Dusk till dawn episode 17



⏰ CHAPTER 17 ⏰

🌻 Michael’s POV 🌻

I drove back to the mansion and I walked in dejectedly

“Michael” Nanny called as she rushed to meet me

“Michael are you okay? Your hand is bleeding!” She said as she held my palm and I looked at it


“Enough!!” James yelled as he took a wine glass and broke it on the floor and I quickly shielded Rachel to prevent the shattered pieces of the glass from cutting her

“I don’t want to ever see you again” James said as he began to walk out
Rachel tried to stop James again but I held her back

“I said let me be!!” She yelled pushing me to the floor and the shattered wine glass ended up cutting my hand badly

****End of Flashback****

“You are bleeding badly Michael, lemme get the first aid” she said as she made to go get the first aid but I held her back

“There’s no need Nanny”

“But this must be so painful” she said looking worried

“When there is so much pain in the heart, physical pain feels nothing more than a tiny pinprick Nanny” I said and walked away to my room leaving Nanny surprised and confused

I was opening the door to my room when I heard someone call me

“Michael” Dad called and I turned back to see him standing right in front of me

“You’ve not been coming to work” he said

“Why should I? When you’ve not fulfilled your promise yet” I replied

“The fact you really believe my promise makes you less qualified to take over my company, you are too naive Michael, you believe anything and everything, you do not have what it takes to rule my company so just come back to the company and continue helping me out, that’s where I need you to be” he said and walked away

I sighed and walked into my room

“I messed up big time” I muttered as I slumped on the bed

🌻 James’ POV 🌻

“Julia!!” I yelled as ran to where ever my leg could carry me

I was freezing, I could barely feel my hands but still, I have to find Julia, I need to find her

I brought out my phone and continued calling her number but she didn’t pick up

“Why isn’t she picking up?!!” I yelled frustrated

“Nothing must happen to you Julia, I can’t loose you too” I muttered as I knelt on the icy ground as my memories of Julia filled up my brain


…..The first time I saw Julia and mistook her for Andrea….

“Andrea” I called and she looked at me surprised

“No, my name is Julia” she said

“No, you are my Andrea, you look so much like her” I said as I continued staring at her astonished

“Looks like our new homeroom teacher has a mental case” she said and the whole class laughed and then she moved her face closer to mine

“My name is Julia not Andrea” she said as she blew the gum in her mouth to my face and the whole class laughed again, bringing me back to reality

……After that first encounter, she kept doing things that reminded me of Andrea, I kept getting confused if she was really Julia or Andrea…..

“Andrea!” I called as I quickly followed her out of the classroom

“Andrea! Wait!” I yelled as I ran after her and she looked back at me and started running too

I finally caught up with her and I held her hand

“Andrea? Are you my Andrea?” I asked as tears welled up in my eyes

“Come on Mr Whistler, I get the fact that you are angry with me but do you really have to all weird and start calling me Andrea again?”

“You….you can’t be her right? Andrea died right in my arms but why do you remind me so much of her?” I asked staring into her eyes

“I don’t know!” She yelled “I have no idea what you are talking about, my name is Julia and not Andrea! It seems you really do have a mental problem but please stay away from and when I mean away, I mean literally” she said as she jerked her hands away from me and moved back “You are crossing your boundaries and I don’t like that, I wonder where the Principal got such a nut job like you from” she said and walked away while I just stood stranded, watching her

……And in that confusion, I didn’t know when I started getting attracted to her, I got attracted to her without my knowledge…..

“You have a black stain on your cheek, it must have being when you were using the black marker to teach” she said

“Ohh” I said as I tried to clean the stain but she laughed

“Allow me” she said as she took her handkerchief and moved closer to me and cleaned the stain on my face with her handkerchief

But she was too close to me, no lady has ever made such close physical contact with me before

“Why does it look like you aren’t breathing” she asked as she looked at my face but I couldn’t meet her eyes

“You shouldn’t come so close to me” I said nervously

“I…..” She was suddenly cut short as two teachers walked into the staffroom and I quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her under the table before they could see us


“Shhhh” I said as I placed a finger on her lips and she stared at me

The atmosphere was getting heated up but the two teachers were still in the staffroom

We waited for some minutes and Julia tried to reposition my leg but instead she almost fell but I caught her by grabbing her waist and pulling her closer to me

“Caught ya” I whispered with a smile while she just stared at me and I couldn’t help but stare into her beautiful eyes too

What’s this feeling am getting?
I could feel myself loosing my sanity and getting lost in this moment with Julia
I started moving my face closer to hers and before she could say anything, I kissed her

*****End of Flashbacks*****

When I kissed her, that was when I knew that this wasn’t just a mere confusion of identity, this was much more than that, I kept using the fact the she resembles Andrea as an excuse but it was that moment I knew that I had….

My phone suddenly rang loudly jerking me from my thoughts

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“Julia!” I exclaimed immediately I picked it up

🗨️ “Mr….. Mr James? I….”

“Where the hell are you?!!” I yelled

🗨️ “Why…..”

“Where are you?!” I yelled again

🗨️ “At a cabin by the hillside, not too far from your place”

“Stay where you are, am coming” I said and ended the call

I quickly stood up and I ran, I ran as fast as I could to the hillside and I got to the small wooden cabin

And there she was, sitting on the ground and shivering

She saw me and she quickly stood up
“Mr James….” She paused her words and as I walked towards her and hugged her tightly

“Mr James are you okay?” She asked when I didn’t stop hugging her

“I should be asking you that” I said as I withdrew from the hug

“What the hell were you thinking Julia, what is wrong with you?!” I said as I tried hard not to yell

“What did I do?” She asked

“What did you do? You came out here all alone in this cold night and you are asking me what you did? Aren’t you supposed to know being out here like this is dangerous?! For god sake you got everyone worried including your parents!”

“I just….. I didn’t want to go home…”

“Then you should’ve come to me!!” I yelled

“I did!!” She yelled back “I did come to you, twice Mr James but you and Rachel drove me away without a second thought so I do not understand why you are suddenly here acting like you care”

“Because I do!! You…..you scared me Julia, I was so scared that something was going to happen to you, I don’t know what I’ll do if anything had happen to you, how could you not care to think of how I’ll feel before you condemned yourself to this suffering? How could you not care?”


“I know I was very harsh with you this morning and I sincerely apologise for that, I apologise for everything Julia, am sorry, I know what happened now, I know Michael blackmailed you, am sorry for not hearing you out, am sorry for not trusting you” I said and she looked at me with tears in her eyes

“I…. I wanted to tell you everything Mr James, I swear I wanted to but Michael…. He was going do something bad to my Dad so I had no choice, am…..am sorry Mr James, am so sorry” she said as she broke into tears and I hugged her

It was then I noticed her cold her body was

“How long have you been out in the cold, your body is as cold as ice!” I said as I placed my hand on her forehead

“Am fine Mr James” she said

“You don’t look fine, you don’t feel fine” I said as I felt her forehead again

“Come, let’s go home” I said as I held her hand but immediately we opened the out of the cabin, I knew it was impossible for us to go home tonight

It was snowing so badly I could barely see anything, I quickly closed the door and we went back inside the wooden cabin

“I guess we’ll have to stay here till morning” I said and she nodded

She sat on the ground and I sat beside her in silence, then I noticed she was still shivering and she wasn’t wearing a cardigan

I stood up and removed my cardigan and used it to cover Julia


“I was going to scold you for not wearing any thick cloth but I’ll postpone the scolding till tomorrow so just accept my kind gesture and be quiet” I said and she nodded slowly

Time passed by and I noticed she was still shivering and I stood up

“Okay no more postponing, how could you not wear any thick clothes in this cold weather or is it not common sense to wear thick clothes when it’s cold!!” I yelled


“Do not call me! Why the hell do you keep making me worry about you” I said as I removed my shirt and covered her with it

“Mr James….”

“I told you not to call me!” I yelled again

“But you are shirtless” she pointed out and it was then I realized, I just removed the only shirt left on me to cover her

“And…..and so….. did…..did I tell you that….that I wasn’t aware” I stuttered as I quickly sat down with only my trousers left on me

You are so stupid James; I muttered to myself

Julia laughed and I faced her
“Is anything funny?”

“No nothing” she said still laughing

“You aren’t laughing at me are you?” I asked raising my brows

“No no, how can I laugh at you, I won’t dare do that” she said as she burst into laughter again and I shook my hand

“Fine, laugh at me, make fun of me, I won’t be doing all this for you if I didn’t love you” I said absentmindedly

“Of course you…. Wait, what?! What did you say?” Julia asked wide-eyed

“Wha…..what did I say?” I stuttered as I realized what I just said

“That’s what am asking you, what did you say?”

“No….. nothing, I….I just said I won’t be doing all this if I didn’t like you, you are once my best student after all” I said quickly

“No, am sure that’s not you said” she said staring at me intently

“Then what did I say Miss Julia?” I asked staring at her back and she became uncomfortable

“Well….. let’s….. let’s just assume that’s what you said”
She stuttered and I smiled

“Aren’t you cold? You should take back your shirt” she said as she made to give me back my shirt but I stopped her

“Don’t worry, you need it more after all am stronger than you” I said with a wink and she laughed and I couldn’t stop staring…

Julia started dozing off and I placed her head on my leg as I stared at her face

“I wish I could tell you how beautiful you are Julia, I wish I could tell you how charming your smiles are and how you always make my heart skip when I see you, this is love isn’t it?” I asked no one in particular

🌻 Mr Whistler’s POV 🌻

“Can you come into my office Tyler?” I said to my secretary over the phone

“Sure Sir” he replied and I ended the call

Moments later, he was in my office

“Did Michael come to the office today?” I asked

“No Sir, he isn’t here” he replied

“And even with James defeat he hasn’t come back to me too” I scoffed “These boys are forcing my hand, they give me no choice”


“Yes Sir” he responded

“Contact Julia’s parents, Mr and Mrs Campbell, and tell them to proceed with the plan”

“I’ll do that immediately Sir” Tyler said and left

“Michael and James, Daddy has given you boys more than enough time to play your games and you boys still couldn’t do what I wanted you to, now I will play my game and you all will dance to my tune” I said with a smirk

……to be continued…….