Dusk Till Dawn

Dusk till dawn episode 19



⏰ CHAPTER 19 ⏰

🌻 James’ POV 🌻

“Let me in!” I said angrily at the gateman as I barged my way into the Mansion

“Michael!! Michael!!!” I yelled continuously as walked into the living room

“Oh my God, young master!” Nanny said astonished as she walked towards me and I tried hard not to break down

“It’s…..it’s been so long Young master, I never thought I’ll see you again, never thought you’ll come here again” Nanny said as she hugged me and I spotted Micheal climbing down the stairs and my heart burned with anger

“I came for a reason Nanny, I came for this asshole” I said and I walked towards Michael and punched him on the face

He fell on the floor and then looked up at me


“Where the hell is Julia!!!” I yelled

“How will I know that?” He asked innocently as he managed to stand up

“Don’t you play games with me Michael, why did you kidnap Julia?! Where did you take her to?!”

“Kidnap?” He scoffed “I didn’t kidnap Julia”

I grabbed his shirt and stared at him angrily
“You’ll tell me where you’ve taken Julia to unless you want to receive another punch on your face”

“I said I don’t know where she is!!” He yelled as he pushed me back

“How….how could you think I kidnapped Julia, how could you think I’ll do such a thing?” He asked

“Why won’t I think that way when you’ve actually done worse than that to me and you actually haven’t done anything to redeem yourself” I said and he nodded slowly

“I guess you are right, what’s the point of defending myself then, cause no matter what I say you won’t believe me. Anyway I hope you find her” he said and started climbing up the stairs

“Michael!!” I yelled and he stopped and turned back

“Her parents said they saw you there, they said you kidnapped her yourself!!” I yelled again

“And I said I didn’t do it!!” He yelled back

“I know you have no reason to believe me James that’s why I’ll let you believe whatever you want, you can hit me and hate me all you want, I deserve it” he said

“If anything happens to Julia because of you Michael, I’ll kill you myself” I said and I walked out

I bumped into Dad walking into the house and he looked at me surprised


“I didn’t come for you” I said and walked out of the mansion

🌻 Michael’s POV 🌻

I sat in my room buried in my own thoughts when Nanny walked in

“Did you really kidnap someone?” She asked and I looked up

“Believe whatever you want” I replied

“You didn’t right? You can’t do such a thing right?”

“Just leave me alone Nanny” I said as I covered myself up with my blanket

“At least defend yourself and say something, did you or did you not do it? If you didn’t then you shouldn’t be comfortable with the false allegations been put on you and if you really did, then you should man up and have the courage to tell us you did it, if you really kidnapped her admitting it shouldn’t be such a hassle” she said and walked out

🌻 James POV 🌻

“Everything will be alright ma’am, I’ve already reported to police, they’ll find her soon I promise”

“Please, find…. find my daughter okay? Nothing should happen to my Julia please” Julia’s Mom cried while her father just sat down silently staring into the empty space

“She’ll be fine ma’am” I said trying to console her

“You…..you already know who kidnapped her, I told you it’s that guy, Michael Whistler, so why isn’t he being arrested, why isn’t he producing my daughter?!!” She cried loudly

“We aren’t totally sure that he really…..”

“I said I saw him, my husband and I saw him, he should be arrested, nothing must happen to my daughter!”……..

I left Julia’s place and I stood outside for a moment to bring myself together, I can’t break down now, I can’t, I have to find Julia, I have to find her

I decided to go meet Stefan so I took a cab to his place

“Who’s there?” He asked as he opened the door and saw me

“James? What are you doing here? You rarely come to my place, are you okay? You don’t look too good” he said

“What was my crime Stefan? An still wondering, trying to figure out what I did so wrong” I said as the tears started flowing down my face

“What’s….. what’s wrong James? You should come in” he said as he pulled me in and closed the door

“What did I do Stefan? Why is it that I can never be happy, why is it that each time I manage to find a little happiness in my dark world, it is always snatched away from me, why?!!” I yelled as I knelt down and broke into tears

“Tell me James, what’s wrong?”

“Julia…… she’s….. she’s been kidnapped, nothing should happen to her Stefan, nothing must happen to her, I can’t loose her too like I loosed Andrea I can’t, I don’t know what I’ll do, I don’t……”

“Look at me James, look at me!” Stefan said as he held my face

“Julia will be fine, I promise you that, so clear your head and come out of this panic attack so we can figure out a way to find her cause we’ll definitely find her alive and well okay?” He said slowly and I nodded

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“Okay” I said as I took a deep breath to calm myself down
I have to be clear-headed if I want to find Julia

We sat on the couch and I told Stefan all that happened

“So you are sure Michael kidnapped Julia?” He asked

“Of course I am, who else hates seeing me happy if not Michael? Even Julia’s parents said they saw him, they recognized him, Michael kidnapped Julia”

“Michael did what?!” Someone said and we both turned to see Rachel standing by the door

“Well…..am…..am sorry, the door wasn’t locked so….”

“You don’t need to explain yourself Rachel, you aren’t a stranger, come have a sit” Stefan said and she slowly walked to sit beside Stefan

“I guess things are still awkward between you two” Stefan said as he looked at both of us and I sighed

“Rachel I…… I was really harsh with you before, I was angry and I wasn’t thinking straight, am sorry” I apologized

“It’s….. it’s okay, it’s fine. So you guys were saying something about Michael?” She enquired

“Yeah, Michael kidnapped Julia” Stefan said

“What?! How?! When?!” Rachel asked quickly

“Yesterday” I answered

“But he was at my place yesterday though it was in the morning”

“He must have kidnapped Julia after he left your place then, did you say or do anything to aggravate him or prompt him to do such a thing?” I asked

“What! No, he just came to check up on me and I even felt bad for him cause he looked so alone and depressed, then his Dad called him to come home saying he has something important to tell him so he left” Rachel explained and I stood up

“Where are you going?” Stefan asked

“To meet Mr Whistler” I said and walked out

I took a cab to the mansion and met Nanny in the living room


“Where’s he?” I asked

“Michael? He’s up…..”

“No, Mr Whistler, where is he?”

“Oh, he left for work this morning” Nanny replied and I turned to leave but she held my hand

“Do you not miss me at all James? Or has the past 15 years changed the son I raised?” She asked sadly and I felt bad

“I missed you Nanny, more than you can imagine, at first it was hard living without you but with time I got used to it, but I still miss your presence in my life Nanny, am sorry for behaving like this when it’s been so long we saw each other but someone’s life is in danger Nanny, someone I care about and I don’t want to loose her like I loosed Andrea too, I must not loose her” I said and Nanny hugged me

“You’ve endured too much young master, you really deserve to be happy, go, go save her” she said and I nodded

I left the mansion and went straight to the company

I went straight to his office but the security won’t let me in

“Let him in, am sure Mr Whistler will want to see him” someone said and I turned to see Tyler

“Long time James” he said with a smile

“Who would’ve thought back then that you’ll end up selling your soul to the devil and working for my father, the world is really full of surprises” I said and I opened the door and walked into Mr Whistler’s office

“James…” He stood up immediately I walked in

“Did you kidnap Julia?” I asked and he looked at me surprised

“How could you even think such a thing James!”

“Anything is possible with you Mr Whistler” I said and he sighed

“I didn’t kidnap her James but I might know who did” he said

“What?!! Who? Tell me?!!” I yelled

“Calm down and have a sit James” he said and I sighed

We both sat down and he began

“Michael hasn’t been coming to work for some days now so yesterday, I called him to ask why he wouldn’t come to work and he said he would never come back to work till I make him my heir but I told him he could never be my heir, he’s an illegitimate son so he can never be the heir to my Enterprise, I told him you are my only heir then he got so angry about the fact that I always choose you over him and he promised me, he promised to tear us apart James more than we already are, he promised to make you hate me so much that you’ll never agree to become my heir and you and I know how Michael can be when he thinks he’s wronged, he can do anything James, anything”

“So my guess was right? Michael kidnapped Julia?” I asked and he nodded

“But why don’t I believe anything that comes from your mouth? Why are you telling me this, I already hate you so if you are telling me this now, you must think you can gain something from the fight between Michael and I” I said

“You see why I want you as my heir James, you are smart, so smart” he said with a smile

“Am a business man James and I always look for gains even in the biggest loss, my two sons are against each other, fine but what can I gain from the situation? Michael kidnapped Julia to stop you from becoming my heir so why don’t you become my heir? Return to the Mansion as my son james, my heir, there’s no greater revenge against Michael than him seeing you as my heir and for Julia? If you become my heir, I’ll help you find her, you know I have a lot of resources at my disposal so I’ll find her in no time” he said and I stared at him for a minute

“Don’t think about it too much James, this is just like a business deal, I finally get a legitimate heir to my Enterprise and you get your revenge against Michael and I’ll also help you find Julia, it’s a win-win for both of us” he said

“I can’t partner up with you, I can’t patner up with the man that killed my Andrea perhaps, I still don’t trust everything you say” I said and I stood up

“Then confirm everything I’ve said with Michael, he won’t tell you the truth but he’ll definitely tell you that I kidnapped Julia, he definitely make some story up but you are smart, hear out both sides and decide who to side with” he said and I walked out

As much as I hate to admit, he’s right, I should hear out both sides, even though all the arrows are pointing at Michael, I should still give him a chance to explain himself, he’s still my little brother after all

I took a cab back to the mansion

“It feels as if you’ve moved back here, were you able to save her?” Nanny asked

“Not now Nanny, where’s Michael?”

“In his room, I mean the room that used to be yours, he moved there when you left” Nanny said and I nodded

I climbed upstairs, knocked and open the door

“God! Nanny just let me be! I told you to just believe whatever you want, you think I kidnapped Julia? Fine, I kidnapped her!” Michael yelled from under the blanket

“You kidnapped Julia?” I asked and he quickly sat up

“James….. what….. What are you doing in my room?”

“This used to be my room too” I said and he sighed

“So did you find Julia?” He asked

“How can I find her when you’ve refused to tell me where she is!!” I yelled

“How can I tell you what I don’t know James?!” He yelled back

“But you just said you kidnapped her”

“I thought it was Nanny!” He said

“So you can tell Nanny the truth but not me?”

“I was just angry that’s why I said that, that is not the truth”

“We usually spill out the truth when we are angry Michael” I said and he sighed

“Come on James, you should think for once, I’ve already realized that you didn’t abandon me that night, I have nothing against you anymore so why will I still go ahead and kidnap Julia?” He asked “The real person you should be suspecting is Dad, am sure he did this”

“Dad? You think Dad did this?”

“Yeah” he said standing up “You see yesterday, he called me to his study room and told me to kidnap Julia if I still want to be his heir, I knew something was up then but I never knew he was planning to frame me for Julia’s kidnapping” Michael said and I chuckled sadly

“He told me you’ll say this, he told me you’ll try to put everything on him” I said

“You’ve talked with Dad? You shouldn’t believe him James, am sure he fed you with lies, you can’t trust him”

“But you want me to trust you after all you did?!” I yelled “You aren’t my brother anymore Michael, you broke my trust and I know you want the company, you want the company but Dad wants to give the company to me so out of jealousy you kidnapped Julia to get back at me!”

“Yes, I wanted the company!!” He yelled “Do you blame me? I was an outcast in this family, no one cared about me, I tailed Dad around trying to prove to him that I am important, while you left this house doing God knows what, I was the one with Dad for the past 15 years! I learnt from him, I learnt that you need to be powerful to be important, you need to be powerful to be loved, you need to be powerful to be to respected so yes, I wanted the company James but as always Dad considered you above me, he was never going to give me the company!”

“Is that why you kidnapped Julia? Is that…..”

“I didn’t…….”

“Enough!!!” I yelled “You want to play dirty don’t you Michael? I’ll oblige then, two can definitely play this game of yours”

I brought out my phone and called Dad

🗨️ “James” he said over the phone

“I accept your deal, I’ll be your only legitimate heir once again” I said and ended the call

“What did you do James?” Michael asked and I faced him

“I did what you were trying to prevent, I am moving back to my place Micheal, you tried to covet all that is mine and I won’t tolerate it any longer, I am back as the heir of Whistler’s Enterprise and I will use everything at my disposal to find Julia and put you behind bars, I promise you Michael” I said and I began to walk out

But I stopped and turned back
“I’ll be needing my room back so you should move out” I said and walked out…..

………to be continued………

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