Dusk till dawn episode 3



⛵ Sailing off without a map ⛵

🌻 James POV 🌻

Months passed by and Dad never said a word about what happened on the night of my birthday and neither did I, we just continued the usual routine of ignoring each other and only talking when absolutely necessary
Michael and I have become the perfect brothers, that kid is so cute, innocent and lovable
My friends at school are still my friends at school, Stefan and Tyler. After bailing on Rachel on my birthday night, I had to apologise the next time I saw her and she was totally cool with it so Rachel and I are pretty close now
And Andrea? Is it weird that am totally head over heels for her, I mean we just share this special connection and am sure she feels it too
We meet up almost every weekend and I spend most of my free time with her and sometimes with her Dad, they are like my family now
Though Dad has invited me to the company a couple of times but I deliberately missed them cause I wanted to go see Andrea and Dad has being totally silent about it which is so unusual, I mean I expected him to yell at me and tell me how am being irrational
But anyway who cares what he does as long I can keep spending time with Andrea
I love spending time with her and our last meeting is still deeply engraved in my memory


Andrea’s class had a test and she scored the highest mark. She ran to my class to show me and I promised to take her out for lunch during the weekend as a reward for being the highest scorer
I took her to an eatery and we talked and laughed about anything and everything
Then we saw couple kissing outside

“Ewwww” Andrea said

“What’s ewwww? What’s so wrong in kissing?”

“It’s….. It’s just too cheesy, there’s no way am ever doing that with anyone” she said

“I bet you will few years from now when you’ve got a boyfriend”

“If I have to do something so cheesy with anyone then it has to be you” she said absentmindedly


“Well you don’t expect me to do such an embarrassing thing with another guy, at least with you I won’t feel so embarrassed” she said and I smiled

“Andrea” I called and she looked at me

“Few years from now when you’re old enough to start dating, don’t date any guy that asks you out”

“If I don’t date then who will my marry me when I grow up?”

“Me” I said and she laughed but I maintained a straight face

“Oh you’re serious”

“Of course am serious, don’t date anyone, if marriage is going to be the problem then I’ll marry you” I said

“Fine but you have to promise me, cause am not about to shun all guys that’ll come my way and then later you go back on your words and leave me stranded”

“I’ll marry you, I promise” I said and she smiled

********Flashback Ends*******

Today is a weekend and I planned to spend my day at home with Michael and reading Shakespeare novels

But then I remembered, today is December 1, Nanny and the other workers aren’t here cause every first day of December, we offer the workers a day’s leave so it’s just me, Michael, his Mom who’s barely at home and Dad whom am sure is already preparing to leave for the office, that’s if he hasn’t left yet
So I have to prepare breakfast for Michael and I

I went downstairs and met Michael already in the sitting room

“Good morning James”

“Good morning Micheal, you woke up early today” I said as I sat beside him

“I wasn’t feeling too well” he said and I touched his forehead

“You’re kinda hot, do you feel any pain anywhere?”

“Not really, I just feel weak”

“And where’s your Mom?” I asked

“She went on a trip with her friends” he said and I sighed

“Am sure it’s just a fever, lemme get you breakfast, if the symptoms still persists after you’ve eaten then I’ll get you some drugs so what do you want to eat?”

“Just bread and tea but no….”

“But no milk, of course I know, I’ll get it right away” I said as I stood up and Dad suddenly walked into the sitting room and dropped a plastic bag containing suit on the table

“We are having a shareholders meeting and party at the company by 6pm, since you’ll be done with highschool next month, I decided to officially announce you to everyone at the party as the heir to my company tonight, you’ve being doing whatever you like for months now and you never show up when I invite you to the company but I didn’t complain again did I? But today is very important, I have made it known to everyone that I’ll be announcing my heir tonight so even the media will be there, if you don’t come this time and you go of to that little friend of yours as usual, I’ll make you regret it” he said

“How did you know about Andrea?” I asked

“Am a businessman, I always try to know the weakness of both my allies and enemies, be there James, you do not want to cross me this time” he said and walked away

“I think Dad is going to do something bad to you if you don’t go to the company this time so please go” Michael said and I smiled

“Well, I don’t really have any plans to meet Andrea today so I’ll go, just for you” I said with a smile…..

It was almost 6pm and I was already dressed in the suit

I came downstairs and Michael was laying on the sofa, he’s still sick

“Maybe I shouldn’t go to the company, lemme stay home with you” I said

“No, I don’t want Dad to be angry at you because of me so you must go, remember James Whistler’s quote about elder brothers?”

“Me? What quote?” I asked

“Elder brothers are like soft beds, you can always count on them to be there for you when you are falling” he said and I chuckled

“I remember”

“So I have a phone, if am falling I’ll call you immediately and you must come back for me no matter where you are okay?”

“Okay” I said with a smile “So is there anything you need before I leave?”

“Yeah, Soya milk”

“Milk? I thought….”

“Am allergic to dairy milk like milk gotten from animals, so I do drink Soya milk and I actually love it. There are many bottles of milk in the kitchen, Soya milk should be among” Michael said

“Okay, I’ll go get it”

I left the kitchen and and I opened the fridge, then my phone started ringing and it was Andrea

🗨️ “James” she called sounding scared and worried

“What’s wrong Andrea?”

🗨️ “My Dad, he suddenly collapsed and he was rushed to the hospital, the doctors said it was a heart attack and he might not make it, I don’t want to lose him James, he’s the only one I have left” she said in a teary voice

“Calm down Andrea, you aren’t going to lose him, where are you?”

🗨️ “Just outside the city hospital, am going to buy some drugs just opposite the street”

“Okay, stay calm, I’ll be there” I said as I quickly took a bottle of milk from the fridge, poured it on a glass

I quickly gave the glass of milk to Michael

“I have to go now, Andrea needs me” I said as I started rushing out

“But what about the company meeting?” I heard him ask but I ignored as I ran out, entered the car and drove off

My heart kept beating faster as I drove with full speed
I hope Mr Jones is alright
Please be strong for me Andrea
My phone rang and it was my Dad calling so I ignored

I got to the front of the City hospital and I came out of the car but I couldn’t see Andrea

I walked around the edge of the street looking for her than I finally saw her at other edge of the street holding a plastic bag and about to cross the road

My phone rang again and it was Michael calling

“Michael” I said as I picked it up

🗨️ “Ast…..asthma a…..att…. attack” he stuttered


🗨️ “You…..you ga…..ave me da…..dairy milk, I…… I ca….an’t breath” he said and I suddenly heard a loud sound and I saw Andrea laying on the road in a pool of her own blood

A car hit her while she was trying to cross the road

“Andrea!!!” I screamed as I threw the phone away and ran to where she was

I looked at the car that hit her and I saw Dad seated at the back seat with a smile and then they drove off

“Andrea, Andrea please wake up!” I said as I shook her vigorously but her eyes was already closed

“No no, you can’t do this to me please” I said as I quickly carried her to the hospital…..

I sat on a seat in the hall looking at the ground but seeing nothing
My light is gone, my life is gone
Andrea is dead and her Dad is dead too

“Mr James” someone called and I looked up to see a man

“Am Mr Bagwills from the insurance company, Mr Jones took a life insurance with us and since he’s dead now I heard you are their only relative here, you should have the money” he said as he gave me a cheque and left

I stared at the cheque for some minutes and then I broke into tears
They are gone!…..

“Where are you going?” Nanny asked as I barged into the house in the morning carrying out my luggage

“And where do you think you are going?” Dad asked as I got to the sitting room and I stopped

“You killed her!” I yelled as I hit him on the chest and he slapped me

“Come back to your senses you fool! You are barking without evidence!!” He yelled

“I don’t need evidence am a witness!”

“And who will believe your words over mine?” He asked “You have no way of proving you really saw me last night. Your little friend died because of you James, I told you your actions will have consequences but what did you say back then? Your happiness is worth a sea of troubles right? So why are you so broken now that the sea of troubles have arrived” he said with a smile

“You see James, the strong always preys on the weak, it’s the philosophy of the world, never disobey me again when you know you aren’t yet stronger than me!”

“I will become stronger, I will become stronger than you and I will bring you and your stupid company down, that will be my revenge!” I said as I made to leave and he stopped me

“Are you crazy?! If you leave now you’ll be like a sailor sailing into the wide ocean with no map, you will die and I can’t let you do that, you are my only heir” he said and I scoffed

“I might be sailing off without a map but I have a destination and my destination is your downfall and no Dad, am not crazy, for the first time in my life am finally thinking clearly. You took someone really precious away from and I will do the same, I will take your company away from you too, I promise you that” I said and I wheeled my luggage out

“Young master!” Nanny called as she ran after me and I stopped

“Don’t do this young master, you don’t have anything, you don’t have anyone, where will you go?” She asked concerned

“Me? Just like Dad said, am just sailing off without a map Nanny, I’ll go wherever life takes me” I said and I walked out of the house

……….. Present Time……….

“Andrea!!!” I screamed as I woke up from my sleep

I sighed as I sluggishly stood up from the bed and dragged my feet to the bathroom
I brushed, bathed and then dressed up, today’s is my first day at work
I just got employed as a Literature teacher at Westview Highschool

I walked out of my small apartment and went to the bus stop waiting for a bus

You ask me if I regret the choices I made 12 years ago? Yes I totally do, I made selfish choices back then and because of that I lost people precious to me, I lost Andrea and her Dad, I haven’t spoken with Nanny for years, I don’t even know if she’s still alive and Michael? Well things are now complicated with him, he hates me now
I still have nightmares of that night everytime I sleep

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Turns out, my happiness isn’t worth the sea of troubles that came after it
Because of the stupid choices I made, I’ve being sailing on a sea without a map for 12 years but my destination hasn’t changed, my destination is the downfall of my father……

………to be continued……..