Dusk till dawn episode 13



⏰ CHAPTER 13 ⏰

🌻 Michael’s POV 🌻

“Rachel?! What are you doing?” I asked I tried to push her away but she hugged me tight

“A minute, please remain still just for a minute” she said and I could feel the pain in her voice

And that moment, all the walls I built round my heart started collapsing, my heart was beating again, it was beating for her

I slowly brought my hand up and patted my hand up and she cried more

“Are you okay?” I asked and she moved back

“Am….am sorry Michael, I just…..”

“It’s okay, what happened?” I asked

“It’s…… It’s James……he…..he…..” She sobbed

“He was with Julia?” I asked and she nodded as she cried and hugged me again and this time, I hugged her back freely, placing her head on my chest and enclosing my arms around

“You shouldn’t have left me for James if you knew your heart isn’t strong enough” I said and she withdrew from the hug and moved back


“I never loved you Michael, I’ve always loved James right from the beginning, we are just friends that’s all” she said and I shook my head

“You should love me Rachel, you have to” I said

“If only it’s that easy, if only I can just command my heart and it would obey then I wouldn’t have being in this situation in the first place”

“Why can’t you love me Rachel? What the hell is so special about James!!” I yelled and she flinched

“I….. I have to go” she said as she turned to leave but I held her her hand

“Why can’t it be me?” I asked softly and she shook her head

“Just let me go Michael!” She yelled as she jerked her hand of mine and walked

I scoffed as I watched her go
And to think I actually felt sorry for her
She deserves all the pain she’s getting and more, and I’ll make sure she gets it….

🌻James POV 🌻

I managed to sit up as Julia brought a cup of hot tea

“How are you surviving in this house James, like there’s not even much ingredients in the kitchen so I was only able to make tea” she said and she handed me the cup of tea and I smiled as I muttered a thanks

“I also checked the fridge and the only thing there is a few bottles of water like why would you buy a fridge just to put in a few bottles of water, what happened to all the beverages? And look at this place” she said as she looked around “Everything is so dull in here, like everything in here is screaming sadness” she said and I chuckled

“Am being serious James, this interior design is a no no” she said shaking her head

“You don’t call me Mr James anymore” I said and she looked at me

“Ohhh….. I didn’t realize that, am sorry Mr James”

“Come on, why are you suddenly being so modest, I like the talkative Julia and I have no problem with you calling me James” I said

“Sure? You have no problem with me calling you James even though you’re my teacher?”

“Yeah, perhaps I might get fired soon and I won’t be your teacher anymore” I said and she looked at me sadly

“Who do you think took those photos of us that got posted in the school website?” She asked

“I can’t say for sure”

“Do you think it’s Rachel?” she asked

“It can’t be her, she’s not that kind of person” I replied and she kept silent for some moments

“Do you love her?” She asked


“Rachel of course, who else do you think am talking about, sometimes you behave like you love her but sometimes you don’t” she said and I sighed

“My relationship with Rachel is complicated but I’ve only ever loved one girl”

“Andrea?” Julia asked and I looked at her surprised

“How did you know?”

“It’s pretty obvious with the way you are always so hooked up with just her name” she said and I nodded

“Will you tell me about her? I’d love to know more about this Andrea that has won your entire heart” she said and I hesitated for a while

“Andrea…. She…. She was like a small twinkling light in my world of darkness, she was my comfort zone, my hope and my life, she was everything to me but…. But life cruelly snatched her away from me and I lost my light. The first day I saw her was the best day of my life, we actually bumped into each other at school and do you know the first world she said to me? Watch where you stand! The hallway isn’t meant for you alone blockhead!” I mimicked her with a smile

“I also call people blockheads sometimes” she said and I nodded

“You are similar to Andrea in many ways, both in physical appearance and attitude”

“Tell me more about her” she said and I told her my story, everything starting from her I went to celebrate my birthday with her to how my dad hit her and she died in my arms and how I moved out of the house promising my father that I will bring his company

“Oh my….. So that’s why your brother hates you, cause you abandoned him when he was dying” she said and I nodded

“I know I did wrong but am trying to make it up to him Julia but he just won’t give me a chance, I….. Am even planning on giving the company to him Julia, I have a plan to get the company and when I do, am going hand over it to him”

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“A plan? What plan?” She asked and I hesitated a bit

“You know Sarah? One of the teachers?”

“Yeah, what about her?”

“Her father has a file that can prove how corrupt Whistlers Enterprises is if I can get her to go public with the file now, it will affect the reputation of company and their stocks will fall, we are already closing in to the end of the year and real estates sales are always slow during those period, they won’t be making much money that period so if I can get Sarah to go public with the file, it will really hit them hard, so much that they can go bankrupt, they’ll start looking for investors for help so they can bring their company back on track” I said

“So what then?”

“I’ll be their saviour, I’ll invest in them” I said with a smile

“You’ll invest in them? You need alot of money to do that, like a huge sum of money, so how will you get such money?” She asked

“Trust me Julia, I know the amount of money I need to be their main investor and I have it”

“Okay but even if you invest in them, how does that make you the owner of the company?”

“They are already low on stock, if I invest then, I’ll be the principal investor, I’ll have more shares, even more than the CEO and since I have more shares, I’ll have more power and I can easily convince other investors to follow my lead and overthrow my father, I’ll take the company from him and I’ll hand it to Michael, he deserves the company”

“Wow…. Its…. It’s a perfect plan” Julia said

“Of course it is, I’ve spent years working on it, all I just need to do is convince Sarah to go public with the file when the time is right” I said and she smiled

“Why are you looking at me like that?” I asked

“Nothing….just….. Just admiring you” she said and I chuckled

“You shouldn’t admire me” I said


“Cause am not your normal kind of guy, I am broken Julia, beyond repair”

“Am sure you know am not your normal kind of girl too and no one is ever broken beyond repair, you just haven’t found the right person to repair you yet” she said and I smiled

“Thanks” I muttered

“Anyway, I’ll have loved to stay here and take care of you all night but you already seem to be getting better so I really need to go cause I literally just ran out of the house when I heard you were sick and my parents must be worried sick” she said and I nodded

“Yeah, you should go, I’ll accompany” I said as I tried to stand up but she held me back

“And what kind of person would I be if allow a sick person to accompany me back home?”

“But I…..”

“Rest, am not a kid, I can find my own way back home” she said

“Sure?” I asked and she nodded with a smile

“Thanks for coming Julia, thanks for everything” I said

“If you want to thank me, get better and take me for a dinner” she said with a wink and left leaving me with smiles on my face……

The ringing of my phone woke me up from my slumber
I looked at my bedside clock and my eyes almost popped out of it’s socket

“Oh my God! It’s almost 12pm, am so late” I said as I quickly stood up then I realized that am on suspension

I sighed and sat back
My phone rang again and I picked it up

πŸ—¨οΈ “Mr James Whistler”

“Mr Principal?”

πŸ—¨οΈ “We just ended the PTA meeting, if you have sometime, come over to my office let’s talk”

“Okay sir, I’ll be there soon” I said and he ended the call…….

I entered to the school and I went straight to the Principal’s office

“Please don’t fire me, please don’t fire me” I kept praying within

I entered his office and greeted

“Good afternoon Sir”

“Have a seat Mr Whistler” he said and I sat down

“We met with the board of the school including the parents and we came to a decision, your student, Julia who was previously suspended has already been called back, she should be in school now” he said and I heaved a sigh of relief

“Thank you so much Sir”

“And you, Mr James, you are fired”

“What!!” I exclaimed

“The management have concluded that you are a bad influence to the students therefore your stay in this school is no longer required, you may leave and do make sure take all of your belongings in the staffroom” he said and I sighed sadly

I left for the staffroom and met almost all the staffs there, including Sarah

I quietly walked in to my table and packed my books on a brown carton

“Sarah” I called immediately I was done with parking my stuffs but she ignored me

“Sarah I really need your help, my whole plan depends on you helping me” I said but she ignored again

“I understand that you are afraid of going against Mr Whistler but can’t you take the risk for the sake of your father? If we don’t bring Mr Whistler down now, he’ll continue with his evil ways, his injustice won’t end with your father, he will continue to ruin alot of families, please Sarah, please, I….”

“Would you just leave me be!!” She yelled and I sighed

“You know where to find me if you change your mind and I really hope you change your mind Sarah cause am counting on you” I said and then I walked away

I passed by Grade 12 class and I stopped at the door and stared into the class

Everywhere is noisy as expected
I smiled and I walked past the classroom

I looked around and I sighed, I didn’t stay here as long as I planned but I did make some special memories here

I took the elevator to the rooftop
I still remember the day Linda wanted to commit succide like it was yesterday

The elevator opened and I climbed up to the rooftop and I saw Michael talking with someone there

“So my job is done right? Everything went according to plan and now James is being sacked” the he was talking to said but I couldn’t quite see her face though the voice sounded familiar

“Yes, your did a great job, your money have already being transferred to your account, everything went so well, I can’t believe James got so deceived so easily but then it’s because it’s you who was deceiving him, you are very smart Julia” Michael said as he shook her hand and I saw her face

The cartoon I was holding dropped from my hand and they looked back

“James?” Julia called surprised but I couldn’t answer
I was still trying to decipher the meaning of what I just heard

“What are you doing here?” Julia asked

“What did I just hear? What were you talking about with him?” I asked hoping that I heard wrong

Michael smiled and walked up to me
“Everything you heard is true James, how does it feel to be betrayed by the one you love?” He chuckled and then walked away


“Stay away from me!!” I yelled
“How could you?”

“What did I do so bad huh? Am a girl with needs, Michael came to me with job offer that has an amazing pay and I took the job, what’s so bad in that?!”

“What’s so bad in that? You deceived me! Was…. Was everything between us a lie? Was it all a lie Julia?!!” I yelled

“Yes it was! Everything was a staged plan, at first I liked you James, you are cute and modest anyone would like you, remember the day Michael came and released us from the police station? Michael approached me that day and asked me to work with him against you, am not a saint James, you might even call me the devil himself but the pay was good so I agreed and from then on I started trying to get close to you, my mission was to ruin your reputation and also come between you and Rachel, that day that we kissed, it was planned James, if you didn’t kiss me first that day, I was going to kiss you instead and luckily for me, Rachel came in just in time to see us, it was like the universe was helping me cause I was able to kill two birds with one stone, oh and as for those pictures, Michael took them” she said with a smirk

“So everything was staged? Everything was just acting to you?!”

“Exactly though to be honest, I felt kinda pitied you yesterday when you told me your story but pity can’t buy me designer dresses can it?” She said and I shook my head

“I can’t believe this, I can believe this is really happening”

“Well I can assure you that you aren’t dreaming Mr James Whistler” she said

“I made mistake, I should never have trusted you!”

“Am sure you won’t have trusted me if not for the fact that I bear striking resemblance with your dear Andrea, what did you say last night? Oh yeah, am similar to Andrea in many ways, both in physical appearance and attitude”

“You in no way similar to her and you can never be her!!!” I yelled “It’s an insult to her memories that I ever thought someone like you could ever be her, it’s totally impossible, you are the total opposite of Andrea. You’ve achieve your goals right? You came in between Rachel and I and you also got me fired, now that you’ve got your money, I hope you live a good life and don’t ever show your face in front me else I might not be able to stop myself from hurting you” I said I parked my belongings back into my carton and walked away

As I walked out of the elevator, it was as if the whole world was rotating round me and I felt dizzy

“Mr James!” Sarah called as she shook me but her voice sounded distant

“Are you okay Mr James? I’ve being looking for you all around the school, I was thinking you might have gone home by now” she said

“Why…..why were you looking for me?” I stuttered as everywhere continued rotating round me and I tried hard to focus but it wasn’t working

“Well I….. I thought about what you said, I’ll help you James, I have the file you’re talking about and I’ll go public with it even if it means being an enemy of Mr Whistler” she said

“Great” I muttered as everywhere became dark and I collapsed on her

……….to be continued………