Dusk till dawn episode 12



⏰ CHAPTER 12 ⏰

🌻 James POV 🌻

I dropped Julia on a bench in the school garden and I brought out my handkerchief to clean her face

“Am very sorry Julia, because of me you……”

“Shhhh” she said as she placed a hand over my lips
She seemed to realize what she just did and she quickly put her hand down

“It’s not your fault Mr James” She finally said

“It is my fault Julia, I shouldn’t have kissed you yesterday, I loosed my reasoning for a moment and I did something stupid and now look at the outcome, it is all my fault”

“So you….. You regret kissing me?” She asked slowly looking at me

“I….. It was wrong Julia, you are my student, we can’t have that kind of relationship between us”

“I didn’t ask if it was right or wrong, am just asking if you regret kissing me yesterday” she said and I hesitated

“I…… You know…… Yes Julia, I regretted it” I said with sigh and she looked at me surprised as she suddenly stood up


“Stay away from me!!” She yelled as she ran away……

I sighed as I walked back into the school and everyone looked at me as I walked

I got to the staffroom and everyone’s eyes were on me as I walked to my seat

Minutes later, Sarah walked in

“Mr James, your presence is requested by the Principal” she said and I stood up

I went to the Principal office and met him facing the window

“You asked to see me Sir” I said and he turned to me

“Mr James Whistler, what is the meaning of this?” He asked as he showed me the pictures of Julia and I kissing in the staffroom

“Am sorry Sir…..”

“How could you make out with your own student in the staffroom for God sake I never expected you to be so immoral!!” He yelled

“Am really sorry Sir….”

“Your sorry doesn’t change the fact that I’ve already received a dozen letters from parents asking me to fire you” he said


“Yes James, according to them you are a bad influence to their kids and they aren’t entirely wrong, I mean how can you kiss your own student in the staffroom of all places, you had no regards for the school’s rules nor reputation!”

“Please Sir, I made a mistake and I promise you not to ever repeat it, don’t sack me Sir, please, I have something to do here and you can’t fire me till I’ve accomplished my goal please Sir…. Or just a week, just give me a week sir please” I pleaded

“It’s not up to me Mr James, I’ll be holding a Parents- Teachers meeting tomorrow and there we’ll decide whether you should continue working here or not but for now, you are temporarily suspended, I’ll call you in tomorrow and let you know the association’s decision, you may leave” he said as he turned his back on me and I sighed

I walked out dejected and I bumped into Sarah coming out of a class

“We really need to talk Sarah” I said as I stopped her

“About what?” She asked looking at me

“I might be getting fired….”

“Well that’s well deserved considering what you did cause I never thought of you to be that kind of person, I hope you aren’t expecting me to pity you” said said and I shook my head

“No Sarah, what I did was wrong I know that, it was a one-time mistake”

“Then what did you want to talk about?”

“Umm…. Can you come over to my place after school? Or maybe I’ll come over to your place is that’s okay with you” I said

“Why do we need to meet outside school? If you have something to say then say it now cause there’s no way we are meeting outside school”

“Please Sarah, just hear me out this is really important, rather let’s go to the coffee shop just opposite the school please, I really have something important to talk to you about” I said and she looked at me for some moments

“Fine but this better be worth it!” She said

We walked outside the school to the coffee shop and we sat on an empty chair

“Am listening” she said

“I….. I heard your Dad used to be the secretary to the CEO of Whistlers Enterprises before something happened and he got fired” I said and she looked at me surprised

“What…. How did you know that?”

“I am Mr Whistler’s first son, James Whistler” I said

“What?! I thought you said you aren’t related to them!”

“I lied”

“Oh my God!” She said

“Your Dad has served my Dad for a long time Sarah, I still remember when I was a small and your Dad will come over to the Mansion with my Dad, then his work with my Dad was done, he’ll take me to back of the house and we’ll play basketball together, he was the one that taught me how to play alot of games, he was the closest thing I had to a father”

“Why….. Why are you telling me all this now?” Sarah asked still looking confused

“I heard Mr Whistler fired him some years ago because he wanted to expose the corruptions going on within the company and I also had that he had some files that proved the corruptions going on within Whistlers Enterprises”

“How did you….”

“I need you to convince your Dad to release those files to the press Sarah” I said

“What?! So this was why you asked me to come over to your place?”

“Yes Sarah, I started teaching in that school to get close to you, because I needed to earn you trust” I said

“You’ve being spying on me, you came to my school, hid your identity and pretended to be a caring colleague just so you could tell me this rubbish about some stupid file? Well for your information my father has no file!!” She said as she stood up

“Sarah wait please, this very important, I’ve spent years planning for this moment” I said

“I don’t care about that, what I do care about is deceived me, you only got close to me because you wanted to use me! I see no difference between you and your father” she said as she took her about “Don’t ever come in front of me again” she said and walked out

“Sarah!” I called but she was already out of the coffee shop

“Great” I muttered and I slumped on the chair as my head spinned…

🌻 Rachel’s POV 🌻

There was a knock on my door and I wondered who it is
I haven’t gone since morning and am a total mess

I we went to get the door and it was Stefan

“Are you okay Rachel? You look sick?” He asked as he walked in

“Am fine Stefan, what brought you here?”

“Why didn’t you go to work today? I went to your office first but couldn’t find you there” he said

“I just decided to take a day off” I replied

“A day off? Are you kidding me Rachel, you’ve always being a workaholic, you even go to work on Sundays sometimes and you all of a sudden wanted to take a day off? Did something happen when you went to meet James yesterday?”

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“Maybe you should go ask your friend that question”

“I will go to James after I’ve heard your side of the story, what happened Rachel?” He asked

“James….. He…. He kissed that girl, I saw them and he didn’t even say anything, didn’t even defend himself, he just stood there”

“What?! James kissed a girl? That’s….. That’s…..”

“Impossible? I thought so too but I saw them myself”

“You and I know how James avoided girls like a plague after Andrea died, I can’t even imagine him kissing someone” Stefan said

“Well it happened, he has absolutely no regards for me Stefan, he doesn’t love me a bit” I sobbed and Stefan stood up

“Am going to meet James, seems someone needs to talk some senses into him and I’ll be the one to do that” he said as he walked out angrily

🌻 Stefan’s POV 🌻

I drove straight to James place and I knocked on the door severally but there was no response

He can’t be in school by now, it’s already past closing hour

I knocked again and then I just decided to open the door and it opened, the door wasn’t locked

“That’s strange, James always lock his doors”

“James!” I called as I walked in and I heard some movements inside the room

“James?” I called as I went inside the room and met him on the bed all covered up with a blanket

“Stefan?” He managed to call as he saw me walk in

“What’s wrong with you James?” I asked as I quickly sat by his side and I felt his temperature “you’re burning”

“Don’t worry Stefan, I’ll be fine, just a little fever” he said and his phone started ringing

“Please….” He said and I passed him his phone

“Hello Linda” he said as he picked up the call
“Don’t worry Linda am fine, how’s Julia?”
“She was suspended?!” He exclaimed and I looked at him

What are they talking about?

“No no, am fine Linda, I just have a little fever” he said in a weak voice
“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine, extend my greetings to Julia and tell her am sorry” he said and ended the call

“What’s going on James?” I asked

“I’ll…. I’ll tell you everything later, I just need some minutes to rest, I feel like my head is spinning” he said

“Sorry James, I’ll go get some dru…..” My phone started ringing and it was my superior at the office

“Hello Sir”

🗨️ “Where are you Stefan? We have an important client and he’s requesting for you to be his interior designer, can you come back to the office immediately?”

“O… okay, I’ll be there” I said and he ended the call

“Am sorry James but I gotta go, some work came up at the office”

“Don’t worry, go I’ll be okay” he said weakly and I sighed

“I’ll call Rachel to come take care of you and maybe you guys can settle your differences too when she comes” I said as I walked out

🌻 Julia’s POV 🌻

“Where have you being Julia, we were worried” Mom said as I walked into the house

“Yeah, where did you come back so late?!” Dad asked

“Something came up, am sorry” I said as I walked to my room

“Your Principal called” Mom said “he told us all that happened in school and that you have being suspended indefinitely, for God sake Julia how could you….”

“Please Mom not now, I need to rest” I said as I opened my door and went to my room

I slumped on the bed and my phone started ringing


🗨️ “How are you doing Julia?” She asked concerned

“Trying to forget everything”

🗨️ “Am sorry about everything that happened Julia”

“It’s okay, you couldn’t have done anything to change what happened

🗨️ “It’s really a pity Julia, I also called Mr James few minutes ago and he sounded really sick”

“What?! He’s sick?”

🗨️ “Yeah, said he has a fever”

“I have to go” I said as I quickly stood up

🗨️ “Go where?”

“He lives alone Linda, there’s no one to take care of him, I have to be there for him, I’ll talk to you later” I said as I ended the call and ran out

“Where are you going?” Mom yelled

“I’ll be back” I said as I ran out of the house

🌻 Michael’s POV 🌻

I walked into the Mansion and met Dad in the sitting room

“Good evening Dad”

“Where are you coming from?” He asked

“I went to meet a client” I replied

“The company had no outside meeting with any clients today so where have you been?” He asked and I kept quiet

“I was notified that you’ve being spending less time in the office nowadays, what have you being up to?”

“Nothing Dad I just…..”

“I hope you aren’t getting too comfortable as the managing director of my company because that position is just temporary, I can take it from you anytime I want so be careful and do your job well, don’t make me regret giving such a weakling like you that position” he said

“Weakling?” I asked and he looked at me

“You think I don’t know? You think I don’t know the fact that you are allergic to milk? You really are weak and naive”

“You knew? You knew and you allowed me to take milk in all those dinners? And you never tried to stop me?”

“Why should I have stopped? You wanna die? That’s your choice Michael because there’s no way am ever gonna hand my company over to someone as weak as you are” he said and I looked at him, shocked

“Why do you hate me so much?” I managed to ask

“You are an illegitimate son, an evidence that I cheated outside my marriage, it’s only natural for me to hate you”

“But am still your son!!” I yelled “Am a human being and I have feelings!!! How could you always treat me like I don’t matter at all?! Why the hell are you so cruel to me?!!” I said and he looked up at me

“This is exactly why I can’t give you the company, you are just a poor kid yearning for people’s love, you are weak!” He said and I shook my head

“I hate you!” I said as I ran out of the house to wherever my legs could take me to….

🌻 Julia’s POV 🌻

The cab dropped me off Mr James house and I took a deep breath before knocking on the door but the door was unlocked so I opened it and walked in

“Mr James?” I called as I walked round the sitting room

I heard some glass shattering and I ran into the room and found Mr James on the floor

He fell while trying to stand up from the bed thereby shattering the glass cup by his side

“Mr James!” I screamed as I quickly ran to him and helped him back to bed


“You are burning hot, you need to lay still, I’ll….. I’ll go get some water” I said as I quickly looked around

I went out and found the kitchen, then I took a bowl of water from there and came back to the room
I got a towel and soaked it with the water and I placed it on his forehead

“Am…. Am sorry Julia” he stuttered

“You shouldn’t be sorry you didn’t do anything wrong” I said as I soaked the towel again and placed it on his head

“I did something wrong, I….”

“If it’s about the kiss then forget it, you never really wanted to kiss me and you regret your actions, I get it” I said and he slowly shook his head

“No Julia” he said weakly “The circumstances and timing was wrong and that is what I regret but I’ve never regret kissing you Julia, I….. I am supposed to regret but I can’t, I’ve always kept my distance from ladies but I’ve always felt so drawn to you” he said and I smiled

“We’ll talk about this when you get better” I said as I made to unbotton his shirt but he held my hand

“What are you doing?” He asked

“Trying to unbotton your shirt” I replied


“Why else? So I can placed the cold towel on it” I said and he let go of my hand

“What were you thinking! Don’t tell me you were having some perverted thoughts?!” I asked as I unbottoned his shirt

“No I wasn’t” he replied quickly and I laughed

I socked the wet towel and rubbed it on his chest

“Rachel…” James suddenly called and I looked back to see Rachel standing behind me

“Hi Rachel, we didn’t hear you come in” I said and tears rolled down her eyes, then she ran out

“No, Rachel!” James called as he tried to stand up but I held him

“What are you doing?”

“Going after her” he said as he tried to run after her but I stopped him again

“You can’t go like this, you are sick, you can go after her when you get better” I said as I made him lay back on bed

🌻 Rachel’s POV 🌻

I ran out as fast as I could to anywhere, anywhere at all, all I know I just had to get out of there, as far away as I could
I don’t want to break down in front of them I can’t

I’ve always loved James, so much that my heart always lit up whenever I see him smile, it’s really surprising how your greatest joy can also be your greatest pain

I continued running not knowing where I was going, and I was blinking hard so the tears won’t come bursting out of my eyes……then I bumped into someone and I looked up

“Michael?” I called surprised

“Rachel, what are you…..” I didn’t let him complete his words as I hugged him and the tears came rushing out of my eyes and strangely, I felt comfortable, I had no problem with Michael seeing me cry….

……..to be continued……..