Dusk till dawn episode 21



⏰ CHAPTER 21 ⏰

🌻 Micheal’s POV 🌻

“He’s in a critical condition, taking milk makes him unable to breath, his brain was deprived of oxygen for a long time so most of his nerves cells aren’t in a good shape, he’s lucky you guys brought him here when you did, if it was later than this, I don’t think I’ll have been able to save him” the doctor said

“So how is he now?” I asked

“I’ve flushed out his system but he’s still unconscious, we’ll just have to wait and see” he said

“So he’ll be okay?” Nanny asked

“We don’t know for sure, I can’t say anything till he wakes up, so excuse me” the doctor said and walked away

“It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault James” I cried “I made him Mac and cheese and I added milk, I totally forgot he had a milk allergy, am such a bad friend, I’ve always been a bad person to Michael, now he’s in a critical condition, because of me”

“He’ll be fine” James hugged me “He’ll be fine Rachel, stop blaming yourself”


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“Nanny! Nanny something is wrong with Michael!” I yelled and Nanny came running from the kitchen

“What happened?” She asked

“I don’t know, I don’t know, he’s not breathing Nanny, his not breathing” I cried

Nanny ran out to get the securities at the gate to help us and I saw James running in with her

“Is it his milk allergy?” James asked and I nodded

“It…..it was my fault” I cried

“We don’t have the time for this” James said
He lifted Michael up and carried him to his car
And we came to the hospital together

******End of Flashback******

“Please be fine Michael, you are like a son to me now, nothing must happen to you” Nanny prayed

James glanced at his watch and stood up “I have to go, am already very late for work, am sure he’ll wake up soon”

“You don’t want to be here when he wakes up?” I asked

“I can’t be here when he wakes up”

“Come on James, are you still angry with him? He….”

“He kidnapped my Julia!” He yelled

“If you so angry with him why did you help us bring him to the hospital James?” Nanny asked

“Because he can’t die yet, not until he have brought back my Julia and paid for his crimes, he will wake up, he will have to cause he will not be granted such a simple death” he said and walked out

“What’s all this Nanny? What’s going on?” I cried and Nanny hugged me

“All will be fine dear, all will be fine in the end”

🌻 James POV 🌻

“You are late” Tyler said as I walked into the office

“And am sure I don’t have to explain myself to a mere secretary, where’s Dad?” I asked

“In his office” he said and went into Dad’s office

“James, I was about to call you, I’ve spoken with most of the shareholders and they are in support of you being the next head of Whistlers Enterprise, though some of them suggested Michael for the position but we have the majority on……”

“You said you’ll help me find Julia and am not seeing you helping” I said

“Patience James, I’ve deployed some people out there and I promise you they are searching for Julia and they will find her in no time”

“What proof do you have? How do I know you are really looking for her?”

“Are you doubting me James?” He asked

“Yes, forgive me but you’ve never really done anything to make yourself trustworthy”

“I guess you are right” he said with a sigh

He searched his drawers and brought out of a file

“Take a look at that” he handed over the file to me

“That’s the form I filled to hire a private investigator and some agents from the security company just to look for Julia” he said and I went through the file

“I know what you are thinking James, why should I trust him? He could have faked all this documents, am sure you are thinking all that but I also have an allibi” he said and called in Tyler

“Sir” Tyler greeted as he came in

“Can you state what time I came to the office today?” He asked Tyler

“You came in around 10am Sir”

“And what did I say made me that late?”

“You said you went to hire some people to look for the kidnapped Julia” Tyler said and Dad turned to me

“If you still think am lying then I have nothing to say to you”

“The people you hired, are they making any progress?” I asked

“I just hired them today James, have some patience, with time am sure there will be some positive feedback” he said and I sighed

“Today is supposed to be a good day James, the shareholders agrees with you taking over the company after me, the only thing left is that we haven’t made it official by signing it on paper which we will soon happen so we should celebrate, let’s grab a drink together when we are done with the work here and Tyler you should join us too, you were once James’ classmate and friend and it is only right for us to celebrate such good occasion with our friends, right?” Dad said and Tyler nodded

🌻 Micheal’s POV 🌻

“No! Michael!! Michael please wake up!!” Rachel’s cry echoed in my head and I blinked my eyes

My head feels heavy
My throat feels sore

I heard a silent sob beside me and I tried to open my eyes

“He’s….. he’s blinking, he’s becoming conscious!” A familiar voice said

Nanny, that’s Nanny’s voice

“Michael, Michael are you conscious? Please be awake Michael, wake up” someone cried and I knew it could be no one but Rachel

My eyelids were heavy but I tried to open my eyes nonetheless

“His…. his eyes is open, I’ll go call the doctor” I heard Nanny say

“Can you see me Michael? Can you? Please tell me you can see me Michael, please” Rachel cried again

All was blurry at first but slowly everything came to focus and I could see clearly

“I can see you, though you don’t look that great, your eyes are all swollen” I said slowly and she hugged me

“You gave me a big scare Michael, I was so scared, you don’t know how happy I am that you are awake, thank you for waking up”

“If you continue hugging me so tightly, I might suffocate and go unconscious again” I said and she quickly stood up

“Maybe you should suffocate again, I mean how could you Michael? You obviously knew the food contained milk yet you ate on, were planning on committing sucide?!!”

“What’s this? Seconds ago you were all teary and happy that am awake and you are angry and yelling at me”

“Of course am angry, am so angry Michael, I almost lost you because of my own negligence, I made that food, I added milk but I totally forget you were allergic to it, do you think I’ll have been able to live if something happened to you? Throughout the time you were unconscious I spent each second blaming myself, scolding myself, I was never really a nice person to you and now I might not get the chance to let you know how important you are to me, I kept thinking that throughout the time you were unconscious, it was such a heartbreaking experience for me Michael so tell me, why did you keep on eating when you were well aware that it contained milk?!”

“Because you cooked it” I said “And I can’t refuse a food cooked by you Rachel”


“And in the end it was worth it, cause I got to see you worry about me like this, you eyes are swollen, you must’ve cried a lot” I said


“You believed that I didn’t kidnap Julia and you supported me, you are a great friend Rachel and I really do care about you, so don’t blame yourself for what happened today, it was not your fault” I said and tears rolled down her face

“Come here” I said and she moved closer to me

“I hate tears” I cleaned her tears with my thumb

“No more tears okay? Am not dead yet” I said and she sniffed

“No more tears” she repeated and I smiled

🌻 James POV 🌻

“Isn’t it great? Spending time out together like this?” Dad said as he had another glass of wine

“Exactly Sir, we should come out together more often” Tyler said as he drank more wine too

They were both drunk

“You should drink James, you are the celebrant here” Dad said handing me a glass of wine

“Don’t worry, am okay” I said and he shrugged

“You shouldn’t worry Sir, James doesn’t drink, he’s the perfect gentleman” Tyler said and laughed

“You are both drunk” I said

“Am I? I should go home then, let’s go James” Dad said

“No you go on, I’ll come home later” I said

“Okay then” he shrugged, stood up and left

Michael is still at the hospital, I need to go check if he’s awake and I don’t think there’s a need for Dad to know about it
Michael has to live, he has to live for me to be able to get back at him for all he did to me

“Am leaving Tyler” I said as I stood up

“James, James Whistler” he called and I shook my head in disgust

He is so drunk and wasted

“I…… I used to be very jealous of you back then, you were so rich and I was so poor, I….. I actually befriended you to see what I could benefit from you” he said drunkenly

“Why am I not surprised, anyway, am leaving” I said as I made to leave

“Your father…… He approached me, he…..he wanted me to spy on you in school and report everything back to him” he said and I stopped

“What did you say?” I asked

“I spied on you in school and reported to your father in exchange for some money” he repeated “I told him about you and Andrea, I told him everything”

“He gave me a lot of money James and I was happy” Tyler went on “He even made me his secretary now but am not happy anymore James, your father……. he’s really dangerous, more than I imagined, he’s got something big going on James, I don’t know what he’s planning but I know Julia….. Julia is…..” He suddenly collapsed and drifted off to sleep

“Tyler! Tyler! Julia what? What happened with Julia? Tyler!” I shook him vigorously but he didn’t wake up, he was too drunk

What did he wanted to say about Julia?…….

…….to be continued…….