Dusk till dawn episode 4




🌻 James POV 🌻

“Mr Whistler?” The Principal asked as I entered his office

“Yes Sir, James Whistler” I said as I shook his hand

“Welcome to Westview High School Mr Whistler, I hope you are ready to start taking classes today?” He asked and I nodded

“Of course”

“We have a shortage of teachers at the moment so you’ll be taking Grade 6 to Grade 12 Literature classes and you’ll also be the homeroom teacher for Grade 12” he said

“Homeroom teacher?”

“Yeah, so you’ll be in charge of the Grade 12 students, do you have any problem with that?”

“No Sir” I replied

“Good, you can go to the staff room, your desk has already being prepared for you and here is a timetable of the classes you are supposed to teach” he said as he handed me the time table

“Thank you Sir” I said as I stood up to leave

“Mr Whistler?” He called and I turned back

“Any relations with The Whistler Enterprise?” He asked

“No” I replied

“I thought as much” he muttered and I walked out

I got to the staff room and I went straight to the empty chair that has my name on it
I sat down and I started arranging my stuffs on the desk and studying my timetable

“You aren’t even going to greet your new collegues?” One of the teachers asked as she wheeled her chair to my side

“Oh am really sorry, good morning everyone” I said

“You have to stand up and introduce yourself, it’s the norm” Another teacher said and I nodded

I stood up and I introduced “My name is James Whistler, the new Literature teacher for Grade 6 to Grade 12, I’ve also being assigned as the home room teacher of Grade 12 class” I said and they coughed while some of them shifted their looks uncomfortable

“Grade 6 to Grade 12? That’s a work for two teachers, why didn’t you complain? The Principal is obviously trying to save money through you, why hire two teachers when you can just hire a foolish one that is more than willing to do all the work” the lady sitting beside me said

“Forget about teaching Grade 6 to Grade 12, he’s also assigned the homeroom teacher of Grade 12, that’s like sucide” a man at the far end of the room said


“Yeah, the last homeroom teacher of Grade 12 ended up in detention and then he quitted the job himself” another teacher said and I looked at them surprised

“You see, Grade 12 students are very troublesome, they are still going through puberty and they are spoilt and unserious, they do anything and everything, their last homeroom teacher was detained for a day cause drugs was found in his bag which was later found out to have being left their by one of the Grade 12 students whom he scolded so the student wanted to get back at him” the lady beside me explained

“If they are so spoilt shouldn’t they be disciplined?” I asked

“Discipline? They are already in their last year, we just want to pass them out so they’ll leave our school in peace” a teacher said

“So my advice? Quit now cause I bet you won’t last a month with them”

“A month? Give him a week, he’ll quit himself, that class is broken” another teacher said and I sighed

“I guess they are the perfect match for me then, since we are both broken” I said and they all looked at each other confused

“Anyway, my name is Sarah” the lady sitting close to me said and I shook her hand

“You said your name is James Whistler, could you be related to that big company?” One of the teachers asked

“No” I quickly replied

“You didn’t even ask me which company” he said

“I bet he’s related to them, he’s got that rich guy face” Sarah said and I quickly stood up with my book

“I have a class” I said as I began to walk out

“I’ve seen many cases like this in movies, a rich guy pretends to be poor and takes on another identity, if he’s really related to the Whistlers then dear me, I’ve just hit the jackpot, am so making him my best friend” I heard Sarah say as I walked out

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I got to the front of Grade 12 class and I sighed before opening the door

The class was in a pandemonium and I had to hit my hand on the table loudly before they noticed that I was in front of them and the noises reduced

“Please, I’d like you guys to stop the noises, I have something to say and I promise not to take much of your time” I said

“You’re a new face, well what do you have to say?” A guy asked and I looked at him surprised

Wow, they are rude

“My name is James Whistler, I am your new homeroom teacher and I’ll also be taking you literature classes” I said and an uproar immediately started as everyone started talking

“Silence!” I yelled and they all looked at me

“Now I want you to introduce yourself to me one by one, I’d love to get to know you guys more, so can we start?” I said pointing to the first person sitting at the front and she stood up

“My name is Isabella but you can Bella Mr handsome” she said with a seductive wink and the class laughed

“My name is Linda”

The introduction went on and on till one of them caught my attention and made my heart skip a beat

“Juliana Campbell or Julia whichever works for you, just don’t ever call me Jul, I hate it Mr James Whistler” she said as chewed a gum noisily, blowing it every now and then

She sat down and the next person continued with the introduction but I wasn’t listening anymore

“Andrea?” I called and they all looked at me

“No Sir, my name is Andy” the girl currently introducing herself said but I ignored her as I walked down from the front of the class to where the girl that introduced herself as Juliana Campbell was sitting

“Andrea” I called and she looked at me surprised

“No, my name is Julia” she said

“No, you are my Andrea, you look so much like her” I said as I continued staring at her astonished

“Looks like our new homeroom teacher has a mental case” she said and the whole class laughed and then she moved her face closer to mine

“My name is Julia not Andrea” she said as she blew the gum in her mouth to my face and the whole class laughed again, bringing me back to reality

“Ex….. excuse me” I said as I quickly rushed out of the class to the staff room

“Look who’s rushing back here, are you quiting already?” Sarah asked

“Told you he won’t last a week” another said

“Who’s Juliana Campbell?” I asked

“Ohh, I see you’ve met her already, well she’s literally the rudest girl in school, she’s rude but smart and intelligent, she’s like a diamond in the rough” Sarah said

“Do they keep records of all the personal information of the students here?” I asked and they nodded

“Where are the personal records for Grade 12 students?” I asked

“In your locker, you are their homeroom teacher now so the principal directed that it should be kept in your locker” she answered and I quickly went to my locker

I brought out the records and searched for her file and I finally saw it

Her name is Juliana Campbell, both her parents are still alive and she’s 18 years old

If Andrea was alive, she’ll be 22 years now, she’s not Andrea, she just looks a bit like her
And now I’ve made a fool of myself in front a class am supposed to mentor

I sighed as I hit my head on the table

“Mr Whistler are you okay?” Sarah asked

“Am fine” I muttered……

I taught 3 classes before the school day ended
I came to the staff room, took my bag and went out without even looking at the other teachers

I can’t believe I mistook a random girl for Andrea
What was I thinking? Andrea died right in my arms, she’s dead!
Now, I’ve made a fool of myself in front of a class am supposed to mentor, they’ll never respect me now

I got home and I brought out my key to unlock my door but it was not locked, someone was inside and I could guess who it was

“Rachel” I called as I saw her setting some food on the table

“Great, you are back, go freshen and have some food, you must be hungry” she said

“I told you to stop doing this”

“And I told you I won’t listen to you now go freshen up and then come and have your food” she said as she pushed me inside my room

I sighed as I dropped my bag from the bed
When I left home 12 years ago, things weren’t easy for me, I had nowhere to go and I had no money, I would’ve died on the streets if not for the help of two people, Stefan and Rachel

When I got this job, she helped me in looking for a room to rent in this area and when we finally found one, she insisted on keeping a key even though I refused it

I freshened up and walked back to the sitting room where Rachel was seated

“I tried a new recipe for cooking spaghetti which I saw online, try it and tell me how it is” she said as she drew the table closer to where I sat

“You have to stop doing this” I said calmly

“Am sure you are hungry, eat the spaghetti and tell me if it’s delicious” she said ignoring what I said


“Just try it, am sure it tastes good, you know am a good….”

“Rachel!!” I yelled and she flinched

“I said stop this, am grateful you helped me out all those years but I just want to be alone, don’t you understand that?!” I said

“No I don’t understand, ever since that little friend of yours, Andrea, ever since she died 12 years ago you’ve become a shadow of your former self, where is the cheerful and carefree James Whistler I used to know?” She asked looking concerned

“He died along with Andrea” I replied coldly

“How long will it take you to move on James, Andrea is dead, she’s never coming back, you have to get over it and start living your life”

“I have no life, close the door when you’re leaving” I said as I stood up and started walking to my then I stopped and turned back

“How’s Michael?” I asked

“He’s slowly killing himself just like you, he’s being doing everything he can for the company and trying to win your Dad’s favor even though your Dad doesn’t really care about him and his mother remains the same, he’s going through a lot but he won’t admit it and he’s pretending to be strong, he really takes after you James, I’ve never seen two step brothers that are so alike” Rachel said

“He shouldn’t be like me and he should stop trying to earn Dad’s favor, it will do him no good, what about his health? Hope he’s not taking milk? Did he get any asthma attack recently?” I asked

“If you are so concerned about him then go talk to him yourself why do I have to be the intermediary between you too”

“He won’t talk to me, he hates me now though I don’t blame him for that, I totally deserve it, you are the only friend he has Rachel, you are the one that took him to the hospital and saved his life 12 years ago, you are the only one he can talk to and I hope you’ll continue to be there for him” I said and walked away to my room

🌻 Michael’s POV 🌻

“Over the years, housing and real estates has being a way to make money for many and it’s actually a great area of business but most people gets so carried away by the money making aspect of it and forgets the main purpose of it, housing and real estates is about creating a home for the people and home is the starting place of love, hope and dreams, it’s where our story begins and that is what Whistlers Enterprise tries to create for everyone, the perfect home” I said and everyone clapped as I stepped down from the podium

We have a company dinner and I got to say the introduction speech

I went to meet Dad who was seated amongst three other men, all whom were shareholders of the company

“That was a great speech Michael” one of them said and I smiled

“Your father is very lucky to have such a perfect son like you” another said and Dad smiled slightly

“You are right, I mean it’s hard to get such a filial son nowadays” the other man said

“How is the construction of the new estate Washington going?” Dad asked

“It’s going pretty great, I went there two days ago and everything is going as planned, the construction should be done by next week and then the interior decoration will come in, am planning on hiring Kelly Wearstler, she’s the best in terms of interior decorations and it would look good on the advert if we mention that the decorations was done by her” I said

“But I heard Kelly Wearstler isn’t that easy to hire Michael, she’s a top notch decorator” one of the men said

“And we are a top notch Enterprise, perhaps I’ve already contacted her few days ago and she’ll be happy to work for us” I said and they clapped

“Wow Michael, is there anything you can’t do” they said and I smiled

The waiters came and started serving us

“Here’s your freshly served Chile con Queso au Gratin” the waiter said

“Chile what?” One of the men asked

“Chile con Queso au Gratin, it’s a Mexican dish with a Texas twist, made of chiles, potatoes tomatoes, onions and milk, it’s a great dish and am sure you’ll like it” the waiter said

“Well it looks good”

“Did you say it contains milk?” I asked and the waiter nodded

“Do you have any problem with milk?” Dad asked looking at me and I shook my head

“No, no” I replied

“Then let’s eat, am sure it will taste great” Dad said as he started eating and we all followed suite

“It really is delicious, isn’t it Michael?” One the men asked and I managed to nod

My breath hitched in my throat and I started finding hard it to breathe

“Are you okay Michael? You are sweating” the other man asked and I Dad looked at me

“Am…..am fine” I stuttered as I tried to eat another spoon but I couldn’t and I dropped it

“Am sorry but I….. I have an…..an urgent business to attend to” I managed to say and I quickly ran out of the hall

I got to my car but I couldn’t drive, I can’t even breath

I kept trying to inhale air but it was like my throat has shut it’s doors

What do I do?
My heart raced as I sat in the car struggling to breath

“James” I thought but I erased that thought immediately, James is dead to me

I struggled to bring out my phone and I dialled Rachel’s number

My sight started getting blurry and I could feel my brain shutting down due to lack of oxygen

🗨️ “Hello, Michael?” I heard her voice over the phone

“Help….” I managed to say before my eyes closed and everywhere became dark….

………to be continued……..