissing under the table

“What is going on here?!” I yelled and they all looked at me

“Is anything the problem Miss?” One of the two teachers seated in the room asked and I looked at James and Julia who were still under the table looking all flustered up

James placed a finger on his lips and looked at me with a pleading eye

“Are you okay Miss?” The teacher asked again as he stood up

“Am…..am fine, I….. The Principal…. Yeah the Principal wants to see the two of you in his office right away” I said

“Really? Why? And who are you?” They asked

“I don’t know, am a visitor, I visited his office and he pleaded with me to call you guys to his office” I lied

“Ohh, let’s go then” They said as they stood up and left the staffroom

Julia and James came out of their hiding place looking hesitant and bashful


“Are you crazy!!” I yelled before James could speak “Kissing your student in the Staffroom, what the hell is wrong with you?! I thought you were someone with good morals but this absolutely wrong and what happened to the walls you built around your heart huh? I thought you said you were never going to get close to any lady!!!” I yelled

“Rachel, you are taking this the wrong way” James said

“Wrong way?” I scoffed “I know what I saw!!! You were kissing your student under a table like some stupid pervert!!” I yelled

“Enough!! Don’t insult Mr James, he’s not a pervert” Julia said and I scoffed

“You!” I said as I walked towards her “You still have the guts to open that hole of yours and talk back at me?! How shameless are you Julia! Making out with your teacher in the staffroom!!”

“And how is that your business?!!” She yelled and I was taken aback


“For all I know, you are just Mr James friend, you aren’t his guardian neither are you his girlfriend so stop this your unwelcome intrusion and mind your fucking business” she said and I looked at James wide-eyed

“You aren’t going to say anything?” I asked James

“Please Rachel, let me….”

“She just insulted me and you aren’t saying anything about it!” I yelled and Julia chuckled

“I don’t know what to say to you James but you” I said as I turned to Julia “Watch out for me” I said and walked out with an angry sigh

🌻 Michael’s POV 🌻

I sat in my room and my phone rang
I smiled as I saw the caller

“How is the assignment going?” I asked

πŸ—¨οΈ “Am making good progress, just make sure you keep your end of the bargain else I’ll tell James everything”

“Don’t worry, I won’t go back on my words, just do your job well” I said and ended the call

I stood up and walked to the shelf in my room and took one of Shakespeare’s book from it

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here” I read from the book and I smiled

I’ll be your devil James and Rachel, I’ll destroy both your lives slowly

“Master Michael” someone called and I immediately knew who it was

James’ Nanny is the only one that has the guts to walk into my room without knocking

“Your Mom just came in drunk and she collapsed in the sitting room” she said and I scoffed

“And how’s that my business?” I asked as I dropped the book on the shelf and sat on my bed


“You are old now Nanny, don’t stress yourself with this unnecessary things and go get some sleep” I said and she nodded

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She turned to leave but then stopped

“How….. How is James?” Nanny asked and I huffed

“I don’t understand you Nanny, you always ask of James even though he has never once asked of you, he abandoned both of us Nanny, he doesn’t deserve your concern so stop asking about him”

“Am not angry with him for not asking about me, James has gone through a lot and is still going through a lot, am sure you don’t know how hard it is to loose the one you love right in your arms knowing your own father caused it. I raised James from the moment he was given birth and I know him better than anyone, James will come back to us Michael, let’s give him some more time” Nanny said

“Am not waiting for him to be back Nanny, infact I don’t want him to come back, I’ve cut all my ties with him”

“If you’ve really cut all ties with him then why is his bookshelf still in your room?” Nanny asked
“It’s obvious you still love your elder brother Michael and admitting it doesn’t make you weak, it just makes you human, good night” she said as she slowly walked out of my room and I just stared at the door as she left

My phone’s ringing jerked me back into reality and I saw the caller

πŸ—¨οΈ “Hello, Mich…. Michael” she sounded like she has being crying
πŸ—¨οΈ “Are you there Michael? Please…. Please speak to me, I….I need to talk to someone and you’re the only one I can think of, please say something” she sobbed but I remained quiet
πŸ—¨οΈ “I…. I saw him kiss someone today Michael, James kissed someone right in front of me and he didn’t look sorry about it! It’s not fair is it Michael? I’ve loved James my whole life! I’ve sacrificed all my time for him so why is he treating me this way? Why?” She cried and I sighed
πŸ—¨οΈ “Are there Michael? Please say something please!!” She pleaded but I ended the call

She deserves the pain she’s going through
Nanny was wrong, I don’t love James, I don’t love anyone!

🌻 James POV 🌻

I laid in my bed as I continued trying to call Rachel’s number but it kept repeating the same thing

πŸ“žThe number you are trying to call is currently busy, you can leave a message on voicemail after the beep

“Hey Rachel, it’s James, am sorry for all that happened in school today but please pick up my calls and I’ll explain things better, I was kind of not thinking straight and caught off guard then so I didn’t know what to say back then and I just stood dumbfounded but please, I never meant to hurt you Rachel, you are one of the few most precious people I have left, give me a chance to explain things to you, please” I said and ended the call with a sigh

“Can I really explain things to her? I mean I barely understood what happened myself
I’ve spent 12 years staying away from girls, then why is Julia getting to me so easily
Is it because she’s Andrea’s lookalike?”

And then I remembered the moment I kissed her

“Oh you are so stupid James, so stupid” I said as I slapped myself
I never meant to kiss her in the start but when our eyes met, I lost my Will and all I wanted to do was kiss those sexy lips of hers

“Oh my God! Sexy lips?!! What is wrong with you James?!!” I yelled as I hit my head on the bed…..

🌻 Julia’s POV 🌻

“Am off to school Mom! Bye Dad” I said as I gave Dad a peck

“Wait, you haven’t taken your milk!” Mom said as she came with a glass of milk

“Do I have to drink this every single day?!”

“It’s good for your health!” She said and I sighed

I collected the glass of milk, drank it and gave her back the glass

“Bye Mom” I said as I hugged her briefly and I ran out

“Be careful” Mom shouted

I got to the bus stop, entered the bus which drove me straight to school

I got down from the bus and walked to the school
Immediately I got inside the school, I noticed everyone was staring at me

I got to the hallway and many students lined by the side staring at me and making spiteful comments

What’s going on?

“So shameless!” Someone spitted and I looked around


Linda suddenly ran to me panting


“What’s wrong Linda, what’s going on?”

“Someone posted some photos of you on the school blog” Linda said as she showed me photos of yesterday, when Mr James and I kissed under the table in the staffroom

“Oh my God” I muttered as I covered my mouth

Then a lady holding a cup walked up to me

“How shameless are you Julia? How could you make out with a teacher in the staffroom you unscrupulous wench!!”

“Watch your words!!” I said staring right into her eyes and she brought her hand up and poured her cup of milk all over my face

I raised my hand up to slap her but someone threw an egg on my face

“I brought eggs from the cafeteria everyone!” Someone said from the crowd and everyone started throwing the eggs at me

“No! No stop this nonsense! You are hurting her” Linda screamed as she tried to stop them from throwing the eggs at me while I just stood still not knowing what to do

I’ve never being so humiliated all my life

“Why are you standing so still after acting so shamelessly with a teacher” someone said as they pushed me and I fell hard on the ground

“Stop!!” Someone yelled but I didn’t look up, I was to ashamed to
Am a mess

The footsteps stopped right by my side and I was forced to look up when the person encircled his arms around me and lifted me up

“Mr James…..”

“Sorry I came late” he said as he carried me out of the crowd amidst staring and whisperings….

…….to be continued…….