Dusk till dawn episode 5




🌻 Rachel’s POV 🌻

“James!” I called as I knocked on his bedroom door but he didn’t reply

“I think Michael has an asthma attack” I said and the door suddenly opened as he ran out

“Where is he?” He asked

“I don’t know, he just called me saying he needs help and then that was all, he didn’t say anything again”

“Did he tell you where he’ll be today?”

“He did say they’ll be having a dinner at the company” I said and James quickly took my car keys from the table

“You won’t be able to drive fast enough” he said as he rushed out and I followed him

We entered my car and he drove in high speed with full concentration on the road while I just stared at him

The relationship between James and his brother is complicated, they both care for each other yet they won’t talk to each other

I came into the Mansion that night 12 years ago and I saw Michael unconscious and not breathing
I called in the ambulance and they only managed to save his life
Since then, Michael has always regarded me as some sort of a savior and James has pleaded with me to stay close to him and remain his friend and I think am the only friend Michael has

On one hand is James whom I really want to get close to but he won’t let me in and on the other hand is Michael that has come to always rely on me but am only staying by his side as a favor for James
Am really torn between these two brothers

We got to the front of the company and we got down from the car

“Call him” James said as he searched through the car in the parking lot

I called him and we heard the phone ringing in a car and we quickly ran there

Michael was in the car, unconscious
James quickly opened the door, moved Michael to the backseat and drove us to the hospital

Michael was taken to the emergency room while we stood outside the door

“He’ll be fine” I said to James who was pacing round the door

“It’s all my fault, if I hadn’t left him back then, he won’t be in this situation” he said

“Why do you always like putting every blame on yourself, it is not your fault, none of this is your fault” I said but he didn’t listen to me and he continued pacing

Minutes later, the doctor came out and we rushed to meet him

“You were almost too late but we were able to flush the milk out of his system so he lives” the doctor said and James heaved a sigh

“Is he awake?” I asked and the doctor nodded

“Yes but you must warn him, milk is extremely dangerous to his system, he should really be careful of what he eats or he’ll keep putting his life in danger and one day, no one might be able to save him” the doctor said and I nodded

“Thank you doctor” James and I said and he left

I was about going into the room and I looked at James
“Aren’t you coming in?”

“No, I….. I have some work to do, take care of him” he said and walked out of the hospital

I sighed and then opened the door to the room where Michael is

“Rachel” he called as I walked in and I went over to hug him

“Are you okay?” I asked and he nodded

“Yes thanks to you, thanks for saving me again Rachel, I owe you my life” he said with a smile

“Will you stop smiling, am angry with you! What did you do this time huh?! Why did you take milk this time?!”

“Well…. I told you we have a company dinner so…”

“So they served a meal with milk and you ate it because your Dad was there?” I asked and he nodded

“For God sake Michael, for how long will you continue living like this, you are slowly killing yourself, you have to stop all this, you have to stop putting your life in danger just to impress your Dad!” I said

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“No, I can’t because that is my only purpose in life, what I want is to take over the company and I have to impress Dad to do that, I can’t show my weakness in front of him” he said


“All my life I’ve been considered a weakling but that weak little boy died the night James left me for death, it was then I realized, if I want to survive in this cruel world, I have to stand on my own and I have to get to the top on my own because there’s nothing like a soft bed that will always be there for you when you fall” he said as he removed his drip and started wearing his jacket

“Where are you going?”

“Home, I can’t let Dad know about what happened to me” he said as he started walking but I held his hand

“Why don’t you just make up with your brother” I said and he smiled and hugged me

“I don’t have a brother” he whispered to my ear and left…..

🌻 James POV 🌻

I came down from the bus and I walked straight to the school
I hope today turns out better than yesterday

“Mr Whistler” Sarah called as she ran up to my side

“Good morning James” she greeted

“Good morning” I replied as we both walked inside the school

“Ready for another day of teaching troublesome kids?” She said and I just smile

“By the way, where’s your car? I mean I didn’t see you coming down from any car”

“That’s because I took a bus” I replied

“Oh, so what about your car? I mean you definitely have one right? You are….”

“I am not related to the Whistler Enterprise, I don’t have a car, am just a high school teacher like you, believe that now and have a rest of mind” I said and walked away…..

‘I hope I don’t embarrass myself this time’ I silently prayed as I entered the Grade 12 class

As usual, they didn’t notice my presence till I made a loud bang on the table before having all of their attention

“Good morning class” I said and they all murmured

“About yesterday, I…..”

“You lost your sanity for a while, we understand” Julia said and the whole class laughed and I shook my head
I can’t believe I mistook such a girl for my Andrea

“Quiet!” I yelled and everywhere became silent

“No one interrupts while I talk else that person will be duly dealt with” I said

“What are you gonna do? Beat us?” A guy at the back said and the class laughed again

Oh God, why did I have to be given this class

“I have a lot of things on my mind now and I surely don’t have any energy to waste on talking sense into your obviously empty heads so just bring out your books, we’ll be having our first lesson today”…..

I finished the lesson with them and I was more than happy to leave the class for them when the bell rang for a break time

I was on my way to the staff room when I remembered I left my phone in the class
I went back to the class and everyone was gathered around Julia who was using my phone to take selfies

“Julia!” I yelled as I went to her and snatched the phone from her

“Calm down man, all I just did was take selfies I didn’t eat your phone did I?” She said noisily chewing and blowing her gum as usual

“How dare…..”

“Here’s your lunch Julia” I heard a little voice and I turned to see a girl with a plate of food for Julia

“I asked for chips, like plantation chips not potato chips!” She yelled as she was about to slap the girl and I caught her hand

“What are you doing?!” I yelled and she looked at me

“Disciplining my school servant which of course is none of your concern”

“School servant? You have school servant?”

“Well you don’t expect someone like me to be getting my lunch by myself did you?” She asked looking at me and I turned to the little girl

“What grade are you?”

“Grade 7” she replied

“Go back to your class”


“I said go back to your class, you are no longer her school servant!” I yelled and the girl quickly walked away

“How dare you interfere in my business?!” Julia yelled

“I am your homeroom teacher, your business is my business too and from now onwards, I don’t want to see you ordering anybody around again, if you want lunch then go get it yourself and if you are too big to get it yourself, well nobody is forcing you to eat lunch” I said and she scoffed and walked out of me angrily

“Watch where you stand! The classroom isn’t meant for you alone blockhead!” She yelled at a classmate standing in her way and I turned back to look at her as the memories of my first meeting with Andrea flashed back to my head


“Watch where you stand! The hallway isn’t meant for you alone blockhead!” She yelled as she bent down to pack her books

******End of Flashback******