Dusk Till Dawn

Dusk till dawn episode 18



⏰ CHAPTER 18 ⏰

🌻 Julia’s POV 🌻

I slowly open my eyes to meet James eyes staring into mine
Immediately he realized I was awake, he quickly shifted his gaze and I smiled

And then I noticed
“Did I sleep on your leg the whole night?!” I asked surprised and he nodded

“Why didn’t you wake me?!” I yelled

“Why should I?” He said

“Why not? It must have been uncomfortable!!” I yelled again

“If it was I wouldn’t have been staring at you the whole night” he said and then looked at me surprised while I raised my brows

“I….I meant….you….you just…..you didn’t make me uncomfortable last night that’s all….. don’t mis…. misunderstand” he said and quickly stood up
“It’s morning now and the snowing has stopped, let’s….. let’s go”

I bursted into laugh to and he stared at me

“Why are you laughing?” He asked

“You were just so cute” I said absentmindedly and he raised his browse

“I….. I find almost everybody cute Mr James, don’t….. don’t misunderstand” I said quickly and he chuckled

“I love it when tables suddenly turn this way” he said with a smile

“What…..what do you mean? You just said we should leave, let’s go” I said as I made to leave but he held my hand

“What….” I couldn’t say anything as he moved so close to me, so close that I could feel his cold breath on my face and I quickly closed my eyes

“Why are your eyes closed? I just want remove my shirt that I covered you with last night, you don’t expect me to go out bare-chested do you?” He said as he removed his shirt from my back

“Oh right” I said nodding my head nervously

“What did you think I was gonna do?”

“No….. nothing, wear your cloth and meet me outside” I said and quickly walked out of the cabin

Gosh my heart almost exploded back there
And why am I feeling so hot though it’s still snowing?…

🌻 James POV 🌻

“I was just about to go looking for you, you went out during that heavy snow and you wouldn’t answer your calls, you put me on edge man” Stefan said immediately we got to my place

“Yeah, we were so worried about you two, are you okay Julia?” Sarah asked

“Yes ma, am fine” Julia replied trying to bring up a smile

“Where’s…… where’s Rachel?” I asked

“Did you really think she’ll still be here waiting for you after all you said to her last night? She went home immediately you left last night but Sarah and I decided to wait for you guys” Stefan said and I nodded

“Okay, thanks” I muttered

I feel so guilty, I shouldn’t have said all that to Rachel
I was just so angry last night

“I…. I think I should be going home now” Julia said as she turned to leave

“Not so fast” Stefan said “Cause of you too, our Christmas celebration was ruined last night so you guys need to make it up to us”

“No one ruined your Christmas celebration Stefan, you….”

“Just shut up and let me talk” Stefan said and I scoffed
“So let’s go on an outing together”

“Am not going on any outing, Julia is probably tired, you guys should let her go home” I said

“Why do you have to be such a mood killer James” Stefan pouted

“Let’s just go to the park opposite the street then” Sarah said and Stefan quickly nodded

“That’s a good alternative, let’s go guys” Stefan held my hand and dragged me out while Julia and Sarah followed from behind

🌻 Rachel’s POV 🌻

I sighed sadly as I sat up on my bed
Couldn’t even sleep well
Memories from last night keeps popping up in my head


“Then what about me!!!” I yelled “You think she’s suffering because of you then what about me?!! I’ve always been by your side since childhood, I’ve supported in many ways, I’ve done alot of things for you, I didn’t care about myself and stayed by your side yet you’ve never once looked at me with love!”

“I never asked you stay by my side!!”


“I never asked you to go all those lengths for me when you very well know that I can never love you” he said
*****End of Flashback*****

“Don’t make me hate you Rachel” James’ voice echoed in my head I sighed again

How could James do this to me?
How could he?
After all I’ve done for him
How could he not love me but love that…… That highschool girl

There was a sudden knock on my door and I gave a frustrated sigh
Am really not in the mood of meeting anyone now

I slowly dragged myself up from the bed and went to open the door

“Michael!” I said surprised
“What are……”

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“Don’t worry I didn’t come to disturb you or anything, I was just worried about, I call but your phone was switched off so I decided to check up on you, now that I’ve seen you are okay….. Well goodbye” he said as he turned to go but I held his hand
And then I noticed his hand was bandaged

“What happened to your hand?”

“Nothing” he quickly said as he jerked off his hand

“Your hand wasn’t like this when I saw you yesterday, did you injure yourself overnight?”

“You don’t even remember” he smiled sadly

“Remember what?” I asked and then, a memory popped up in my head


“Enough!!” James yelled as I took a wine glass and shattered it on the floor
Michael quickly shielded me to prevent the shattered pieces from cutting me

“I don’t want to ever see you again” James said as he began to walk out
I tried to stop him again but Michael held me back

“I said let me be!!” I yelled pushing Michael to the floor and he fell on the pieces of broken glass
******End of Flashback******

“Did…..did I do that?” I stuttered

“I’ll be going now” he said as he turned to leave and I held him again

“Am……am sorry Michael, am so sorry” I apologized
I feel so bad
How could I have done this to him without even realizing it

“You shouldn’t be sorry Rachel, am trying to get over you now so don’t start being all nice to me if you know you won’t ever accept my affections” he said and I felt really bad

“But…..but…..at least come in a bit and have a hot tea before you go, the weather is still very cold”


“This not an act of affection so do not consider it as one, it’s more like a payment of debt, I caused your injury so at least accept my tea and we’ll be even cause I don’t like being indebted to someone” I said and he sighed


We went back inside and I made hot tea for him and he drank in silence

“Do you need to go to the hospital to get your hand treated?” I asked

“No it’s fine, the cut wasn’t really that deep” he replied and I nodded with a smile

Micheal’s phone rang and he ignored the caller

“Who is it?” I asked

“My Dad” he replied

“Then you should pick up the call”

“No” he said shaking his head

His Dad continued calling and I sighed
“You really should pick it up Michael” I said and he finally picked up the call

“Is everything okay?” I asked immediately he ended the call

“He wants to see me, said he has something important to tell me” he said

“Then you should go” I said and he nodded

“Bye” he muttered and walked out

I sighed sadly as I watched him leave, I feel so bad for him

🌻 James POV 🌻

I smiled slightly as I watched Julia, Sarah and Stefan on the amusement ride

Stefan really knows how to lighten up the mood

“Woah that’s was fun!” He exclaimed as they came down from the ride

“Really fun” Sarah said

“I enjoyed the ride too” Julia said with a smile

“You sure you don’t regret joining us in the ride?” Stefan said

“No Stefan, it was more fun to watch the way you were screaming loudly, like a kid” I said they all laughed

“I really think I should get going now, my parents must be waiting for me” Julia said

“You are right, lets go, I’ll drop you off”

“No don’t worry, I’ll take a cab” she said

“Then I’ll stop a cab for you then” I said

“Yeah we can’t just let you go alone” Sarah said

We went with Julia to the roadside and stopped a cab for her

“Call me when you get home” I said and she nodded


🌻 Michael’s POV 🌻

“Where did you go to so early in the morning?” Nanny is asked

“Where is he?” I asked

“Where is who?”

“Who else?” I said and she sighed

“He came back not too long ago, he’s in his study” Nanny said and noticed she was all dressed and holding a bag

“You going somewhere?” I asked

“Yeah, just going to get a few things from the convenience store” she said and I nodded

I went to Dad’s study and knocked

“Come in” he said and I walked in

“You called for me” I said as I stood in front of his table

“You didn’t show up at the office today again, I thought we talked about this yesterday” he said

“We didn’t talk about anything, you just said what’s on your mind and you left, you talked, I didn’t” I said and he smiled

“This is the first time you’re talking back at me so boldly”

“People change, I’ve changed” I replied

“Fine, what do you want? What do you want me to do?” He asked

“You promised me the company, when your company was collapsing thanks to James, you promised to give me the company if I helped you win against James and I did, I thwarted James’ plan and what did I get in return? Regrets”

“Come back to the company Michael, I’ll give you a permanent position under me, I promise” he said

“I don’t need your permanent position, excuse me” I said as I turned to leave

“I’ll make you my heir” he said and I stopped on my track “On one condition”

I smiled, that was expected
“What condition?” I asked as I turned back

“Kidnap Julia”


“I heard James really cares about her and I want to punish James, he dared to come after my company, Julia will be the perfect punishment for him” he said

“Will you kill Julia?” I asked

“Come on Michael, how could you think of that, am not a murderer”

“From what I’ve heard you are, remember Andrea? I heard you killed her”

“Michael!!” He yelled and then sighed
“Well I’ve given you my condition, now it’s your choice to decide if you really want to be my heir or not, you may go” he said

“Do I really want the company?” I muttered to myself as I walked out

🌻 James POV 🌻

I sat in my room staring at my phone

“Come on, come on, come on” I said continuously

“Yes!” I exclaimed as Julia’s call came in and I picked it up

“I thought I told you to call me immediately you get home but what time are you calling now? You haven’t changed at all, still the stubborn Juliana Campbell”

🗨️ “It’s….. It’s not Julia speaking, this is her Mom” the voice said and I quickly sat up

“Oh, Mrs Campbell, am sorry for mistaking you for Julia but why does your voice sounds so sad and agitated? Are you okay? And I hope Julia got home safely?”

🗨️ “She did get home Mr James but some man barged into the house with some thugs minutes okay and they took Julia!” She cried

“What?!! Who? Who was it? Did you see his face?” I asked

🗨️ “Yes….yes I recognized his face from the TV, Michael Whistler, yes that’s his name” Mrs Campbell said and the phone dropped from my hand


…….to be continued…….

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