Dusk till dawn episode 20



⏰ CHAPTER 20 ⏰

🌻 Julia’s POV 🌻

“Somebody help!!” I screamed as I tried make sense of where I was

I was tied to a chair and the place was pitch black, couldn’t see anything

“Where……where am I?” I cried

I felt a sharp pain on my neck and the memories came rushing in like a flash

I remember going to the park with James and his friends, they stopped a cab for me but….but I never got home, the driver suddenly stopped the car by the side of the road and when I tried to talk, he turned back and strangled me
I thought I was going to die

“Hello! Is anyone out there?!! Please help me please!!” I cried
My body feels so numb

The door suddenly opened and sunlight gushed into the room for a moment almost blinding my eyes

“Who…..who is that?” I stuttered as I saw a figure walked in

My eyes soon got adjusted to the sunlight and I was able to see clearly

The figure walking towards me looked so familiar
And then I remembered seeing him on TV

“Mr….. Mr Whistler?!!” I stuttered

“You finally awake Julia” he said standing in front of me

“How do you know my name? What am I doing here? Did…..did you kidnap me?” I asked and he smiled

“Of course not, how can I kidnap you, am just keeping you here for some days, if am able to use you to get what I want, fine, but if not, am afraid my face might be the last one you’ll ever see” he said and I gasped

Did…..did he just threaten to kill me?!

“What do you want? What do you want from a nobody like me?”

“You aren’t a nobody Julia, you stopped being a nobody when my only legitimate son took interest you, James love for you made you important, that’s why you are a useful pawn in my game, a pawn used in controlling James” he said with a smile

“If…..if only you’ll treat your son with love, then you wouldn’t need me to control him”

“Love? Love is for the weak, that is why I’ve been training James to discard love and be powerful but he never heeds to my words so I have to resort to this way to make him learn, this is the burden of a father” he said

“You aren’t a father, you are a monster!” I said and a stinging slap landed on my face

“You have know idea what I’ve had to do for my son!” He yelled “You don’t know anything Julia, you have always been just a pawn in my game and you will remain so. You are James’ weakness, you’ve always been, when am done with you, am sure you don’t expect me to let you when I know how weak you can make my son”

🌻 James POV 🌻

“Are you crazy?!” Stefan said

“Yeah, you must be out of your mind” Rachel said

“Am not crazy Stefan and no Rachel am not out of my mind, am perfectly sane, Michael kidnapped Julia and I am going to get at him, even if it means conniving with my Dad” I said


“Enough!” I yelled “No more words for I won’t here of it, I am going back to the Mansion and there’s no changing that”

I got to the Mansion with my luggage and Nanny came to help me

“Have he moved out of my room?” I asked Nanny and she nodded

I went to my room and arranged my stuffs with Nanny’s help

I looked around and I sighed
This was where I grew up, I did miss this place

“Am so happy you are back Young master” Nanny said and I smiled

“I’ve missed you alot Nanny, I really have, it’s been so long anyone called me young man so all this still seems surreal to me”

“Am glad you are back but am not happy with the circumstances that brought you back to this house, I don’t like you fighting with Michael, both of you used to be so adorable with each other remember? Whenever your Dad hurts you, he’ll always come to your room with a tray of snacks to comfort you and whenever Michael was sick, you won’t leave his side till he gets better, remember?” Nanny said


The door suddenly opened and Michael came in with a tray of snacks

“Are you hungry?” He asked “I didn’t know what you’ll like so packed all the snacks I saw”

“You should be asleep by now” I said

“Am to sleep in the same room with my Mom” he said


“I don’t want to sleep with her, she always gets angry at me”

“Why?” I asked

“She says am useless and a burden for her” he replied

“Useless? Why will she say such a thing?”

“Cause am allergic to milk, like anything containing dairy milk and whenever I have something containing milk, I get an asthma attack and I can’t breathe, so it’s always stressful for her to monitor everything I eat and she’s right anyway, with my medical condition am a weakling, am useless” he said

I stood up from my bed, bent down and collected the tray of snacks from him

“Do you know what Shakespeare will say if he was here?”

“Shakespeare? You mean William Shakespeare?” He asked and I nodded

“What will he say?” He asked

“We know what we are, but know not what we may be”

“What does that mean?”

“It means, maybe you might be a weakling now which I totally think is normal considering the fact that you’re still a kid but who knows, when you grow and become an adult tomorrow you might be very successful, even more successful than Dad, then your Mom won’t call you useless anymore” I said

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“Is that really possible?” He asked

“Of course, all you just have to do is work hard” I said with a smile

“Thanks James, I will work hard and become successful but please always stay by my side okay? Since both Mom and Dad aren’t standing by me”

“Of course I’ll always be by your side, am your elder brother after all. Elder brothers are like soft beds, you can always count on them to be there for you when you are falling”

“Did Shakespeare say that too?”

“No, James Whistler did” I said and we both laughed…

****Flashback Ends*****

“I remember Nanny and honestly, I miss those days but things aren’t the same anymore, Michael is no longer that innocent kid he’s now a monster, he kidnapped my Julia and I will make him pay, I will make him suffer till he brings me back my Julia. Please leave Nanny, I want to get some rest”

Nanny stared at me silently and walked out

🌻 Rachel’s POV 🌻

“Why didn’t you say anything again Stefan? Why did you let him leave?!” I yelled

“What was I supposed to do, he wasn’t yielding to our pleas, he’s made up his mind Rachel, and you and I know how stubborn James can be” Stefan said and I sighed

“But honestly? Am really against James’ decision, Michael has made him suffered enough, am glad he has finally decided to stop enduring and take action” Stefan said

“What?! Do you really believe Michael kidnapped Julia?”

“Of course, who else would’ve done it? Michael is the culprit am sure” He said

“I don’t believe so, am well aware that Michael has done some pretty bad things but I know he’s not behind this kidnap Stefan, he was with me during the time of kidnap, why won’t you guys believe that?!”

“I do believe you Rachel but I don’t trust Michael, he must have kidnapped Julia after he left your place”

“You didn’t see his facial expression when he came to my place Stefan, he had this weary look in his eyes, he was suffering silently and he was slowly dying inside, he didn’t seem like someone who was going to kidnap anyone” I said

“Well criminals don’t write it on their face, do they?” He said and I scoffed angrily

“There’s no point trying to convince you since you’ve obviously made up your mind to name Michael a criminal, am outta here”

I drove back to my place and stood at the remembering the last time Michael came


“Michael!” I said surprised
“What are you……”

“Don’t worry I didn’t come to disturb you or anything, I was just worried about you, I called but your phone was switched off so I decided to check up on you, now that I’ve seen you are okay….. Well goodbye” he said as he turned to go……

*****Flashback Ends******

I walked inside with a sigh
I feel so bad for Michael

“He checked on me when I wasn’t doing fine so maybe I should return the favor” I said as I stood up

“But I can’t go empty handed, he’s probably starving himself so I should make something for him to eat”

I checked the cabinets in my kitchen and realized that I didn’t have much foodstuffs nor ingredients and it was already getting late
I guess cooking for Michael will have to wait till tomorrow

🌻 Micheal’s POV 🌻

“Michael! Michael!” Someone called jerking me up from the bed

It was Nanny

“Are you okay? You were shivering in your sleep” she said

“Am fine, is it morning already?” I asked and she nodded

“I came to call you for breakfast” Nanny said

“Don’t worry, am not hungry”

“How can you not be hungry when you’ve not eaten since yesterday?!”

“Just leave me be Nanny” I laid back on the bed

“Please Michael don’t do this to yourself, at this rate you’ll fall really sick, just come have a bite of what I prepared, just a bite, or maybe I should bring the food up here” she said and I sighed

“No need, I’ll have the bite downstairs” I said and she smiled

“Good, let’s go”

I stood up and went downstairs with Nanny

“Nanny, am off to work at the company” James said as he climbed down the stairs all dressed for the office

He saw me and stared for a moment, then he ignored me

“All the best James, it’s your first day at your father’s company, you have my blessing”

“Dad will be holding a shareholders meeting today too, to proclaim me as his heir” he said and looked at me “I think I might actually enjoy being the Whistlers Enterprise’s heir this time around and I will continue being the only son and legitimate heir of Dad till whoever kidnapped Julia returns her”

Nanny sighed uncomfortably

“Bye Nanny” James hugged her and left

“Come have your food Michael” Nanny said

“Am not hungry anymore” I said and turned to leave for my room

“I was right after all, you are really starving yourself” someone said and I turned back to see Rachel

“Rachel what are you doing here?” I asked

“I came to check on my friend”

“Well, James just left few minutes ago” I said and she chuckled

“I didn’t come to see James, I came to see you, you are also my friend, and I brought food” she said as she raised a plastic bag she was holding

“You…..you cooked for me?”

She nodded “I guessed you might be starving yourself and I was right. I’ll set the food on the table so come and eat and don’t even tell me those nonsense you were telling Nanny like you aren’t hungry, I won’t here of it” she walked to the dining and set the food she brought on the table

I smiled as I watched her
Even if am not hungry, I can never refuse Rachel’s food

“Here, stop staring and come sit” she said as she drew the chair back for me

I sat down and she gave me a spoon
“It’s bacon Mac and cheese, I heard it’s good for lightening up one’s mood”

I ate a spoonful and looked at her
“You made this?”

“Yeah, how does it taste?” She asked curious

I stared at her for some moments and then I smiled
“It taste great, I’ll make sure to finish it”

I ate on and Rachel stared at me with a smile

I could feel the pain rising in my tummy and my throat constricting but I ate on

“Are you okay Michael? You don’t look very well and you are sweating” Rachel asked

“Am fine” I tried to take another spoonful but the spoon fell off my hand and I started coughing

“Michael! Are you okay?!”

I felt dizzy and the room spined around me

“Michael! What’s wrong?” Rachel said as she shook me vigorously and I tear rolled down my face

“You forgot…… that……that am….. allergic….to milk” I said as my eyes started closing up and I fell on the floor

“No! Michael!! Michael please wake up!!” I heard Rachel’s cry but it sounded so distant……

…….to be continued……..